Lightning Link Casino Slots

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

Lightning Link Casino Slots

Lightning Link Casino Slots

Lightning Link Casino Slots is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Product Madness, Inc, Lightning Link Casino Slots is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 22nd May 2018 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Casino, or Lifestyle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Lightning Link Casino Slots ?

36,659 people have rated 7.10.0

What is the price of the Lightning Link Casino Slots ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Lightning Link Casino Slots released ?

Lightning Link Casino Slots was released on 22nd May 2018.

When was the Lightning Link Casino Slots updated ?

The latest updated date of Lightning Link Casino Slots on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Lightning Link Casino Slots be downloaded ?

You can download the game Lightning Link Casino Slots from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready to bring the thunder with you wherever you go? Charge into Lightning Link Casino and claim your 10,000,000 virtual free coins today!

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

The creators of Heart of Vegas and Cashman Casino bring you a thundering new free social slots casino experience, straight to your phone. Begin your own slots adventure complete with exciting and challenging daily Missions, amazing Rewards, and an Upgradeable Lightning Bonus for free virtual coins every three hours!

Download Lightning Link Casino in a flash to begin your journey and jolt your phone with the thunderous thrill of Las Vegas-style slots!

A stunning new virtual slot-style game, Lightning Link Casino includes an assortment of fantastic new and classic virtual Aristocrat social casino-style slots for an electric free slots experience like no other:

  • Watch the big wins erupt in Lightning Link: Tiki Fire
  • Fall in love with the striking Lightning Link: Heart Throb
  • Catch a ride with More Chilli and Whales of Cash in Cash Express: Gold Class
  • Go back to the good old days with Buffalo Deluxe and Sun & Moon Deluxe
  • Decipher the pyramid mysteries with the King of the Nile
  • More world-class virtual Aristocrat slots added regularly

Are you ready to bring the thunder with you wherever you go? Charge into Lightning Link Casino and claim your 10,000,000 virtual free coins today!


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Updated on 22nd May 2023

Thank you for playing Lightning Link Casino!

Hot fix for some bugs and issues. New amazing slots are on their way for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for more amazing events, seasons and coins to be won.

We hope you enjoy Lightning Link Casino!

Lightning Link Casino Slots Review

Does anyone wonder why this game gets a 4.3 rating when most of the recent reviews are 1s? Seems every review from most recent are negative and players are unhappy with all sorts of things No way is this game rated higher than a 2. Program developers DO NOT listen to their customers about what the DONT like.

Lightning Link is the best casino App on the market. They always come up with new games and the graphics are fantastic. Keeps us busy when we have free time. We always look forward to playing.

We have been playing for years. Its fun to work on the missions.

We always play this games at our local casino but to be honest we always do better here.

When we first started playing this we used to grow angry when we were spending money and still couldnt when jackpots! But lately, we’ve been finally winning!!! We even got the 5tier jackpot!!! This game also keeps us out the casino so we dont mind spending $100 here and there! We dont play ANYTHING on our phone but this game!!!

Been playing for long time. About ready to give up. The wins are very few. Tired of spending lots and nothing in return. Some of the games are our favorites. Thats the only reason we still stick with it. .. Thanks.

We enjoy this game For awhile we wasnt winning but now our odds are improved.

We had two wins, one over $3,000. And one over $1,000. Both wins were not added to our balance. Is there a problem with the site?

Terrible carry over to the new season. Had 66 orbs. We were able to open 22, then it said system error please reopen game. When we did the other 44 orbs were gone. Not happy.

The Game is fun and passes the time. You win some and lose. But like the casino, the house always wins. This game doesnt payout a lot like other online apps and Im constantly watching videos to collect 140,000k to continue. Most of the time, you cannot even finish the daily challenges. Hoping the next upgrade adds a little more winnings All and all it passed the time in which all game are for. Just check our play for this season, 7,139 spins and on 79 bonus spins. That is less then 2% on hitting a bonus Lets do a little better. Until then we will not buy coins for this reason.

We play a lot of these games in the casino and have more luck getting bonuses in real life.

