Maquis Board Game

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Maquis Board Game


Maquis Board Game is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Marian Gablovsky, Maquis Board Game is a Board game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 11th July 2016 with the latest update 6th November 2019

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


51 people have rated 1.3

You can download the game Maquis Board Game from APP STORE.


Engage the occupation of France in la petite guerre to throw off the yoke of the oppressors and free your homeland!

Maquis is a solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals. The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals (blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers, aiding spies etc.). At the same time collaborators and soldiers patrol the area. Agents who can’t make it back to the safe house at the end of the day are arrested, and never seen again.

You can choose from 9 missions to play using 6 levels of difficulty.

Original board game design: Jake Staines (
Board game art: Ilya Baranovsky (
Extra missions: Nicolas Vanbelle
Music (app, app preview): "Bushwick Tarantella Loop" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


App is created with permission from original game designer and graphic artist.

Updated on 6th November 2019

Fixed random freezing/hanging during gameplay

Maquis Board Game Reviews

This game app is helping us to be patient whilst we await for the board game to be reprinted (on Kickstarter). By then, we plan to know the game well enough to play strategically and at the advanced level! Thank you for making this app available, and for a decent price.

IG = Incredible Game TR&T = Terrible Rules & Tutorial MM = Meh Music.

Just got our KS version of the physical game. Needed some help from BGG to get some of the rules. The instructions could be a LOT better. But, with minimal effort you can learn them. Watch a 10 min video on YouTube if nothing else. Only thing holding us back from 5 stars is its missing 3 missions from our physical game that we wash was here. Maybe they came later but we would really like them in this game.

What a challenge! Havent won yet but man is it fun!

Just got the physical version and was excited to see theres an iOS version. Only problem we have is that we cant figure out how to use the passports and we didnt see it in the tutorial.

We like the concept of the game but we feel it needs some more tweaking so youre not reliant on luck to win. Basically, there is absolutely no room for error: if the enemy moves to a desired location before you do (and in this case, its the 2 radio stations where you get most of your supplies), there is no plan B. You dont have enough staff to implement a plan B and because supplies are pooled into just 2 locations that could be under enemy control, it usually means theres nothing meaningful you can do in one turn (and since you have to beat the game in 14 turns, you cant afford to waste a turn). So its a frustrating game that needs to find a better balance between strategy and luck.

… You need the actual board game to enjoy this. The app by itself is very confusing to learn without actually having played the board game before.

This app is doesnt come close to the actual board game. It is missing many of the missions.

Music runs on a 45 second loop. Great for 3 minutes, very annoying after that. Rules are confusing. It took us an hour figuring how to complete missions (send a person to the mission card) and had to look it up online. Game rules are written in horrible font w terrible layout. Game video/tutorial is even worse that handbook. Its not explained how the soldiers/policemen move so its impossible to predict anything. You just lost the game Losing screen is too abrupt and explain nothing. Suddenly you lost the game, sometimes having no idea why or how. Game being hard is not a problem in itself, but here its a problem. Even on very easy its very unsatisfying to play. Game seems completely random and based on luck alone.

The digital version is much more difficult than the physical boardgame because it implements Patrol Placement incorrectly. In the physical boardgame, a patrol unit is placed in one of 3 locations. If the first location has a patrol unit OR a resistance worker, it is placed in the next location listed on the card. If that one is occupied, it then is placed in the last one. ONLY if all 3 spaces are occupied, it then goes through the list again, but instead arrests(removes from the game) a resistance worker if they occupy the space it is supposed to be placed in. In this digital version, Patrols are instead placed on the first open space OR the first space occupied by a resistance worker. This oversight makes the game much worse than the physical boardgame. If the devs fix this, our rating would be 4 stars instead.

The difficulty levels change the game so subtlety and yet so much, great design work.

Yes, we agree that the rules aren’t explained well in the game, but overall it’s really fun. We would recommend.

