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My Talking Hello Kitty

My Talking Hello Kitty

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, My Talking Hello Kitty! Developed by the innovative team at VIVA GAMES S.L., this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 4th November 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 25th July 2023.

Are you a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Family games? Then My Talking Hello Kitty is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of My Talking Hello Kitty

Over 134 players have rated My Talking Hello Kitty. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does My Talking Hello Kitty Cost?

Good news! You can download My Talking Hello Kitty on your iOS device absolutely free!

My Talking Hello Kitty Release Date

Eager to know when My Talking Hello Kitty first graced the App Store? It was launched on 4th November 2021.

When Was My Talking Hello Kitty Last Updated?

The latest version of My Talking Hello Kitty was updated on 25th July 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download My Talking Hello Kitty?

To get started with My Talking Hello Kitty, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into My Talking Hello Kitty

From the studio that brought you My Talking Gummy Bear game comes a new talking videogame for kids, My Talking Hello Kitty!
Check out this cool game, where the famous character Hello Kitty invites you into her house and plays games with you!

Talking Hello Kitty is your new best friend: Have tons of fun with this Lovely girl and get amazing casual games for everyone! She hears you speak and talks to you, all in your family will enjoy magical surprises in this talking game! Designed for everyone to play in family and with friends.


PLAYING AND TALKING: you can Help Hello Kitty bake when she’s hungry, help her wash the dishes, take her to sleep when she’s tired, play in the garden with her or plant some flowers! You can watch them grow all while talking to the famous Hello Kitty!

MINI GAMES: Play mini games with talking Hello kitty, including playing with a ball, tending your flowers, washing dishes and Talking Hello Kitty ‘s Favorite mini game, baking!

EXPLORING talking Hello Kitty ‘s house: Hello kitty can go from one room to the next discovering exciting games and new activities. Players can Help Talking Hello Kitty and have amazing fun and talk with her.

SURPRISE BOX: Talking Hello Kitty has a surprise box, and there are several surprise toys to discover and play games! Each one is unique and amazing. Discover with her what amazing toy you will get each time in this great talking game for all.

DECORATE HER HOUSE: You can also decorate Hello Kitty ‘s house in this casual game, you can have lots of fun decorating, changing wallpaper, rugs, lamps, and some of Hello Kitty ‘s belongings!

DRESS HER UP: Another great thing about this great simulation game is that you can play dress up with talking Hello Kitty, make her pretty and change her looks while having fun!


  •    TAP and talk to hear Hello Kitty’s voice!
  •    PLAY with her surprise chest and find out which amazing toy you will get!
  •    TAKE a photo with Hello Kitty and SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!
  •    ENJOY casual mini-games with your favorite virtual freind.
  •    FUN with Hello Kitty in her house doing what she loves. 
  •    DRESS her up and choose her clothes.
  •    PLAY any game with her and discover all the fun surprises!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of My Talking Hello Kitty updated on 25th July 2023:

Bug fixes
performance improvements.

User Reviews on My Talking Hello Kitty

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of My Talking Hello Kitty below:

Add more talking sanrio characters like kuromi our melody pumpurumping cinamiroll.

Our talking hello kitty is sooo cute and nice and adorable and fun so if you would like this game, we would download it.

This game is like taking Angela so Im gonna pass out Im not deleting it but Im just saying yall are just too much fun like Im a sassy girl but we love being that way! Im deleting taking Angela and keeping this app!

So we love the game but Im a # year old who LOVES bathroom humer so you should add a bathroom where you can give her a bath brush her and she goes pee pee poo poo! In the toilet.

We love it but it crashes after a moment. Can you please fix this?

This game is good but can be better, there needs to be other options for the game when you tap the beach ball , have a option for timer and no timer with levels Also have more activities like brushing teeth bathing like in talking Tom / Angela app Also add hello kitty stickers in a sticker book in the app based on level Needs more activity and fun.

We paid for the no ads option within the game. Immediately stared getting ads again. So misleading and frustrating to constantly have to get rid of ads so our 4 year old can play!

So far we have had a really nice experience with this game before we downloaded it we thought it would have a lot of ads but we’ve had this Game for a while now, and not a single ad that randomly pops up its also a really fun game with quite a bit of mini games to play The only thing that we would recommend is adding more mini games otherwise, absolutely perfect.

Okay, we are 9 years old and we shouldnt be doing reviews, but IM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME!!!! We just love that when you press hello kitty, she claps This is so adorable! The games are really fun too! But we think this is kind of a rip- off of our Angela. We also love to do the baking activity in the kitchen. This is an awesome game for our age. ALL PARENTS THIS APP IS GREAT FOR YOUR KIDS! 10/10! We think you guys should download this game!

