Monster Train

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 09:10 am

Monster Train


Monster Train is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gambitious BV, Monster Train is a Card game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th October 2022 with the latest update 16th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


585 people have rated 2.3.1

You can download the game Monster Train from APP STORE.


Hell has frozen over. Only you can protect the final burning pyre from the forces of Heaven and restore the Inferno. Monster Train brings a new strategic layer to Roguelite Deck Building, with three vertical playing fields to defend.


  • Unlock over 250 cards
  • Discover 5 Monster Clans, each with their own distinct gameplay
  • Each clan has 10 levels to unlock, bringing new cards to your deck
  • Upgrade your powerful Champions multiple times
  • Challenge your friends to beat your score
  • Includes the released updates Wild Mutations and Friends & Foes!

Ultimate Replayability
No playthrough is ever the same, it’s a fresh challenge every time. You’ll really never play the same deck twice! Perfect entertainment for your mobile device!

Explore powerful locations
To take back hell, you’ll need to power up. Choose your route carefully, different locations yield different benefits; upgrade your Champion, recruit powerful units, upgrade cards, gain passive bonuses or duplicate any card in your deck.

Strategize to fit your playstyle
With five clans to choose from, each has its own unique and surprising gameplay. Pick your primary and supporting clan to gain access to all cards from both. Build your deck and perfect your strategy to defeat your enemies!

Daily & Custom challenges
Take on a new challenge every day with a hugely modified run due to gameplay mutators or play with your own selection of buffs and nerfs to tailor to your playstyle!
Compete globally and against friends, and climb the leaderboards with a skill-focused scoring system.

The Last Divinity DLC

Epic new content expansion for Monster Train bringing new challenges, more replayability, and a new clan!

  • A new clan, the Wurmkin Note: the Wurmkin clan unlocks upon completing Covenant level 1.
  • Pact Shards; the new currency bringing benefits at a cost
  • New endboss: The Last Divinity

Available for purchase in-game!

Updated on 16th March 2023

  • The game will now check for conflicts between local and cloud-stored save data. If a conflict is found, players will be prompted to select which save data they would like to keep using.
  • Fixed some minor localization issues.

Monster Train Reviews

This has been one of our favorite Deck-Building games, hands down. There are soooooo many ways to play it and each run feels fresh every time. We were completely stoked about the game launching on mobile and so happy with the progress the developers have made to make this game as seamless as its PC version. Thank you again for delivering such an amazing game. One thing Id like to see, if at all possible, is to be able to look at our deck when choosing rewards

Great game with tons of fun and replay-ability.

Maybe better thanks to touch controls!

Keeps you entertained for a long while.

Wish there was even more content.

Great game happy it has a mobile port. Wish matchmaking didnt take so long but great single player experience, perfect for flights.

Great game mechanics, Im addicted.

We were doubtful from the name, write-up, and images. But its actually a lot of fun. If you like Slay the Spire, youll love this.

We played this first on Xbox and then grabbed it when we saw it was on the phone. We do recommend the last divinity DLC because it lets you modify your cards in new ways. The only real complaints we have are that we occasionally fat-finger the wrong card into play and it spoils the battle (youll win or lose based on the order of your units and cards played) and we think Wurmkin shows up too much when we randomize our tribes.

In our view, this is the ultimate deck-builder. The runs are short but not too-short. The synergies are excellent. The lack of micro-transactions is ideal, especially on mobile (although this game is great on Steam as well). Our only gripe is we played through all the classes and cards so fast that Im wishing for more. There is a DLC available that adds a new class, but it doesnt constantly interrupt you to advertise it. It doesnt advertise it at all in fact. 10/10. Would give six stars if we could.

Similar to slay the spire, but with a different mechanics and lore. Great iPad game! Great job devs!

Some little things like not being able to look at your deck contents on certain screens when you can on the PC version are very annoying. We shouldnt have to memorize our deck before making a choice.

