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Burgle Bros


Burgle Bros is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fowers Games Inc., Burgle Bros is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th August 2017 with the latest update 4th September 2019

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


29 people have rated 1.01k

You can download the game Burgle Bros from APP STORE.


Burgle Bros requires stealth, planning and a little bit of luck. In the tradition of classic heist movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job, you assemble your crew, make a plan, and pull off the impossible.
Push your luck or play it safe – your decisions impact everyone on your team.

Choose from a cast of characters with unique powers.

Be sneaky – Find clever solutions to get out of sticky situations.

Rogue-like – each game is a unique dynamic puzzle.

Swap floors and think in 3 dimensions to evade the guards

Use cool tools like a Smokebomb, EMP – even Donuts!

Updated on 4th September 2019

Made it so you can skip the black screen on start by pressing on it.
Allowed more zoom out.

Burgle Bros Reviews

Burgle Bros is an excellent adaptation of the board game. It is very challenging but with multiple difficulty settings is most certainly winnable. And when you win it feels like a real accomplishment. Some of the UI can be a bit hard to see at times but this is a minor issue that does not prevent enjoyment of the game. If you want a challenging strategy game that is never the same twice you will be happy.

First of all, this is an exceptionally excellent game. For all those saying this is too hard, try all the options before you complain. There are about a dozen ways you can make it easier including giving each burglar more stealth, choosing the level, setting the difficulty of each level and selecting the size of your team. Our favorite is Fort Knox on normal difficulty with only Juicer and Hawk on our team. Developers, a big well done. Complainers, try engaging your brain and testing the game properly before engaging your mouth. EDIT- Having just completed Fort Knox on Hard, we cannot recommend this game highly enough! If you like a game that you click a couple of dozen times and can then say youve won, this is not for you! If however you like a challenge and want to use every ounce of your brain, you will love this game. Think a chess game against a very very good player, and you have an idea of the complexity and level of challenge, our favorite game of 2017 (and we fully expect 2018 also) Again, Well Done Developers! EDIT AGAIN: Still playing and still a great game. Our favorite game of 2021! :)

We used to be more of a hardcore gamer – even developed video games for a few years. Nowadays Im mostly into board games and tabletop simulators. Most board game adaptations have tons of glitzy animations and sound that we find detracts from the game play. We had played this game on Tabletop Simulator so decided to give it a try here. There are definitely some rough edges from a development standpoint. But the gameplay isnt interfered with by a bunch of animation sideshows. We havent hit some of the gameplay issues we’ve seen mentioned, and hopefully there will be updates to fix those at some point. But for a casual game we can sit and play while watching TV or other multitasking, Im pleased with this for the cost.

Our friend and we play this game every day. As a game, despite a few faults, its a lot of fun and literally the only reason Im giving this three stars. But this implementation has so many bugs that you wonder how any testing was ever done. Where should we start? If you play a 1 character game and one of the safes has gold bars, you cant finish the game because theres no one else to pick up the bars. Hacking lasers sometimes puts you in an endless hacking loop that you have to quit. Sometimes the game just stops going. When you quit and continue it has to start on a random players turn. We cant believe they had to put a failsafe in for a condition that should never happen rather than just fix the bugs. All kinds of other bugs like sometimes the gemstone says you cant move into an occupied space (as it should) but then lets you anyway. Sometimes going from a laser to a fingerprint doesnt always give cause an alarm after you hack the laser. If you lose the cat, pick it up but then undo the turn, sometimes you end up with two cats for the rest of the game. The guards on floor 4 of the Tower of Babel cause all kinds of problems with certain events or causing players to lose two stealth instead of one for seemingly no reason, increasing by two instead of one when the guard deck empties, etc. And why doesnt the Tower of Babel fit on our iPad Pro 12.9 without scrolling? Are you kidding us? These are just the ones we can remember off the top of our head. We play almost every day which tells you how much we like the game. But man… The bugs are so frustrating.

We’ve only won on the easy level but we’re having a great time puzzling through this clever game. Fun music, fun caper theme. Don’t get if you don’t like a challenge! EDIT: we still have not won on the regular difficulty (I came close once) but we’re having a blast. Very clever trappy game. We will say sometimes you just have bad luck but every game we’ve also made mistakes so it’s been partly our fault AND we’ve been playing with 3 burglars; 2 would be easier. EDIT2: we won! Very satisfying. Also now new characters are unlocked.

