Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns

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Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns


Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Asmodee Digital, Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd April 2019 with the latest update 20th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


80 people have rated 1.03

You can download the game Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns from APP STORE.



Discover a new single-player adventure based on the famous survival board game!

In their quest for ever greater productivity, humans have genetically altered plants and animals, creating a new world infested by…Zombies!

In this post-apocalyptic tactical RPG, you’re part of a gang of survivors ready to do anything to stay alive! Cities in ruin, abandoned hideouts, creepy hospitals… Search for food, weapons and shelter in a world that’s striving to kill you. You’ll be the predator… And the prey! The good news is that Zombies are slow, stupid and predictable. The bad news is that there are dozens of them and the more you kill, the more there are!

Do you want to survive? Get ready, complete all your mission objectives and exterminate them all. The only way out is…ZOMBICIDE!


  • Follow the survivors’ story line and unlock up to 4 characters.
  • Complete all 40 missions
  • Play characters with favorite weapons and unique abilities to master.
  • Face different types of zombies, like Walkers, Runners, Fatties and Abominations… And how will you defeat the Toxic Zombies?!
  • Chainsaws, shotguns, axes and katanas… All of your favorite weapons are waiting for you!
  • Ready for a challenge? Discover new ways to eliminate zombies thanks to new survivors, just waiting to join your team. Belle from Prison Outbreak, Julien from Angry Neighbors and others await you in the store.
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

One thing is for sure: you’re going to have some bad encounters…

Updated on 20th May 2019

This update brings many fixes :

  • When you loot a weapon, statistics are now normaly displayed.
  • When you loot a weapon, it now appears properly in you inventory.
  • During a melee fight, player is not stuck anymore if he has some remaning hits.
  • Objectives in Mission 8-2 and Mission 8-5 can now be properly validated.

Thanks again for your support !

Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns Reviews

Great game, with a lot of replay value. Feels like it could easily be expanded and we would definitely pay for that.

Its not the board game, its an app using the game as the foundation. Fantastic!

UPDATE: we have read other reviews where people state that you have to pay micro transactions to get past some levels. We call total BS. No, you do not. Not if your playing smart. Not even close. Wrong. Cant say it hard enough. Just no… As a matter of fact, Josh, a FREE character, is the most powerful in the game. We have played through the game 3 times and farmed the heck out of the last three maps. We still come back periodically to play 2 or 3 times. We have a line up of our 4 favorite characters and am almost finished fully upgrading their weapons as well as having them all to excessively high levels. PLEASE make more maps and scenarios for this game. What we love: we are a huge fan of Zombicide: Black Plague / Green Horde. This game is a spin off of the original modern day version. Hunting for weapons and character evolution feels really fun and well thought out. Food as a resource works well and overall we can see playing and replaying the heck out of this. We may even drop some $$$ on a few new characters after we trick out the first set. Even though the game isnt based on the version we have come to know and love it still feels very very much like Zombicide. The strategies play out similar and combat works very well. What we really feel needs to be tweaked: The map auto zoom in every time something, anything, happens is very annoying. We have missed runner zombies because the camera zoomed back in and we didnt see them. Please make this a setting. Auto zoom: ON/OFF. Honestly thats about it. The game is really fun and for the cost SO worth it. We would buy this again in a heartbeat and we hope more is added as DLC content or something.

This game is amazing! We absolutely love it. You dont need to buy the characters, just play smart. We’ve beaten it twice and wish we could start a new (different) campaign!

Very good translation of the board game. Only complaint is that its too easy especially once youre dual wielding and get a legendary or two. If they added a setting to up the zombie hp by 20 40 60 etc it would make it more challenging. Our second play through we only leveled one char after each mission and only one level per mission. We also leveled all characters equally meaning no one could be level 3 until all had hit level 2. This made for some epically long missions that were dicey but once our chars hit level 5 it became easy again with dual wielding and certain skills and weapons. All in all a good game.

This is a fantastic translation from tabletop to digital. Its not exactly the same as Zombicide, but retains what is necessary to maintain the feeling that this is a Zombicide game, but with its own unique twist. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE BLACK PLAGUE AND GREEN HORDE! Thank you.

Good adaptation, but after a few missions it became way too easy. We never bought any characters, but we did sign into asmodee to get one extra character for free. He ended up being by far the most powerful character. Please add more missions, maybe difficulty selection, ability to search in any room, and incorporate more aspects of the board game to make it a little more challenging (eg only certain weapons can kill fatties… Etc) Overall nice job; the game was fun.

