MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 01:45 pm

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Scopely, Inc., MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th March 2018 with the latest update 17th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ?

238,150 people have rated 7.1.1

What is the price of the MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG released ?

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG was released on 28th March 2018.

When was the MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG updated ?

The latest updated date of MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG on 17th May 2023.

Where can MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG be downloaded ?

You can download the game MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG from Apple Official App Store.



The fate of the world is in your hands playing MARVEL Strike Force! Team up with Marvel super heroes and super villains in this action-packed, visually stunning free-to-play game for iPhone or iPad. Defend Earth against Marvel’s legendary threats by building teams of Marvel characters from every corner of the multiverse like Doctor Strange, Loki, Venom, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and more. Inject hero blood into your veins by dominating the competition in a slew of game modes ranging from Alliance team-ups to single player rumbles. The world is watching… Answer the call in MARVEL Strike Force!

Form a RPG squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains in a fight to save the universe. Mix and match characters from all corners of the multiverse for an experience unlike other single player games.

Outfit and upgrade your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. Strengthen characters for specific single player game modes or to dominate across every battle.

Who you bring to the fight matters in this super hero game. Pair up specific heroes and villains in squads to form synergies and take out enemies. Utilize RPG fight tactics during 5v5 battles to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe.

Experience groundbreaking RPG gameplay cinematics in this super hero game as your squads unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap.

Play through a visually stunning mobile game experience leading your favorite Marvel characters in this super hero game. The world of Marvel has never looked so good in a single player game!

Heroes assemble: Play MARVEL Strike Force, the best RPG today!

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Updated on 17th May 2023

Arriving over the course of this release:

  • Reinforce your roster with 6 new playable characters: Nova, Cosmo, Korg, Star-Lord (Annihilation), Thor (Infinity War), and Gwenpool
  • New Costumes: Nick Fury – Skrull, Thor (Infinity War) – Ravager
  • Cosmic Crucible Ultimate 32: Fight for the favor of the Living Tribunal in a 5-day 32-player epic tournament for boosted rewards and coveted Quicksilver shards.
  • Cosmic Crucible Season 3: Test your roster’s mettle with updated Stage and Global Rules with weekly rewards that include Quicksilver shards
  • Alliance War: Knowhere Siege – Join Nexus Earth’s defense against Apocalypse and his forces with this War Event that features limited-time Rule updates, Room Bonuses, and new Alliance War teams
  • Updated Inbox: Quickly differentiate between rewards and in-game communications with two new Inbox two tabs: ""Messages"" and ""Rewards.""
  • Assemble a top squad with the temporary ""Intergalactic"" trait for Cosmo’s Event Campaign: ""To Infinity.""
  • Incursion Raid – Deploy your Invaders into Raid lanes swarming with enemies and ripe with rare rewards in this event for your battle-hardened Raid specialists.
  • New Teal Origin Challenges – Stock up on even more valuable Augmented Origin Gear with new Challenge tiers.
  • New Isotope-8 Hard Difficulty Campaign Chapters 1 and 2 – Earn more T2 Iso-8 materials than ever before with Hard Mode Campaigns.
  • Updated Portrait Selector: Switch between the various portrait frames you’ve unlocked from a new ""Frame"" tab within the Player Portrait Settings Menu.


  • Elite Store Supplies now appear in the Item Finder for all languages.
  • Supplies Store icons were not loading properly on some devices after starting the game.
  • The Apocalypse Saga screen was not displaying an unlocked Difficulty when all Chapters were at 3-Stars
  • Corrected various Apocalypse animation and VFX issues
  • The Cosmic Crucible Replay button was not functioning properly on the attack judgment screen.
  • A character’s Power Level was not updating on the Character screen after applying Iso-8 upgrades.
  • Union Jack was not correctly gaining Charged with Level 1 and Level 2 of his Passive Ability, ""For King and Country."" The combat action now matches the ability description.
  • Audio effects failed to play in some Alliance War rooms.

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Review

Im loving this game. Im not normally into games like this, but we are now.

Very engaging, cool animation, more heros we can name, and super fun.

Everytime yall log us out of the online store/money grab you should give us free stuff. Like good stuff. We’ve logged in time after time. Its a game. It should never log out.

This game has helped us in a tough time this got us through our fathers death we sought after thanks as a father in the game and our life was never the same this game has really moved us as a human we fell more inspired in our life and have shown this game to everyone we know including our teachers.

We’ve played this game for everyday for the last 4 years!! But after the last update it wont load. Whats up with that? Please help Im having withdrawals!!!!!

