Mob Control

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Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Mob Control is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th April 2021 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Mob Control ?

167,314 people have rated 2.54.2

What is the price of the Mob Control ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Mob Control released ?

Mob Control was released on 13th April 2021.

When was the Mob Control updated ?

The latest updated date of Mob Control on 30th May 2023.

Where can Mob Control be downloaded ?

You can download the game Mob Control from Apple Official App Store.




Create massive mobs and lead them to victory in the most competitive and relaxing game in the App Store!

Unlock all the Cannons, Mobs and Champions in the armory and discover their amazing evolutions as you level them up.

Choose the best combo and rise to the top of the Champions League!


  • Aim and shoot at the multiplying gates and watch your mob grow huge!
  • Deploy your Champions to break through the enemy mob and reach their base.
  • Use the special elements in the levels, such as speed boosts, multipliers, moving gates, and many more.


  • Earn Championship Stars by winning battles, building your bases, and winning tournaments.
  • Use Championship Stars to climb the Champions League and become Immortal! Only the best players in the world can achieve this.


Win battles to earn shields and protect your base from enemy raids.


Win battles to earn booster packs of different rarities and upgrade your card collection.


  • Base invasion: Raid enemy bases and steal coins and bricks from other players.
  • Revenge or counter-attack: Fight back against attacking players.
  • Boss Levels: Challenge yourself in special level layouts for extra bonuses.


Fresh content every month! Complete quests to advance in the Season Pass and claim the rewards.


A small team of 12 is working hard to release new mechanics and content every month. Connect with us via Settings > Discord.


Mob Control is free to download and uses ads to support its development. Purchase the Premium Pass or a permanent no-ads package to play without mandatory ads.

Skip’Its allow you to speed up your progress and obtain extra rewards without watching the ads.

Contact us in-game via Settings > Help and Support.

Terms of Service:

Updated on 30th May 2023

Bug fixes

Mob Control Review

We play this game many times a day and have a ball playing it until the last update. Now it crashes several times while playing and its getting annoying having to restart the game again and again. Please fix this UPDATE Downloaded and installed the latest update and the game works perfectly now UPDATEDont know whats going on but game crashes again after a recent update. Unlike before where it just shut down, it now slows down to where it freezes and then just shuts down. Not good.

This game is good because it has: Very little ads, and amazing gameplay!

This game is amazing its really fun and addictive.

Very cool game and great fun. Not hard to play and easy something to enjoy to pass the time. It does crash frequently in the middle/end of rapid played games. You do not get to go back to the battle once you reopen the game and lose whatever rewards you were going to win. We despise the royal flush ads. Its always someone being burned, drowned, or some horrific and graphic dearth. We have emailed them to stop the death ads but no response. Very traumatic watching them constantly of various ways to die!!

This is a simple fun game. We dont mind watching the ads because we have the option to play without them if we want to. But lately the game has been buggy. We keep getting crashes (iPhone 13+). And every now and then we watch an ad and dont get the reward, this is surprisingly frustrating. We’ve enjoyed this game for over a year, dont know what changed.

We could only play for about a half an hour because the commercials are relentless.

The game is pretty fun and keeps us entertained. But for some reason when we play this game on our iPhone 13 Pro Max it makes our phone over heat and glitch. Its only when this exact game is launched. We find that weird. Other than that play on!

It is a good game, but you have to be able to ignore the adds. Their is adds for everything.

Dam gurr we were handling the most easiest enemy and suddenly our mops turn their way back, starting to attack our side ????? The red chickens (enemy’s) moving out of the orbit like wtfff.

Absolutely love the game. Great game ruined by the typical corporate mentality. Our data connection isnt great at home so we miss ads which we’ve watched countless numbers. Believe us id rather be getting the ad bonuses. Seems the mechanics changed to make it harder to get rewards. Silly things like enemies give up early so you cant get the power hitters out. You see things hitting the buildings but the meter doesnt respond accurately. Why run the full ads during the events? Its putrid. Why do we have to watch the ads then wait another five to ten seconds to get through it? Many ads force open your App Store or internet app. Pretty sure theyre collecting your info. Seems our junk mail has increased since starting. Deleted and reinstalled the app due to issues and hadnt signed in with our Apple ID. With what id experienced we didnt really want too. Please lose ours. Im out. Theres your results.

Unfortunately every so often the game crashes. We’re using an iPhone 13 pro max. No apps in the background so we’re pretty sure this is a bug. Hopefully it’ll get fixed as we enjoy playing the game.

We have requested a refund for tickets that we’ve purchased and Apple has denied our request. We have played the same level five times in a row with the game crashing every single time. We have used a ticket each one of those times. App developer and you need to do some thing about the constant crashing and you also need to let Apple know that your heart is constantly crashing so that were able to get a refund. Or you need to refund our account tickets. Its a great game but you have got to get it fixed.

