Mahjong by Dogmelon

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 01:35 am

Mahjong by Dogmelon


Mahjong by Dogmelon is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dogmelon Pty Ltd, Mahjong by Dogmelon is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th December 2008 with the latest update 24th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Family, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


431 people have rated 3.1

You can download the game Mahjong by Dogmelon from APP STORE.


The game that will entertain you AND keep your brain sharp.

We’ve collected all the feedback from our customers over the years, to help make this our best version yet, including:

  • A heap of fun layouts to play, so you won’t get bored

  • choose your favorite tiles, backgrounds, and layouts, to make it look how YOU want.

  • Deep zooming, so that you will never have trouble reading the tiles.

  • Full Undo/Redo, so you can go back and make different choices.

  • clean, attractive layouts, with no distractions, to ensure you can relax while you play.

  • subtle sound effects that you can easily turn off, if you need to pay in silence.

Updated on 24th February 2023

Haptic feedback with tile moves.
Available moves counter shown.
Various improvements & bug fixes.

Mahjong by Dogmelon Reviews

Thank you so, so, so much for taking away that ridiculous animation after making a match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now please bring back the continue option for when you run out of moves. We want to be able to go backwards and find other options for winning without re-shuffling. This would make the game perfect for us again!!!!!

We love this app. So please desist with the clinking of the tiles when you make a match. Its annoying, its distracting, its dumb. Thanks.

The challenge is great, but we do not like having to manually change the layout. There are other MJ apps that randomly select a new layout each game. And we would prefer to not have to go to another screen to engage the UNDO button.

The app posts a time of completion but it is not correct for the history. Needs a fix! Would not have paid for with had we known the flaw.

Why must the matched tiles bang together now? It slows the game just a bit and adds NOTHING! :(

We were looking for a better Mahjong Solitaire app. We tried several, including some rated five stars. This was the best we found. The graphics are good. The zoom feature is great. There is a very good selection of tile and background styles. It is not overly complicated and doesn’t force you into a levels style of play. When you run out of matches it lets you back up and try again (many don’t). It has a great feature where, if there’s only one match for the tile you pick, a double tap will remove them both (speeds up play). It is very well crafted overall, with a great respect for the different ways the user may want to play.

We enjoy this. We use all the tiles to keep it interesting.

We play this game everyday a minimum of 10 times. Waiting on our gf, play. Waiting for appointment, play. Waiting for sleep….. Play.

We like this App since it has no pay for hints etc, however, we would like a reshuffle option which it does not have.

Addictive! Trains memory and focus.

We would like to see the timer stop when the app is not active. Also we’ve had some issues with the app putting our iPhone in sleep mode (black screen). Not sure of the steps that cause this. Other then those issues, we like the app.

We like it because the ads arent interrupting us anymore, but why is the undo option hidden? We loved that you made updates to the free version to show the undo button on the main page without having to go into the menu. Please do that for the paid version too! And add the redo button next to it. ;) Thanks!

We like everything about this version but one thing, and for us its a major flaw – no shuffle. Undo and redo are not the the same as a reshuffle. Feel like we wasted our money.

We really like the simplicity of this mahjong. Unfortunately, if you leave the app open and come back to it from another app itll just be a black screen and youll have to restart it. Also, sometimes if you win a game or run out of possible moves the game will crash instead of giving you a restart pop up.

Needs more deals; repeats same deals over & over again. Would like a feature suggesting winnable scenario on non win deals show us how to win feature. Also, every other mahjong we’ve played recognizes when the final two tiles are on top of each other, and separates them & calls it a win.

Love the game, but the developers have got to fix the bugs! It is hard to close out of the game, sometimes it freezes. When it works, we really like it! Please fix the bugs.

Its ok but it seem to be giving us the same set ups over and over. Theres about maybe 7 or 8 maybe? Feels monotonous and we have the paid version.

App closes without warning. Right in the middle of the game. You get some bogus pop up about achievement 1 in 7 What.??? Stay with the free version. The upgrade isnt worth it. To be honest its just plain boring.

Great, use it to relax and have some good time playing.

We paid for this version so that we could turn off the hints. We can’t! It’s the same version – not a upgrade at all. There is no option for turning off the hints. Update: Can turn off the hints now. Thanks!

We enjoy playing Mah Jong, so we shelled out the money to purchase this game. At first we really enjoyed it, & won proportionately more games than we had with other similar MJ games. But after a while we realized that we had played the same layout before, maybe even several times. We can’t say for certain that they are the exact same layouts, as we haven’t memorized the full board, but we would like to see different tiles in different places in most of the games we play. If we are only getting, say, 10 different games that we’re playing over & over again, it was a disappointing waste of money.

Just installed new version… Two times. Will not stay open so it’s now unusable.

Not really too sure of how many stars to give just yet??? So far it seems to be pretty good !!! HOWEVER…. It is in a dire need for UPGRADE!!! PLEASE Thanx.

This App has so much potential, yet it sadly never reaches its potential. Initially, there are so many options on the settings that one believes this is a Great game! However, once one is actually PLAYING, it is not so user-friendly. Example: In order to access the ‘Hints’, most Mahjong games simply have a key to press on. The available plays immediately are highlighted. Not so with this one. The user must 1st press on the ‘Menu’ button’ and then press on the ‘Hints’ button’. Finally, the ‘Hints’ are NOT even highlighted! What’s that about? They are actually darkened so that every tile that is NOT playable is highlighted! WOW! Talk about counter intuitive, cumbersome and non-user-friendly! We can’t think of a better way to discourage folks from using their App. If we worked for their company, we would want our product to be as easy to use and user-friendly as possible. But that’s just our opinion.

Especially love the Christmas tile set!

This is one of the best Mahjong we have played and we have tried a lot of different ones. Like having a choice of tiles. If you love Mahjong then buy this one.

Started with the free app, knowing full well that it was a come on for a fee app. Having played Mah Jong on Acer, and enjoyed it, we thought this was a good and fair way to try another version. The upgrade showed us exactly what we were paying for. Since then we’ve played a number of versions. For us the games are both relaxing and challenging.

We love Mahjong and this one is a little different which makes it a great game to play.

Many layouts, nice variety of tiles. We prefer the colored shapes as they are easier to see. Thanks for another great game, dogmelon. We have your solitaire, also.

Classic Mahjong is a lot of fun, much like any game of Mahjong. We do like that shapes on the tiles are rare. It’s nice to see someone thinking outside the box! Haha! Ginny.

We love it! Play it all the time. Just wish for more layouts!

We are enjoying playing this game. Like the different type of tiles used. Like the amount of layouts to choose from. Feel we are getting our money’s worth.

Love this game! Definitely worth buying.

We tried the free version first and needed more so we got the paid version. On a day you just don’t want to think or if you have a child that needs to be entertained you can turn on the hints. For a more challenging version just turn off the hints. We’re not real thrilled with the tile choices but they aren’t really all that bad. We like the size of the tiles. Children or adults with vision problems would have no problems enjoying this game.

As with all your games this one is wonderful, we like the fact that it keeps our mind occupied And keeps us thinking . All the different tile sets are really nice, even our husband enjoys Them.

Why is there always ONE tile left on dragon? Impossible to win.

We tried the free app of this version of mahjong and we enjoyed it very much so we bought the full version and am happy we did.

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