Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Magicabin! Developed by the innovative team at IVYMOBILE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED, this Puzzle game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 25th March 2022, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 26th February 2024.

Are you a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games? Then Magicabin is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Magicabin

Over 4,765 players have rated Magicabin. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Magicabin Cost?

Good news! You can download Magicabin on your iOS device absolutely free!

Magicabin Release Date

Eager to know when Magicabin first graced the App Store? It was launched on 25th March 2022.

When Was Magicabin Last Updated?

The latest version of Magicabin was updated on 26th February 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Magicabin?

To get started with Magicabin, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Magicabin

Welcome to Magicabin, a world full of magic and adventure! In this farming adventure game, you will play as a young witch named Ruby and use the power of magic to realize your creative ideas and build a beautiful and cozy home.

There are countless adventures waiting for you in this world. You can explore deep forests with Ruby, encounter various mysterious creatures, and solve puzzles. You can also cross mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the beach, having a wonderful time.

In the magical world, there are countless hidden secrets and stories, and lost treasures await brave adventurers. Will you be the lucky one to discover them? Awaken your magic, hop on your broomstick, and start your magical witch life!

Game Features:
Cozy Home: In a pastoral atmosphere, grow magical herbs, play with fairies, and create your own fairy tale home!
Free Decorating: Use the DIY system to create a unique living space where every detail is fully under your control!
Exciting Adventures: Traverse mountains and seas, and fully appreciate the unique scenery of the magical world!
Lost Treasures: There are countless secrets and legends here, whoever finds them, keeps them! Why not try your luck?
Interesting Stories: On your joyful journey, meet new friends, perhaps a quirky witch, or a handsome wizard, or maybe even…

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Magicabin updated on 26th February 2024:

Phantom Ball will be available soon!
Food Clash will be available soon!

User Reviews on Magicabin

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Magicabin below:

We played this game before they revamped it. We liked the game then, but we absolutely LOVE it now. You should try it! If you played it before, try it again! Im so happy with this game now that we are ignoring others like it that we have on our phone. We made a small purchase to show our appreciation but there is no need pay to succeed in this game. Thank you, and congratulations to the development team! We will continue to be supportive of this wonderful game!

Our only complaint about this game is how much energy you use to get rid of thingsand then you only get a small amount back. Love the game dont get us wrong, we just wish that the energy didnt go so fast :(

Best building game we’ve played ever. The only issue we have is the game freezes up at times and we have to close it out and reopen. We dont lose anything, its just frustrating. Also, we love the fact that there are so many opportunities to get free energy. However, we do feel like the energy requirement for clearing some objects is way to high. We pay for energy sometimes twice a day just to finish the side games and we have yet to finish one in its entirety. All in all, GREAT GAME!

This game wouldnt be bad if we didnt have to use all our energy clearing 2 bunches of grass, we literally go to find something, 30 seconds, energy is gone, so, we leave the game , why would we need to use 27 energy for a tiny piece of grass, 50+ energy for a medium item, its crazy, sure you get a little bit of energy here and there but if you cant clear the land you dont get the items needed to trade for energy, so, Im close to just deleting the game, its frustrating.. . Why would you make a game that uses so much energy for 1 item, didnt you make this game for people to stay and play, well, with no energy, why stay, also, its very difficult to get coins to buy machines, we have been trying to buy our second machines forever, why do we need 2 machines anyway, just make it a little less time to make something, just talking about it gets us frustrated, anyway, you wont keep people here that long with energy so scarce Thats it, Im finished.

We watch the ad Firestone Direct and its just stuck there. No x appeared to exit out cant continue playing game.

This game looks fun . We are playing it . But can the player just play with out being forced to do things . To demanding. It would be a lot funnier to just explore and learn on there own . For some of it .

We love this game so much because of amazing gameplay and mechanics and all of the mini adventures that you get to go on and as you level up you get more prizes.

We love it so much so Ill help some more everyday and everynight between our Facebook manor cafe family island and tik tok its very cute game.

We have been playing this game for a long time. Every ad we have seen for this game, including the one that got us to try this game, was a TOTAL FABRICATION! One of the ads actually has a sexual connotation if you pay attention to it. This game is a good filler for when you are bored, but nothing in it resembles any of the ads.

Im really really enjoying this game.

We just started playing game we love playing the game. We love the games that you merge stuff together and make better stuff so this is our one of our favorite games..

We Love You Only Thing That Is Little Off trae Love Body es So Much Money For The Past And Sometimes Steph The Fun Scott The Girl People Everything.

Fun and easy, and very entertaining and lovely.

Like the way she returns repair her home great located with help.

Well organized. The graphics are nice.


We really dont understand how it so good this is the best game we have ever played.

