My Perfect Hotel

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, My Perfect Hotel is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th July 2022 with the latest update 23rd December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Perfect Hotel ?

29,959 people have rated 1.0.17

What is the price of the My Perfect Hotel ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Perfect Hotel released ?

My Perfect Hotel was released on 29th July 2022.

When was the My Perfect Hotel updated ?

The latest updated date of My Perfect Hotel on 23rd December 2022.

Where can My Perfect Hotel be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Perfect Hotel from Apple Official App Store.




Ever dreamed of running your own hotel? Start from the ground up in this fun and fast-paced time-management game where the aim is to build an accommodation empire and demonstrate your dedication to hospitality. Show your skills as a hotel manager, invest wisely in staff and property improvements, and work your socks off to become a hospitality tycoon in this addictive and entertaining casual simulator.


  • Climb to the top: Start the game as a simple bellhop single-handedly cleaning rooms, greeting guests at reception, collecting payments and tips, and keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper. As your bank balance expands, upgrade rooms and facilities, and employ new staff to help keep up with the growing demand at your hotel. Your guests may be sleeping comfortably, but there’s no time to rest for a determined hotel tycoon.

  • Build an empire: There are several hotels to explore and expand, each with dozens of different unique upgrades to make before you reach five-star perfection. Demonstrate your competence as a manager in each location, then get promoted to get a new and bigger property, and continue your path to becoming a true hotel tycoon. Each hotel has its own style and atmosphere too.

  • Keep going: If you want success in this high-stakes industry, you can’t just stroll around your property at a leisurely pace. Upgrade your and your employees’ movement speed to work faster and provide your guests with all the services they need ASAP — it’ll boost your revenue too.

  • Amenities are the answer: Maximise profits and get more funds to invest in this fun simulator by ensuring your hotels have all available amenities. Bathrooms are the first step, but work hard and you’ll soon have the opportunity to add vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, and swimming pools to your properties. Guests will pay extra for each facility, boosting your revenue. Though remember each facility also needs staffing, so get hiring or you’ll soon run off your feet with angry guests left standing in line for each amenity.

  • Grand designs: Upgrade accommodation to improve guests’ experience of your property and choose from a range of different room designs in each location. In this engaging simulator, you’re not just a manager, you’re an interior designer too!


Looking for a time-management game that’s original and simple to play and provides endless hours of entertainment? Dive straight into the fast-paced world of hospitality provision and develop your skills as a manager, investor, and designer. Download Hotel Master now and get to work building an accommodation empire.

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Updated on 23rd December 2022

Great news! A new hotel is now available to play! We have also made many improvements to the game based on your feedback!

My Perfect Hotel Review

Is Hotel 3 available to play? Im not able to advance further than 2.

After someone leaves a room they drop Money, if you want the money from the room, you have to go in it, please change this, please add a money vacuum that the cleaners use, and when they vacuum it up it goes to the front desk so you collect the room money from the front desk all in one go. Also more cleaners would be appreciated, and no inappropriate ads.

Fun game we just turn on airplane mode to not have ads. But seems like there is nothing after 2nd hotel bc we cant get the elevator to let us pass??

Its really fun and we really like that it feels like Im working a real hotel its amazing!!

This game is fun and cool you should defo play.

100% u should dawnload Best game in the world.

We think its the beeeeeest game ever some might think that It has TO many adds well heres a trick Step 1:Turn on airplane mode! Step 2:Go into game! And thats it! Use that and youll have the best experience.

So good! Im addicted to this game pls pls pls work on putting out level 3.

This game is, fun. But we were halfway through and then we just left and when we came back it just reset.? Edit: IM SO DUMB OMG NVMMM.

Only thing we cant figure out is how do you get to Hotel #3. We have updated everything in hotel 2.

Love the game! We would suggest a magnet to purchase and collect all the dropped cash in all rooms. Ads really arent that bad. Now we wish the next hotel would open up! Finished both hotels in no time because we became addicted to the game!

Hello, we like your game very much. There is only one bad bug in the game. And we stopped at the same place. If we dont watch ads while upgrading rooms, we get less stars and we cant accumulate the 30 stars required for level 2. As a result, the game crashes. We stay at 28 stars. We saved 6.2k, but we couldnt get the remaining 2 stars. Please fix this part. We had to delete the game and all our hard work went to waste. Note: im a game designer and qa mobile tester. :)

So a lot of people complain about ads but except for the boosters there arent many ads at all. This game is super fun and recommend it.

Not sure why we cant move passed this level when we have everything upgraded other than this issue we like the game.

Nice game. Great graphics. Unfortunately, every 30secs an ad pops up. Pop up ads cause game to slow down, freeze, and glitch. We would definitely pay to remove pop up ads. Lost revenue for creators. Pushing away potential long term players. Something to think about.

Pretty good, a lot of ads, figured we would write our own review since we didnt see any.

Liked the game. Cant get past the second hotel though.

