Ludo King

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Ludo King

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gametion, Ludo King is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th February 2016 with the latest update 22nd July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Ludo King ?

15,818 people have rated 6.2

What is the price of the Ludo King ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Ludo King released ?

Ludo King was released on 20th February 2016.

When was the Ludo King updated ?

The latest updated date of Ludo King on 22nd July 2022.

Where can Ludo King be downloaded ?

You can download the game Ludo King from Apple Official App Store.



Ludo King™ is board game played between friends, family & kids.

  • A New Quick Ludo Mode available
  • A New Mode MASK MODE available
  • Voice Chat available
  • 5/6 Players online mode available

New live themes available! Now play with new ludo board.

Ludo King is the modern version of the royal game of Parchisi, a game played between Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Roll the dice to play and move your tokens to reach the center of the board. Beat the other players to become the Ludo King. Play this dice game Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.

Ludo King follows the traditional rules and the old school look of the Ludo game. The game has evolved throughout the centuries to come to your mobile phone. Just like the kings and queens of India’s golden age, your fate depends on the roll of the dice and your strategy of effectively moving the tokens.

Ludo has different names in different regions and countries like Fia, Fia-spel (Fia the game), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), Non t’arrabbiare, Fia med knuff (Fia with push), Cờ cá ngựa, Uckers, Griniaris, Petits Chevaux (Little Horses), Ki nevet a végén, برسي (Barjis/Barjees). People also misspell Ludo as Loodo, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado, or Lodo.

Ludo’s versions are Trouble, Sorry, Aeroplane chess, Chopat, Chaupur, Pachisi or Parcheesi.

New Game Themes available:

  • Christmas Theme
  • Nature Theme
  • Egypt Theme
  • Disco / Night mode Theme
  • Pinball Theme
  • Candy Theme
  • Christmas Theme
  • Penguin Theme
  • Battle Theme
  • Diwali Theme
  • Pirate Theme

Features of Ludo King:

  • No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
  • Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer.
  • Play with 2 to 6 Players in Local Multiplayer Mode.
  • Play Online Multiplayer Mode in 9 competing game rooms.
  • Invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a Private Game Room and beat them to become Ludo King.
  • Play with world players and make them your buddies.
  • Private Chat with your Facebook friends & Buddies.
  • Express yourself by sending emojis to your opponents.
  • Play Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboards.
  • Simple rules which can be followed by players of all ages.

Play the game of Kings with your family and friends. While the gameplay might seem simple at first, the game is immensely enjoyable and challenging. It’s fun for the whole family; You’ll be playing this one for hours. Try to beat your opponents and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboards.

How to play Ludo King:
The objective of the game is pretty straightforward; each player gets 4 tokens, these tokens must make a full turn of the board and then make it to the finish line. Whoever gets all four tokens to the end first is the winner. However, each move can only be made based on the number decided by casting a six-sided die, and each token can only move out of their home by casting a six. Additionally, the competition factor of the games is upped by the fact that while moving if another player’s token lands on the same square as your token, then your token will automatically be sent back home and you’ll need to roll a six again.

Another nostalgic game similar in structure is Snakes and Ladders. Like Ludo, you may have played this board game when you were young. Ludo King now incorporates this classic game as a whole new level. The objective of the game is simple: you start on 1 and you have to be the first one to make it to 100. However, you can only move the same number of tiles as the number you roll on a die. As the name suggests, the board is also littered with snakes and ladders. If you land on the same tile as the beginning of a ladder, then you can take the ladder as a shortcut and move on up. But if you land on the mouth of a snake, then down you go to its tail. A game of ups and down, Snakes and Ladders has been a favorite for generations; and now you can play it too, with Ludo King.

Ready to roll the dice?! Make your move and become Ludo King.

Updated on 22nd July 2022

Bug Fixes

Ludo King Review

If a fun game, if you wanna kill time!

Lodo king fast game Im all so winner his lost drop lodo warts game not good.

We just played this game again and thought theres a difference. How can we need just one to win and our opponent still has to win after we rolled the dice about 100 times. This is the most stupid game we ever played in our life. We only gave you one star because its a must.

Worst game !! We have deleted this and we will never install this again!! Stupid game !!

This game is so bad the luck seems completely off and it seems biased to some specific player we HATE IT!!!!!!!

They introduce so much red tape where one has to pay to even make friends. Wth.. Plus most stupidest algorithm. We are surprised people are still playing this useless rubbish.

Do you guys have any solution?? It is really slowing while playing. A lot of ads pop up. It is happening on Apple iphone not android. If you do not have any solution, let us know so that we can uninstalled it.