While this game could use some improvements in the user interface, it is fun and challenging. We’ve played about 10 times on "very easy" and haven’t won yet though it took a few games to figure out how to play. Playable on iPhone once you figure out the small icons. IPad is the same interface, just bigger.

On the latest ios, this game crashes constantly. Please fix! Otherwise great game.

We love the topic, and find that the missions and the tools to accomplish them are all very thematic. The rules are a bit difficult to grasp casually, and we found it easier to find and read the rules to the analog version. Even then, it took us a while to win in Very Easy mode, and Im not sure we still fully grasp how to predict where patrols are going to show up. Its a fun puzzle to solve and its good that it plays fast.

We applaud the developer for making such a nice game at such a fair price. We like the concept, user interface and design a lot. Unfortunately even on the easiest setting we found it too difficult, and a couple actions we couldnt figure out how to do even after searching online, and the rules just werent thorough enough. We ended up deleting even though we generally liked the idea. Maybe one suggestion would be the option to have to accomplish only one mission per game instead of two. That would be more doable and still a challenge since you only get a limited number of turns per game. If it were a bit more accessible Id download it again.

All of a sudden we can only shoot the patrols about half the time. Read the rules on board game geeks and we cant find a reason. Worked well at first, then this glitch. Ill change rating to 5 stars if someone can explain to us or fix glitch. Playing on iPad.

Game is hard and fun. But it freezes at times and then if you change to another app or close it to try unfreeze the game, it doesnt resume despite having a resume feature. Playing on iPad Air 2.

The rules are really poorly explained–you’ll want to read the board game rules elsewhere online in order to have a chance at winning… Or understanding what’s going on. Patrol placement is the most notable missing area… Why did the numbers just change after placing somebody? You’ll need to read the real rules in order to find out. The missions at the top of the screen are areas you can place your units, but that isn’t explained and isn’t obvious from the green-on-green indicator. It could really do with a long-press affordance in understanding what certain symbols mean too, or what’s going to happen if we take that action. Behind the UI and among the rules, though, there’s a worthwhile solitaire game lurking!

The idea behind this game is great, really great. But for some reason the app handicaps the player every way possible. You, playing as the Resistance, must go first. Then the patrols are placed. That’s not fair, or realistic. In reality, the Resistance would have some idea where the patrols are. At least one patrol should go first. And town’s morale automatically decreases as the game progresses. Even if nothing bad happens! That’s just silly. And here’s one more thing. The Resistance starts with nothing. Nothing at all. Not with an old shotgun, and not even with a loaf of bread. Again, that’s just silly.

We really want to play this… It looks like fun, but it is not letting us shoot blue patrols when we have a gun – not once a turn, not ever… Which makes it too hard to win and frustrating.

Good graphic, simple game with some variate setups. But it freezes all the time. No fun.

As the title says. There is either something about the placement of the police that we don’t understand and that is explained no where or the game it literally 100% luck based and there is no strategy for success. You might as well roll a die or flip a coin cause that’d be an equal experience to this. We hope we’re wrong, and if we am, we’ll change this, but as it stands now, cannot recommend even if it was free.

We love the game and the UI, but it crashes constantly!

We had so much hope for this game. Unfortunately, the tutorial is horrible. We’ve had it for a few days and we found a host of icons and changing numbers, for which there is no explanation. Horrible, horrendous, explanation of mechanics of gameplay.

Big games in little packages are our thing. This one fits the bill nicely.

Our only complaint is that looking at the patrol deck forces you to cover up the main screen.

We usually don’t give a game without a tutorial 5 stars but this is a pretty fun, well made game for the price. It is reviewed as a worker placement game but it has puzzle and strategy elements as well. Back to the tutorial. There is a video but it’s for the print and play game and all it does is point out the buttons (the in-app rules have a better diagram of this than the video!). And in-app rules are "ok" but leave out a few things. The included player tips are helpful. Once you play a few times everything clicks but we did have to ask the Dev about a couple of things (maybe he’ll add those to the rules). A quick, challenging, suspenseful, polished, fun little game. Certainly recommended!

Challenging and thematic – great art, too!

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