Lunar Silver Star Story Touch

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 05:10 am

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch


Lunar Silver Star Story Touch is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SoMoGa, Inc., Lunar Silver Star Story Touch is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th September 2012 with the latest update 18th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


735 people have rated 3.0.8

You can download the game Lunar Silver Star Story Touch from APP STORE.


Long ago, a great Dragonmaster named Dyne, with the aid of his faithful companions, defended the goddess Althena from a terrible evil. Time has passed, and those great adventurers have become the stuff of legend, but the world of Lunar is now threatened by a shadowy figure known as the Magic Emperor. In a humble village, far removed from the turmoil, lives a young man named Alex. Idolizing the legendary Dyne, Alex dreams of one day becoming a renowned Dragonmaster and matching the achievements of his lifelong hero. Encouraged by his childhood friend Ramus, Alex sets out with his companion Nall and his adopted sister Luna on a seemingly trivial quest, unaware that it would prove to be the first step in an epic adventure whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire world.

Following the critically-acclaimed iOS port of the Japanese roleplaying game Vay, SoMoGa has returned to bring you Lunar: Silver Star Story, now with numerous enhancements for iOS! A traditional, turn-based Japanese RPG, this port offers:

  • Nearly a full hour of animated cut scenes
  • Remastered soundtrack with high quality music and voice tracks
  • A completely updated interface designed specifically for iOS devices
  • Retina artwork and widescreen gameplay
  • GameController support
  • And much more!

*** NOTE: Requires devices with an A10 or better processor (iPhone 7, iPad Air Gen 3, iPad mini Gen 5, any iPad Pro).

Updated on 18th May 2023

This change is intended to work around a flickering bug encountered by a very small number of users.

(Unfortunately it’s not a problem we or our internal testers can replicate in our test lab so our apologies to anyone affected!)

If you continue to experience problems, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch Reviews

Thank you for all the wonderful updates! This is now in our opinion the definitive version of Lunar: The Silver Star. Please release Eternal Blue. Best way to play is mirror to a TV and connect a Bluetooth controller. Its perfect!

With all of the quality of life features present here including soundtrack selection, audio selection, retro mode, variable difficulty, widescreen or traditional gameplay we believe this may very well be the definitive version.

This is such a great game. We are so happy to see it available on the App Store. The only issue we had was with a game crash and we lost all of our data when we thought we had saved the game. That too is also a flash back to the ye’olde playstation one era. Edit 2023 we really love that we can play this game over again on our phone. We would love to be able to play Eternal Blue as well. We would pay! For reals, cash money. Lets make it happen! Lets get that game on here too! Update!! By any chance, would you guys have any interest in doing Lunar Eternal Blue?

The game is great and we love it in every way. The one thing Id love to see added is a CRT filter like CRT Royale or some other similar one.

Aaahhh the days when games were pure joy with great stories and fantastic game play. No issues with updates and micro transactions were unheard of. We bought a Sega CD for this game and Eternal Blue. When Working Designs released both SSS and EB on the PSOne, it was pure bliss. The Lunar titles are some of the best RPGs released in the 1990s. Great story, great music, fun and lovable characters, great action. Its a must play for anyone who enjoys classic JRPGs. It wont disappoint! Years ago we found this released in the AppStore along with Vay! How awesome! Big thanks to the wonderful team that brought this gem to a new generation! Now please port Eternal Blue and Popfull Mail!

Trying to play this game but it crashes on load screen every time iPhone 13 (16.4.1)

The original songs are what made the game. Absolute blasphemy what they did.

We’ve been playing this game one some form since 1991 on our Sega CD. Its our all time favorite game! Probably over 300 play throughs. The PS1 versions are the pinnacle of the two Lunar games but this port from the GBA is pretty darn close to the PS1. The characters are amazing, happy, mad and sad feelings all abound in this game. Just buy it. Its a great great game and story!

On iPhone 7 Plus. Excellent game, excellent port. We had never played the original, but we really like this so far. Fair amount of replay value, definitley lots to do here! We are mostly through our first play through, and we might try another run so that we can get some cool items we missed. Turnbased combat that isnt stat-roll, items and levelling, classic jrpg from our limited experience. Devs: Alex has reached Level 50 but we didnt get an achievement. Maybe the whole party has to get there. Control pad controls are a tad clunky at times, nothing game ruining. Might be an improvement to be able to push villagers that are in motion, or when the player walks into a wall for motion to stop, rather than continue in an open direction. There have been a few occasions where we would go to purchase or talk to an NPC and our character would go left or right as we had held the up direction too long, but did not stop motion as expected. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks for this awesome game! Edit 4 years later: Please do Eternal Blue.

Just a solid, retro, and great RPG. Never played the original but this was was pretty cool. Story is a little blah but game is good if you like the old style RPGs.

