Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street

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Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street


Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sesame Workshop Apps, Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street is a Books game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th March 2013 with the latest update 1st February 2015

Whether you are a fan of Books, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


6 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street from APP STORE.


This is an interactive games app, which will help teach your child observation and memory skills in a fun and engaging way.

Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street is a new educational app from the creators of Potty Time with Elmo. In this app, everyone’s favorite furry red monster needs help finding things that go HONK! and BOING! and CLANK! With Elmo as their guide, preschoolers can develop hand-eye coordination while looking for silly things on Sesame Street.


  • Elmo, in 6 colorful, busy scenes!
  • Elmo-voiced phrases to encourage little ones
  • 90 hidden “find’ems” with silly sounds
  • 15 bonus objects to collect in a sticker book
  • Fun music, which can be turned off and on
  • Memory game

Pre-readers can entertain themselves for hours exploring six busy Sesame Street scenes. In each vibrant scene, you can help Elmo find 15 playful items. Have you spied one of them? Just tap it! If you made a match, the item will pop out, light up, and make a special sound. Work your way through all six scenes, or play one scene again and again. Elmo will pop on screen throughout the app to provide encouraging words and keep kids focused.

There’s even more game-playing fun! Included in this app is Look-Look Memory Game, a fun matching game. Children tap on picture cards to flip them over and then try to find matching pairs.

Plus, in every exciting Look and Find scene, there are three Super Duper Stickers to find. When you tap them, these stickers animate. Then they are automatically added to your Super Duper Sticker Book. Open your sticker book at any time to see all the stickers you’ve collected, and tap any sticker to see it come to life again!

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Updated on 1st February 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Minor bug fixes.

Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street Reviews

Our 5 year old son loves this app. It keeps well entertained when we are out running errands and even at home for electronics time!

They fixed this app it is good.

You have to buy the app separately on iPhone and iPad. Not cool.

We certainly expected better from Seasame Street. We purchased the app on our phone and went to load it on our childrens iPads. Much to our dismay the app was nowhere to find in our purchases. Thats because they have another app, identical, and MORE EXPENSIVE for the iPad. Now we cant get our money back for the purchase on our phone and they got 2 purchases out of us for the same app. Absolutely ridiculous.

Our 2.5yo son loves this app. It has 6 "scenes" and there are a total of 15 items it asks you to find for each scene. The scene is very small on our iphone so he needs our help to zoom in so he can actually see what he’s looking for. There are also 3 "stickers" you can find in each scene and a 6 card memory game that we haven’t played with yet. We do wish that it gave you more items to find because he’s starting to remember where everything is after playing with it only a few days. We also wish the scene would stay zoomed in after he finds an item instead of zooming back out each time and requiring parent intervention.

App was great! Fun and easy to navigate and learn for our 4 year old but after updating software the screen is white but sound is on. Hope it’s fixed soon!

Our son loved this until the update. Now he can’t use it and is upset. We will change the review when it’s fixed! Thank you!

Like others have reported, we bought this app for our child and it is unusable. App opens directly to a pure white screen. There is audio, but no graphics – no way to actually use the app. Attempted on iOS 8 / iPhone 6.

Request a refund it doesn’t work.

For the ppl who purchased this it can not play. Which is why we are giving one star. Fix it we & we will fix the review. Most ppl update games & apps.

Sound is working but screen is white. Do Not Buy!!!

We want a refund. Open the app and it’s just a white screen. You can hear it but see nothing!

This is not right that this app doesn’t work. All we get is a white screen and sound. The people who came up with this should update it so it works or they need to give people there money back!!! Don’t buy this app it doesn’t work and if we could give this app zero stars we would.

After paying for and downloading this game, all there is is a white screen with sound from the game. Please let us know how we can get our money refunded.

Doesn’t even work!!! We have a white screen and that’s it and we just purchased it! We want a refund.

Just bought app for 2$ and is sound with a white screen can’t even play game our daughter is very upset.

Why are the developers not listening to us and why are people still buying this? IT DOESN’T WORK WITH iOS 8. Don’t buy it, read the reviews and someone for the love of Pete, fix this so that our kids can find Elmo!

App doesn’t open. IPhone 6. Waste of $2 bucks. All we get is a white screen.

White screen and sound. Not functional. We want a refund.

Giant waste of money since this app won’t load past a solid white screen. Don’t waste your money or time on this one people!

We’re in the same boat. White screen and that’s it. Our toddler was desperate for Elmo on a plane flight and we didn’t read reviews. Lesson learned and we want a refund!

On both our iPad and iPhone 6 plus this app is nothing but a white screen. We must admit it is hard to find Elmo.

We wish we would have read the reviews before purchasing this app. App does not work.

If this is what happens after we pay our money we want our money back asap!

Everytime we open the app the music is on but the screen is white. We have ISO 8 please update!!

The screen is white you can hear it but you cannot see anything. Don’t buy this app.

We finally broke down and bought this app for our granddaughter. It will not open. All we get is sound no graphics. Learned that we need to read the reviews before we press the buy button. Makes us leery of buying other apps now. We want our money back.

We bought this because it looks like a great game for our two small children, but it won’t even open!!! Needs to be updated so it’s iOS 8 compatible!

Please refund or fix the app so it works with the new iOS.

Should have read the reviews. App did not work and the company should repay the people who bought it or fix the app! So frustrating.

Only problems is that this app is a Elmo game for kids. As soon as you open this app the screen goes white and all you can do is walk in the dark and listen to Elmo talk!! $2 wasted!! Really wish we could get our money back!!!

This app won’t load past a white screen. There’s sound but no images… After paying $3 we were as grumpy as our daughter.

Can we all get our money back since we bought it and it doesn’t work? That would be nice customer service. The screen is white and we can hear it but no picture. Not happy!

Our son used to love this game but after we got the iPhone six last week we went to open it and lo and behold he can’t play anymore because apparently it is not supported with iOS 8 please update and we will change our star rating back to five.

Nice cute app but the screen defiantly needs to be bigger. Must of been made for the iPhone.

Our son can often play simple games above his age, however not this game, so rating may be due to this user issue. The screen items for finding, is fuzzy and the objects are rather tiny,… Far too small for little fingers to select the items on the first touch. Its weird that the screen zooms in when an object is found and then once all items are found that only the sidebar items change but the scene doesn’t…. Why wouldn’t it show all items to find in one area? There are no Hints if an item cant be found.

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