We own the board game and find this to be a flawless adaptation even the choice of theme music.

Im a fan of the fantastic tabletop board game, and we think the app is a fantastic conversion, but it only took us a couple of plays to notice that the guards completely ignore at least a couple of the event cards that have rules affecting them. For instance, cards that are supposed to generate a new destination for a guard dont (he just keeps going to his original destination and THEN picks a new destination), and the card that moves guards on other floors but isnt supposed to have ANY effect on guards that havent been revealed reveals and moves them anyway(coulda had something to do with our having already peeked up the stairwell and revealed a tile on the second floor). These are unforgivable glitches as, if anybody should be following the rules, it should be the AI opponent. Its too bad the developers didnt make a way to draw whatever card they wanted so they could test if they all worked during play. Camel Up! Was another game that was well-received by the board game community where the app had a problem following the rules that was never (to our knowledge) addressed, so the sales went nowhere. Take the lesson and not the page here. We will be DELETING this until it is fixed, at which point we will redownload, return and write a glowing review. Meantime, we have a cardboard version that does everything right.

The physical game, and idea of game, is great. Love it. That being said, this app is just terribly designed in our opinion. It reminds us of a bad 90s website. Everything is just poorly loaded in these invisible windows/frames, and you need to slide everything around to see all the info. It just feels cheap and lazy. For example the cards in a players hand appear in a small invisible window frame laid out side by side. And to see all your cards you need to slide left and right. But in doing so the window also slides up/down pointlessly, and it shows a scroll bar. Why? Its just a lazy coding and poor design. Same thing for the floor map. Some heists dont fit in view, but you cant zoom out enough for some odd reason, so you need to push around the floor map. Other areas of menu and game layout just feel very badly designed to reflect such a great game. Hope the app can be updated to the 21st century. We do agree with others that the game is incredibly difficult. More difficult than chance on the dice rolls, and guard movement. It seems like 90% of the time the game is forcing us to lose, even on the easiest level. But there is customizations that allow you to change difficulty in various ways so Im not completely dissatisfied.

We love the art design of the game and its a great concept. Probably on an iPad its perfect. But on our iPhone 8 the text was simply too small, and that got so frustrating we deleted it.

The side of the screen is cut off with the X view.

We like boardgames, we play several, and this was indeed an easy purchase. On the plus side, the randomness adds a lot of emergent gameplay, and you wind up with a lot of decisions. On the minus side, it is HARD. We believe we have won 2 out of approximately 30 games. It’s fine on the iPhone (cards need to be easier to read), and shines on the iPad. Definitely one to play with a friend at a table, but it’s just super difficult.

Its a good looking adaptation BUT More often than Id prefer things will just go wonky. Like having two raven icons on the board at the same time or hack tokens or working. We would also appreciate the ability to unlock characters across devices. We dont like having an advanced character on our iPad and not our phone. We also think the map selection should be on the opening screen. We unthinkingly press start, and then Im at the bank job again.

We love this app. But it stopped working on our phone. We rebooted our phone, we updated our phone, we deleted and redownloaded it and lost all our progress only for the same problem to happen again.

This port of the board game is so fun and well implemented. Highly engaging and addictive. It’s a phenomenal board game here playable in all it glory with none of the set up and clean up or storage of pieces in the cardboard and wood game.

We own the board game and love it. We bought the app a few days after it came out, but was disappointed to learn it has several bugs that are beta-level and really should have been caught prior to official release. Some bugs have been patched by updates, some remain, and the latest version won’t let you finish the final and biggest layout – about half or two thirds through it locks up, even though it’s your turn and you still have actions left to use, and you can’t go back and try the last action again…. Nothing. One bug we noticed is on sometimes the hack tokens don’t work, and you have to take ten move back and trip the alarm. Also, the acrobat spends three or four actions to climb the outside wall, depending on if you take an action first or not. I.e., if you have four actions, you spend all climbing the wall and have zero left. BUT If you spend an action first and have three left, it takes three actions to climb the outside wall. Also, sometimes the tools flat out don’t work, regardless of if we have the Egyptian mummy loot or not. Overall, it’s a fun game in itself. We love it. But the bugs render it very frustrating considering they’re the type of things that should have been caught much earlier. Relying on reviews and bug reports to give the product polish isn’t a good idea. Hope the updates keep coming because we love the game itself.