We love the game but the money does not last very long.

The games themselves are fun to play, but you cannot play for any extended period of time. We have to wait three hours for the bonus in order to play. We have a few times got a considerable amount of coins (45,000,000), but the machines stop paying until you have lost it all. Then they what you to buy coin packages, which we will never do. If we are going to spend money it will be in a real slot machine. We just want to enjoy playing for fun!!!!

Hello all, Im not one to really write reviews, however we go to Vegas frequently and play these exact games well most of them that they have here for choices, however we dont like that it is so hard to get rewards to get enough of them to play and way too many pop-ups to ask you to buy coins. In the beginning they would give you free videos to watch in order to earn coins now they no longer do that when you first login theyll have a bonus that you click on that you can possibly get coins however usually its a very low amount in the RTP return to player,And though its free coins it has to be 40% return to player because its absolutely terrible on how you get coins now. You literally have to login every day once youre out of coins to get the little flimsy amount of coins they give you which after about 10 spans? Or so youve depleted your free coins and either must buy more or use the silly free spin that they now give you as an option once you get low. And that there will be our two cents!

This game was great but after playing for a while when you purchase coins they will shortchange your transaction with errors and then argue that you got it when it never actually came through. The games are great and really fun which is the reason for 2 stars, but the customer service is rude and unhelpful.

Please read all the new comments. There is no way this App is rated at 4.3 There are so many 1 star reviews This App uses real money to play very low win percentage games. This app is not regulated by a casino Authority and they dont play by the same rules. We reloaded the game after 6 months away and its even harder than before. We are falling into the same situation as before when we kept spending money to keep losing. Looks like a delete App again situation.

Joke app, dont even waste your time!

Way too many pop ups and promos.

Heres why we gave one star. Your games dont allow anyone to keep a substantial amount of winnings. We get ahead for about 30 minutes, and then, for whatever reason, we cant seem to retain the winnings, for at least a couple of days. It gets real disappointing, because you offer this app., as free. What we end up getting, is the watch adds, and then maybe, after we watch a number of them, we get a few thousand, that dont add up to anything, but, pure discouragement. Im not someone who can afford to buy your coins, if we could, we would go to a real casino. We play these apps, because we like to have fun, but, you just keep disappointing us, and Im almost ready to delete this one. We know, its probably no big deal to you, but, your thing keeps popping up, for a review, and at this point, we cant really give any positive feedback. Hopefully youll read this, and maybe give it some real thought, and maybe let the poor guy, maybe stay ahead for a while.

Had 1.6 billion in coins and lost them all in a few hours of playing.. Couldnt get a spin that was at least our bet amount back.. Would go on massive streaks like that.. Bonuses were rare and when we did get one the payback was no more than 10x our bet amount.. For a free slot game you would think you would win more and have huge bonuses but not on this gamenever hit a tier 5 jackpot or any other of the features this game shows.. We’ve tried other slot games and there almost as bad as this one but this one is the absolute worst slot app.

If you like bonus dont waste your time with this game. If you happen to get one you will not get your bet back! Its a joke!

We cannot believe how you guys treat your loyal customers. People stop wasting your money purchasing coins because believe us the more you purchase the faster they snatch them away from you. Out of 16 million coins we cant believe not one jackpot and they sucked up our coins real fast. Time to delete this app as we have all the other ones. No more of our money. If Im going to spend real money might as well download real money casinos. We were one of your faithful players goodbye Lightning Link! Very unhappy player.

We have been playing this game for some time. Very casino like in comparison! We have put hundreds of dollars into this game! The payouts are NOT great, and its a waste of time and money! Put your real money into a casino or download a game that doesnt ask you to top up every five minutes, and ACTUALLY pays you!! Line hits are a miss 90% of the time. The bonuses never pay. The game glitches from time to time (Im playing on the latest iPhone 24 pro max, on the best Wi-Fi money can buy you). It glitches at the worse times possible, like in a bonus and you loose your bonus! Its not worth it! Its definitely a trap! Save your money and time and walk away from this stupidly addictive, non paying app! Youll thank us later! Im finally coming to our senses with this stupid app!

