OP:The New Four Emperors

Last updated on November 20th, 2022 at 11:05 am

OP:The New Four Emperors

OP:The New Four Emperors

OP:The New Four Emperors is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by VENOSNU LIMITED, OP:The New Four Emperors is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st July 2022 with the latest update 31st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of OP:The New Four Emperors ?

79 people have rated 1.0.1

What is the price of the OP:The New Four Emperors ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the OP:The New Four Emperors released ?

OP:The New Four Emperors was released on 31st July 2022.

When was the OP:The New Four Emperors updated ?

The latest updated date of OP:The New Four Emperors on 31st July 2022.

Where can OP:The New Four Emperors be downloaded ?

You can download the game OP:The New Four Emperors from Apple Official App Store.



Hundreds of characters from all series, recruit characters, build your team, defeat strong opponents, claim bounty

Make battle strategies based on different character traits, as well as battle formation, utlize advantages of different formation and take down your opponents. Seize every single victory

Your team will keep producing rewards when you go offline, you can claim them the next time you login. You have different rewards every day. Complete daily quest to get bonus rewards

Updated on 31st July 2022

OP:The New Four Emperors Review

Overall a very good game no complaints other than the audio and vip aspects of the game but other than that 10/10.

VERY fun but be warned, it is VERY addicting, however we do love this game, and we havent opened any social media since we downloaded, but on thing we dont like is how the joining guild system is, also if you even try to look anything up about it all youll find is Roblox games and stuff about the yanko.

It was a little bit unexpected, but we still get to login our account with no problem. This game is really good, and we enjoy playing it.

Same exact game as the previous title. Servers, account. Download and log back in! The game is fun, idle and free to play friendly but will still be dominated by the whales like similar mobile games! Great game nonetheless!

We have seen a lot of games like this one but its fun hailing the same game different name.

Has us playing a lot these past few days and is fun to play.

Very good game definitely needs more content to do can get boring at times, superrrr pay to win but that dont really matter sicne you can still get really good without spending any money.

We’ve done so many superior summons and grand summons and all it does is give us 4 star characters and when it does give us a 5 star its always the same 5 star character its like u gotta pay to get new characters and we dont like that otherwise the games fun so we gave it 3 stars.

Way to much pay to win after 7 days if you dont pay to win you may have 1 – 6 Star hero !! Only 1 from grinding your butt off ! But if your pay to win because your that bad at playing games you will have 3 – 7 star heroes and 1 -8 star heroe!! All in 2-3 days !! So unfair and so unbalanced!!! The top guys just play with them self No fun for free players!!! Out of 70 summs on event Summ we got 1 -5 Star total rip-off dont waste summs on that event turn them to normal advance summs !! If your free to play good luck !! And dont fell bad one 3 guys are maxed out on day 2 of the game due to a $600.00 drop first day !!!

We dont even know how yall can play like we cant even log in. Says account not registered again and again.

Its a ripoff of a game called pirate: Sea of storms its basically a one by one copy of it.

It logged us out and every time we put our email in for the code is says error and when we try to log in it says account or password error when we made no errors.

This game used to be Pirate: Sea of Storms. No notification of game relaunch. Account progress lost. Developer website doesnt exist. No way to contact support. Beware.

When it updated the app it deleted our log in and we spent some money on it, we really enjoy the game just bummed out that we cant log back into our profile. Our profile name was Jazen, and we were level 87.

Why are you spoiling gear 5 it hasnt even happened in the anime yet.

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