Perfect casual game. Its just amazing, the very best of the roguelite genre. We bought it on three seperate platforms.

At first, we didnt like the art because it reminded us of cheap gatcha phone games, BUT DEAR GOD, this game is AMAZING. Very addictive, in a good way. Awesome <3.

Im about 20 runs in or so and as an avid rogue-like player Im pretty impressed. It looks good, sounds good, had good depth and replay ability. We looove the theme and concept. Very cool minions and cards.

Monster Train is just a better Slay the Spire. This is an absolutely phenomenal game and one of the best roguelikes in recent memory. If you have ever enjoyed a tactical roguelike (FTL, Darkest Dungeon, Into the Breach, Slay the Spire, etc.), you need to pick this one up.

If you want to avoid the gatcha apps this is a good one.

We have played most all the rogue deck builders, and this one is among the best. Our only complaint is that it’s difficult to predict and follow the battle actions and damages. The graphic design is a bit quirky, and seems to favor style over functionality, but we got used to it(sorta). But it has interesting level ups and plenty of choices to make in customizing your deck and the cards themselves. We hope this is a franchise for the developers.

This is by far our favorite deck building roguelite. Great aesthetic, design, balance, and length. More card/clans would be great, even as more DLC, but whats there is great. We love it on both PC and mobile. Just buy it.

UPDATE: after further experimentation, its the DLC expansion that causes the crashes. While the base game does strain/heat our iPad, causing the slowdowns described below, it does not push it to fail. If we toggle off the DLC, the game hangs together. As a result of this discovery, we’ve increased our rating from 3 to 4 and will only seek a refund on the DLC, unless the devs have plans to improve stability and/or add some options to throttle down graphical demands. Original review: It truly pains us to leave this review as we absolutely love this game, so Im hoping the devs can fix the issues we have and allow us to give it the 5 stars it deserves. First and quickly, the game is amazing. The strategic and tactical choices are fascinating and fun, and the thrill of completing a run and growing your abilities is highly addicting. We havent enjoyed an app this much in a long time. However we’ve been having a lot of problems running it on our iPad Pro with iOS 16.3.1. Beyond it draining the battery rapidly and heating up the iPad a lot – both things we can understand and tolerate – it has crashed multiple times. It also suffers from some slowdown at times with instances that get bad enough for it to totally freeze for several seconds before it ultimately recovers or crashes. Now, when we say its crashed multiple times Im talking maybe six times so far, but when youre in the heat of a 15-minute battle against the end boss and it blacks out, its incredibly annoying. That brings us to another frustration: if Im in the middle of a battle and have to stop for a minute, either leaving the app to check something else on our iPad or turning off our screen, 9 times out of 10 when we come back the game will have completely closed and reset our battle back to start. It should be better at saving the current state of the game so that if it does need to reload the app, it can jump right back to where we stopped mid-battle. Back to the stability issues, we have the High Frame Rate Mode set to OFF and even turned on the static battle background to try to reduce the graphical demands. Ill add that the stability problems got substantially worse once we purchased the Last Divinity DLC. Devs, please: it will absolutely break our heart if we have to uninstall and refund this game as we truly love it, but as it stands we wont have much choice if we cant reliably play it. Since you added the optional very high performance frame rate mode, maybe you could also add some options for downgrading the graphic quality to reduce the strain? Or maybe a way to turn down some of the (beautiful) effects in the game. Anything to make it more stable, or at the very least, make it save the state of the game in real time so that even if it does crash it can resume right where it stopped (or very close to). Im very much hoping youll tell us an update along these lines is already in the pipeline as that would be enough for us to hold out, but otherwise unfortunately Ill have to give up on and return this excellent game. Thanks for reading.

Just got the game and love the gameplay. One of the reasons we got this game over other roguelikes was the amazing soundtrack. However, music or sound does not work once the app is launched . We tried restarting our iPhone, redownloading the app, messing with our iPhone settings, looking at forums, etc. Doesnt seem fixable on our end :( Hopefully this gets patched or resolved in the future, disappointing to say the least for a paid app.