The game is fantastic and fun to play and this is the best game we ever played.

We think this game is amazingly fun you can get so much characters and level up and then you get to upgrade and unlock characters. Thank goodness this is a game.

This game is really good and fun but it consumes a lot of time so if you want to waste 4years of your life this is the perfect game for you.

Fix the game bro it wont even load up.

Never in our life did we once believe we could play with, manipulate, and destroy some of our favorite and least favorite fictitious fantastical phenomenal superheroes. Its enthralling and has us excited to LOG in every day.

Best game ever but can we have all heros and villains pls or Ill cry so pls but best game ever.

The games amazing we’ve played we just think we should be able to buy orbs and power cores with gold.

We recommend you play this when you are bored it will entertain you for a while.

The game is vey fun but once you run out of gold the game is not as fun because you cant level up or do anything but fight but then you run out of energy you cant fight.

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We love this game,especially since they fixed the glitch from the last update.

A great Game. Its A Slowly Progression Game, sometimes the sound works and sometimes it doesnt its. Not working for ours Right now.

It has daily rewards but you dont always get them. You tap to claim the reward but it doesnt show up- its especially easy to tell when its gold or character shards. Sometimes it appears the opening up orbs has the same issue. Super frustrating. Its fun but thats definitely something that should be fixed.

Why did you guys take away the characters angel.

Its not a bad game, its fun unlocking the characters and building your team. Its frustrating when you cant make any headway in Raids. But the biggest problem is Gold. At the higher levels you dont earn gold fast enough to do anything, build gear to upgrade your characters, raise your characters levels, or buy gear parts. Its a daily grind game until you come to a slow boring crawl, and eventually give up and stop playing.

We been playing the game for years we just want a even match on real-time arena how im suppose to win vs. Someone with 1million power and im only at 400k it doesn’t make sense at all.

If people have their attacks up front then why is it still 24 hrs long? Most everyone on both sides of our war used up their energy pretty quick. So why still 24 hrs?

We’ve been a supporter of this game since the very beginning and we feel like there has been a major shift towards pay-to-win in the last few months. This game used to be a lot more generous to players who only spend a modest amount of money but now you need to spend at least a few hundred USD per year to stay current with all the new characters coming out. We refuse to pay $20 per month on the strike pass, but thats not even half of it MSF got super greedy and Im very disappointed because we’ve already spent more than we think the game is worth. We just keep falling further and further behind.

Crash crash crash. Charge money to win. Crash crash crash.

We have reached out to support around 20 times with no luck; no reply, no fix for not being credited with the daily rewards, a big part of growing the game. Scopely has a history of this so dont bother, the aggravation isnt worth it.

The WORST money grab game we’ve tried to play. We have played for over 5 years and its become unplayable. You build up your characters then they release a new character that dominates everything. They only way to get that character is to buy. Completely unplayable after 5 years of effort. Also issues with every update/maintenance. Played hundreds of games and easily the worst.

We have noticed numerous rewards that are claimed and do not show up, which impacts the game and ability to progress and grow. We have reported many of them and customer support just says they were claimed with no further support or evidence. We have sent screen shots after they have been claimed that show they are not there. There are also parts of the game that consistently have bugs that are reported without any response from customer service. The game has a fun concept but too many major bugs and expectations that you track all in game rewards to make sure you get them.

Played this game for 3 years. Every event is worse than the next. It’s so in-your-face pay-to-play that it will make your stomach turn. Frustration mechanics everywhere. Every other day something is bugged and completely messed up. Developers aim not to make the game fun or engaging, rather they’re constantly finding places for pay walls to milk the cow. So many better games in this world, please dont bother with this pit.

Scopely is a horrible company, don’t play their games.

Its like the developers dont know how to give a proper update with bugs and glitches. Please fix!

They brought the dog to the fight. LMBO! Uninstalled after 5 years. It was good run.

Update: the game was bought by a Saudi company linked to their Prince. So all the problems we had with the game are now amplified and are sending the profits to a murderous monarch. Heres the thing. The gameplay for this used to be fantastic. It was an enjoyable experience with an understanding that some payment got you an edge on the competition by building rosters faster. Then Scopely purchased the developers FoxNext and turned it into a blatant cash grab. Gone are the days of decent or even great deals. Instead are more and more bottlenecks to progress, ramped up scaling metrics that are mostly random so you buy their legal gambling scheme, higher prices for everything, game modes that are not there for gameplay, but merely to force you to play longer, and a complete breakdown in communication and timelines that has led to numerous people leaving the game. We write this as a fan of what was and what could be, but Scopely is intent on ruining this game and the others they have acquired and/or developed by trying to bury their players in a hole they can never escape and that is disgusting. L.

