Zombieville USA 2

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Zombieville USA 2


Zombieville USA 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mika Mobile, Inc., Zombieville USA 2 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th October 2011 with the latest update 24th June 2016

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,439 people have rated 1.6.1

You can download the game Zombieville USA 2 from APP STORE.


The definitive zombie shooter returns, reborn with stunning new graphics, gameplay and more!

Brought to you by the creators of Battleheart, OMG Pirates!, and the original Zombieville USA – this sequel is jam packed with content and features. Take command of your favorite character, customize them with a spectrum of weapons and skills, and do battle with the living dead – either alone, or with your friends!

  • Features –
  • Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action. Fight hordes of enemies, make the most of your ammo, and go for your high score!
  • Tons of unlockable content, including dozens of weapons, skills, playable characters and upgrades.
  • Incredibly fluid, stylish animation optimized for retina displays.
  • Full Game Center integration, including achievements and leader boards.
  • Wireless Co-op multiplayer! (requires iPhone 3GS+, iPod Touch 3rd Gen+, or any iPad)
  • iCloud support, allowing your zombie slaying progress to sync automatically to all of your devices!

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Updated on 24th June 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Multiplayer will now connect to closest master server by ping, which should greatly improve latency for players outside the US.
  • Multiplayer can again be played with random players – choose "public game" to match with other random players
  • Added manual upload/download for iCloud for when automatic syncing is unreliable. This can be found in the options menu, and requires iCloud Drive to be enabled.

Zombieville USA 2 Reviews

We really love this game but we wish we had more new stuff to it we already have every single weapon and every thing else we just wish something different would happen but 99 cents totally worth it we love every thing about this app.

We love the gun selection, the amazing (and cheap) outfits, the sounds, and the difficulty levels. We love that you can play on an easy level if you want to, or a hard one if you want more money. Plus MULTIPLAYER IS AWESOME!!

Awesome game especially cause you can team up with others to help them get stuff and vice versa. Good times.

We LOVE this game when we were 6 we first played and beat it its still hard but fun.

This is a recommended this game. To anyone who want to past by time, it’s very addicting and many upgrades to earn, they make this game easy so everyone with Patients could pretty much get anything on this game in a matter of a few days.

This game is great, we hope they update it with new weapons and stuff.

Love the game but it stopped working on the 14.2 update.

We really this app!!! This is one of our favorite game to play on iOS. We wish it had more weapons; What would be the bombis have four players playing at the same time and all type of zombies.

We remember this game yooo we saw someone testing gameplay with a new phone to test the speed and they had this game it reminded us about the good old times so we knew we had to re download it but we had to buy it again ig cause we have the newest phones and we used to have it on an iPod but we literally had everything upgraded maxed so now am back on the grind.

Its sad that people dont play this game anymore we were waiting for partner for 30 minutes so its sad that this game is dead or dying.

Hmu on insta @foreignwarren_ if you tryna play.

This game is one of our favorite games of all time, rivaling Minecraft and among us for our love. We do have issues but it is amazing non the less! We play it every year out of nostalgia. This game has one big elephant of an issue, once you beat it and upgrade everything it becomes boring or less fun at least. We have found many ways to balance this to make it fun to play again. One way that we found to bring joy to this game again is randomize our weapons and modifications to make it harder or make it easier, it also has made us open our eyes to ninja + katana mayhem Another great way is to play with friends in endless mode to see how far you get, tbh we dont remember our record because it happened 2 years ago. These are our ways of making the game fun again for us. Overall, we would only add not take away from this game. Thank you for reading!

2020 March – just remembered this game we used to play on our iPod touch back in middle school / high school great times!

Have been playing this since little and stills being the best thing, this never gets old. Thanks you so much to the designers and would love to see zombie ville 3 someday!!!

Man we absolutely love these series it’s the best way to waste time and we absolutely love playing with our friends one thing that would put us in a state of nostalgia is if we had the option to use the old music from the first Zombieville USA game into the new one that would be an amazing option for us because we adore the original theme while playing the game above all amazing game.

This game is the best of its type we’ve ever played!! It has a killer aesthetic, great sound effects, balanced gameplay with literally dozens of different skill and weapon combinations, and most importantly… It is FUN. Also we love the fact that there is a developer out there who hasnt succumbed to the obnoxious trend in mobile gaming: offering a free download, then making it impossible to advance in the game without spending actual money on upgrades. This game allows you to build your weapons arsenal and power-ups by simply playing the levels and gathering wealth within the game. Our only possible gripe: we really wish the game had more levels, more characters, and perhaps even boss battles. We would gladly pay more $$ for this!

Runs smoothly on the latest iOS 10. Reminds us of the old days when we had a 2nd generation iPod touch 32gb the good old days:) the game is amazing for being in 2016 still has the same feel from the old days and we love it keep up the good work people.

Love the game all the way around. The only problem we have is that after several years playing off and on, Im really surprised there isnt an update for larger screen iPhones. Been looking forward to that for quite sometime!!!