Love this game, highly recommend to all. However currently if you have to leave the game (like sending a text, or checking an email that came in) and then go back to the game, it pops up saying the game is running on another device and takes you to the main menu. We dont have it running on another device so its annoying to have to go through that every time we switch to another app for 5 seconds. Other than that, the game itself its awesome!

We got on a tear of trying out roguelike deckbuilders after getting drawn into Slay the Spire, and when we asked for recommendations, Monster Train always seemed to show up on the list. Sadly, it wasn’t on iOS, but we tracked it down on another platform and quickly discovered that there was a good reason for this. The simple reality is that the gameplay is really fun – we have played other RDs which were cleverly constructed and had cool effects or narrative, but they often felt kind of bland or repetitive in the actual gameplay (Griftlands is a great example of this – we love everything about that game, except the actual card battling is just kind of there). Alternately, they might have very solid, involved play, but a given run was an INVESTMENT (looking at you, Slay the Spire). Monster Train really threads the needle. The narrative isn’t super deep, but it’s colorful enough to be fun. Gameplay is enjoyable with a wide variety of different possible approaches (combining two factions plus picking a champion gives a lot of diverse foundations before you even get into randomization). An entire run might take a half hour or so, but critically, it’s MUCH easier to walk away and come back – it’s pretty easy to get a sense of how your deck is supposed to work with a quick review. There’s no sense you need to reconstruct what the heck your strategy had been last time you played. Anyway, the real measure here is that we’ve now picked this game up in multiple platforms, played it a lot, and we still happily picked it up on iOS as soon as it came out. In terms of play differences, they’ve done a lot of very smart things. Another one of Monster Train’s strengths is that they’ve always built the interface to be friendly to different input. A lot of RDs struggle on consoles because the interface is so dependent on mouse & keyboard that it just can’t transition, but Monster Train is great on consoles. That same focus on interface was applied to the iOS version. As an example, one place Monster Train doesn’t pay well, is on the Steam Deck. It can’t use the controllers, so you can only play touchscreen, and the experience is not great. We had been fearful that it was a warning of what the iOS experience would be like. However, literally every frustration we had on the Deck (like making accidental clicks, or inability to preview things) has been elegantly resolved in iOS. We’re a big fan, and a very happy customer.

Amazing game. The systems are all breakable in the best ways. A pure joy to play.

There is so much depth and replayability to this game its unbelievable. We cant put it down. Truly amazing.

Hands down one of the best games to tickle the brain, its kid friendly, nothing to graphic, and best of all, theres a track record of progress. Not just endless grinding like many games.

Its good, clever design. 5 stars.

This is our 3rd platform buying and beating monster train. One of the best deckbuilders of all times comes to iOS!!!

We’ve bought this game on PC, Xbox and now our phone and its great on every platform. One of two roguelike deck builders that has been able to keep us playing after hundreds of hours, the other being Slay the Spire. There are five different clans (six with the DLC) and each clan has two champions and you combine two clans each run so there are a ton of different options and cool synergies to discover. Our favorite thing about this game is that its really easy to figure out how everything works but its still complex enough to make you really think about what you have to do.

Monster Train is so good and so addictive. We love the daily challenges and getting better and better with each deck. Monster Train is on the same level as Slay the Spire for us, and we were very excited to see it come to iOS. Ironically we prefer the Xbox game pass controls on iOS, but we are sure the developer will continue to refine the UI and touch controls, and they are not terrible. Highly recommend this game, and thank you to devs for bringing to iOS finally!

Amazing game. If you like deck building rogue-likes. One of our favorites, fun battles, quick simple but not too easy. Main problem we gotta say, we dont think theres much to be done about it tho, is that the screen is pretty small for the game. It can be hard to understand whats happening if you playing with a lot of units on a single floor. Besides that tho. Its great!

