Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 01:40 pm

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate


Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alexej Leonydov, Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th November 2017 with the latest update 30th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


431 people have rated 1.35.30

You can download the game Pocket Rogues: Ultimate from APP STORE.


POCKET ROGUES brings old school Action-RPG flavor to the Roguelike genre. Here you must fight your way through hordes of monsters, explore unique and randomly generated locations, upgrade your guild fortress, and develop heroes of ever-increasing might if you hope to discover the lost secrets of a mysterious dungeon.


  • THE GAME IS PLAYED ENTIRELY IN REAL TIME! Move, dodge, avoid obstacles, outmaneuver and outflank! Enjoy an elaborate combat system focused on character control and player skill.
  • TRY YOUR LUCK AS ONE OF MANY HERO CLASSES, each with unique skills, specific equipment, and their own progression tree.
  • EVERY DESCENT IS SPECIAL! From locations and monsters to loot and chance encounters, everything is generated during the game. You will never see two identical dungeons!
  • THE GAME INCLUDES UNIQUE LOCATIONS, each with its own visual style, distinctive enemies, traps, and interactive objects. Once discovered, you can move freely between them all.
  • Construct and improve buildings in the territory of your very OWN GUILD FORTRESS. Unlock new hero classes, strengthen existing ones, and gain access to an arsenal of fierce techniques.
  • REGULAR UPDATES! The game has been supported and actively developed for a long period of time. The game’s creator works in close contact with the community and dedicated players to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone.

Pocket Rogues contains many different dungeons, each with its own unique loot and monsters. A wide variety of classes and dozens of specializations allow you to take alternative approaches to the game’s numerous boss battles, and each will test your skill in a new way. Add in Pocket Rogue’s traditional RPG components, such as character progression and exploration, and you will never feel bored!

“For many centuries, a dark dungeon has called to hapless travelers, whispering secrets and promising priceless treasure. None who enter have ever returned, and rumor says that each met an unspeakable fate at the hands of a true Evil. These gloomy legends, of course, only entice new adventurers to try their luck in the depths, eager for glory, fame, and riches beyond imagination. What are you waiting for? It’s time to become one of them!”


  • The number of all the GEMS, obtained by killing monsters, bosses and for completing tasks, is increased by 50%
  • Added the ability to SAVE the game before leaving, being in any normal dungeon, as well as auto-save while minimizing the game
  • Berserk, Necromancer and all future PREMIUM CLASSES are available for gold
  • Added the ability to start descent into the DUNGEON from a given depth
  • All normal dungeons are completely FREE

> Discord (Eng): https://discord.gg/nkmyx6JyYZ
> Facebook (Eng): http://www.facebook.com/PocketRogues

For all questions, you can also contact the developer directly: [email protected]

Updated on 30th March 2023


  • Updated the appearance of slots for items in the inventory (and also improved its performance)
  • In Settings added the ability to disable the automatic connection of the gamepad
  • Creature ability "Explosion (Allies)" now deals damage to all creatures, not just allies (regular "Explosion" only deals damage to enemies)
  • Characters who returned to the Fortress alive now always start a new descent with full HP
  • Floor loading could get stuck in Adamantite Garden and Burial Mound if any modifier is enabled that increases the size of the location
  • Some creatures could not be killed
  • Several chests could be generated at one point
  • "Lavra" was not displayed in the Bestiary
  • Creatures did not use "Crossbow Volley", despite having the corresponding skill
  • Rings lost their quality when playing in multiplayer
  • In multiplayer, the summary screen would freeze if you tried to return to the Fortress through the dialogue with the Mentor
  • Hostile archers did not chase the enemy if he was in their line of sight, but out of the attack zone
  • Sometimes extra walls could be generated in the wrong places
  • Icons in the inventory changed their size depending on the screen of the device
  • When picking up the Rune of Greed, it could disappear if one was already in the inventory
  • The weapon effect "Exploder" dealt damage to the character himself
  • Creatures on which "Control" was applied could ignore nearby enemies
  • In the item shop, the description of books for the Mage was incorrectly displayed
  • Item upgrade progress was not displayed in the inventory

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate Reviews

Love this game. Very satisfying. Keep up the great work dev!

Great to kill some time playing. Play as much as you want. We got the free version and tried it for a few days then paid the 3 bucks to support the makers! Thanks guys!

The game is pretty amazing. Its just that there is a bug that makes us randomly lose one equipped gear after blacksmith upgrading it, or WORSE, our whole equipped gear and inventory disappears when we save exit the game. Its hard to farm for certain items and all and it just disappears when not dying, just total bummer. But starting over is still fun though lol.

We maxed base damage on one character and now we cant upgrade any other characters damage.