Like others, we have yet to win this game. It appears to be far too hard to win. It’s particularly annoying when the guard sees you two times on the same turn. If the game were better balanced it would be a nice game. The idea is good and the implementation is well done, but it’s frustrating to lose every time.

While a good port of the board game, the app is still pretty buggy. Add to this the difficulty and luckiness of the game, and it makes for a frustrating experience. We’ve come very close to finally winning only to have the game lock up, or skip a players turn, or some other nonsense, and make it all come crashing down. So disappointing!! What the app does well is make a fiddly game easy to set up and play. It will always be hard to win, but we would probably give this 4 or 5 stars, if it would only work properly. Once they make improvements, we’ll be ready to try it again.

We agree with other reviewers saying you can’t win in this game. Our wife and we have together played 200 some games using different maps, tactics, characters, etc and have never won this game. It’s fun, but don’t get it thinking you’ll ever win in it.

Great artwork, great implementation, and we like the gameplay. We don’t get why people are confused about the tutorial, we thought it was good. There are some little things it leaves you to figure out and discover, but nothing that requires more than little common sense. There’s a fair amount of luck to it, actually a little more than fair, but it does add some replaybility and it’s satisfying when it has its moments. Unlocking more classes when you beat the game with a character was a really nice touch.

Fantastic mobile version of unique and enjoyable game which creates a real sense of adventure and adrenaline. Simple to learn (able to jump right in after watching tutorial) with rich choice of different characters with different abilities keeps replayability high. Highly recommended.

The app works wonderfully, if not even better than the true board game. While it’s impossible to duplicate the manipulation of pieces which is present in the real board game, the ease of play for an individual is very good. The adaptation is spot on with regard to the rules, and the visuals are very appealing. After first play, we have no complaints!

A very strong starting app for one of our favorite board games! A few issues to be worked out, but overall it’s what we were hoping for. They captured the theming and art of the board game so well, but we can see how it would be hard to learn the game from this app (which is a shame, because apps are great ways to dip your toe into a new game).

We love it. The music is so fun and adds such great atmosphere. Love being able to play on our phone. The game is fantastic at helping you understand the complexities of how to play without feeling confusing or hand-holding. Now we need to go buy the original board game version!!

We really do like this game and is definitely a 5 star game but we have a occasional crash during gameplay on our iPad mini and also it’s not saving our game play. Please fix and we will give this 5 stars.

We love the physical game so buying the app was a no-brainer. OTOH, there are a number of issues which we suspect will be rectified in the inevitable v2.0. 1) The start screen has a large graphic glitch in the character montage image. 2) When rolling a single die for the first time on a tile, a second die (un-earned) will sometimes roll immediately after. 3) The bug report tab is hidden away and not easily discoverable. It also drops to the desktop when you hit send.

Friends and we love the board game. We play it quite often and win occasionally. We’ve played this over 40 times TODAY! And haven’t come close to making it through. We talked to our friends and they have the same thought. It’s impossible.

As somebody who owns and plays Tabletop games regularly, snagging the Burgle Bros app for $5 was an easy decision, and one we don’t regret in any way. As somebody who doesn’t have much experience with the physical edition, the app is missing a couple of things. 1) No rule book – sure, the tutorial works well. But in our first couple of plays, we had questions that a quick glance of the rules likely would’ve solved. 2) Guard Movement and Event Cards – When do guards go to a new pattern? Is there a stack of cards indicating how they move? Can you look at the discard pile to determine how they may move next? And how many Event Cards are there? What are the different events? — Again, a rule book built into the app would’ve been helpful to answer these questions. 3) Progress during a game wasn’t automatically saved. We left the app and came back, only to have all progress gone, and no save file. Maybe this was a fluke, but we were a little disappointed to lose progress in a game. These quibbles are minor, and the app is still worth the $5 asking price. But we are hopeful that future updates will continue to make the app better. Assuming they do, this will be one of our top 3 apps of 2017. And with all the excellent Tabletop Game ports being released on iOS this year, that’s really saying something!

We play a lot of digital board games, and this one looked interesting. Unfortunately, it’s extremely confusing, the tutorial is borderline useless (think a chess tutorial where they show you how the pawn and bishop move, then you’re on your own), and it is completely unwinnable. Already deleted it.

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