This is a fun game but it could use a bathroom.

Im a huge Sanrio fan and we have no regrets about downloading this game! The only thing we think would make this game complete is to add other characters like our Melody or Keromi that you can buy with the money you earn in the game and get to play as them.

We love this game and its fun but we have some ideas for features in the game. Firstly we think it would be cute if there was a bathroom, and in the bathroom you can give hello kitty a bath and comb her hair. We also think it would be a cute idea if the player could color in a drawing and then it can be a painting on the wall next to her bed.

Bro we had the talking thing and we said, can you see us she nodded yes Im kind of scared now and its midnight.



Find talking Tom 2 and you will see that he go in a plane to different places. Can you do that for hello kitty. Btw we LOVE THE GAME. Thank you.

Hi, this is one of our all-time favorite games its so cute. But this is why we are whiting this. When we were talking to hello Kitty with the microphone we dont think it worked and when we were playing it for 15 minutes and there was an add it was a black screen after that so can you please fix this? One of our all-time faves again our God hello Kitty is so cute.

Good game we love hello kitty so much.

We like this game we downloaded this app today but could you let us make the cake with our IRL hands? Like we move the the stuff? Just a suggestion love the game :)

Well we were looking at the reviews until we found out charmmy kitty. But we still downloaded it anyway because its hello kitty?

We played this game and is a fun game and we love hello kitty so much.

We really love this but one thing that would be cool is that you can change your character so you can be our melody cinnamonroll etc.

You should get our talking hello kitty you can feed hello kitty and bake a cake and wash the dishes there is more to it but the might add more maybe by the time you download it more stuff will be in the game.

This game is so cute!! , please add more stuff in the game! Its so good <3.

This is our favorite game of all times it’s so cute we love the game but it needs more features we would play it a lot it’s so (v) .. The game and who made it.

This game is great and really fun but it honestly it could use more features! A bathroom and adding her pet charmmy kitty would be great! It would also be nice if she could have friends come over that are other characters! Also adding rewards for levels would be amazing, like more stars, clothes for kitty, and friends for her to play with! If she could be sent to school with friends that would be cool too! Also (afterthought) but if there could be Kittys sister in the game to take care of and kittys baby sister that would be super cute! Adding talking Daniel and making holiday updates would be great too! If Daniel could do a Valentines Day event that would be the cutest! Please keep it up and make it so we can raise kitty from a baby to teenager! Of course not ruining how she looks, but otherwise that would be great! Keep it cute! :(*`) Thanks a bunch your game is amazing! We look forward to more! Edit: August 10th, just a curious thought but if you could add a feature where kitty gets sick from too many unhealthy foods and so she had to go to the doctor that would be great, thanks. This would help a lot cus it teaches about portion control and not eating too much snacks or candies or just anything in general. It also adds an opportunity for a town layout page where kitty can go to the doctor, school, her friends house, + so much more! Excited to see updates, hope this game is made great!)

Hey, we love this game but when we bought the no ads option (three dollars) we still got ads when we played the game. Is there any way to fix this?

We LOVE THIS GAME… But add more stuff please but l hello kitty.

This game is so fun we love to play it but can you add A language choice because ours came in Spanish and we speak English this game is super fun.

We paid for ad free and im stuff getting ads.

We like this game so we paid to remove the ads but we still have been getting them even after we paid for it … So flop.

We just bought this game yesterday and Im get ads. Please fix or give us our money back.

Bad app. Bought the game but ads still there dont . 0 star.

Why am we takking care of this weird abomination.

Paid $3 to remove ads and its still showing up randomly Very frustrating & deceiving. Please fix it!

There are sooooo many Ads. We paid the upgrade in store app purchase and still a crazy amount of Ads. We consistently have to stop what Im doing to help our 5 year old find the tiny X button after watching the ads. Waste of time and money.

Bought the no ad option and you still get ads- cant play for 5 secs before ads start popping off. Requested refund and deleted app immediately.

We payed for our kids game to have no ads. Guess what it still has adds.

We would give it 0 stars if we could, we bought it for our daughter and paid for the ads to be removed and they charged us but the ads still appear.

This is an amazing game and we like it and so does our little sister. Keep doing a great job on future games could you add a few other mini games maybe like connecting dots or bubble pop that would be fun but after all this is an amazing game you should get it. This game is fun, sweet and good graphics for a hello kitty game again keep up the good work.




Id like to say we really like hello kitty and we downloaded this game after seeing it on Instagram but there needs to be more features added, this feels like a beta version of the game as there isnt much to do besides feed her.

Wished we could have given a 0 star for a negative review but it does not allow us. We recently paid for the full app to remove the ads. The ads are still showing. This is an inconvenience as our daughters play this game. Please support do something about it!

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