We gave Zombicide 4 stars, because it is fun to play, but it has some glaring omissions: [1] Lack of rules and other information. Unlike pretty much every other adaptation of a board game that we’ve played, it has no rule book, and other than a brief tutorial at the beginning, offers very little in the way of info especially what the icons mean. [2] No options. Other than music and sound effects volume, there is a complete lack of game options, including badly needed options like Auto Zoom on/off and Always Skip Zombie Spawn Animation on/off. There are also quite a few frustrating things about the game (many of which are related to the 2 major omissions we mentioned above) : [1] The way it auto zooms in the map every time you do anything is extremely annoying. We zoom the map out, so we can actually see whats going on enough to play the game, and then every time we move or attack, or if it changes characters, or ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS, the map zooms back in. We suppose some people may prefer this, but surely there could be an option. [2.1] we cant figure out what some of the icons mean or how some aspects of the game work. We think the exclamation flag beside a weapon means theres a better weapon available, but sometimes none of the other weapons are as good as the one we have selected (or else having a better weapon is pointless, because if theyre not dual-wield, and the best weapon for your off-hand is the same type as your main-hand, how does that benefit you?). Likewise, trying to find out which weapons can be upgraded (and how far) is very confusing. A small note in the rules (and actually having rules) would fix this. [2.2] we figured out that the background colours show if a weapon is Common or Uncommon, and that an Uncommon weapon of the same level is better, but it wasnt obvious. And we think we’ve sort of figured out if a weapon can be upgraded once or more than once (if the details show a number and a padlock, we think it can be upgraded to that level and some number of levels beyond that, and we think no padlock means the next level is as far as it can be upgraded). Again, having rules would fix this. [2.3] Some of the information is available in strange or limited ways. For example, you can upgrade a weapon from the Character page of the character who is wielding it, but you cant see whether or not it can be upgraded more than once, without going back to the Weapons section and tapping the weapon there. For some reason, this information is not shown on the weapon card itself and/or the detailed weapon info. Likewise, you can only view the detailed weapon info for equipped weapons on the Characters page. Why? Putting the info icon on the weapon cards wherever theyre displayed (especially when choosing from the list of weapons to equip) would eliminate this problem and make it much easier to decide which weapon to use. Having to equip each weapon in order to see its details is very annoying (and unnecessary). [3] This game definitely needs an Options section. In addition to being able to keep the map zoomed out (ie. Turn off Auto Zoom), it would be nice if we could always skip the Zombie Spawn Animation, instead of having to click skip every single time (and if we dont do it fast enough, the map scrolls around and we have to try to get it back where we had it). We realise some players probably prefer the current behaviour, which is why we suggest having options for them. It would also be nice to have an Auto Repeat Attack on/off option. Many times we try to scroll the screen after an attack and it rolls the attack dice instead. It would be useful to have an option to prevent that next attack roll from popping up automatically. Another useful option would be Auto Scroll on/off (although Auto Zoom on/off and Always Skip Spawn Animation are way more important). We dont really need to see zombies moving on the other side of the map. Id much rather move the map around myself, to see what we want to see. There are several other more minor improvements that could be made, but theyre far less important (and this is already a lengthy list), so we wont go into them here. Zombicide really is a good game, and we have fun playing it (in spite of the annoyances and frustrations), but with a few additions (primarily Rules/info and Options), it could be a great game!

Great game until you get to 8-2. When you complete the first objective the game locks up. Any help here would be great.

Also, this game does not follow board game LoS rules for alleys inside buildings. The game treats them like indoor locations, so we cant shoot past one with a rifle.

Fun port of the board game. Mechanics and gui are easy to navigate. We really like the weapon and character leveling system. But the 40 scenarios go by real quick. Would love to buy additional quest lines. The final zone is bugged. Sometimes the game action freezes when you complete an objective. Settings and forfeit buttons continue to work, but cant navigate the board or choose character actions.

Not great. Not bad. It is a little run through a zombicide story. Once you do the initial missions, you can replay at your current level and gained items. We breeze through it now and it has no challenge. We do it once in a great while for something to do until Zombicide 2nd Edition arrives. If we get more chapters, varying/scaling difficulty, and more interesting missions then our opinion would change.

Let us know when they add fast/instant animations.

Does not respond to support requests.

Spent over $10 on in app purchases and after buying a new iPad we re-downloaded the game again but would not restore any purchases. Made multiple contact attempts without an answer.

