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Luxor HD


Luxor HD is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MUMBOJUMBO, Luxor HD is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th December 2010 with the latest update 4th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


29 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Luxor HD from APP STORE.


The #1 marble shooter game, now for the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch

Experience LUXOR designed specifically for the iPad, and now available as a universal App with HD graphics on retina display devices! Answer the call of the goddess, Isis, in this addictive marble-shooter game. Chains of colored spheres are working their way through ancient Egypt, and it’s up to you to stop them before they reach the pyramids. Wielding your mystical winged-shooter, you must fire colored orbs into the chain to make matches of three or more, and eliminate the spheres from the chain. Clear out the entire chain, and you’ll work your way up to the next level.

Customize your shooter to play LUXOR just how you like it with two different types of aim assist and three control system choices to mix-and-match. Face off with the approaching spheres in four different game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, and Challenge of Horus.

To help you in your quest, power-ups like Fireballs, Lightning Bolts and Multi-Colored Spheres will fall from the sky—use them to create thrilling special effects as they aid you along your journey!

Key Features:
25 all-new backgrounds
88 levels of marble-shooting puzzles
4 Game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, & Challenge of Horus
Collect Ankh coins to earn extra lives
Catch falling gems to earn bonus points
Customizable controls: Mix-and-match aim assist modes & control systems
Enhanced special effects designed for the iPad
Power-ups like Stop, Slow, Reverse and Wild help you along the way
Thrilling music and sound effects

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Updated on 4th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Improvements to control response.

Luxor HD Reviews

Nothing compares the original LUXOR, LUXOR 2 , LUXOR HD and the LUXOR AR. We have no problem purchasing a ported version that works like the originals so we all can continue to enjoy them. Please consider porting/updating these the the latest hardware. Thank you.

Thank you very much for updating this game for higher-end iOS devices and fixing the scoring bug. The door sounds do need to be made louder, though.

When playing the game and trying to get through all the levels at least give us the colored balls we need in order to finish the level. We think its unfair when your almost at the end you never get the color you need to win. Getting frustrated!

Been playing for years love this game but suddenly it will not open for us to play! Help.

We were SOO close to finishing the game then IT RESTARTED!!!

We love the game but since we upgraded our Ipad from a ipad 2 to a ipad pro the game is faster to a speed is no more fun. Hope they pacht up this problem. We have kept our old Ipad just to play this and Return of amun ra.

On our iPhone 7, with controls set for: — EXACT shooter position with finger, — fire when RELEASED, and — swap sphere with MULTI-TOUCH, sphere swap does not work. It’s like the game thinks "swap sphere with SWIPE" option is set, but you can’t realistically do that with these control settings. This bug seems to have been introduced with the 64-bit release and has not been fixed with the subsequent update(s).

Whats with this? We sent it – we thought – days ago but its still sitting here?! -I loved this game on our computer and was excited to find it for our iPad. We’ve been playing along fine and all of a sudden this morning it wont open! Well , it opens, but after we clicks all the buttons to get to our place, it shuts down! We’ve closed and reopened it several times w/ the same experience. We tried to contact MumboJumbo, but get a screen wanting our ID/password and wants us say Im an agent. So Im complaining to them here! Do you read this stuff MumboJumbo?! – – Ok, Update. We’ve figured out its level 8-4 thats the problem. We did a sample play that was fine. Then we started a new game w/ a new name and its fine. We really dont want to delete and reinstall – which always seems to be the solution- and have to start all over again! Whats up w/ 8-4?! New text – it still doesnt work! We’ve started a 2nd game w/ a new name. Will we have the same problem when we get it 8-4 in this game?!

Overall, this game is amazing but they need to fix the power ups. When we get the color bomb power up, we shoot the ball and nothing happens. NOTHING. Please don’t Waste a single penny on this dumb game.

Our favorite game on PSP. But playing it on the iPad is both frustrating and upsetting. You have to slide the shooter all across the whole iPad, and you’ve to release your siding finger and tap to shoot, then slide to move again. And the touch screen is not that responsive and you end up with a whole bunch of misfired shots. The whole gaming experience is not nice at all.

Paid $5 to play this game and now its not working. Played 1 day.