We love this game but you need to update the last hotel!

We need the little guy to live a little faster. And we have been stuck on the beach hotel for awhile now. And Im not sure how to get to the next level. Its a little frustrating. But otherwise we love the game.

Not a bad little game to pass time. For us the adds were not to much but it only has 2 lvls. You put all your time into and there is nothing more. Please update and keep the game going!

Its a really cool game we love it but too many ads and we cant unlock hotel 3 update it please.

Good game but we can’t open hotel 3.

This game is pretty fun but it seems like it derives on too many ads for high progression. It was fun at the start but then the ads made it unbearable to play anymore.

Liked the game but had to uninstall after less than an hour because every other ad was super inappropriate. Im a youngish cool modern person and they were too much for us, and we certainly wouldnt want a child to encounter those ads! This should be illegal, imo.

We have been playing this game and we completed hotel 1 and 2. Now we dont know how to get to hotel 3. We give 3 out of 5.

It is good but the game has a bug every time we open the game it doesnt load so Im stuck waiting for hours fix it.

Please so not let your kids play this game. The game itself would be wonderful if they continue to make more hotels. However, every add is either sexualized or guns.

This game has a lot of potential. We love games that feel as though Im accomplishing something when Im not. The ads though. Right from the beginning. Ever 30 seconds. We understand thats how the developer makes money. Im willing to pay for no ads but the amount of ads before we could even get a real feel for the game is a HUGE turn off.

Good game fun to play but because so much adds we dont think Ill play it to much.

Im maxed out at level 2 and we still cant move on to the third hotel. Im not sure what Im doing wrong.

This game is so fun and addicting but the only problem is that there are WAY TOO MANY ads.

Besides all the ads this could be a perfect game to play.

This game will be more playable if the hotel worker can move a little faster. The slow pace walk is a killer. Than if you want to move faster you have to watch an ad. Also, why are there ads within the game if you already have them set up for extra money, better rooms to open bathrooms or to open other parts of the hotel? Its like an ad over load. Trust us if a person want to upgrade their hotel for more money we are going to watch the ads the excessive ads is just to much. But it is fun.

Most games like this allow you to lay $2.99+ to remove ads, most of us would gladly pay this to remove the mid game ads!

Hi, we would give this game a solid 5 if there was at LEAST an option to pay for no ads. We play a lot of games like this on our phone and often dont mind paying up to $10 for the no ads feature if we really am enjoying the game. Please add in this feature. The ads are interfering with the gameplay. Not only do you need to watch an add for any major upgrade – but they randomly pop up in the middle of gameplay. Im trying to give the game a fair shot here, but the ads are completely unreasonable.

About to delete game. With the amount of ads out makes it lag and pretty much unplayable. Get it fixed and it would be a great game.

We really like the game but it gets so glitchy that we’ve straight up not been able to use our entire phone. So thats not great, but when it does work, its a lot of fun.

Played this game for days now and upgraded every single thing there was to upgrade. Got to the end of level 2 and it wont let us get to the next hotel. Its addicting but the ads are every 2 min or every upgrade. And no we dont care for the chapters ad with the chick breaking out a viberator.

The game is fine but if you are going to run sex ads, you may want to change the age to play 18+ instead of 4+. If you dont change the age, at least run appropriate ads for all ages. These sex ads should not be running.

We loved playing this game! We were hooked from the start but the ads ended that quickly. Its bad enough you have to watch an ad every time you wanna power up but the unexpected pop up ads are ridiculous. After three or four ads our tablet began to hesitate and then locked up we had to shut the game down. After playing for two days, we had to just delete the game and move on. Fix this! Ill even pay you to remove the ads!

This game is for ages 4 and up. However, some of these ads are for ages 17+ and are extremely inappropriate for a game that a child can play. Heck, Im a parent and we dont even like some of the ads. But when our child got on our phone and played this game and an ad pops up for game that has a womans legs in the air and hands a vibrator to another woman and that woman unbuttons her top and shows her boobs flopping around like they are filled with jello and grabs the vibrator to use thats not okay. How about having ads that are age appropriate for the audience. Have the ads for games that are for adults on other games that are for adults only.

Yea we guess theres nothing after the second hotel and we got through it in a bit of time so we mean its ok though we guess just wish that we would have been able to move on since it says theres a third hotel.

We like the game but cant seem to get past hotel two. We have completely maxed out hotel one and two. We have nothing left to purchase and we have over 500k in savings. How do we get to hotel 3? Or will hotel 3 be added at a later date? We love to play mobile games and If we cant get past this level we need to know if we need to delete it or not for a new attention grabber.

We really enjoy this game and we like the idea of it. The ads though just kinda kill it for us. We understand you guys need to make money and we totally get it. Theres a better way of doing it though. If you guys are gamers yourselves you must see how just having an ad start playing out of nowhere while playing can be a bit annoying. Solid game other than that.

For some reason we cant go to level 3 can yall fix that please !

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