This is a rare miss from Asmodee Digital. Unfortunately this is a completely faithless rendition of the board game. Between the unnecessary hit points of the zombies to the lack of tension in finding a weapon or item, it misses the slow build of doom the board game has and instead replaces it with the videogame-esque combat system in an apparent attempt to not scare away the Xbox generation with board game rules. An unfortunate misstep and we have since deleted it from our iPad which is saying something as we literally own every other Asmodee Digital game ever made. A real missed opportunity to faithfully render a board game that works well already and didnt need any changes.

Some missions spawn triple number zombies than the team. Now stuck on the zone two. Nine game but terrible balance.

You cant just play a version like the board game. Characters are different and leveling is different. We wanted a direct translation, this is disappointing.

We paid the cost for the app and we dashed through all the levels in 4-5 days. Then… Nothing. Games over. All you can do is grind to keep upgrading, but the amount you need to upgrade one character could take 2-3 hours of grinding. For what? So you can play the same levels youve already mastered? No difficulty levels. Nothing. Then we bought some DLC characters thinking they might open new areas. Nope. Then we decided to start over with one of the DLC characters and the UI freezes after you give Rauol the command to fire on a few zombies in the first level. We loved this game while we were playing it and we love the board game but this version burns out fast and is really buggy. Contacted support, not even a well get back to you soon email.

Apple Arcade just released an app called The Otherside which takes the Zombicide basic structure and keeps true to it. This game was trash and hopefully we can steer some of you to a better version.

As others have noted, dual wielding weapons doesnt work as advertised unless theyre of the same rarity. Touch sensitivity is messy and inaccurate. Most unforgiving is the repeatable bug that prevents completion of the last missionthe game freezes (although it oddly still lets you flee from the mission) as soon as the A-Bomb is defeated.

We were with you until Register an account for this character, Pay $2.99 for that character, Buy upgrade currency after weve strung you along for four levels.

Finished the game, and while it got a little repetitive at the end, overall it was great. Contrary to some reviews, we felt overpowered for the entirety of our (first and only) run through. We never lost a mission, and only one time did we not complete a mission perfectly so the difficulty could definitely be a turned up. The story is bleh… But the graphics and gameplay are solid if unspectacular. Definitely worth the cost.

If youve been itching to give this game a try but dont have the time or the friends or youre slightly antisocial like us this is a great alternative and so much quicker without having to fiddle around with miniatures and other various tokens and dice. We do wish they added more variety to the zombie models though and increase the damage potential on the other non-butcher roles so theyre not as useless. You will learn to hate toxic zombies… We hope they do this with Black Plague or green horde. We would definitely pick it up. Well worth the money. Thanks for another great game Asmodee!

We just finished this entire game. Yes, the gameplay was a bit different than the board game (I own a number of versions). And yes some features are missing, like being able to swap inventory. But overall we loved it. To the developer: thank you. Now get back to work and give us more missions!

Im a big Zombicide fan, and this game does not disappoint. It distills the essence if the board game while creating a slightly new experience. Those that do not have or know the board game can jump right in. No iaps necessary, the only thing you can buy is more characters, but the ones included are very good. Some of the levels do require a good strategy, and maybe a playback later to get a perfect score, but the game feels overall well balanced and very fun. The only complaint we have is it seems that each character can only pick up 2-3 items, which was never previously explained, so we lost a few items as we had one character pick them all up. There are many cool upgrades to both your weapons and characters. Im really hoping they adapt Black Plague and invader as well, as we are hooked, and would love to see expansions as well. Thanks for great game.

This f*@*infg game rocks… Truly!!! We love playing the tabletop version and love how simple this is to play! Its always confusing keeping track of all the information going around while playing on the tabletop (that might be the draw for some, but it just gets in the way of the joy of playing for me). This game plays like the tabletop…! If we had ONE complaint it would be this… Once you progress further into the campaign, the zombies not only severely OUTNUMBER you, but they have A CRAP MORE HEALTH THEN YOU!!!! Now again, this might appeal to some, but for us… After all the time invested in planning, moving, collecting… Geez, come on man… Lets keep the high level zombie hit points REASONABLE!!! At least on the same level as our characters…. PLEASE??!! Oh yeah, one more thing… We cant get the one character for free… Other then those two things… Couldnt be happier spending the money for this….. GREAT JOB!!!!!

We were able to make it through the game. It was a blast. Great version of Zombicide. We have lots of nitpicks with the game, the major one being too easy. But we’ve played lots of tabletop Zombicide so we came into this version with lots of strategy. Could use a map editor (thats the whole point of tabletop Zombicide is building your own missions) because once youre done with the campaign theres nothing else to do. But the campaign is decent sized.