We havent played much of this remastered version of this game, but we have deep nostalgia for this game and the songs in it. We were so excited as the opening scene started to play and then immediately bewildered by the lyric changes. We can look past the changes and different voice actors, we just wish we understood why the songs were changed so drastically.

The buttons have disappeared and makes the game difficult to play. You can still interact in the over world but during battle there is no back button, so if you make a mistake you cant go back on it, and if you go to say the item bag for a character and they have no usuable items in battle, you cant go back and have to restart the app, which restarts the whole battle. Makes it really annoying for bosses.

Just recently purchased the app, and like another review, we get an error before the game properly starts up. Could not find a suitable graphics device. More information: vkCreateDevice VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT iPad Air 2 v15.7.3.

We just finished the game, and it truly brought back memories. We last played it on Playstation 1, around 13-14 years old (Im now 35). This game is a timeless classic, and thanks to the Developer (SoMoGa) for making it so accessible. We had a blast reliving the memories. Beating the game really makes us want to continue in the world of Lunar. SoMoGa, please give us Eternal Blue! Ill be the first to buy it! Everyone, please support this Developer; they truly put their heart into bringing this (and sustaining this with critical updates) to iOS. Thanks again (and Ill be on the lookout for Eternal Blue)

We have loved this series since it was released on the SegaCD in the early nineties. But the version released on the PS1 was head and shoulders above the original. This port is an almost perfect recreation of the PS1 game, including good (but Im almost positive, different) voice acting and the original music score. Our only real complaint is the controls. The started out great, but this last update made them a little wonky. If youve played it, you know what we mean. Fix that, and 5 stars you shall have. P.S. When are we getting Eternal Blue?

This is such a great game. We are so happy to see it available on the App Store. The only issue we had was with a game crash and we lost all of our data when we thought we had saved the game. That too is also a flash back to the ye’olde playstation one era. Edit 2023 we really love that we can play this game over again on our phone. We would love to be able to play Eternal Blue as well. We would pay! For reals, cash money. Lets make it happen! Lets get that game on here too!

We’ve played lunar since Sega cd and its always been one of our favorite games of all time The only improvement we can think of it needs (Besides the PS1 and Sega cd soundtracks ) is our leveling cheat codes But all in all a great port Thank you for the update Im really glad to see the developers keeping the game up to date.

Okay so we played the original Silver Star Story on Sega CD console decades ago. Then when Sony allowed Working Designs to do a version in their console we eagerly purchased collector edition on release and played over and over. Fast forward to iOS and was one of our first iPhone app purchases for the 4s. Have been playing on every apple device purchased since. Basically a 1:1 emulation of the original. Great job.

Could not find suitable graphics device. We have had this for a while, and decided to go back to it. Now we cannot play the game. IPad Air 2, iOS 15.7.1.

Are there any plans to make Eternal Blue into a mobile game?

Classic game and this port is still supported. Our only complaint is the new update removed the ability to play portrait mode. Im sure not many people care but we prefer to be able to play that way.

Thank you for still supporting this game!

We cant seem to exit the in-game menu using touch controls for the retro graphical option. For the other graphical options(classic, touch) there is a back button to get out of the menu, but no indication for the retro options. The menu button also appears to be invisible on the bottom right corner. Also, it would be nice if the d-pad was visible as a option. Otherwise, great to see it updated.

One of the best RPGs of all time. To be honest, we deleted this app yesterday thinking that it was no longer maintained. This massive update took us completely by surprise. Keep up the good work!

We have always wanted to play this game as a kid and now we have it. It is alot fun although some of the boss fights are very difficult and at times can be slow to grind. But besides that it is fun and the story is amazing and has us plugged in. So glad to see this on mobile would love to see this on Android since Im switching over to that soon.

This is our all time favorite rpg and glad to see it here. Everything so far is great, we love the fact we can pause the game at any moment and resume again, And is like the ps1 version. Negatives -Nashs lightning is black instead of yellow -I can glaringly tell differences in voice acting we personally dislike it but there is nothing you can do. -Some items are renamed like healing nuts are now healing fruit, some dialogue is different from original. It takes away from the experience just makes you stop and think why. -The game is super easy, Im clearing out entire dungeons without much damage. Its not very challenging as we remember on the ps1. The first boss used to be very difficult we had to grind a lot to beat, but on this port we beat it first try. It really feels as if the difficulty was nerfed. Harder games are frustrating but give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction after you accomplish your goal, we dont feel that so far. Other than that game is a must play if you are a fan of Lunar SSS or new to the game. We would like the developers to add a setting in the options to pause the notification after you defeat a monster or level up, we would like to see the progress you make, it goes by too quickly to notice.