Dog water we want to rate it a 0.

This game is the biggest slap in the face to fans we’ve ever seen. Nobody can afford this game. You will not get far at all without spending money and the prices for a MOBILE game is outrageous. It would literally cost a million to get one team leveled all the way and you cant FTP your way to a full team its not possible. Marvel do better. The world is struggling enough as it is and this should be a distraction not a punishment to fans or a scam to rob them of money when times are already hard enough.

Love this game by we havent been able to log in for about 6-12 months.

This game takes pay to win to a whole different stratosphere. Unless youre willing to spend significantly more time on this game than you should, you have two options. The first option is fall behind and potentially get booted from your alliance. The second option is to pay for rewards in lieu of playing the game. Dont wanna do rotations of blitz every 2 hrs 8 times a day? Give this game 10, 20, 50 bucks to barely catch up. You could easily spend $100 on this game and have it not make a difference. This game requires all of your time, or all of your money. If they havent had it scrubbed from the web, go check out the rating they have on the BBB.

This game needs to be a little more generous on the f2p casuals and grant us a better rng on champions shards.

Not only do they put everything through a paywall they also strangle you with grinding not only for gear but making gold so scarce that it is constantly being drained from players just to level up. Better games than this only punch you with gear making gold somewhat easy to obtain to at least give you the illusion of progress. Not scopely.

After the update recently you broke your game. It will not download the new update. Good job. Please fix this issue. Would you fix this update where we can download the game.

Been playing since launch. In our opinion, war changes are terrible and crucible is no longer any fun. Raid team investments dont seem to last long after investing heavily in them. Severe shortage of gold makes it very hard to build new characters. The game we used to enjoy has become too frustrating to recommend to others at this point . 1 star for nice graphics and artwork on marvel characters .

Please fix the game so you dont have to be on Wi-Fi to play. IDK why you can only play when on Wi-Fi but it would be greatly appreciated if we can play when we want wherever we may be. Not sure why this is a thing but its really annoying. If we want to play using data we should be able to. We shouldnt HAVE to be on Wi-Fi to load the game let alone play it. Not everyone has access to Wi-Fi 24/7.

Not a free to play friendly game and with constant crashes often in the middle of an event that one must save their refreshes for to enter the event, poof, gone, save again. Every new release will not work the way advertised or promised. They will barely fix the bugs they coded in and often as not, theyll just change the text to reflect the bug and move on. Dont expect the company to respond to feedback in any type of way that resolves an issue to the player base satisfaction. In short, if youre new, dont waste your time.

Thanks for the reply, the issue was fixed. As we said before, it is a great game, but when you start it is hard to progress. We believe that you should make smaller events, as many new players cant progress as well since it is mostly high level events. Even adding events were you get 10 shards of characters every week would be cool if we were starting. We do have a few extra accounts, and its been pretty mediocre since there at the spot where they cant do events, but just out of the complete beginning. We also think that you should bring out more characters that are rarer in the shops that arent as used. Putting rare characters in the ultra credits shop would be nice, as it is hard to get the credits. We disregarded the nemesis event a while back, and now that we have archangel we cant get him anywhere, so its been hard to get characters like him. We also think mega orb events would be great. We’ve been stuck on 1798 mega orb fragments for so long, and an event happened where we got 200 of them, and now Im stuck at 1998. We’ve gotten a mega orb since then, but most things give you multiples of 2000, so Im always stuck at this. Many of the review are saying how the updates are bad, but if it gets too fast paced then it wont be as fun, as you would just get many low star people(if you can unlock them) who wont be able to do anything later. We believe that you guys are going at the right pace, just think a few things could be edited to make it slightly better.

Hi. Our name is Nick R. We use our grandfathers iPad to play this game. We really enjoy playing it.

Hey devs dont lessen to the bad reviews this game is so cool we’ve played this game for 4 years or whatever 2018 to 2023 is like we said this game is so cool and really fun but we do have thangs to say its not a bug issue or us just complaining about how much of a money steal this game is its the epic campaigns level 65 is the level you need to be to play it right we think we forgot but we need to be level 70 for gear tier 13 and you see where Im getting here just saying maybe level 70 should be the level you have to be just saying thing about it.

The gameplay is great and almost every characters are in! Id like to see the rest of the Enternals in the game! Like Druid max his ability out and control two enemys for two turns! That be great! Other than that its a great game to play.

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