Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 03:45 am

Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb

Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb

Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Maple Media Holdings, LLC, Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 27th March 2009 with the latest update 4th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb ?

60,986 people have rated 3.15.14

What is the price of the Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb released ?

Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb was released on 27th March 2009.

When was the Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb updated ?

The latest updated date of Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb on 4th January 2023.

Where can Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb be downloaded ?

You can download the game Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb from Apple Official App Store.



Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb is the sequel to the classic retro PC game, bringing the nostalgic game you know and love to your mobile phone. The game is simple: use strategy and logic to avoid the bombs to clear the minefield. Challenge yourself and use the custom board builder to create your own puzzles. Track progress and game stats to beat your own times & scores.

If you like old classic games like chess, checkers, backgammon, solitaire, freecell, and classic puzzle games like sudoku, tetris, and crossword puzzles then this game is for you.

How to Play: Start with a covered mine field of square tiles and clear the field by tapping one square at a time. Beneath each tile is is either a number to indicates how many mines are touching the tile, a blank space, or a mine that will explode when tapped. Use strategy and logic to navigate the mine map and win the game!


High Score leaderboard for each difficulty setting

Stats tracking to keep monitor your progress

Select level of difficulty: Beginner, Medium, Difficult

Customize your game for an even greater challenge

Flag Mode: Mark tiles you think are bombs

Easy to use interface, smooth gaming experience

Pinch to zoom

Portrait & Landscape mode available on both iPhone and iPad

Thanks for playing Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb! Have questions or feedback? Email us at [email protected] for fast & friendly support.

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Updated on 4th January 2023

A new version of Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb is here! Here’s what’s new:

  • NEW! Daily Challenge game mode

  • 10 new puzzle boards to test your skills

  • Access exclusive features with Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb Pro

  • Challenge yourself with new difficulty levels: Expert & Chaos

  • Customize your game

  • General optimizations & stability improvements

Thanks for playing Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb! Have questions or feedback? Email us at [email protected] for fast & friendly support.

Minesweeper Puzzle Bomb Review

Why am we still getting ads after purchase??? Total scam give our money back!!!!!!!!!

We’ve put several hours into this app at this point and its fair to say im addicted to minesweeper! The devs did an amazing job making this mobile port. Many functions from the classic minesweeper game we played on our old computer as a kid are replicated with near perfection. The only thing separating it from perfection being the arguably simple issues that myself and many others have with this great port. These issues include the first tap feature, the Devs lack of improvements on their game, and the new and interesting expansion that the Devs added to the game only to lock behind a overpriced paywall. Probably the biggest and most common issue we have seen and experienced with this port is the inability to capture an often overlooked but very important feature to the original minesweeper game. This feature being that on your first click, unlike the original game, does not always clear a zone for you to work with and will instead let you click right next to a bomb. This leaves you with one numbered square, giving you two options: click randomly til you clear more area to work with or to reset and hope that you will actually be able to play the game the right way. Not only do we suffer from this frustrating and annoying problem, but several other players have brought this important issue up in their own reviews. This brings up our next gripe we and many others have with this port. The Devs completely lack any efforts to improve the game that they have spent time creating. Despite having reviews from several years ago, the Devs have merely only commented and ignored many changes that would greatly improve the quality of life for their players within this port. Changes like that we have previously mentioned have only been ignored by the Devs of this otherwise great port. If this were not the only bearable port of this classic and arguably historic game, we would have long moved from this port. Another feature of which makes this minesweeper port the best on the current market also happens to only add to our argument against this game. When you first download this port and go to the option section for whatever reason, you are greeted by mainly two things. The classic minesweeper default Easy, Normal, and Hard options that many of us minesweeper fans are familiar with and the unfamiliar Challenge Mode. This newly included Challenge Mode gives you the first five of these Minesweeper puzzles for free. These puzzles contain fun images drawn out with bombs that you are given the task to etch out. Currently there are thirty of these puzzles leaving 25 of them locked behind an overpriced paywall of $6.99 PER YEAR made solely to take advantage of the players. This fun feature is only brought down by this grossly overpriced paywall. To put this price into perspective, after ten years of forgetting to cancel your yearly subscription, you could have bought a single board computer with a little lcd, a cheap mouse, and a cheap keyboard so you could play the original and superior minesweeper with all the money you wouldve thrown away. Personally myself and anyone who isnt a complete idiot would advise to not bother with this potentially fun and interesting feature. Would we recommend this game? Yes but not without warning the potential player of the current issues and the lack to fix said issues. With complete honesty, we would not touch this port especially after the countless issues that myself and our fellow players are forced to deal with. Our only reason for continuing to suffer playing this port is that it remains the best and arguably only option when it comes to mobile classic minesweeper. Overall, this port of the classic minesweeper that many people like myself love is okay at best due to its missing features, lazy Devs, and a way too expensive expansion on the original game. We can only continue to suffer alongside our fellow minesweeper fans as we sit and hope for either a better port or the changes that we have wanted for several years now. If we could personally talk with the Devs, we would only say one thing, Do better, please.

Game broke once. Where there were 2 mines in a grid when it said 1.

Our only issues with this game are the ones that people have mainly talked about like ads and the need to randomly guess in the beginning. Our main big issue is something we havent seen yet but it gets to us. The tiles around the edge of the map require you to hold them longer for you to flag them. We find it repetitive that we lose a game because the edge tiles didnt register we were holding them long enough. Please fix this.