We have an iPhone 7 Plus. Even still its hard to tell the difference between colors. The multi tap doesnt work 80% of the time. Its very difficult to advance when you cant tell what color the balls are and when u can u cant get rid of the color youre shooting. Spend your money on another game that you will find more enjoyable.

Just did the update. Now the game is not smooth at all. Would like to roll back update.

What we are doing now we hope will remove the last review. We have no idea what happened. We just know the game had changed, the scoring was different. We thought It might have been our phone, so we rebooted, but it was still the same. So we deleted the game, and re-downloaded it again. We thought there would be a message that we had already purchased this game, and that we would not be charged. But we received no such message, and we are probably sure it charged us again. (No big deal.. We have certainly gotten our money’s worth out of this game. We have played it many hours. A movie ticket cost us more, and we only get approximately two hours of entertainment alone from that.). The game was still playing at half the score, however. Somehow the game had changed. This morning we looked at our phone and noticed that we had a GREEN icon as well as a BLUE one. The green Icon was labeled LUXOR AR HD. We know we didnt click on it when we purchased the game because we had typed LUXOR HD in the search box, and only the BLUE icon was showing on the apps screen when we re-downloaded it again. We may never know what happened. But we dont care. We tried the new green icon on our phone ( LUXOR AR HD). WOW! THE GRAPHICS ARE FANTASTIC!!! We love them. And the scoring was the same as the old game. There are also new screens to play. LUXOR AR HD is great.

What did you do? Been playing for months and while it was a little slow, the new update moves so fast on screen that it actually blurrs. Wow! Still fun but now a different game. Much better now, have no idea what happened or why it was speeding by, but we started a new game and everything seems to work and with good speed and graphics. We’ve re-rated.

This locks up on level10-6 and then takes us back to 10-1 every time. No fun!!! Want to keep playing! Locked up AGAIN!!!!!!!!

There’s no way to change balls like on the standard version.

We paid for this game. Why am we now getting ads? It is SO annoying. Please stop.

I,m unhappy with the adds but even worse is the ball is not very responsive. We have to tap it several times to get it to release! Esther Larsen.

To be compatible with new versions of iOS. All you update it?

We paid for the game so it wouldn’t have ads, but it does! Just goes to show the greed of the company. Touch is non-responsive at times, and you have to touch in a very small area at the bottom of the screen. Read a few of the reviews. Spot on!

The game as originally designed for a computer, and was great if played with a mouse. The iPad design was not tested thoroughly. It gets stuck on a level, the fireball changes to a plain one very frequently. When you fire a ball, it can jump a whole full row without hitting anything, and hits something you haven’t aimed at. At times the ball changes color moments after it is released, without swiping to change the color, or is spontaneously fired even if you finger is not on it. We have a lot of patience, but no matter how much we try, it is of no use. Fix it, guys, otherwise it isn’t worth the money.

We love this game it’s addictive but there a some serious glitches that are getting really old. You can pass a level and then for no reason the next time you open the app it jumps back 3 levels. You can’t go back and play level you liked and you can’t skip ahead to levels you’ve already played. Really disappointing. Would love an update!

We agree with the rest if the reviews it was a good game it used to be responsive and non glitchy now it’s not even worth five stars until the ads are Removed after all this game was not cheap and furthermore make the game more responsive and less battery consuming soon as the next update offers all the above then u will get 5 stars for now 2 stars…

We used to enjoy this for casual gaming, but just picked it up again for the first time in a good while, only to be assaulted by a series of ads. There’s no in-app purchase to get rid of the ads. Simultaneously, the app has become buggytapping to fire not-infrequently fails to do anything. Such a disappointment.

Hi, It happened twice , the game crushes [ex. At final level (wrath of set)] , and then the game closes. Then when we try to continue the game, it take us bake to the beginning of the stage. Then we have to re-win some levels that we have already completed it. It’s wondering us that those levels show us that we’ve already won it. This makers us nervous, because the final stage and especially the final are so hard that we wouldn’t even think about replaying them again once we finish them. Regards.

Bought game years ago for iPad. Got new pad, put game on it, now ads out the……. Get them out of the paid games!!

This game is soooo slow. The PC version was so much fun. You used to be able to click on a target and the game would shoot immediately. Now you have to make two movements to shoot. Save your money :(

We can’t even start the game! We hit the start button multiple times and nothing happens!