This game stays with the good updates fixing and adding more things, its a growing game each time we hop on we see people. There was even a fun little glitch where we had 3 people in the same room playing together and it was crazy because we were all able to continue as so. We wish the room sizes grow eventually to at least 3 (you have a total of 3 when you have a archer and knight paid to fight w/ you in solo)

Really fun and more than deep enough considering the price. Looking forward to new updates. We would like more story cohesion, but thats not something we think about much while playing.

Happy to support the devs for more updates.

We dont exactly remember when we first started playing this game but we wanted to try it because Im been very bored of every mobile game we’ve downloaded. But for once we this game has something that just keep us here we dont get bored from it and we dont think its stale. Its intriguing and immersive to a point. Im not much of an essay writer but we wanted to write this review to thank the creators for putting some love into your product, it really shows. Keep up the good work.

This game has sucked us back into the world of iPhone gaming. The depth, progression, and quality of the gameplay is unmatched. And the dev is active, and it has its very own Discord community where you can chat and make suggestions. This game is a true hidden gem, and it takes us back to the days of old, where quality games were on the App Store. We bought this game for $1, but its easily worth $5. Ok, enough review writing, time to get back in the Dungeon.

The dev is updating controller support, so its a little off. That said, this game is a gem. We play with a controller on iPad and love it.

Excellent game. Worth every penny.

A solid mobile game that feels finished and plays smoothly, side note for the developer we think the game Craftbound is using your images as icons like for instance the leather helmet is the same and if you on that games wiki they have taken your images and used them seeming as their own.

The game itself is really good.

Decent gauntlet clone Even after you buy the game, youre still faced with micro transactions. Why bother having leaderboards???

Glad to see actual paid games where you can just buy a game and play it full featured. This is a pretty quick permadeath roguelite thats rather unforgiving. Our main complaint so far is that the walls are sticky leading you to get caught by the enemies more than necessary. But who knows, maybe that adds to the challenge.

We went into this game not knowing anything about rogue type games or how they worked this game is so well-made and is such a goodbye on the App Store we cant believe its been out this long without us knowing if we wouldve known sooner we’ve already got six of our friends to buy the game now we all play we still play Warrior because Im too scared to branch out a new classes.. Yet.

We cant buy the potions that give skill point, one or 10. We have thousands upon thousands of green gems we have saved since we’ve had this game for years, now we cant do anything with them! We really dont feel like grinding for a year or so FOR EACH CHARACTER to unlock everything, and the inability to buy potions looks like a bug anyway. Oh, and increasing price for respec potions until theyre unaffordable is a horrible design decision. Thats something even Diablo III knew to avoid. Besides, if theres no cap you risk having an overflow error for people that play for years. We’ve been playing this since it was available on iPhone.

This and Shattered Pixel Dungeon stay on every phone we’ve owned since discovering them. Our ONLY complaint is that this new version seems to have an issue with IAP, unless it is by design. All gem prices are listed as .. And the app hangs/crashes upon trying to select anything in that screen. This is a minor quibble, and doesnt detract from an otherwise fantastic little slice of rogue-like heaven. ;) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Im not the one to usually like mobile games and play them much Ill play them for a Little and stop but this game we cant stop playing so addictive and fun we wish we wouldve came across this game a long time ago deathly 5 stars if we could rate it more we would.

Get better and better the longer you play.

We got so far in the first game, but when we bought ultimate it all went away. Please reach out to us, this is frustrating.

Love the game! But "joystick" froze in Spider Lair after killing Spider. Couldn’t leave Other buttons worked but couldn’t move to exit lost all legendary items argh. Still a great game! Is "Frozen" weapon ability described accurately? Lots of fun Archer is favorite so far!

We’ve been playing this game for almost a year. Its a 5 star game with a few bugs and somewhat infrequent updates. Not a big deal except for when we get a character with awesome items and Im plunging down levels. Ill play this character for days. Until suddenly it just loses our saved game Seeing this several times on 1.34 on games days old. If we fail to play at least once a day it gives us the load saved dungeon option screen and loads a blank game. Yikes! Hope you can focus and fix this. Terrible to lose more than a week of progress.

Good game, wether u pay or not there are no adds whatsoever. And with the extra $2 it makes the game much more fun. But there is a bug that happens whenever we exit the app and revisit it, all our stuff if gone but Im still on the same floor. This has also happened when entering new rooms and floors. Still an amazing game tho. 11/10 if they fix that bug.

Great game please add controller support.

Is a 5 star game but have to start over from scratch, was very far in free version. Unforgivable oversight by devs and should be disclosed to consumer. Should be the same game just with further unlocked content. Very disappointed.

The game itself is very god and we recently bought the paid version but the free version had it sell your items in your inventory on death, this game does not. We very much wish you could add this feature back into the game. It would make it much better in our eyes and probably the eyes of many other people. Ok.