We have absolutely no problems with this game. We personally think that this is one the best if not the best game on the App Store.

We’ve been a supporter of mika mobile for years now, and have played many of your games. We searched up "Zombieville" and "battle heart" to see if we could get some nostalgia. Well to our surprise they still begged a price dispite the fact that they are YEARS old. Please consider making these old games free as we doubt that many people still play them.

THANK YOU FOR FIXING ISSUES IVE BEEN WAITING FOR a year for this game to be fixed 5 STARS NOW… If you add some more content please.

Dear Mika Mobile, Inc. This game is absolutely fantastic! You see we fell in love with this game by our brother, he had downloaded this app and we played it when he wasnt looking. Soon we got an IPad mini, and got this app immediately! We played it until we unlocked, upgraded, and tried out everything. We soon got bored, and deleted it, we then downloaded it once again and did it all over again, so Mika Mobile, Inc. If youre reading this please update, ad boss battles, a Story Mode, and more weapons! This app is sooooooo much fun, or better yet… Make A Zombieville USA 3!!!!!!!! Sincerely, FunnyManGamer3.

Despite the fact of the old age of the game we have been a fan since the release of the game it has been a treat we’ve played at such a young age a respect it high hopes for new zombie Ville.

Been playing this game since it came out. Always a nice time killer and fun game to play. Game would be better if more levels with different customizations and options were added. The iOS 9+ update was a blast for the local and online multiplayer mode! Keep up with the awesome updates in the future!

We like this game because it is not pay to win it is all skill and how much you play to level you up not how much you make at your real job. However double player could use some updates like a mode where you can res your teammates more than two player and maybe some little emojis or something to let your teammates know you need heals.

We have had this game for a while and it is a lot of fun. A Suggestion for the game we have is for there to he more options for characters, And maybe instead of a full outfit there should be a hat And then a shirt so you can choose what you wear. Other than that great game!!

Seriously if you got this to work on Nintendo Switch, Id buy it again. We feel like an update is not likely but we will keep this game as long as it continues to run on our phone.

One of the best games we have ever downloaded. We much preferred the Bluetooth Co-ops though. The Co-ops game play is almost impossible with poor WiFi and impossible in areas without WiFi.

We’ve played the game long enough to have every single weapon and ability fully maxed (as well as all characters). Some abilities are honestly pretty lacking as well as some weapons. Flamethrower, tesla rifle, grenades, land mines, and dual pistols are all pretty underwhelming. However this is still a very fun arcade game with many fun builds.

Hey love your game we finished everything needs more we even pay if theres more so lets do it.

This is a great/fun game with great potential. Need to update the game to put it back in the spotlight!

We’ve been playing this game for years now, and after picking it up again a couple days ago, we can say that this game is nothing short of amazing. Sure, it could use a revamp, but its still great. A fun time waster for all times. Great job. Cant wait to see what happens in the future when we could have a 3rd addition to the series.

This game could be amazing if you guys had updates more.

This is a great game the way it is but could yall please update it to be optimized for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11.

It’s a good game but need more of a verity like more levels, more weapons, more modes, and weapon customization. We hope these thing can be added for the next update because Zombieville usa 2 is missing lots of updates since it was last updated which was like 2014…… Plz update more.

This game has been one of the best experiences we’ve had on mobile when playing, up there with the likes of PlantsvsZombies, and Terraria why do all these games have zombies? Whatever. Im here to say we loved this game and we would pleasantly surprised if they made a sequel to this game.

All out its a great game recommend for you people to play it best game but also rip zombieville 2014-2017.

We used to play this game when we were younger and recently picked it up again. We were amazed at how good it was. We thought nostalgia had made it better in our head, but it stood the test of time. This is amazing!

We complained about multiplayer and THEY FIXED IT! We’ve been having a blast playing with our friends. We’ve had the app for a few years now and every now and then we pop back on and kill some zombies. We would love a level/gun update or a Zombieville 3.

We LOVE THIS GAME, but there’s a bad glitch with it. Our friend just got this game so he had nothing good, and when he joined us the glitch happend where he got all the weapons we had. Now when he plays with us the screen goes dark and he has the exact setup we have and money, even the upgrades copy, PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!

You should make you can level u and make your health bar bigger and make people like aliens, and you can be other kinds of zombies.

Mika mobile please make a Zombieville 3 zombieville 2 is our favorite we would love for you to make a 3rd.

Your games are amazing, and make us happy when we play them, we have played them since we were 6. Now the reason from r us writing this review is to discuss an issue about our favorite game you have made, Zombieville USA 2. It is amazing with multiple levels, awesome sound effects, cool characters, and awesome guns, which you can level up. Now we play it almost every weekend, but there is one problem. We have completed every mission, gotten every character, and gotten and leveled up everything. We feel this awesome game needs more to it, like new levels, a few new characters, and new guns! Also, it would be awesome if you could add new zombies too. We know this seems like a lot, but a game this good, needs more for all the loyal fans of this game out there. Thank you, Anonymous fan.

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