Great game when it comes to minesweeper but plays the most ads we have ever seen in any game, video, or social media platform that we have ever experienced. We dont mind a couple ads but having to watch a dozen ads just trying to get a playable start is a bit aggressive. Although if you switch your phone to airplane mode its actually enjoyable without the ads.

The way the game works is youre guessing for the first few boxes until you crack the puzzle. So its inevitable youll lose a bunch of games in a row. But they bomb (excuse the pun) you with adds as soon as you lose two in a row. Annoying.

We’ve played about 20 games so far, and 4 had errors. More than 1 mines near number 1s.

Great game, but any time we win, the game crashed and doesnt save our score. It reverts to some previous round that wasnt even the same board we were just playing. Annoying!

Right after finishing a beginner puzzle its crashed 3 times in a row. Automatically closing out the app and sending us to our Home Screen.

Not right , touching four mines , but says three .

Game often freezes and crashes, especially since around the last update. Its becoming unplayable. Frequent ads popping up and constant ads at the bottom of the screen.

We know every game has ads now but this one is insane.

The game recently increased ad frequency to every 2 games, which is ludicrous playing on the higher difficulties. We spend more time waiting for scammy ads for Gardenscape and Kings a choice to load far enough we can close them than we do actually playing the puzzle. Oh course, we could make that go away if we bought the full version, except you cant BUY the unlocked version. You can only subscribe for $6.99/year. Who in their right mind would pay $7 ANNUALLY to own a game that came preinstalled on Windows 95?? Truthfully, we were fine with the ads when they were less frequent. And we would happily pay $7 to buy the game outright. But the idea that we should have to subscribe to idly play Minesweeper while binging television is pathetic, and upping the ad frequency recently was just insulting. No wonder you werent making enough money from subscriptions.

When we start a new game it gives no hints around it so its a 1 with 8 spots around it and nothing to go off of. Also having a small issue with having the wrong number of bombs to a number. For example we’ve had a 2 and all other spaces are cleared so it had 1 bomb.

Every single time you refresh/restart, even if you hit a bomb on your first tap, it opens a 30 second or longer ad. Its awful. You used to get a few restarts between ads but it seems theyve changed that. Considering deleting.

Opened the app for less than a second and hit a ours on your first try? Have a 30 second unskippable ad! Dont tolerate this nonsense, this shout NOT be our normal anymore.

Game broke the rules first try. Row of three 1s there should have been only one ours. There were 3!

Its fun and has a clean display.

How can you not like this game?

We used to play this back in the mid to late 80s and still find it just as fun today!

Its minesweeper, exactly what we were looking for.

Best. Game. Ever. We could play this for hours an end we just love watching twhile im alone in our bed at night with all the lights off. The game just gets better and better. A good 3 minutes of it is all you need to feel the full affect. 10/10 recommend.

Excellent thinking game and pass time! Love it!

Used to love playing this game on Windows, glad its now in app form.

Strobing ads set of our epilepsy and we deleted it.

The game is great, and nothing works poorly. Its easy to use, has a nice personal statistics menu and 3 different modes. The only change id like to see is a much bigger flag button. There have been many times where Im trying to go quickly for a good time, but tap half a centimeter below the button and mess up. It would make sense to us, given the game has a timer and stats based around how quickly you can solve it. But other than that, this game is great!

We think this game is pretty loggers epic gamer memo rmy.

Im way better than our girlfriend so we can win.

One star is what we give when we are constantly asked to rate an app. Plus, there are way too many ads. As far as minesweeper, its fine.

Need a more efficient way to place flags.

The game is great and its similar to the classic of windows but the ads are driving us crazy. After every turn of game you get TWO ads to watch!!

Sometimes the 1 should really be 2. Is that a glitch?

Good. Generic. Board is responsive and fluid. There are no anti-locking measures so larger boards are guaranteed to have tiles which rely on chance rather than logic, compromising the entire round. Ads are sparse but unskippable. Varying and customizable difficulty boards. Im sure it could be expanded, but otherwise a good free mobile game.

We really enjoy this game. Its as Minesweeper as it gets. The only problem is that on more than one occasion, the numbers do not match the amount of mines that are actually in the grid. For example, a box would indicate there are 3 mines when in fact there are 4. Im not sure if this is caused by the flagging feature where you can flag a box youre sure has a ours, and therefore making the game not count that box as a ours anymore. If so, we have bo clue why that is.

Cant believe even game like minesweeper would ever have ads, well, we dont have to imagine that concept if we download this game again.

This is a great mobile port of minesweeper but WOW are the ads annoying. They always have the sound enabled so if youre listening to something else while playing then the ads take priority and stop whatever youre listening to.

Hi, we would like to see a history of the games we’ve played as well as a leaderboard with other players.

A great, simple minesweeper game. Only issue is that it freezes quite frequently. Mid-way through our game itll freeze when we go to flag bombs. Other than this issue great time killer.

We like the board layout. Not wasting a lot of screen real estate. Be warned though, its less strategy and more guessing. The developers may not have understood the game. So unless youre comfortable with disappointment, this one may grow wearisome.

Its an enjoyable game until the game screws you by stating that only 2 mines are around when there were actually 3. First game we played and it happened. Deleted the app immediately. Great potential but needs to be fixed.

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