Music Wars Rockstar

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Music Wars Rockstar

Music Wars Rockstar

Music Wars Rockstar is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Antuan Johnson, Music Wars Rockstar is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th September 2022 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Music Wars Rockstar ?

1,261 people have rated 0.600

What is the price of the Music Wars Rockstar ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Music Wars Rockstar released ?

Music Wars Rockstar was released on 5th September 2022.

When was the Music Wars Rockstar updated ?

The latest updated date of Music Wars Rockstar on 30th May 2023.

Where can Music Wars Rockstar be downloaded ?

You can download the game Music Wars Rockstar from Apple Official App Store.



From the creator of the long-running Music Wars music industry simulation series comes the latest entry, Music Wars Rockstar!

In Music Wars Rockstar, the story of your artist is yours to create. Choose what they look like, what their background is, what type of music you play, and go into the industry writing and recording your own songs. Partner with a label to reach a wider audience, or go your own route and stay independent. Build a social network full of friends who will gladly appear on your songs or invite you to perform on theirs, or start beef with others and write the next big diss track, stoking the social media flame and building your reputation while tearing others down.

Create your character with an expansive 3D character creator, choose from one of 16 starting stories that help form who your artist is and where they came from, and begin your career with one of over 30 different music genres ranging from Pop and Hip Hop to Rock and Electronica.

Try to get your artist to the top of the charts, with 12 charts spanning 4 regions and 3 release types (Singles, Albums, Streaming).

Will you receive the recognition you deserve? Become nominated and win awards for your singles, albums, and even music videos!

Tired of competing against the AI? Take the battle online and compare your artist against thousands of other players! Will you have what it takes to win the Music War?

Utilize social media to befriend other artists, or turn them into bitter rivals.

Create your own custom merch, with up to 10 different types of customizable merch, including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Vinyl, and more. Sell them on the road when playing live shows, or in your own upgradeable webstore!

Shoot your own music videos and upload them directly to the internet for your fans, and critics, to see. Watch as reaction videos appear in your feed, letting you know what the internet thinks of your music!

Music Wars Rockstar receives frequent game updates, adding more new features to the game. So many, we can’t even begin to list them all on one page, and it’s only just beginning! More updates will continue going forward into 2023 and we hope that you’ll join us for them! Follow us on Twitter @musicwarsempire, or join the forum at for all the latest news on updates.

Updated on 30th May 2023

Update Alert: Music Wars: Rockstar

  • Radio Feature: Tune in and conquer the airwaves to let the world hear your legendary tunes!

  • Mor Dark Web Feature: Take your rise to stardom to the next level! Access the underground world of Mor Dark Web and use payola to buy hits, gain popularity, and fuel your meteoric ascent. Beware of the consequences!

  • Introducing the All-New Streamify Layout! Unleash the power of playlists on Streamify to skyrocket your streams and make your music reach new heights!

Update now and unleash your musical genius in Music Wars: Rockstar!

Music Wars Rockstar Review

Please give us the ability to boost other artiste popularity(their popularity should decrease if they dont make any hits after) and create record labels also the new update broke the game we cant go past a certain year anymore, thanks for reading.

Great game but something that definently needs work is the social media features but besides that its a solid game sure it has IAPs but you could easily do it free and enjoy the game.

Can you make it where we can date and get married and have kids that would be cool.

Make it where we can have our own label.

How do we get a new label pls help me.

We really love this game and we love your update on the feedback but we think you should add where the artist can buy a house luxury cars and so much and we would love you to add where we can sign an upcoming artist to our label and so much more.

We love this game but one question. Once we get a strong enough relationship with other artists will we be able to date, then marry, and have kids?

We love this game, its so addicting idc how many ads Ill watch the whole thing just to play it again. The only issue we have is that we wish we could regain our health back again once we exit out the app, because it takes awhile to get your health back-up.

We should be able to support other npcs tours.

The game is good but we feel as something like instagram would be great to add and making the sales money and radio numbers more realistic.

Our game wont start what the problem.

We just wish you could change into different outfits.

We love this app it puts you in the musicians position without actually being in the real life position, we love that you get to create and be who your ideal person is but the only take away that we would say is that the charts are not accurate when you win a number one it wont say that on the app so if you win three number ones like on the actual billboard in real life, It will show three number ones but it in the game really only show two, should really fix that bug but other than that, no complaints from this app whatsoever besides the inaccuracy when it comes to the billboard charts in the game.

Would be the best but need a few more things added like creating your own record label.

Add creation of record labels and make it look real!!!!

Needs sme improving we can see where they going with the game but its still needs work if you forget to name anything on Here, it will not let you continue after you do put the name on it So you Have to close out the game and re-play it which is too much. If they do some more bug fixes and add more thing to it it would be a 4 star game, then a 5 when they add more and do a lot of bug fixes.

