P10 Pitch

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P10 Pitch


P10 Pitch is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zach McIntyre, P10 Pitch is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th January 2012 with the latest update 14th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


10 people have rated 1.8

You can download the game P10 Pitch from APP STORE.


Play 10 point pitch.

Available Options:
Change opponent/partner bidding strategy
Bid to Win
Game Speed
Set winning score
Set minimum bid
Enable/Disable Shoot the Moon
Large Faced Card Option

Settings allow you to set the minimum bid, winning score, and to disable shoot the moon bids.

Rules based on Campbell Ten-Point pitch.

Points are:
1 – Ace
1 – Jack
1 – Off-Jack
1 – Joker
1 – Joker * First Joker played is high
1 – Ten
3 – Three
1 – Two

Updated on 14th May 2020

Cannot pass if last bidder and no bid

P10 Pitch Reviews

Lots of fun! Best ad-free version of pitch we’ve found. GBR!

We loved playing this 10-pt Pitch game until our iPad was updated to iOS 16.3.1. After doing so, the game now crashes and closes after nearly every move, requiring that the app be relaunched. There is obviously an issue that needs corrected, and Im surprised that it hasnt been fixed (its been happening over a month).

Love this version of pitch. It was how we learned to play better so we could play with our friends irl but ever since the updates it just crashes after every play. It’s quite sad as we love this version. Hopefully they fix the bug issue with it and it’ll work again.

This was a great game. Unfortunately, it continually crashes. Hasnt had an update in a couple of years.

With the latest iOS version it is constantly crashing! We hate it because we love playing this game!!!

Crashes after almost every play! Very annoying! Makes it almost impossible to play!

Sweet game. Fun to play. Only complaint is when your opponent or partner has a face card and the 3 they tend to play and 3 instead of the face card which is of lower value. Otherwise it’s a great game.

We were looking for a 10 point pitch game like the one we use to play with our family. This one is not bad. It plays well and is just like we remember the real game to be. However there is no sound which is a little disappointing. Also the graphics are pretty low tech. We will keep the game in hope that there will be updates to improve the look and add some sound. Because this is the only 10 point Pitch game that we were able to find and it works pretty well.

This app works great for us! It’s just how we remember playing it!

Our family played a variation on Oklahoma 10-point Pitch ever since we can remember. This app does a good job of reviving the experience. There’s one annoying bug we encountered when running on our iPhone 5. If you have 10 or more trump cards, the cards in excess of 9 are shoved off the screen. It wouldn’t be so bad if the cards were "junk", but in the game we were playing this evening, the Ace was pushed off the screen, meaning we couldn’t even complete the hand. The simple fix would be to make sure all non-playable cards are moved to the right side.

Super slow, even on fast. Horrible. We want setback, not pitch. Make the game a good one. Until then we want our money back.

Even with our reading glasses on we can’t see the cards. A real waste of money!!

Purchased app. Played 10 minutes, crashed, and won’t open now. Wish we would have saved our money and bought the more expensive pitch app.

The game quit working so we uninstalled and reinstalled it. With this version we can’t read the cards even with large cards selected and our strongest reading glasses. Too bad, we enjoyed this game a lot even with the stupid moves the players would make.

This game was built by some one who only knew the rules and not how to play. Also who ever built it knew little about design and put all functions of game together so you hit them when not intending to do so.

What a terrible app, you play the CPU who makes stupid mistakes and its no fun at all… Would rather play solitaire! Why would you pay to just play the CPU!!!!!

Like pitch? Need ti practice before big family functions? Then you need this app!

Jacks should be played to take jokers!! Can’t access the app for the 10 point pitch again !!!! The game crashes too often. How do we get it back? It comes up and disappears right away!!!

We love this game but we swear the computer is getting worse, please update!!

We really enjoy playing the game but the 2 jokers need to be marked high or low or the design different it really makes a difference not knowing unless you have both jokers. Still like playing though.

Overall good app. We do wish there was the option of playing off trump cards. 13 point would be fun too.

We sort of enjoyed this game for awhile… Despite some stupid plays by computer players. It would crash occasionally, but we could just go right back in & continue. Now… It crashed & will not come back. Just flashes the screen & exits. We guess it figures you’ve played your 99 cents worth. Wish there was a good pitch app out there…4-pt, 10-pt, 13-pt…. Whatever.

Had a lot of fun with this app. Then it crashed every few games. Sometimes had to restart iPad. We wish someone would write a program where the"partner" knew how to play. Would be 5 stars if that happened.

Won’t let us change the pace, or any bidding, so computer always gets bid and wins. Please fix!

This game is addictive! We love it and could play for hours! We enjoy the way it emulates a real partner who doesn’t always make the best choices!

This is a good game to practice on but unfortunately it is a solo game. We would love to be able to play against other real people. The computer players play dumb moves a lot. :-)

Really? The graphics are bad. The play is slow. The computers make bad mistakes. The cards are hard to see. The text in the options is hard to see. Why so many good ratings? It doesn’t make sense. There are better 10 point pitch games out there. Save yourself the money.

Lots of fun. A great way to play and practice 4 handed pitch. What a unique app!

Not bad if you just like to play and don’t take it serious. The players make dumb choices like teammate holding the three when you throw the ace, then drop it to the opponent when he plays king. Has great options with scoring, just needs the ai to be smarter.

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