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StickWars is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by John Hartzog, StickWars is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 1st April 2009 with the latest update 7th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


94 people have rated 1.9.0

You can download the game StickWars from APP STORE.


StickWars is a fast-paced, action-packed game that requires lightning-fast fingers and cunning strategy. Defend your kingdom against the invading stick figure army.

Tap, flick, and shake your way to victory in the top castle defense game for iPhone/iPod touch.


  • Unlimited rounds. Play until you’re defeated.
  • Shake to deploy bombers, and again to detonate!
  • Use multi-touch to command your wizards, casting meteors and other spells.
  • Use captured stick figures to build up defense.
  • Two free StickWars Ultimate Challenge games.

Updated on 7th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • 64 bit compatibility

StickWars Reviews

Probably the best game of all time.

Even after several years this is still one of our favorite games.

We seem to have hit the unlimited rounds at round 198. Is there something we can do to get past 198?

Use to play this in highschool. Still play it now. Amazing game.

It’s mad fun. We get to throw around stick figures like no other. Also has a lot more features later on in the game.

Been several years and never got old.

This game is great you must admit that this game doesnt have much first glance charm but for people who used to enjoy basic stick games this is a small but fun nostalgia trip.

After lots of years of playing love it it would be awesome if it were bigger for the iPhone X but still awesome.

Thank you for one, giving us a childhood on our iPod, and two, allowing us to revisit by updating it, GOBBLESS HOSS.

… And it is STILL being updated. We bought this one our 3G and am playing it on our X. Great job.

We were playing this game and we turned on sound effects, there was none when we were in a match. It was overshadowed by the music(great music btw) we just want this fixed.

Wow this is a great game… We played all the time. This came out in 2009! And the owner STILL cares about it. He just updated it for 64 but devices!

Not a bad game, good game when you’re on a road trip!

There seems to be a glitch at round 115 where only about 5% of the round is completed and then it gets frozen and the round never finishes. Fix please!

Stuck on round 135, it will only play 5-7% of the level then no more stick figures come out :( we love the game but this is really frustrating Just beat up to round 115 on hard now it’s having the same problem, please fix…..

We used to enjoy this game on the iPod, and just tried this newer version. The game play doesnt work as described in the tips so you fail, repeatedly. Example 1: capture one invader at a time and build up your number of prisoners. No, the game only lets you put one invader in the prison until it goes away. Example 2: double tap the tent to train a prisoner to be an archer. No, the game doesnt seem to recognize double taps. Example 3: slam invaders into catapults to destroy them. While you can slam invaders to the ground this has no effect on machines.

Keeps freezing after a while and cant get support help.

This is the worst game we’ve ever bought, we really dont know why it costs anything. Its confusing to figure out how to play it bc there are no tutorials, and then when you finally see the hints after a failed game, the game is so simple and slow we didnt even wanna play it passed 4 of the short easy rounds.

Can’t believe we wasted a dollar on this. Fun for a couple hours. Extremely boring after that.

Awesome game it’s lots of fun it is worth it get it we recommend it.

This game was one of our favorites in high school on our iPod touch and it still is now in college on our iPhone 5S! Thank you so much for the continued support of this game.

This game is great we love it we can not put it down.

This is an AMAZING game and an awesome soundtrack too!

One of the first games we downloaded and we’re still playing on the same game! We just wish there were more updates/advances, but can’t beat the simple fun this game brings.

If you read the help page all your questions can be answered and it also tells you that as long as you have captives fighting for you a fee (upkeep) must be paid every round. If tou can’t pay the fee you lose men. Great game we recommend it.

We absolutely love this game soooo much fun and sometimes we get a few laughs.

We think upkeep is the only problem because we constantly lose units every few rounds.

Great game and endless rounds. You can never get sick of it either.

Awesome it fun get people awesome.

What level do you see the second boss on.

It’s really good get it if u like defending games.

This will always be a classic game. Endless fun.

This game we got with the 2nd generation IPod and we thought it was the best game ever but we then found new games and played those but after awhile we always find myself at this game. It was the first game we ever downloaded EVER. We hope they add more to the game and keep it creative, great job!

Awesome GAME!!! Get it!!!!!!!! Best Game on earth besides Clash of Clans!!!

We love this game, but when does the Mega Boss actually come? We’re well past level 100 with over 130,000 kills and he still has not shown up.

We love this game, best game other than clash of clans. But one thing that we noticed is that we lose so many of our archers and repair men to upkeep. What the heck is upkeep? If you could please take that feature off.

This game was one of our first since we got the 2nd gen itouch. We’ve come a long way now that were in the 5th gen. Console quality games. But we always look back and play this for memories of our Senior High school year. MEMORIES.

Very addicting and fun to play.


So much rounds twitch realizes that we just spent 10 hours playing it fyi u may want to look at da clock ever round.

We have been playin this game since the ipod 1 and we still love it.

We love it. We got so many things. We think anyone who doesn’t have it should get it.

The cheats when in the pause menu don’t work like they used to.

This latest v.1.9 requires a 64bit compatible Apple device. Our iPod Touch 5th gen is only a 32bit compatible device. Why is it listed with other apps needing an update? When we press the UPDATE button, we get an error message saying it’s NOT compatible? Apple or developer needs to fix this.

Guys. Upkeep is what makes the game fun, otherwise you’d never lose and it’d be boring. (You could just make a million of every person) Problem: getting tired of the stupid meteor wasting all our mana, when you’re throwing stick of course your fingers touch close! We don’t want to send a meteor though! Needs a new way to send it.

We’ve always enjoyed this game, even before it was an iPad game. We managed to make it to level 198 on "easy mode". Can’t pass this level because the monsters stopped coming out…. Tried 5x already and same thing happens each time. On medium mode, we’re stuck at level 20, because our suicide bombers won’t come out. Oh wells.

Addicting for a little while but always fun might forget about for a little while.

This is a great game and got to level 123 but lost and lost all our guys :( but great game.

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