Desperately needs to let us see the map and our deck on drafting screens. Otherwise, incredible experience. Deep gameplay, interesting choices, and polished UI for the handheld experience.

Love the synergies and combos you can put together in this game. More replayable than any deck builder we’ve tried.

This is one of our favorite games of all time in any genre, and Im enjoying it all over again on our phone. Our favorite thing about this game is how impactful each choice is; we get bored now with other games where it feels like our decisions or upgrades are incremental. In this one, adding or even removing a single card can change your whole strategy :) Just some notes for the devs: On a non-huge iPhone, units stacked to 5+ become pretty unreadable, especially if they have armor, in which case you cant read the stats. We think theres probably not an easy solution to totally solve this, but we wonder if you could add the unit stats to the hold/hover dialog where it currently only shows buffs, debuffs, statuses and helper text. It can also be tough to target a specific unit when theyre stacked high on mobile – we think it would probably be particularly frustrating for a newer player, but Im not sure whats to be done about that one. There is a strange issue that Im pretty is the same thing we ran into in the pc version, where occasionally when grabbing a card to play, it would scroll you to a different floor with the card in hand. Sometimes this causes a misplay but we think its a slightly bigger issue on mobile because you cant scroll a mouse wheel to quickly correct it; you have to put the card down and try again. Anyway, thanks for brining this masterpiece to our pocket!

Still holding out hope for more DLC in the future.

Id previously played this game on Xbox and thought it would make a wonderful addition to the app atore, and here we are! Monster Train is easy to learn with plenty of variety in playstyles, TONS of replayability, and challenge for new players and card game extraordinaires alike. The price is an absolute steal. What more do you need?

Eternal Flame III Little Fade is so overpowered that it feels like cheating. The game is great though, very addictive and choices really matter.

Easy to pick up and lose an hour in a new run. Extremely polished port of the PC original, which was a balanced and creative card drafting game. Our one complaint is that in some menus – like card and artifact drafting – you cannot view the game map or your deck. Its tough remembering if you have a ring 8 temple coming, or if you cut all your train stewards already, or many other game state questions without being able to see them on the fly.

Good game and really unique compared to other rogue like card games. Takes around 10-15 hours to see almost all the content.

Awesome game that we can play over and over again because each battle takes about 1 hour and are totally different than the last battle. Makes you think a lot which is what we really enjoy.

Its hard enough that we have to think carefully sometimes but straightforward enough to pick up and put down while traveling and mostly remember our next steps. Im fairly certain our ccatholic school teacher wouldnt approve of the story but the gameplay is really good. If you like Slay the Spire, Monster Train is interesting alternative to try.

What we love about this game: Its basically the same as is available on steam, but for our iPad. No in-game transactions No hidden costs No pay-to-win Fun to play Infinite replay value Just enough randomness in the deck creation Plenty of variety on the clans and clan combos What we dont like: The card selection is glitchy, you play a card you dont mean to So, you can see, the only downside can be fixed with code and updates – while the plus side is significant. We wouldnt change anything except fixing the card selection glitch. We also can recommend this game without reservation. Well done – a single purchase game which is fun and has good replay value is hard to find on the App Store these days. Its totally worth the price to download, and we expect the DLC will be worth it as well (I havent bought it yet).

For someone who has liked StS and other rogue like card games, but never been obsessed with one, Monster Train has definitely been the first game in this genre to really grip us. Each game lasts around 90 minutes but they can be so different, each species of demon can be mixed and matched. It is definitely easier than StS, but we love that sometimes youll win by the skin of your teeth and sometimes you will kill the final boss in the first turn because you have a killer combo.

Even after a few years since release, very few deck builder can compare to this game. So glad its also on iOS now.

Monster Train is our favorite deck building game, and to be able to play it mobile is a dream come true. We’ve completed so many runs since purchasing. There are a few very minor bugs here and there, but nothing game breaking or annoying at all. This might be the best $10 we’ve ever spent on the app store. If you enjoyed the PC or console version, you will love the mobile version.

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