Well after todays new update to fix the bugs, it didnt work. Still having bug issues with this game as it seems to be normal for this app.

This game was AMAZING, but now, a total waste. Every single time we are about to win a big battle and score big, it crashes and closes the whole game. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!! We canceled our subscription, and suggest you just pass to avoid frustration.

For some reason there is a glitch that if you multiply too many mob members the app force quits. We thought they fixed this problem from the original but seems the developers cant figure it out or its in place to keep you from winning.

This game was great for a long time. Even paid for the full game. For some time now it has been crashing during fights. We would restart the game and continue. Now for the past week every time we start the game and go to battle it crashes. Game was just updated 2 days ago.

We’ve played this game for a while with no issues.. Until the last few updates. Now theres so many glitches and the app closes without warning. We thought the May 30 update would fix it because it said bug fixes but nope. Bummer.

Unless you want to watch ENDLESS ads, do not download this game. Not going to lie it was fun at first. It had potential to be a fun game, but the onslaught of ads killed it for us. Im tired of these pay to play games.

The extra competitions like the Piggy Race are fun. At least until the game crashes and you lose all your progress. All Support says is So sad, too bad, we dont have enough people to care. Will be deleting this annoyance.

We like this game, we even spend money to play it. You know what we dont like? Having to close and reopen the game after every 2nd or 3rd round. We are also not fond of the game crashing, especially when you spend real money to buy ad skips and you use the ad skip in a round and when you are winning, the game freezes then shuts down on its own. It would be nice if they gave you the ad skip back, but no its gone forever, at least until you spend more money to get more.

This game is relentless with ads and even after you watch the ads you have to wait 3-4 seconds before you can quit out of it sometimes hitting the x brings up another ad.

Since we purchased the triple cannon (big mistake) the game keeps crashing when we get to the end of a battle and we lose everything. Everything is up to date and it says it works on our device (not true apparently). We want our money back, but we know that will never happen. We like supporting developers, but this is way disappointing.

Once you get the max on the items you play for hours to get nothing. We have spend at least $2000.00 dollars to now play for hours to get nothing. Thats not the way a game should work. If only we had known that getting to the max meant nothing to them we sure would not have spend 1000s of hours and money for them to only leave us high and broke. This game would have received the top from us but not when they do this. Good Luck to who ever plays.

Finish a wave and you get two choices: Next and Multiply. Choose Multiply and you get served an ad longer than we’ve ever been shown in any other mobile game. Choose Next and you still get shown the same abnormally long ad half the time. Then you have times where you get shown an add before you can even choose Next or Multiply. This is a low quality game designed to show you as many ads as possible so you spend more time watching ads than playing the stupid game.

We understand the devs have to make money. We would have been a much better customer had they not chosen to inundate their customers with ads just to play the game. Sub-pay game anyway.

Who put this game in the middle of our ads? Seriously rename the app to ad control. Heavy monetization and in app purchases on top of playing ads every game. Would not recommend. Play for 5 minutes and uninstall.

If we could have given a zero star we would. Tons of ads and very inappropriate. What world are they living in?!

IPhone 14 pro max on ios 16.5 and the phone somehow can’t handle the gameplay. If there’s too much going on in the game it freezes and crashes. Any time we’re about to win a match but there’s too many multiplier gates it freezes and crashes. And yes there are more ads in this game than we’ve ever seen in any other game but we were playing this early on before they made a ton of additions and they’ve come a long way with updated game play. Only issue now is that it is impossible to get enough cards to level up and the game crashes frequently.

Happens on both iOS and android, sometimes after winning a mob control deck of cards, the touch screen stops scrolling.

A festival of bugs. Could be a good game if it werent so buggy.

This game is so bad. It freezes and shuts down constantly when our score is over 10,000,000 and often when below. The rewards do not always pay out and the boosts often fail to apply. Dont wats your money on boosts or your time.

This is the Greatest Game App in the history of apple The other have there other things but there no match for our patience and strategy.

It is a great game just the best we love all of the different types of things that you can use in a nutshell this is a great game.

This game is super crazy is the one you cant put down is the best game very addicting! Its so much fun.

We’ve been having fun with this game but it bugs out a bit. While fighting, the A.I. Goes awry and nothing is attacking anything. Just had our first actual crash, but its our fault from having too many mobs on screen lol!

It a good game it has a battle with people and there is no adds so by one for free.

We love games with no adds Thanks you.

We love playing this game (currently level 48). Within the last few weeks the game has been crashing and we are experiencing slowness. Fun game but these bugs really make in less playable right now.

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