You game froze so we deleted it and our progress wasnt there even though we already have an account..

Hi, we updated our game two days ago and we cant release new songs.

This game is the best of its kind on the App Store. The developer does a great job updating it and keeping it fresh. It is an absolute gem!

Let us start off by saying this game is so so so good. To make it perfect and a holy game here are some things we think should be added 1. More NPCs: more npc and some with higher ratings there are a lot of artists in the game but there arent enough. No 99% rated npcs are in the game at the moment 2. Collab albums: you should be able to make collab albums with people 3. Label managing: manage your label and sign artists, manage them.


Yo this game is amazing bro like on bro but yall should add more stuff like you can meet ur fans, stream, give fans money, Go to stores, More chains, Allow to follow others on twitter, And more but man your game is great please recommend these.

Make a movie star update or app just like the music start app.

Great for the most part. There are a few adjustments to be made, such as when you use a photo for something it simply inserts it as it is. We wish that there was a way to edit them especially in the case of CDs, as the picture often fits awkwardly. We also believe that Chattr deserves a revamp. Posts should get more attention from accounts with millions of followers. We have over 20 million and our most liked tweet has around 16 thousand likes, which pales in comparison to real world parallels. Lastly, we would like if remixes were options. We have been making our own form of remixes through different features on the same song, but actual remixes would be an improvement.

Needs an update but its really addictive.

Love this game just wish they would add some sound effects or background music.

Can we get relationships so we want other rappers in the game to fall in love with our character. Like if your really good terms we should have the option to ask on date with rapper or someone. And please do it tomorrow on our birthday and all the updates that people are want.


We recognized your name and realized you were the MWE developer. We dont know if you know this, but there is still a small but very active and passionate fanbase for MWE with a lovely community who has hoped youll come back. Its good to see you putting passion into another game for the niche music sim genre fans. We really enjoy this one, we felt like we ran out of things to do quickly but we know its still in development and Im excited to play the newest update.

Please give us the ability to boost other artiste popularity(their popularity should decrease if they dont make any hits after) and create record labels.

For the update could yall add the option for two starting stories.

This is probably the best music simulator game, but we feel like they should add an end week button so that the players can feel more in control, rather than the player not being able to control weeks going by when doing an activity.

We like these type of games and feel this game could go far if you add some more things. Fix lag spikes and gameplay features but its a really good game.

We like the game but we think if you have over 10 million followers on twitter you should get 100k-250k likes.

We just feel that the emotions thingy at the top is just a little hard at times especially when youre starting from the complete bottom. Because your health, creativity and happy points go down very quickly but you cant do anything about it because youre broke but overall we like it so far. Also the UI and character model needs some updating. The character is kinda ugly and boxy but we love everything else keep up the good work.

Okay so first when our money gose down we Cant find a job to get it back up when we press the thing like to put the song it dose not let us.

Let us make it clear, we love that they are expanding on the game. Its great, and love that they are trying to make it realistic, but we do not like music sim games where it takes a while for you to grind to become the most successful artist. The booking tour update kind of slows the process of gettin more money (in our opinion) we hope they fix this!

You can do everything great, but their needs to be more cosmetic items to the game or assets like houses or cars or even real estate for all your money. We also cant change our clothes once we purchase them which is kind of odd.

The game needs an update because there are a lot of bugs.

All our stuff is gone and Im back at year 1 wthh..


Do you even listen to your viewers, this is the third time Im starting this game over because we changed our device, lets be able to login and save our progress invade we change devices not just online charts.

The game is awesome, totally recommend, and can literally play for hours But here are our recommendations – ( might be a glitch) we’ve had two artists who have experienced the songs their featured on disappears after a few weeks. Its very annoying so if possible please fix this. -more controversy for an artist career -more character development/character creation we simply just want more customization options. -better bands MY REAL REVIEW- we agree with everything above this text but for some reason we cant write songs when we click confirm its still on that screen we’ve reseted and reopened the apps many times. Idk if this glitch is only for pop/RNB artists which is what our artist is But yeah still.

It would be nice if we were able to create our own label and sign up artists or debut our own. Also, please add Japan, China, and South Korea. Along with music genre of J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop. Addition, please add a tab where we can see our contract and be able to demand changes or negotiate terms.

So we deleted the game on accident because we were trying to create space so we downloaded the game back and all our characters and our data was deleted. We were so sad because we put a lot of time we to this game just to see it waste like that.

We got it on our android and there are a few bugs with the customization and now we tried to download it on our iPhone and it refuses to let us download it!!! We need help!

So far, it’s a cool game. However, its impossible to see the skill levels after assigning points in the beginning and we feel like it auto assign points during the game? Im not sure, but a detail tutorial would definitely be helpful.

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