The PAID app is stacked full of ads! This is the reason you buy the app. The controls are unresponsive and you have to tap multiple times to make anything work. Do not spend money on this game. You can’t go around taking people’s money and giving them a game that doesn’t work properly and then still cram ads down their throat.

How can Mumbo Jumbo justify charging us for a game, then still bombard us with adds. Avoiding the adds has always been one of the main reasons to move to the paid version of an app. Will not be making any purchases from Mumbo Jumbo in the future.

Luxor is a lot of fun on the computer… On the iPad it stinks… Marbles do not fire when the screen is tapped like they are supposed to do… Frustrating… And now with ads!… For the PAID version!… Fun!

Seriously? We paid $5 and we still have to deal with ads ALL THE TIME… We should have read the reviews first… The switching of colors of the balls is confusing and the game play is dated and kinda boring… Get Zuma HD instead… Much better with better replay value.

We can’t finish game… Freezes up on level 8… We wish u would fix game… Shooter doesn’t respond like it should…. Game needs fixed! Game freezes up .. Level 8 Could be a good game but after it freezes .. You are done Level 8 the end of game. Big waste of money-anybody going to fix game? Waste of time and money. MumboJumbo won’t get any more of our money or time.

We love Luxor – that being said – we hate Luxor for the iPad. We would have loved to have been in the meeting where they were discussing porting Luxor over for iPad, and whatever MORON stood up and said "Hey! It’s for the iPad! It doesn’t have to be THAT responsive to touch, does it?" YOU’RE FIRED MORON!! The gameplay is IMPOSSIBLE. On the computer, you click on the ball that you want to fire at and the shooter moves to that position and fires automatically. In this price of crap version, you first have to slide the shooter to a position and then shoot – if it shoots at all! This makes it impossible to beat the higher levels. This game is based on speed – having to slide the shooter into position and then shoot takes away any speed play. Do not waste your money on this game. We hope that everyone that reads this review passes on this game. Didn’t one person at MumboJumbo take the time to test this game? Didn’t one moron at the company say "Hey! This isn’t right! We can’t charge our customers money for a broken game!" Somehow we doubt it. Morons – every single one of them. We want our money back – but again – somehow we doubt it.

This USED to be a good game. No more. Now it’s one big commercial in a game we PAID FOR. We’re removing all Luxor games from our devices. Apple should ban this practice.

We love this games but it’s not for we pads it freezer up and or goes back to levels you beat start over. We won’t make anymore mistakes wasting our money on the other games. Been burn twice with your game. We should check review before we got the game. Very sorry we wasted our money for this game and other Luxor.

Used to work fine, now with IOS 7, it’s worthless.

Game was good on a computer but is miserable on iPad. Control is sloppy and inaccurate. It takes multiple taps to shoot sometimes and only once others. Poorly programmed game, do not waste your money.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. It has no sensitivity for the touch screen and thus is absolutely frustrating.

This game is terribly unresonsive and half the time it does not work. Spending 5 bucks on this broken game was a horrible mistake. This "game" should be free or not even on the app store. This app is a joke.

Cannot wait for Luxor 3 HD. Love everything about this game.

Great game, plays great and it’s very long… You get ur money out of it.

We Can Say , we are Really Satisfy With This Nice Great Game , And It’s Cover All our Fun Time,,

Our body is stiff from sitting and playing this game for hours on end. Just when we clear a difficult level, we promise we will quit, then go to the next level. We like this game more than Angry Birds, if that means anything.

We were playing the iPhone version on iPad and decided to get the iPad version but it won’t do anything!!!

The game was fun but can’t get by level 15. Not worth the money if you can’t win at all.

Luxor HD is a poor rendition of the great fast-paced marble shooting desktop game. This tablet version has very poor shooting control. In fact, the fast-paced mouse "shooting" in the desktop version has now become a very slow-paced marble "alignment" game. The fun factor of shooting is gone in the iPad version. However, the graphics are very good.

We bought this game for our new iPad and it won’t do anything?

We have LNG loved playing Luxor on our computer. We do not like the iPod version. We cannot seem to get the scarab to follow our fingers nor to shoot when we want to. We are going to stick to Zuma which allows us fast play an the frog shoots when and where we tap.

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