Money Rush

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:06 am

Money Rush


Money Rush is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Money Rush is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th August 2021 with the latest update 2nd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


97,848 people have rated 3.1.0

You can download the game Money Rush from APP STORE.


Multiply your coins, select the best gates and collect lots of money! Money Rush is a fun runner game with one goal: get rich! Collect coins as much as you can to turn your game into a cash rush!

Are you good at simple math? Or just looking for fun money games for kids? Amazing! This money game is just right for you. As you roll your coins you do the math and choose the best gate to increase your amount to become the money master! The more coins you collect the bigger your coin rush will be. Upgrade your coin game for the ultimate rich roll.

At the end of each level you will turn your coins into cash and use it to build your moneyland. Spend your cash to build shops and create income. From then on you will turn your game into an idle tycoon! This is one of the best idle games with money rich content for you to unlock. Collect your money by walking up to venues and be a money master!

  • Exiting coin rush
  • Turn coins into cash
  • Unlock money making venues
  • Collect money to become rich

Updated on 2nd May 2022

We worked day and night to bring you a whole new gameplay experience and we hope you’ll love it! Here are the details:

  • Technology Zone added!

Money Rush Review

It was super fun we recommend it so much!!

This game is okay by is a little too funky.

This is just great. Totally worth 5 stars.

We love it so much you can choose weather you want 1.30 or 1.60 or someing But its not quiet right because ween you wont to stop moveing it keeps going.

Does this game let you cash out?

We love this game so much have a great holiday here so we need to update it but its so so much.

The game is great and fun! But we haven’t gotten to the higher levels yet but the ads for this game are nothing like the real game yet. And we’re not hating on the game but just to let people know that some ads for games arnt what they seem like playing it!

We dont know who this person is that says that there are not many apps but there are a whole lot of ads during this game. You cannot even get to the next level without running into an ad, ads are back to back. Its the only thing we dislike about this game, other than that its a fun game.

We started playing and we thought it was going to be a good game until ads popped up. We were about to get our first skin when we had to watch an ad to get it. If you could fix this it would be great for us and we think for other people too.



Money rush is a great game to play but its not letting us update it and if we delete it our progress will restart so can you do something about it. That game is great but can you like let it update because we havent been playing it for like two months now and we really wanna play it so can you do something about it please!?

Its a good game but it doesnt have the same pictures as the game.

So we got this game and liked it for 2 days and then it started glitching we lost so many game just because of it. And did we tell you that every 10 seconds there is an ad we are so tired of this game. Also you cant pick your name so stupid. Well bye.

Well its cool Ill try and see.

This is a really good game theres some ads but not a lot.

The game is great but it needs more levels for free so we love this app it keeps you up for a little longer than it has been to play this game for more.

Its a great game to play! Momo.

We like the game one thing we hate is it money on the app picture and ad and on there it coins we will like the ad better.

Hi! We love your (guyss) game But the update is boring So the older version was like You finish a level and your coins go through like a line And theres high scores,which we liked beating our old score But now.. At the end of a level they go through this machine and it turn the coins to money Theres no high score So pls change back to the older version pls we like it Thanks!

We really like this game but can we put down the ads a bit, like we cant do anything with ads.

We play this game all day we love get it let us go back ok.

When you first start it seems easy but the part where you have to give 5millon cash then boring.

We only gave it two stars because it has TO MANY FREAKING ROYAL MACH ADS ITS SOOOOOOOO RIDICULOUS IM SICK OF IT we would of have it 5 stars but Royal Mach ruined it.

For every ten seconds of gameplay there is at least forty-five seconds of ads. It starts off slow with few ads then eventually you get not one but TWO ads after a level and one to start a level and the levels only last about ten seconds. Im not going to spend more time watching ads than playing a game.

It used to be our favorite game but the new update is TERRIBLE make it normal again.

This game is horrible. It is laggy. The leaderboard is broken. The levels dont get any more challenging, and after a while they start repeating. There is like no way to earn full points after like the first five levels.

We think we all know about the fake ads. The only time the game mode in the ad is actually playable happens at random times and you have to watch a ad, plus the game mode doesnt even have a value meter like in the game, AND the most money you can get in this game mode is 2 cents. Anyway, this is all for this review. Please read before installing.

We want less adds though super addictive game.

Very fun game and a good way to waste time.

People just dont realize how good your game is but it could take away like one hour anytime we mean our hour we like this game a lot but we just dont like how people are rude in the comments makes this game Makes you mad but you dont have to follow what they do if you get a one just make another game when that happens its a common spot the actual review on the game but this game is great overall we would rate it seven stars if we could but here they are.

We read a review and they said the game is so so bad,well guess what NO its really good and Im not lying about liking the game so if you dont like it and you deleted it JOKES ON YOU the game is so good we could play it all day and not get mad,and there are not many ads and you could just hit the fast forward button on the ads too so the ads are only 10-20 seconds so the people who dislike this game (in our and t Millions and Millions of other people who play this games opinions) are so so so so so so so so so so so so and 1,000 more sos WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve only played this game once on our friends phone and we loved it so we cant wait to play it on our iPad!

This game is so fun to play and it keeps us entertained for hours.

On the 1st of May 2020 we started this game and we did not know how to play so we just went on blue screens we see that has numbers and we get more coins! Its a fun game play this game everyone! We love money games!

Omg this is such a fun game we play it 24/7 we are obsessed with this game. Us and our friends love this.

Awesome game its so cool when we come home from school we go strait to our phone and play money roll.

Absolutely love it has 0 glitches and has little to no ads.

We know that the title of our review makes this look bad but its really good. Its really good for when youre bored.

The game is nothing like its pictured in the adds.

Ok so this is a very good game there is no ads unless you want a reward! Thats awesome for a free game because they need money by ads and there is non but there is a few glitches sometimes when we choose -89 not – divided by 2 it selects divided by 2 and not -89 so that is our only problem but when we were reading other peoples reviews they said that there is so many ads but their lying dont listen to them there is no ads at all so we would recommend this game for your experience Ps. Im actually Spanish so if we spell things wrong we are really really sorry.