Panini Sticker Album

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Panini Sticker Album

Panini Sticker Album

Panini Sticker Album is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Federation Internationale de Football Association, Panini Sticker Album is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th May 2014 with the latest update 31st January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Panini Sticker Album ?

512 people have rated 3.4.0

What is the price of the Panini Sticker Album ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Panini Sticker Album released ?

Panini Sticker Album was released on 6th May 2014.

When was the Panini Sticker Album updated ?

The latest updated date of Panini Sticker Album on 31st January 2023.

Where can Panini Sticker Album be downloaded ?

You can download the game Panini Sticker Album from Apple Official App Store.



Relive the thrill of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ with the Panini Digital Sticker Album in partnership with Coca-Cola! Download the app and enjoy all the memories on the go!

The online collection includes all 32 teams of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, as well as additional fan content and the best moments from the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola.


Updated on 31st January 2023


Panini Sticker Album Review

It is not fair why we get messi esayer than we get ronoldo even neymar is rarer than ronoldo.

When we got into the game for the first time we were supposed to log in but after the login it would say incorrect password and if we would cup sign in it would say this is currently full and we were furious after a few weeks later we decided to try again but it would just send us into 2 options fifa play . Com or the album and we thought maybe the album sends us to the place but think again this is trash it would just send us to the album with players in it and it was boring. Like where was the trading place what was the real part of the game and we still have the app sainting for updates oh and could you please delete the album and put the album in the real part of the game. This was a big scam of yours and we hope you read this. Have a good day.

Dear FIFA and app developers after working on this Panini Virtual album for more than 3 months and collecting all the stickers/cards, working hard on swapping cards with so many people around the world, completing the challenges and proudly collecting more than 200 GOLD cards for the players. On Feb 1st 2023, the app locked up and forced us to update it. When we opened the new version for our surprise and total disappointment, we simply lost all the work we did? 1 – There was no warning yesterday for us to alert this was coming so we could at least do some print screens 2 – There was no opportunity for us to save our digital and virtual album today prior to the update. 3 – There was no option offered to email us a link where we could download / convert our personal digital album into a PDF Therefore, we could not believe that we simply lost all our precious time collecting and trading cards for nothing we are so mad, disappointed that we could do nothing besides cry. Thats really sad! If you care, please respond and we will be more than happy to discuss further and we can provide our FIFA ID, Email, phone number, etc.

Thanks for taking away all the stickers we saved up over the past few months and giving us an album already complete. Youve just completely wasted our time saving all this up over the past few months. Absolutely disgusting you do this to your customers. Clearly you couldnt care about anyone but yourselves. Yeah, Im furious. All that work we’ve put in is ruined!! We cant begin to explain just how angry we am!!!!!

When we log in the game says Sorry, the game is currently full Same thing happens when we create a new account. Ok now game is over.

The album is now gone and replaced with a generic one. What was the point of collecting golden stickers and getting achievements if we cant even see them anymore?

Why , why!!! We were trying to complete the album with all gold stickers and you guys destroyed the whole thing!!! You guys are horrible!! A lot of people we know are upset !!

Its really good way to play without spending money we played in 2018 and now 2022, keep in mind this is free and digital.. It no will be the same experience as you play the real one!

We love this game it is an awesome idea Im so exited because Im from the us and we only need one more sticker to complete. We also collect the irl stickers which we love and Im so happy that u can scan the irl items to get virtual items we got Cristiano Ronaldo that way! Overall this game is 6/5 but we can only put 5/5 so yeah.

Ya finaliz el juego? Tengo muchas barajas repetidas y no las puedo cambiar.

Mostly, let us start, FIRST when we are trying to be a guest it just keep saying Sorry the game is full even tho we want to play. We love the game but we just hate that Sorry the game is full.

Right now the limit for opening packs is 4 a day, last year it was 5 a day apparently. This new update means that there are more cards to fill in, we should be able to open more packs a day.

We love the game but we hate that in the registration part you have to put in private information but other than that the app is great.

The game is a little bit glitchy it doesnt let us put our stickers on The book so Im telling this because it doesnt let our players go on the book and we scanned the Coca-Cola bottle thatThat is said in the right page and we never got our bonus pack it said if we scan it we will get it and now today when we were going to the app they suddenly updated it and we had to put our players thank you owner.