We will upgrade to 5 stars when the bug is fixed that prevents us from beating the final mission.

There are some differences between the board game and the digital version, however we find this to be entertaining and we are not bothered by that. We find the lack of a faq or rules explaining some of the things troubling and when we try to buy an extra character it doesnt allow it. Perhaps we need to make further progress, we dont know and thats why a rules/faq included in the game would be helpful.

We love the game right up until the too-soon end. Then you get to play it again with all levels and weapons youve earned… But nothing scales.

We think like so many others, we are a fan of the board game. It was a ton of fun, easy to get into, and one of the most well balanced board games in the last decade. Therefor its a shame that this game is such a mess and utilizes the success and general mechanics of the original game to make a weak attempt at capitalizing on the app/micro-transaction market. The game itself is built around getting you to a point where you have no choice but to throw money at micro-transaction to proceed. By implementing a system where your heroes can only take 3ish hits before death while the zombies can have double digit health (and never miss) the game is designed to play you into a corner where its impossible the play further without spending more money. Which is ridiculous considering the game isnt even free. The gameplay otherwise works similar to the original where each character has a certain number of AP and attempt to collect resources and survive waves of zombies of increasing difficulty. But again the balancing falls apart as the rate the difficulty increases is staggering. Our hope is that some future patching to balance the game and make it playable will come. But its a shame that CMON is trying to wring their fan base of every last penny before delivering something worthwhile.

Purchased a character bundle. Can use them on the phone but will not show up on our ipad(which we prefer to play on) Sent in a help request and have heard absolutely nothing Will change review once we get what we paid for.

From replaying missions not giving rewards sometimes to the game not letting you dual wield weapons even if theyre the SAME exact weapon that allows dual wield because theyre not the same rarity, this game is horribly bugged and we deserve compensation for the inconvenience and waste of our time.

We absolutely love this game and the whole concept. Great original storyline with smooth and easy gameplay. Plus, you dont have to really pay for anything else unless you want too (extra characters). Worth the $5, highly recommend for everyone new or veteran to the board game.

A great adaptation at first we were slightly upset that it wasnt a straight port but we appreciate the differences now after playing it and feel its well suited for mobile.

We’ve play the board game a couple of times. Its fun and if everyone knows what they are doing you can move quickly. When we played it move much slower as people were learning the game and discussing things and what not. This version is similar enough to the board game that we dont see the difference having only played a couple of times. We think thats a great thing. It plays fast, its fun, its a light strategy, and we like the music and style animation. Cloud save really should be included and although we read some people were having issues with the Apple Pencil, on the 9 inch iPad Pro using just the touchscreen and not the pencil we didnt have any problems. It also works without any problem on our iPhone XS max. Again, we think its a great implementation of the game end it plays cleanly and as quickly as we would like the board game to play. We hope they come out with more expansions and add-ons soon! Also bring out the fantasy version!! Five dollars is absurdly cheap compared to the price of the board game ($70+). Really well done!

Nice, lots of fun, but on the final mission the second objective is kill 40 zombies. Killing well over 40 zombies doesn’t activate that condition so the came cannot be beaten.

Its not a straight 1:1 port of the board game but it is fun and so far we havent run into any bugs. The only DLC is optional additional characters so no PTW which is nice.

It plays just like the board game, our biggest gripe is no multiplayer mode. Id love to be able to go through a mission with friends. If they add this in later we will bump our score up to 5 stars.

First, we are a fan of the board games. We own all of them, save the newest integration. (Green hoard at the time of this writing) This game captures the essence of the board game, but makes some design decisions Im not a fan of. First, progress is not saved between devices. We play on an iPad and our iPhone, but we were disappointed to see we had to start over on both devices. Second, the buy buttons for DLC doesnt seem to work. We also did not see any missions available as DLC, but perhaps we have not progressed far enough. Splitting our time between two devices to do the same thing hinders progress. The next thing we would bring up is that the touch sensitivity on the iPad Pro 11 is a bit funky. We like to use the Apple Pencil, but its extremely difficult to use. It also appears that some features are missing, like changing the primary weapon or reorganizing inventory. That was a key element to the board games, so its sad to see it go. After that, things like animations, sound (music is awful) and other quality of life items need to be tweaked. Overall Im ok with the 4.99 price, but it feels like an unfinished product. Id wait for a couple months if you arent a huge Zombicide fan.

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