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Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 10:40 pm

Next Chess Move


Next Chess Move is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Next Chess Move LLC, Next Chess Move is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th February 2013 with the latest update 1st March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


50 people have rated 4.2.13

You can download the game Next Chess Move from APP STORE.


NCM is a powerful chess calculator that runs Stockfish 15.1 directly on your device. The app also includes free access to a growing list of engines running on NCM’s remote single core CPU hardware:

  • Stockfish latest official releases and development builds
  • Lc0 (all official networks and several contrib networks)
  • Cfish
  • GNU Chess
  • Ethereal
  • Xiphos
  • Laser
  • Defenchess
  • Arasan
  • Vajolet2
  • OpenTal
  • Nemorino
  • Demolito
  • Winter
  • Nalwald
  • Igel
  • Seer
  • Fire
  • RubiChess
  • Koivisto
  • Wasp
  • Halogen
  • Berserk
  • Marvin
  • Combusken
  • ShashChess

The optional NCM Pro in-app purchase provides one year access to powerful hardware and features that significantly enhance the strength of calculations:

  • Ryzen 5950X 16 CPU-core servers
  • RTX 2080 GPUs for LcZero
  • 6-man syzygy tablebases on SSD drives

Updated on 1st March 2023

  • Adding link to account settings webpage
  • Bugfix: occasional "process not found" error

Next Chess Move Reviews

This app does so much to hold our data and present us with multiple engine calculations. We invested in the Pro and will renew when the time comes. Sometimes FREE is very limited in what can do for your game. The Pro NCM is well worth the cost to us.

The app does not provide an arrow, or other directional indicators for the next best move. It does provide letter and number for the squares however. This addition would make the app much better and easier to use.

Its a good app, but we really dont see any major advantages to using this over the free website, they both give you access to pretty much the same things. We may be nitpicking but in our opinion if you pay for an app you should get access to some premium features, Im not saying paid users should get access to the most advanced hardware, we just think people that pay for the app should be paying for more features compared to the website, instead of the app being practically a carbon copy of the free website. Other than that, great app! Keep up the good work.

Add in option to play engine vs engine Add some themes that woud be nice!! Add analysis arrows great app!! Edit: we want a way to copy the full pgn when playing engine vs engine it just copys one notation not the whole thing please fix!! Great software we highly recommended for analysis of engines against yourself but some things need to be fixed and added like an database for some openings too for free like the sicilian defense caro-kahn and more basic openings for free anyway if you can add these suggestions for us it would be great!!! Great software!

This app got us banned from chess. Com, how did that happen?

Every move it suggests is a blunder. Clearly whoever designed this is a sadist.

We paid you guys the 20 bucks for the one year subscription. We log in recently and the subscription is gone. There is no option to restore our purchase. Pretty weak guys.. Pretty weak.

We get error response most of the time. Im so frustrated about it. Fix it please or we will just have to delete this app from our iPhone.

Very helpful app in practicing chess and learning mistakes and best move When there ll be ipad version Please do.

This app is like the website but more convenient. Its amazing. We learn a lot using this app and even the free version is pretty good. The paid version offers a much more robust calculation for the real serious chess players.

It may not be intuitive but as soon as you learn how to use this app, it is very helpful in the move analysis. We have upgraded to the pro version as we can make use of the 20core CPU in move calculations – with 4 different engines. For now we dont have to buy a muti-core PC for the purposes of doing move analysis as this app allows us do the same. Our suggestion for improvement – while it it compatible with iPad, it does not do the landscape format. Thus it is a little bit awkward to the edit on our saved boards using the iPad as the display is in the portrait mode, and our keyboard is oriented on the landscape. Another thing if possible is to increase the analysis time as the max time is only 30seconds. While 30 sec analysis can do a lot, the additional time will ensure that you are getting the best move possible within that alloted time. We know it means addition of more hardware and more costs. You get what you pay for, and for us if we are getting our moneys worth, we could possible pay more.

The app said $2.99 and we were charged $10.81. Extremely disappointing app. A subscription is needed after purchasing!

Its keeps telling us that its check when its not. Does anyone know how to fix that?