Yo wassup rovers! Im just here to say BabyOwl32 is back in the coop and this swapping thing is slowwwww! Rit now we hav 31 stikers in our s2p stack Nothing happens! Im rich but Id rather spend our money (monnnnnneyyyyyyyyy!)on other stuff we dont want to pay for a trial and we hate that we cant shave steam or whatever whiteout a dumb trial! Until next time , BabyOwl32.

Im our opinion, it is an amazing game, but there is one issue that makes us rate it 3 stars. So the problem is that when you try to sign in, it just doesnt let you sign in, and also (this wont be an issue) its just very boring that you can only open 1 pack per day if you arent signed in, and waiting an entire day for 1 pack is just very stressful.

Dear panini sticker album, this game is ok but it wont let us sign in every time we keep signing in it wont let us.

Every day we get on it to open our packs. We wonder how we can get more packs. We think it is dumb because you need to complete the account to use everything. We tried doing it, and it wont even let us sign in. Fun game, but should take away the completing feature so everybody who didnt complete can use the same features as everyone else.

Yo wassup rovers! Im just here to say BabyOwl32 is back in the coop and this swapping thing is slowwwww! Rit now we hav 31 stikers in our s2p stack Nothing happens! Im rich but Id rather spend our money (monnnnnneyyyyyyyyy!)on other stuff we dont want to pay for a trial BabyOwl32,untill next time.

The game says its full of players so you cant play at all all that and nothing, subscribe to The bay Kay 8.

When we tried playing it said there where to many people playing right now.

App works ok although it doesnt let you know it needs an update, but that took care of most issues. Need more assistance on the sticker swap. It keeps sending two of our stickers for one of another players, but we have never receive two for one. It should just always be one for one, until you dont need any more. Not sure what the problem is, but really annoying. Also, seems like you should be able to open more than 4 packs a day. We have 32 packs available, but can only open 4 and thats how many we receive free each day so how will we ever be able to open our additional packs that we received from scanning the bar codes in stickers we purchased.

We just got the game and it tells us that the game is full, we had been waiting but it did not work!!!!!!!!

App needs to be updated a bit more often. We cant log into our account which means that we cant redeem our codes wether if its on the app or online.

We dont like it also because it take forever to but the stickers on.

We couldnt sign in after u had our account for months.

Seriously ??? Messi number 11 ??? Really ?

Im wondering how such company launch an application on the App Store targeting a large number of customers and always a message a appear with sorry the game is currently full. How such company targeting a few people.

They did not let us get in even though we did all of them we said wrong wrong date wrong email even though we did it.

We were trying to play for the first time but it didnt let us play for some reason.

We dont like when we cant open more the 4 packs.

We were really looking towards this but we cant seem to get past the inicial screen without it saying the game is full. If this could be fixed Id appreciate that thanks Panini.

A few days ago we were just scrolling threw the App Store and then this hame when we first join it showed the loading screen and when we press next it said sign in or be Guest and when we click it it said sorry it to full you guys need to fix your game.

When we log in the game says Sorry, the game is currently full Same thing happens when we create a new account.

So we are a guest can Yuo make unlimited packs to guest and names and have a great day! Bye.

The app will not show up stickers in the book for us to put in that we have like the Netherlands cook sticker.

It never ceases to amaze us how can some developers can make such poor products in 2022, but this app has proven once again. The registration is an absolute nightmare of creating steps after steps and none of them actually working. Its the worst.

Why we hate this app? Well we wish you could put your book that you have in real life than you could see your cards you have in your real life book.

Very good pity that we can only open 4 stickers by favo changes this is put but sticker to catch in daily.

Us and our brother play this game and he has 3 scanning options we have 2 we can only scan Coca Cola products and panini items we cannot scan coke cards also known as team believers but over all it is a great game so that is why we changed our review to 4 stars.

What happened with his sticker?

Can you guys consider to fix this bugs, every 5 seconds says Unexpected error!

Was really excited for this app as we love the sticker book, however we cant log in. We’ve created the fifa account but every time we try to log in we get the sent email code (which we click and then the website just spins and spins and spins) or server overload or todays new message, timed out. So disappointing and theres no where to contact support to get help!

We keep trying to log into our account and getting stuck when it asks us for our favorite team. We are unable to search for a team to add or pass on answering that question. We have to give the app 1 star since we cant get into our account.

Its the worst we try to make a account and doesnt work all cause of the name we’ve tried random letters and still we will hate this we thought it was gonna be fun we hate this app Id do it in real life instead and waste all us money f this app hate.

Boring game You need to wait a whole day to open 1 pack and need to scan stuff to get it. We think is a mess. What needed to be a simple game became a terrible game.

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