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Malody is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 京容 何, Malody is a Music game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 23rd May 2015 with the latest update 17th September 2019

Whether you are a fan of Music, Music, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


128 people have rated 4.3.7

You can download the game Malody from APP STORE.


Malody is a cross-platform music game (Simulator) which is developed by a group of dedicated volunteers.


  • Support variety of chart formats: osu, sm, bms, pms, mc, tja.
  • In game editor, for creating and sharing charts.
  • Multiplayer, for all mode.
  • Support full keysound chart.
  • Support custom skin.
  • Support play recording.
  • Support play effect: random, flip, const, rush, hide, origin, death.
  • Support online ranking.
  • Wiki based community where you can upload and share charts.
  • In game multiple language: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Thai, Russian, French, Korean.

How to import chart:
Custom skinning document:

Updated on 17th September 2019

Bugs fix for 4.3.6

  • Fixed speed error
  • Fixed taiko unwanted combo
  • Fixed key judge bug in rare case

Malody Reviews

We have really enjoyed this game! It has everything when it comes to rhythm games, you can side load osu maps, you can download maps from their in game store, you can do just about anything! HOWEVER! We had problems with the app which led to our app being deleted and all our songs that we have gained in the years we have played this game. Please game devs add a back up option to the game if possible so if others have the same problems they dont have to start from scratch. Other than that we really love this game, so we dont mind starting from scratch again. Thank you developers!

We need the dance cube skin back pleeeeeeese.

Better than osu thats for sure.

This is a great game but theres a major problem with the user sign in. We made an account on the website but when we sign in on the app, it says that its wrong. Is there any way to find our password for Kitsu198 we would be glad if you can send us our password for the game.

We started this game yesterday and instantly enjoyed it. We played for 2 days and got our first 100%

A mi us gusta este juego simplemente por que tiene ms Canciones que cualquier aplicacin y lo mejor es que t puedes elegir qu canciones t puedes bajar o crear.

We cant tell you how AMAZING this game is! Its like osu! But for iOS and Android. And the UI might be a tiny bit clunky, but overall an amazing game.

Be sure to set ur offset in settings and you are good 2 go.

We’ve only been playing for a few days, and we’ve had a lot of fun, actually. We’ve been downloaded osu! Mania charts and playing them on Malody, and it works flawlessly. We also love the simplicity of the editor, (now that we were able to get into it) and Im currently working on one of our own charts. Very exciting, Im glad we bought this game.

Theres lag we do like the game it just lags.

Its a really good game, we cant figure out how to import BMS files but its fun as always.

We have a request please add the song egoist we would be so happy if you did not have to download the songs too but other that its preety much awsome.

The majorization is so good, better than most other apps. One thing is inconvenient, we have bad memory, and repeatedly downloading maps that we have. Is it possible to blind the maps we already have? Tkx!

We think this game is definitely worth the price since now we can play basically osu mania on our phone and IPad. We just would like 1 small update if possible. We would like to be able to tap more towards the top of our screen to click the notes (on piano/mania) because our phone feels wierd when we need to click the very bottom of our screen to hit the notes. Otherwise great game!

Its a good game although it had cost 2dollar the music in it is free.

Its amazing it has rush E to so go it.

When we think of a rhythm game we think of hard. When we think of rhythm games we think of creativity & they did exactly that. We have been so impressed of what this app can do that we prefer to play this over some rhythm games that are popular to this day. It appeals to any rhythm gamer with it’s various modes; not to mention mods, skins & difficulty spike in timing windows that you can modify. We recommend this rhythm game to both veterans and beginners of any sort of mania, JuBeat, osu! Ctb, taiko player. Same goes with the slide mode. (Ring is an original concept unless you compare it ro BeatStream)

This game is amazing but it needs a better scoring and ranking system, we should be able to see how top players like pp points like osu or quaver, also make skins more easier to access along with a search bar for it.

Its a very good game for osu mania players and others.

We like Malody very much because of its spirit of being free of charge and the sense of innovation, which is quite magnificent among most of the current rhythm games so we reckon the cost on iOS is worth it. However, during the gameplay, we still sense a bit of discomfort. The sudden stop of the touch make it even impossible to press consecutive notes that is only one beat next to the next note, and of course the sequential holds. Please fix this bug in the next update!!!

Great community, you can make your own songs , reminds us of step mania.

We want to download new beatmaps but to do so we need an account but when we register we dont get the activation email.

At the time Im writing this we got this game last night and so far its great but there are a few problems that we have with this game. For context we are high level at some rhythm games like arcaea, cytoid and some keyboard games. One thing that we dont get are you have to set a scroll speed for each song instead of one set speed and also we did it know you had to spend gold on charts and the game still lets you download charts even if you dont have enough. Also this might be a problem that we just have but we cant make a new chart from a new song. Overall this is a great rhythm game with the fact that it has many different modes and the fact that we finally have a working mobile key rhythm game. Another thing that we would like to have is to have keyboard support on this version. If it already is its not working for me.

Over we think the 4k part of the game is good however after playing it for a while we still could not get used to the button hit boxes why do they have to be at the bottom of the screen? Like especially with our ring fingers they always go higher than where the hit box for the button actually is so if you could make the hit box taller that would be nice or add the option to change layout of the gui.

This game would be an actual full on 5 star if it was not for the annoying amounts of problems we have with getting a good 2d skin. The starting skin has so much glow on the taps that its impossible to play hard charts. We would love if it was way easier and more excessible to get better skins.

We just got the game and from what we had experienced it is super fun! But we cant log in. We registered our account and tried logging in from the menu screen and from the offline screen but it always says Server Error then Signing in we dont know if anyone else has had the same issue. We even tried restarting our phone and deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing is working.

Good game better if less links jumped. By the way , if the coordinates of the combo counter can be modified, it would be awesome.

Game is nice but literally UNPLAYABLE on devices with narrow screens such as iPhone 11+ because of the overly strict hitboxes for the leftmost/rightmost tracks, where any tap must be made below like 30% the length of the screens width. This is hilarious considering how slim an iPhone 11+ is. The hitboxes at least for the 1st and 4th tracks should be adjusted.

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