Theres a glitch in the game running the newest update (playing on an iPad Pro 2022). When you get to Althenas tower and the Kitty says lets do this! All the characters line up and walk in place. And then you lose all touch functionality. The characters keep walking in place in line formation and you cant proceedor even save. Please fix!

No sound. Didnt worn with the previous version of the app before they updated it on December 31st and doesnt work with the new version of the app either.

Buy this game and support this developer! So tired of other companies like Squeenix squeezing us for $20 every few years just to have the game work on a new iOS version or whatever.

Looks great, works wonderfully on our iPhone SE 2022!

Once of the best games ever,beautiful rpg that still has that magic. Really great port and the game still gets updates. Love it.

One of our favorite RPGs from the past is back! Love this release and suprised by the new update. Long live lunar!!!

Love the game, and personally havent had issues.

Its like a blast from the past. Our only complaint is that the voice actors dont sound very close to the originals, but outside of that its phenomenal! Great port!

Easy to play, pauses when we put our phone to sleep, and a great game. Not a lot of games port to mobile easily, but the developers did a great job here.

PsOne Port with okay voice acting (Japanese language and subs optional) and easy touch controls make this a must own. Now only if we could get Eternal Blue. That would be bliss.

Loved the ps game. Dubbing is a bit different but to be expected. Hope you all will bring in lunar2: eternal blue for iOS as well and Ill be happy to buy it also. Thank you for bringing such a loved rpg game portable! So happy for this!!!! Id rate it on par with Super Mario RPG (Legend of the seven stars), Final Fantasy 6 (3 for USA), Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and the Dragon Quest series! All classics, all with great stories and all must plays! Download and play it today! You’ll seriously love the characters, artwork and story as well!

We had this game for PlayStation when it was a new game way back when. Loved it then. Love it more now!!! Its a great rpg for all ages. We recommended it to several friends and family members. Well worth the price!!!

It’s running great on our iPhone 11. It looks and sounds great. Such a great classic rpg. The auto battle mechanics are very customizable and fairly smart. You almost never have to command them individually of you don’t want to and all monsters are visible and avoidable on the map so there’s no random battles making combat smooth quick and convenient for when you’re ready. We can’t put this game down and really wish they would release Lunar 2 for ios. Update : lame, Mia’s portrait at the women’s spring doesn’t show up for us. We just get Jessica’s twice.

This has been a lot of fun to play and we have not experienced any bugs or issues. We would recommend to anyone.

Great classic still holds up!

IPhone 7 12.0.2 Works beautifully and is the best iso from classic PSX. We recall spending our middle school years grinding away on this game; it helped spark our imagination. It has its flaws; some voice acting should not have been redone, some songs should not have been altered/updated. Im currently leaving a beginner dungeon and it hasnt crashed; the sound is working well too! (Previously the sound wasnt workin for us, but a quick update on phone iso and it kicked in.) Because of fanboy and how easy the game is to play on phone – 5/5. Suggest it to anyone wanting to relive PSX classic RPGs; just keep in mind that Lunar isnt really like your typical RPG; characters have built in stats that lvl.

So two weeks ago we were feeling the itch to play Lunar again and saw that the crash bug had been fixed. We just finished it and can assuredly say that it still moves us to bellyaching, face-hurting laughter, and then to tears. The final boss is still one of the best and most rewarding fights in JRPG history, and the final step you take at the end is possibly one of the purest moments in video game history. Is it perfect? No. The inventory system is occasionally annoying and the touch controls arent perfect, but these are small gripes. Everyone who is a fan of role playing games, love stories, laughter, the strength of the human spirit, and utter joy must play this game. Thank you so much to SoMoGa for porting this to the iPhone. We will play this game once every few years just to relive the tale of a young boy from Burg and his quest to become a Dragonmaster.

We played this on sega CD then PlayStation 1 and now iOS each version is a little different this one seems to be more soft with story flow. But still a great game looking forward to finishing it to see how its changed.

Pretty great port, only crashed once the entire game. The touch controls can be a pain but its not that bad. The gameplay, story, and music are 10/10.

A truly amazing jrpg Classic, chock full of heart, charm, and sensible design. From the cozy towns, the witty localization, to the solid acting; this game oozes goodness. While imperfect and at times too difficult for its own good, this port is both affordable and gorgeous- crisp sprites and anime style cutscenes too. Highly recommended, though you may need a guide. Thank you devs for this reborn classic. Hope Eternal Blue is next!

Fantastic game. We hope they release Lunar Eternal Blue!!!

First of all we love both Lunar games. However we do wish there was an option to play the sega cd versions(my preferred version). Either way, this game is just as great. Nostalgia lane. We just hope that lunar eternal blue is in the works. It’s our favorite rpg of all time. Wish they would release the sequel.

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