Stupid game as the dice roll is not random. They have a code something like if the other token passes by u always get to kill the token. This actually kills the authenticity of the Ludo game itself. The other perks are good but the game is manipulated – this is not the actual Ludo.

By far the worst we have ever experienced. Poorly designed, poorly developed, completely lazy.

This game is completely rigged and is even sometimes biass to one player for an example, the dice numbers are set before the game starts and its just a matter of fact if you move the price in luck or not like if we are playing against an opponent and we are 3 moves away but we move another piece the opponent almost always gets the number it needs to kill! Possibly the worst game we have ever played and would rate it a zero if there was one we advise to not download this game, its outrageous!

This app is very enjoyable but at the same time it causes many iPhone troubles. Some that we have experienced were that our phone hanged mostly whenever we opened this app or the screen would blackout and the phone wouldnt take any signal. And whenever we tried to add a review to this app the phone hangs.

You literally know exactly whats going to happen before it does. Waste of time. The game decides who will win before you even start. Lazy and predictable.

Setted the same strategy .. Not fare.

There is absolutely NO way you could remotely win! It is keyed up so that no matter what you do the game will knock you out repeatedly. DONT Even try it. Its a STUPID waste of time!!!

If your location is not India, you will have the least chance to win against people who are located in India.

This game is so stressful it takes the fun out of itI just cant get over how you can get stuck at 1 when the other player still has all their tokens outside but somehow they will travel with ALL four tokens and still win.

Dont wast your time on this game.

How on earth can you be at the last step needing just 1 to win the game and your opponent with three tokens at the center still wins. Makes no sense. We feel like the game favors just one player and usually the player with high coins. Makes no sense. Yall need to have this situation regulated.

We shared on Facebook our Frined installed it but u guys lie a lot no 10000 coins both of us deleted share post on Facebook its mean ludo game lie take care in feature.

Hello Team, we really need to get the battery usage optimized, this app drains the iPad (new) battery real quick. Except this, we liked the experience on the app.

Its alright people just mad saying its rigged and hating but its not they just mad bc they lost with their nonbrains. This game is abt strategy not rigged just make it like more modes like add some casino or somthing and prove everybody wrong that the game is not rigged.

The dice rolls are completely manipulative.

We think it needs to add more stuff.

If you decide to fail yourself no way . Because system decided previously who is the winner.

This game started off fun but then we noticed pattern, and if this is supposed to be random with the dice, is not. What has become apparent is that the game has some type of algorithm that has placed us as one who never wins. We are not one to have a complaint about losing if down fairly but we do think this game is rigged. We will seek another game to play but am deleting this version.

The game is automatically set up so that your pieces will always get sent home. Its not accurate, and is a horrible depiction of how the game actually works.

Cant even convert diamonds to coins, algorithm useless.

Trash game stay away algorithm is written by 6 year old toddler piece of garbage.

This game contains sexual ads targeted for children.

  • You can easily predict who the algorithm/game wants to win in first few steps – lots of loopholes in the application where people who have played a lot are using to cheat others – we think this app has made the game rather to addict users than fun or testing the peoples skills – last but very important : based on the pattern of winning or loosing the app developers/company is using the user pattern data of deceiving, addiction and testing users for some other purpose(good/bad), from our experience as an AI manager.

If you want to waste your time here, congrats you found the perfect game, this is not luck, EVERYTHING IS PLANNED to create suspense.

An account said an inappropriate word to us then we sent message to the Ludo King Team. We love how fast the Ludo King Team answered our message. It couldve been better if Ludo King be able to see or save the conversation history between the players.


We hate this game because it toooo lagging for our phone we hate this game because in our phone this game put virus Now this is so irritating to me.

Our coins literally disappear after we earn them lol.

We have never played a game in our life thats so one sided. Jesus.

We understand a game is free but when you force us to watch glitchy adds that freeze the game repeatedly it becomes impossible to enjoy. First review we’ve written in years only to say avoid this horrible app like the plague. You have ads overlayed on the game and then your forced to watch ads even if your playing against computers. This game isnt looking to offer anything its looking to extract as much ad revenue as possible in your (hopefully) short stay.

Such a rigged game. Never play this game. Download Ludo star instead.

Game is RIGGED , system fails or rather freezes whenever the game is on. Developers need to upgrade their systems or this game will not be fun anymore.

Developers need to review the algorithm for this one. Seems like the dice roll is not at all at random. If you line up all 4 of your tokens, you will get either 5 or 6. Stupid algorithm but great game!

Not so much of a luck based gamerigged programming.

No one indian bakwas game ludo king time waste no any waste time on this game.

If the opponent has low coins like less then 1000 we know we lost even before we roll the dice, either to give new player sense of winning against experienced player or giving them coin to play the next game this game become very unfair and rigged.

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