At first, its a little boring. But once you get to play the game, it gets funner every minute.

The only downside to this game is, it takes sooooo much energy to clear a path. Its similar to island hopper but island hopper doesnt make you use up all your energy just to open a path. It gives you more energy but you use it up too fast. Also whats up with the cat game. It really doesnt have a purpose. We keep playing it and we have gotten nothing from it. After we have played it like 20 times its still in our to do tasks. We dont understand how it works. Besides these things we love the witches and wizards and the potions. This is right up our alley. But due to the energy usage Im not sure if Im going to keep playing it. We will watch the commercials rather then spend money.

We paid for the gold stamp today ($6.99 sale) and tried to claim the rewards but nothing actually came through even this it said it was claimed. After checking the inventory, we decided to get out of the game and log back in and then the game started to freeze so we restarted the game again and even restarted our phone. But when it came back on we pulled it back up and it said we needed to pay for the gold stamp! So, confused, we checked our bank account and the money had already been taken out of our account (pending) so we did indeed pay for it but Im not getting our gold stamp items! Im not sure what to do and the game says that Id have to show proof of payment (the game should have that information ) and we didnt realize we couldnt trust the game and had to screenshot when we pay for something. We just want to know how to get our Gold stamp items that we paid for.

This is a fun game but quickly you realize that you dont have the funds to fulfill the tasks. We dont pay for the coins and finally stopped playing after a few days as it got boring to just manufacture and harvest. The exploring and following the tasks is costly. If you spend money on games Id recommend it. If you dont, Id move on.

We enjoyed game at first. Warning though The events and separate levels are impossible to complete unless you spend real money. We’ve been waiting on newest level to launch for many months about to give up honestly. Current event they have Cupid park crashed on us and stopped working we reached out but no response.

The game is completely different from the ad.

We would rank this game higher if it wasnt for using energy on four times then having to wait an hour before you can play again. There are far better games like this where you can play nonstop and not have to wait so long to regain energy. Its a cute game but we can already tell that its not going to keep our interest for very long which is a bummer because we like the graphics and storyline.

We only downloaded the game so we could EXPOSE YALL! So not only are their false advertisements for game coping other games but yall used a VIDEO of the game CLOCKWORKS a MYSTERY GAME to try and advertise for YOUR game! Wow that SCREAMS SCAM and desperation! Definitely NOT playing the game now smh just WOW!

You play it for a bit, you run out of energy. Cute story, cute graphics! Its not great enough to pay to play on going. We would buy the game and have it send monthly energy or something like that, then maybe? In the end, Im going to lose interest and delete it. We can feel the need to delete coming soon.

This game is amazing! Finally a game that your not forced to wait to keep playing or get stuck because you have to buy something. There is always a way to get more energy so you can keep playing. Yes you will watch a few ads but this game makes it worth it. Its like a giant adventure! The only downside we have found are the large file downloads but we promise; you get this game, you wont care if you have to wait a few minutes to download a new map. YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!

Love this game so much.! We literally play every day.. Lol awesome app development guys.!

We dont like the game we like the magical stuff but we are taking the game off because you spend way too much energy for little bit of space to be appeared and thats very sad for people who dont have much to spend in the app.

Why would you put in the time and money to create an entire new story and then create an advertising video and have it nothing to do with the actual game itself?

Only played like 5 minutes, cold not get further, sooo we had to go,,,

It is frustrating having to use all of your energy to clear a couple items. When it takes a minute and a half per energy to regenerate and we spend close to 60 energy trying to clear a couple items that arent enough to get to the next area its too much. It takes an hour and a half to regenerate enough to do that again. Game is great otherwise but this alone has us ready to delete this game.

Easy and fun but we wish we could find our real friends houses , help them and chat in game.

We love the game. We dont know how to get energy. Run of energy in a little while and have to pay for it. We wish you get more energy quickly.

This is the cuties magic game kids would love it.

It was a pop-up on a different game is playing, we looked at the images and then said hey let us try this out and Im so glad we did. Its so much fun youll love it..

As others have said, this is a fun game but DOES NOT progress fast enough. In 30 seconds you have used all your energy and there is nothing else to do. You would think the developers would want you to stay on their game. Evidently not! Deleted!

The game doesnt respond. We tap, poke, tap gain and nothing responds, we hope no one actually paid to download this disaster.

You can only play the game for about 5 minutes. You can watch one advertisement and get half a minute play time more. After that you will have to spend money to play. It seamed like an okay game just not going to put that much of our money into the game to play.

We got a reward for 2024 and when we open it we dont get anything at all it is blank we tried to hit the claim button and it doesnt do anything please fix Thank you.

We like the game but the current update has our game glitching.

After recent update im unable to get back into the game. Saying Network unstable, cannot load.