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Mermaid Princess Beauty

Mermaid Princess Beauty

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Mermaid Princess Beauty! Developed by the innovative team at WIZARDS TIME D.O.O., this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 10th September 2016, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 30th April 2020.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Puzzle, games? Then Mermaid Princess Beauty is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Mermaid Princess Beauty

Over 744 players have rated Mermaid Princess Beauty. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Mermaid Princess Beauty Cost?

Good news! You can download Mermaid Princess Beauty on your iOS device absolutely free!

Mermaid Princess Beauty Release Date

Eager to know when Mermaid Princess Beauty first graced the App Store? It was launched on 10th September 2016.

When Was Mermaid Princess Beauty Last Updated?

The latest version of Mermaid Princess Beauty was updated on 30th April 2020, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Mermaid Princess Beauty?

To get started with Mermaid Princess Beauty, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Mermaid Princess Beauty

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How to play Mermaid Princess Beauty Salon – Dress Up Games:
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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Mermaid Princess Beauty updated on 30th April 2020:

iOS 13 improvements

  • Bug fixes: A few minor changes in user interface to keep your app running at 100%
  • Optimized for new devices(iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max)
  • Game size optimized.

User Reviews on Mermaid Princess Beauty

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Mermaid Princess Beauty below:

This game is amazing Im going to play this game every day we love it so much . This is what we looked like when we saw it.

P.s this game is awesome!!! -angela.

We like the game but we dont like when we have to wate for the mermaid for the mermaid to onloke.

We play this all the time and its amazing but we have to pay for the other mermades.

Okay you do have to watch adds but for really nice hair styles and exesaries did we spell that right.

So we saw this app thinking oh no its one of those crappy dress up games so we gave it a try cuz we wanted to see if it was any good, then we liked it, (deleted it after tho) it got boring after well, about 10 mins. But 1-10 id say a 7,

Our brother Love this game so do I.

Ok, hands down no caps this is really great. We are obsessed with mermaids and not a lot of mermaid games are good. Not this one. We can share the mermaids in texts and there is a shuffle button so it makes a mermaid for you! Highly recommend.

We love it but its kind of boring without other mermaids to unlock them seems not fair we would like them to just be free and you can get them from the start. We are a kid and thats why we got it l am a girl.

Us and our sister play it all the time and it has so many choices to choose from you need to get it!

This game is so much fun you have to download it once you download it and you play it you will love it so please download it its so much fun you need to download it!!!!

Hi we like this game but it need a few change you should do for them to do there makeup and have more hair and mermaids tales and and accessories pls thank you.

This game is amazing it has lots of accessories and clothes if you want to unlock something its so easy you can just watch an add!!! You should really download this game you will not regret it 10\10 game!!!

We love the new things you can get. But we wish we can save them to our photos and have a home button but other than that its super fun.

Ty for making this game! Out ta 1-10 we would say a 900987765421234566789001 ok now bye!

We loved it because styling mermaids is so fun. The outfits are priceless. We love mermaids . And its free. And thats why we give it a 5.

But our daughter did we miss it its amazing.

We like how theres a lot of accessories to dress up your mermaid and that you only have to watch one add to unlock all the accessories this game is really fun we rated five This game is really fun ICant wait to get a new mermaid.

We love this game so much what we wish is for the other mermaids to not be for money but its the BEST we love this game and for the people who dont Im sorry because its a really nice game.

And plz add ears and wolf tails on acasris.

We really like this game its super fun and we dont think there are a lot of adds, to the people that complain about it you have to watch ONE add to unlock everything in that category, and people complain that they want more characters unlocked, well we understand but the game company has to make money someway! Not EVERYTHING can be for free, we think its a good game but we will admit it does get a little old after awhile… But try it anyway! To people that might read this someday download it we think you could like it!

Ok cool game. But every time we wanna take a picture it crashes and Im back to our home screen . Can you fix it? Please add where you can do makeup? And you can swim in different places. PLEASE . Because we want people to like your games. Have a good day.

You can only get one mermaid with out paying for more ether way we still love it.

This is a pretty good game except… You have to watch ADS to get more and each time you choose a different mermaid (which cost MONEY TO GET) you have to watch the ads all over again! Not 5 stars yet, but keep up the good work!

Its so good but we wish the other characters would be free like watching 1 add. Its fun anyway! To people that like this game is nice!!! We love this game sooooo much.

The mermaid game is OK because you only got to dress it up but its good for fashion we would like to play the game that is our review.

This game is so good but we want the other mermaids……..

We guess this game is ok but we wish that everything was free. But not trieing to be mean to you we just dont really like this game as much as Roblox so we just wish that everything was free so ya plus if you play Roblox our name is RJKgirl if you no that name so ya bye.

This game is ok but we think you should be able to take picture and save it to photos.

So the game is good but uh we dont like that all you can do is dress them up its like oh we finished the game can you like make them go to like parks or malls anyway its good.

Our daughter likes the app, but its ridiculous that we have to watch ads to unlock features for each mermaid even after we paid the $3.99.

Our 5 year old daughter is bombarded with ads.

This game has a scary add on it it scared us so we deleted this game.

We paid to get full access to this app. Now we have to watch a video to unlock, but watching that video doesnt unlock all. We want our money back bunch of bs.

Scam tried to play with daughter and it loops on ads forever just a money scam.

Nope no never again just no bye.

The game has many adds for things not many things with out adds or just locked it also when you dont like the free out fits you cant see the other locked options but its fun if you want do the same thing over and over again. And we had two of our friends said it was bad too.

We dont know why people like this game but its so bad its not even fun its cheap and we dont like it so if u do fine have fun but not me.

We like the game but we do tend to see that we are glitched out of the game and then all our apps turned into that Game.

Why is this even allowed? No easy way to even complain about it. Going through credit card dispute.

We already like this game because theres not so many ads, and even if there were, theyd be on the top or on the bottom. We made sure to read the reviews before we got this. Everything that was on them are sort of true. We wish there were more outfits because without more suggestions, this game is really boring. We really dont like that we have to pay for some of the characters :( Stuff like that is what makes people not want to get it. We’ve already deleted so many games because of the ads and all the payments.

So u have to pay for the other mermaids wow and it is sooo limed u have to watch adds to get the other stuff right well so u cant watch adds to get the other mermaids and the other mermaids black too so this game is just races cuz we not going to pay for other mermaids the game got boring really quick and our bff agreed with us the game is races and the game got boring our bff agreed and when we agree that means something like that really gleans something do not get his game and stop being cheesy like if u goy nothing good to say do not say anything at all cu people can say what they want and it makes us throw up like seriously any way it got boring quick like really quick so ya do not get this game it is races.

We cant get any……………………….. CARECTERS.

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