Mob Control

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:37 am

Mob Control


Mob Control is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Mob Control is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th April 2021 with the latest update 2nd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


29,289 people have rated 2.28

You can download the game Mob Control from APP STORE.


Launch people onto multiplier gates to increase your crowd and capture all the bases!
Avoid the red gates and push back the red crowd, trying to ruin your fun!

How many people can you gather?

Updated on 2nd May 2022

  • Enable a new card system that allows you to choose which cannon you want to use in battle!
  • Fix a number of problems related to sounds
  • Start testing the new Mobs with a small subset of players
  • Other technical improvements and bugfixes

Mob Control Review

This app is amazing. As a person who only has a few minutes to do something this app is able to fill it in. With the fun by conquering others peoples island so you can build yours.

It is a good game the only thing that we dont like is the ads but everything else is so fun we hope guys can fix or take out the ads.

Awesome game we love it you should make one more.

We love this game. But this morning there was an update and we clicked to do. But once we tried to open it goes to the word voodoo screen then a black screen and no farther. Please fix!

Lot of advertising slows the game a bit!

We absolutely LOVE this game! Love it! Unfortunately there is no sound on anything other than the advertisement. We even paid to have no videos anymore. When theres sound we will purchase more bundles and and add that last star for sure!! After all there are sounds and noises on the preview for the game. UPDATE!! There is sound! Just added the fifth star. Love this game!!!

Man we know you put a lotta thought in this because now Rabbert made a video about this and now Im playing it becuase of you! :D.

Update now is wonderful. Thank you for getting the mute button back and working again!!!! Hate the new update. We have to have the games sound on mute and before this update that was possible. Now today after the new update, there is no provision we can see to put it in mute mode other than turn the volume down on the iPad which then makes it useless. So given the choice of everything else to have sound that we want to have sound we have to have mob control sound on too. We will not use this until its fixed like it was prior to today.

Game is dope but the ads is a killer. Play the game on our phone and it be making our phone hot till it shut down the app.

Our iPhone updated, and the game no longer opens. Very entertaining game, though!

We need to reduce the amount of heat this game puts out. Our phone gets so uncomfortably warm after several minutes of playing. Then eventually the game crashes. Latest updates are great!

It was doing great for a while. But now it crashes constantly. Ill be winning, then the whole app shuts down, and when we go back in, we’ve lost the match. We dont mind the ads, but they have been suddenly starting in the middle of a match, causing a loss. Its just frustrating.

Game is fun and easy but frustrating when it freezes then exits (goes to our phones Home Screen), NO other apps/games do this on our phone!!

Very fun game. We purchased ad-free mode for $3. Soon after, our app would not start. We had to uninstall and reinstall for it to work again, but all of our progress was reset. We wish it was saved automatically.

Enjoy this game plenty but it keeps crashing. We also hate the fact that it takes over our music. Would have given it a 5 star but thats our only 2 complaints.

Only complaint on this game is that it does not let us play music or an audiobook while playing. Id love to sit and zone out listening to music, but its music takes priority even when shut off.

We like the game but when Im listening to music and we open the game Im not able to turn off the game sound, which is annoying. It automatically pauses anything Im listening to when we open the app.

The game is a lot of fun. We finished the last build last night but it needs more. Higher level attacks more powerful cannon something above diamond rank and more builds.

Im trying to listen to music while we play and the game keeps pausing it and shutting it off. We need our music while we game man what the heck.

This game is really fun and addicting but the issue is that it lags horribly. We hope the developers can fix that. We just started playing it but the wins are pretty easy if you have everything upgraded. There are alot of ads of course but it helps you get more coins and bricks. Its annoying but not as annoying as some of them who make you watch an ad every 30 seconds.

Great game but we spent money to play ad free and we spent our money for nothing the adds are this there we need a refund.

We still love this game but do not see a fix to the problem we wrote about. We do see an update that added some new things. But we have deleted and re-downloaded this game about 15xs now. It works until we get to the 2nd island and into 2 buildings then it freezes and then goes to black screen. If we try to re-open we get the Voodo screen and then goes to black screen. PLEASE FIX! We are now taking one star away. We love this game. But this morning there was an update and we clicked to do. But once we tried to open it goes to the word voodoo screen then a black screen and no farther. Please fix!

The game is good but there are so many ads that you can get really annoyed.

Ways to many ads for a game that crashed hardly fun with the over flow of ads.

This game is loaded of fun but starts to slow randomly and then crashes and stops working – crashes at least 4 times a day.

Cool concept but the game isnt polished. Levels feel repetitive and cause you can brute force most levels.

We love the fundamentals of the game but when we first bought it before the update ever time it loads voodoo it stops loading after that and the performance from our actual recent game was a lil spotty but please put effort into this voodo u guys are fun.

This could be really good if it didnt crash a lot or even after paying for no ads you still have to deal with the ads; Its a double edged sword, while you dont get ads after every single round, you still get them if you dont have enough coins to upgrade your cannons.

This game is fun and simple. But you spend double the amount of time watching ads than you do playing. We get that ads generate revenue. But playing 20 seconds of a game to them be forced to watch 60 seconds of ads is overkill. Its basically not worth it.

To be able to progress you HAVE to watch ads and/or pay actual money, big downside and if not then itll take ages to do anything Also makes you watch ads to level up speed and giants.

Its a fun game so far. One of those games that open up for a few min or an hour. Our only issue is the ads are like a computer infected by a pop up ad virus in the 90s. Everything you click on initiates an ad. Its almost amazing that closing the game doesnt start an ad.

Keeps crashing.. Starting to lose interest.

The game is engaging enough to kill time but it chews up the battery. You can feel the phone heating up in your hand. Also crashes a lot when transitioning between game and ads.

App is a little buggy. It crashes several times a week resulting in lost points. Biggest issue is that play time to ad watching time is low. We estimate we have to watch ad at twice the length of normal round of play. Takes most of the fun out of it.

Great game, but you guys don’t have a Restore Purchase button like all the other games, now we have to start from scratch.

We think this game is a really good time waster and even spent the $10.69 for the premium. But when we went to watch or listen to a podcast or movie is always pauses it no matter what we do.

After the last update, the app wont open at all. Just a black screen.

Game starts to freeze in the middle of the of the ads as well as during the game.

Entertaining, but it is constantly crashing! Hard to get enthusiastic when it restarts all of the time.

Low rating because the game freezes n closes out on us sometimes. Its an addictive game tho.

Fun game but monetized to death.

Bought the no ads option for $3 and there are still ads after every match and for every upgrade and every booster pack. Not sure what the point was. Game is fun. Just want our $3 back if we have to keep watching the ads no matter what.

This game is addictive, thank goodness for the constant crashes. It crashes all the time. Which saves us from playing it too much. If they ever stabilize this game, we’re in trouble. It’s not like we’re using an old phone either. Brand new iPhone 11, should not be crashing every 3 to 5 minutes.

You win three or four games and are building up a lot of coins.. Be ready, the game will crash. We have NEVER played a game with this many bugs. Skip it and move onto a reliable game.

Game is way to easy. Wish yall could allow us to make a defense so when we are away from the game we can guard our towns with cannons. Wish it was a live 1vs1 and make the rounds harder. Havent even come close to losing yet. Makes kinda boring over time.

Played for less than an hour and it just stopped loading.