We love this game. Perfect mobile game and dungeon run game. Just enough stuff to keep it interesting, but not overwhelming or boring. We read that this has been developed by a single developer. Any chance this will come to Nintendo switch mobile console? This would be great on switch.

This game has been super fun to play cuz its very hard, and roguelikes are the best types of games for sure. The only thing is, we wish pets could pick up the gold on the ground and also every time we load a new dungeon we have to reset the joystick or else we cant click in the middle of the screen.

As a long time fan of The Binding of Isaac, we loved this game just as much! Now if TBOIsaac made a mobile version our opinion might change. But until then this is the next best mobile 2d dungeon crawler that we’ve been able to find! No hard feelings devs, TBOI is getting boring for us. Outstanding work! And not to mention thats theres a free version that is still the full game, just without minor additions and a handy donation to the well deserving developers.

Aye Im not complaining how good this game is, its just that GOOD. Its just that sometimes after we go into a boss battle its just freezes our screen and then we have to reopen the app just to start where we left off with the boss fight but with NOTHiNG on! Pls fix this because its starting to get really annoying..

This is one of those games thats been around a long time and worth checking in every so often to play all the new stuff the developers add in.

So much to do in the game that you will be entertained for 100s of hours.

What are modifiers? We keep picking these up but Im not sure what these are or how to access them.

This is one off the best game we ever had on our phone but we cant go any further than borderlands we really think you guys should add more dungeons and bosses to the game its really fun and add more skill for the characters like the wizard (lightning) and necromancer (ghost walk) those are just suggesting thobut overalll we love this game its great to kill time and its fun add some more stuff and youll get more of our money .. Hopefully we get some feed back but we give this game 5 start no Capp.

About 3 years ago we grabbed the free version of Pocket Rogues, and enjoyed it. A lot. But the lack of characters made us want more. Enter Ultimate. Years later, we still play this at least once a week (Id have to guess our overall average is once every 3 days), and with all the content and changes that have been done (go ahead, read through the update logs, itll only take you about 15-20 minutes ), it feels a lot like a title from one of our favorite dev teams, Trese Brothers, as far as post-launch support goes, and we’ve got nothing but respect for that kind of developer, especially these days. Id youre a fan of dungeon crawlers or challenging action games with more than a handful of different characters you can get to know the ins and outs of, youd be doing yourself a solid picking this up. If you need to know more before taking the plunge, theres that nifty free version that got us hooked. As far as Im concerned Pocket Rogues is a MUST OWN iOS title. Big thank you to the dev for sticking with this one! Youve earned yourself another fanboy.

This is truly one of the greatest mobile games ever made. Maybe one of the greatest games ever made. Its perfect. Scratches that itch for sure.

We enjoy this game old school feel dont have to pay to play but we’ve been playing for awhile gotten almost everything loved up or very high so we decided to get the ultimate version but we gave us whole new game instead of just unlocking the setting on our free version so we have to start from the beginning if we want ultimate settings think this is super stupid and lame. We would make a setting saying this so people dont waste 2$ for nothing otherwise would have given game 4 stars super disappointed about ultimate!!!

Love the game and fun to play but after we die the first time and start over we can not go to the next lvl because it thinks our movement pad is everyone where.

We played the regular pocket rouges and bought in game cash to max out all our guild. They off our to buy pocket totes ultimate and we lost all our progress after we bought the better version of the game. Then we went back to regular pocket rouges and our stuff and progress was gone there as well. Two thumbs down.

We dont write too many app reviews because most games are average and similar and not worth the effort. But this simple dungeon crawler is a standout. Its simple and effective. No frills. Not a bunch of flashing garbage on our screen. Simple mechanics. No over-complicated inventory system. Dungeons start easy and gradually get tougher. But not so much that you cant have a satisfying run. Really happy with this. Well done!

We love this game! Best dungeon crawler we’ve had! We only have one complaint. With the auto generating coin at our fortress seems to have stopped working. Now we cant get coins every hour unless we play the game itself. Hope this gets fixed!

All we’ve got to say is this game is so good that we now own it on 3 platforms (Android, Steam, and, now, iOS). This deserves far more acclaim than its gotten. Fantastic dev, fantastic game. Highly recommend.

Sometimes you dont find weapons for floors, sometimes the game will bug out so bad you cant concentrate. There is absolutely no difference between this and the free version.

Nothing extra in paid version vs free version. Everything is broken. Complete waste of money.

We love this game a lot but in the bata multiplayer we know its a bata but a glitch we keep running into is the screen gets darker and you cant move you cant see your character and none of the buttons will work but like we said its a great game we’ve played it since it came out great game.

Please add dialogue for creatures and pets the necromancer is an amazing grinding mess. Also make this game one handed playable on mobile plz.

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