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Mobsters Players Revenge

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Mobsters Players Revenge! Developed by the innovative team at Robert Greene, this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 17+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 14th January 2015, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 8th May 2020.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Action, games? Then Mobsters Players Revenge is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Mobsters Players Revenge

Over 135 players have rated Mobsters Players Revenge. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Mobsters Players Revenge Cost?

Good news! You can download Mobsters Players Revenge on your iOS device absolutely free!

Mobsters Players Revenge Release Date

Eager to know when Mobsters Players Revenge first graced the App Store? It was launched on 14th January 2015.

When Was Mobsters Players Revenge Last Updated?

The latest version of Mobsters Players Revenge was updated on 8th May 2020, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Mobsters Players Revenge?

To get started with Mobsters Players Revenge, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Mobsters Players Revenge

Many old families are playing again, start yours back up! Are you ready to rise up the made man’s list, build a family, and defend your mob? Hundreds join every day, so come see which of your friends are playing again! Dont settle for look a like games, get your mob fix here. We strive for the ms mobs look in our new app version….come check it out! Features like add train, ultimate security, easy user interface, send all button, fight log, made man list, warsheets, full admin support, a friendly competitive community and its the mobs app on facebook with the most users? Install now!

The bc is popping even in the AM. Because we prevent botting, all players are real and playing. This is the fastest growing mob game, from a company that has been around since myspace mobbing days. We are original fans who decided to get together and build it from scratch. In less than a year we have it near completion and are now welcoming iphone players! MPR is the only new -old- mobs app on the store that understands and listens to the players..

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Mobsters Players Revenge updated on 8th May 2020:

Fixed orientation bug. Added a new purchase option. Better login flow.

User Reviews on Mobsters Players Revenge

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Mobsters Players Revenge below:

If you remember playing lobsters on MySpace this is just as awesome as the original and if youre just barely getting into it you dont have to worry because they give you stuff to level up quick.

Great app and admin are responsive! We play all day.

We used to love playing mobsters on MySpace and was upset when it was removed but this company a beast for making this game thank you so much.


Great game ! We’ve been playing it for over a year now since we found it again . Come join a family and start fighting .

If youre looking for the old iMobsters from back in the day this isnt it theyre just trying to get you to buy anything and everything this game isnt good at all plus it has OP players that paid to get where they are.

We just wanted a game similar to those old storm8 games, but this is far more jank and Cumbersome to navigate, but we can deal with that. The thing we dont like is we added some random person to increase our mob, and we clicked collect on them and then got $16 billion trivializing the entire point of the game. So fun.

Big spenders are allowed to cheat in game, running scripts and bots. They are now banning players for submitting reports against their cash cows. Avoid this game!!!

There strong bullying in this game there is cheating by allowing g many ,any accounts to be created on level one and attack accounts multiple times without being able to attack low level accounts back. The admins blow smoke up your ass and say its a game get over it. The game should be removed from the app store entirely. The steal the equipment you paid for so that you will purchase more and when you contact the admins the do nothing. We would give it o stars if we could.

Game is so full of cheaters. Admin Letting certain families on game get away with it.. Using all kinds of bots, scripts, etc.. Makes it no fun when you have to cheat to win.. Lots of people will not be spending their money on this while this will continue. Dont even get involved in this game.. Its worse than a crack addition.

Game suddenly frooze 7-28-23. Lost our whole profile completly. Had to recreate it. Started us back all over again.

Loved this game for the longest time, was glad to see it recreated into MPR after MySpace. We do have issues with them having proof an account was created by us and yet they have played stupid and refused to return our account. Even after proving we had spent over $2000 on this account they have yet to return access to us. To us this is thievery and shady business.

Game has no verification to prove your the account owner when changing the email or password on your $1000 game account. Admin will just simply take your account an sell it to another player. If u have game issues good luck on getting ANY customer support. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!! Game owner Robert Greene pulled ppp loans out listing this business as a radio station. Just try an find one other employee out of the 6 listed on the loan. Admins insult u and accuse u of things u didnt do when they cant get you to go to Facebook to phish your information. None of the reviews above 1 star are real. You can see the images on Facebook of them paying people for 5 star reviews. Your never going to be able to contact them if you have a complaint. There are no offices for this company period all listed addresses are homes Robert Greene has never lived in. He is not a veteran but posts the game is made by veterans. In fact the game code was stolen from playdom an u can be verified it still contains playdom code. Ground an pound gaming was dissolved in 2019. You can find no active businesses under Ground an Pound Gaming on the Tennessee government website.

We wish we knew how to give zero stars or how to report this app for abusive and sexual content as well as impersonation through cloning our account. The owner was drunk and rambled on about other players to the point of stalking. Very unprofessional app owner and administrators.

The game is great. But customer support is horrible. If youre not a mega spender they wont respond. Uninstalling, as there are other mob games that would be happy to receive our money.

We’ve been playing this game since we were a kid we absolutely love it.

Love the game. Use to play it all the time when it was by playdom. Great game.

The admins will use fake accounts to play against you. They only have 480 real players world wide. Almost all are inactive. So your playing with a worker who beats on you to make you spend real $$ for up grades. You cant win. Do drink the cucumber water or John wick line. Its fake.

Good game classic mobtsers rpg that has been around since MySpace days.

Great customer service and a very addicting game.

We played the iMobsters and now this, and we have to say we enjoy this game a ton. The UI is great and it has a small but pretty dedicated and active community. We love this game, have spent almost 200$ on it. We would definitely recommend to atleast try it, its a stat based game and building your character is a lot of fun and takes patience and knowledge to build a serious account without messing it up.

This game is pretty much useless, unless, you pay for favor points! We were able to get a lot of income game money, however, without paying real money for favor points you cant use in game cash for much at all…

We’ve played a long time and theyve changed their customer service so terribly!!! You cant get help for DAYS! When you dont care you start losing money.

It the best if you played old school mobs!!

Fun to play and we’ve only been at it a week or so. Money isn’t needed of you just wanna have fun. The players and admin are very helpful & quick with help. It’s a game and ppl forget that. For us and our family, we’re happy mobsters… Lol.

Love this app much more than the old. It’s easier to build and catch bounties. Admins handle issues as they arise. We all have a good time with new and old mobs!!!

You will enjoy this iPhone app. Great game.

We love this game!! Can’t stop playing lots of Fun!!!

MPR app for iPhone is great! Easy to navigate like at your own desktop! Love it!

Great game to play and have fun, nice way to meet new people.

Love the fact that you can have tons of fun and beat other mobbies even if they are higher rank than you, highly recommended.

Thank you Mobster players revenge. So much easier to add new mob members, and friendly admin. A mobsters game run by OG players for the players. A friend and Fam can’t be replaced, money and guns easily! {SHI}

Interactive, fun, and most definitely addicting. Definitely recommended!

Great app. Just like old mobsters.

Just like the old myspace days only better.

We played mobsters on ms and really enjoyed it ground and pound took it to the next level and made the game so much better awesome game.

Active gameplay, on a familiar old school platform. A game we played for years on MySpace come back from the dead, with some major improvements to the management. Download this app!

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