There are way too many ads and minimal coins for watching. Almost impossible to win anything unless you spend lots of money and watch a million ads.

Fun game if you want to spend a lot of money, doesnt let you get win enough to play.

The owner of this app he control people accounts and he make sure no one will have millions of coins because he need people to buy coins.

Here is another 1 star review for defaulting your rating to the best comment on top. Its misleading. Most recent shows a drastic decline in rating and by the looks of your lack of response to these messages shows how little you care. Plenty of people are trying to tell you what you can do to improve or at the very least assist with bugs in your system. Im officially on day 9 of not being able to access your app. Multiple emails and reviews later.. Nothing.

This casino has our favorite games but it is really not a good one to play. It only gives you a very limited number of coins, or only gives you a limited number of bonuses, unless you wanna jump through hoops and answer a bunch of surveys just and download other games. Tried to force your hand to buy more coins. Fills a little boredom but otherwise this is a no go for us. It has helped us to stop though when Im out which is what we need to learn to do in the real casino – stop when Im up not when Im out!

The daily bonuses are an absolute joke. Game payoffs are even worse.

Saved forever. Over 300 spins on dragon link games without a single bonus or line hit. Thats 300 losing/dead spins * in a row*. And whats worse, its programmed to do that! Yet were expected to buy fake coins with real money? How is this not a rip-off scam?! THE WORST.

They system is lagging and glitching during missions and boost time. We lost our boost time coins and it never updated our missions even though they were completed. You pay for coins and cant even win huge jackpots just a minimum to maybe keep playing. Who wins the progressives? As long as we’ve payed and played we’ve never won it. And no matter what your bet is you should still have a chance at it you do in real casinos. Think its time to delete and find another game.

This game has gotten so bad. At first you might win some then they ask you to rate them. Dont do it because it gets downhill from there. You might get to 150,000,000 but then its takes it right back. We spent 30,000,000 with a bet of 40,000 a spin and lost it all. Do the math. That is 500 spins with nothing. This isnt a casino but the odds are just as bad if not worse. Its supposed to be free and fun but you cant play if you dont have anything to play with. Then you have to wait 3 hours just to receive anything. Then sometimes they dont give you what they say and when you try to resolve the issue they want screenshots of what happened. Then you give them the screenshots they say everythings good on this end. Sad sad sad. Then they have a responsible play clause which is funny because you cant play long enough to have any problem. Read the reviews. See all. 99% negative how sad is that.

While it is enjoyable to play the odds are miserable. Purchase coin packs and your odds get worse. Purchased coin pack for $20 and promptly lost $15 million betting $100k per spin without bonus or win over $200k. Dont waste your money.

The piggy stamp is a scam. Im almost to the end and our piggy wont turn gold.

Errors: 1- when collecting the hourly bonus the amount of credit remains the same. It doesnt add up and stays at the same amount that it was before collecting it. 2- could be playing for hours without any bonus 3- when we collect and receive lighting time to double up points. The machines start to become slow and all of a sudden stay in a loop without actually functioning. When the activated power-up is gone, it suddenly starts working again. We used to enjoy the game but its unfortunate that these things are happening and reoccurring recently!

We been playing and buying no luck at all dont waste your money on this one.

They want a class action suit against double down and in our opinion, this app is way worse. Think we need to get together.

Lightning link has awesome graphics and is so much fun!! We highly recommend it!!

A lot of good games to pick from. Highly recommend playing before stepping on casino floor.

The best App on the market! Our wife and we Love playing Lightning Link all the time with its wonderful graphics and payouts! 5 Stars!!

Love this game,need more points on spin.

This game is so frustrating! Never win enough for the loss you play when going into the lightning game.

Idk why the game stop loading. Fix it asap.

We love all the different games on this app. All of our favorites from Vegas. The slots are too tight though.. All we do is lose.. Just like vegas we guess.

This is the second time that we have won and the game freezes and refuses to give the points that were earned. We got a major jackpot for over 250,000,000 coins and it stopped and again today as well. Its hard enough to win and when you finally do it wont give it to you.

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