We tried to pay to use extra servers, sign in doesnt work. We wouldnt have purchased this app had we known its the exact same as the webpage.

Very good and has the strongest engines.

App is great all we just wish it would switch turns after calculating a move or at least have an option to do so besides that no complaints here!

The app gives the impression of a premium feel, if you will. It has a very modern look, and it is simplistic to utilize. Despite all those positive comments, there is room for improvement. We’ve noticed that if an illegal move is made on the board, if Id copied the FEN/PGN, it wont give you the exact game (PGN), only the current position from were the illegal move was made. This is a problem because when you castle, legally, the chess game will not show every move being made when you copy the PGN. We do know, and it makes sense, as to why the whole chess game wont show, as it is an illegal move, but castling shouldnt be considered illegal. We do wonder if there is a way to castle, however, if not, Id recommend that if you capture, or place the King in the Rooks square, youd castle. Ultimately, there are many feedback by users, and suggestions, and should be taken to consideration. This app is great, and it deserves five stars.

Best couple dollars we have ever spent on the App Store. WIN EVERY TIME!!

Love this app. Easy to use and super helpful for learning.

Good app. It would be 5 stars if you could name your boards and it would show the name, on the side of the board, under saved boards tab.

The app doesn’t come with any instructions on how to use and calculates moves only for white side. Edit: we figured out the button to switch between black and white. App works nicely, UI could be lot better. Could not find an option to delete saved games.

Really nice app to help figure out the optimum move.

Use it to cheat against our brother if we’re ever on a losing streak.

Easy to use, great crisp look.

Love this chess app. The display is so sharp and clear. Can really help improve your game.

Great tool for what if analysis.

We don’t usually review stuff here but this app is easy to use, quick, and a great tool to up your game. We don’t always follow it 100% just preferring to play our own game, an make our own mistakes. Very helpful.

The update said Bug fixes, but there were no bugs till this update… Update: Fixed the bugs!!!

We love this app! Super helpful when you want to beat your friends in a game of chess. Also great for studying the game!

We use this to track moves on games we play to test if we made the correct move and see what the apps suggested move. It gives us exactly what we’re looking for when playing a game of chess.

What an excellent app to understand making bold moves!

This is a helpful app. We’re learning a great deal from it, and beating our friend at e-mail chess doing it.

This program is amazing and a perfect tool for improving our chess. Just a question for more help: How can we print our or our opponents positions after a move or after a completed game? Kurt.

Very great app, and it has a very clean layout. However, if you use the website rather than the app, it has a stockfish 8 setting which is said to be stronger, and an option for the calculated move to automatically be played in the engine so you don’t have to move the piece after you calculate the move. Other than that the app works perfect, and it defiantly easier to access than the website when you are on a mobile device.

Terrific tutor. Offers highly imaginative and bold solutions. Love it.

Very easy to use. Excellent teacher.

This app is really making our game better!

The update looks great and functions perfectly.

We for our whole life have been awful at chess. No matter how many games we played. We net one of our friends that we could beat them while we wasn’t paying attention and was texting on our phone . We WON! This app works get it now!

Like most amateur chess players, we sometimes request a little help from a computer to decide what to do next. That is just what this program is for. This position analyzer is super simple to use. Board position setup is much faster and less frustrating than Chess-Wise, another app we’ve used regularly. Also, we are by no means a chess expert, but we have played a great deal of correspondence chess and we like the suggested moves from Next Chess Move better than the suggestions by Chess-Wise. Next Chess Move "thinks" longer and seems to come up with moves with better long-term consequences.

This engine has made us a better player. We find myself needing to consult it less and less and it helps us to understand what is the most logical next step. The only gripe we have is the GUI. Some things need tweaking. If we choose to flip the board it should only flip the board we’re currently on. Otherwise it’s a wonderful tool.

It’s absolutely amazing, we love it, and we use almost everyday. It really helps if you never know what moves to make, how to respond to your opponents move, or if you’re up against a computer and you just can’t beat it. It helped a lot on Play Magnus, so if you have that app and you can’t beat an age, then we recommend you buy this app.

If you want to learn how to play and need help with strategies this is the app for you.

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