Pentix Classic

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 03:05 pm

Pentix Classic


Pentix Classic is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AkaTek LLC, Pentix Classic is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th December 2009 with the latest update 18th January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


884 people have rated 3.0.2

You can download the game Pentix Classic from APP STORE.


New twist in classic "Falling Blocks" game. Play with challenging 5 brick figures instead of classic 4. Manipulate the falling blocks to form horizontal lines without gaps. Try to clear as many lines as possible. Compete with your friends and other players around the world.


Try to beat the other players or the computer in multilayer game. Every third cleared line send a surprise to your opponents. Play with your friends over Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi or online over Internet.


  • Game Center for online scores
  • Listen to game soundtrack or your own music while playing
  • Play with different brick sets.
  • Retina display


  • Swipe the screen to move the figure left or right
  • Tap on the screen to rotate the figure. You may use [DIR] button to choose the rotation direction
  • Use 2 fingers to drop the figure.

Updated on 18th January 2021

  • Full screen layout is back. It can be turned on and off in the Settings screen
  • 27 level is back and permanently unlocked.
  • Fixed the music issue when the game interrupted already playing music.
  • Piece can me moved and rotated after dropped.

Pentix Classic Reviews

We love this game, its the best version of Pentix and its even superseded Tetris for us. However our only gripe is that they keep changing the drop function. First it was no swipe but two buttons on either side of the screen. This worked well but the recent upgrade got rid of those buttons and made it a swipe drop which is about 80% reliable and moved the drop button to the top of the screen where your thumbs cant reach and is not intuitive to use. Please decide on a layout and make sure it works all the time so we can get our score up!!! Other than that, fabulous and addictive.

Late January 2021 update: scoring is still not restored making this app a great practice app but not a game. Scores are not shown and won’t log or update the board Earlier post redesign review: Not only the version upgrade has wiped off our previous score card, the worst part of this implementation is that it doesn’t track the game! So you’d have to play in one session. +Pausing for an extended period resets the app. And unlike previous version, resetting the app certainly had no recollection you were even there. +Then, as for bugs the app crashes every time computer loses in 2-player Quad game. Haven’t tried playing full or pentix against computer. +Campaign doesn’t speed up and even in Advanced mode remains lame. Completed all 40 pentix maps without losing once. +Piece probabilities for Game and Campaign are different; e.g., seemingly you get one cross for every ten lines in Campaign, and reverse of that trend in pentix Game which starts much faster. +Adventure is repetitive and doesn’t keep track; i.e., the same map opens again. +Finally, No option to hide or customize ‘next’ like previous version.

March 2023 update: game center is no longer supported. Link to leaderboard and standings no longer works. Not sure if scoring is updating. APP SUPPORT link opens 404 page! A great practice app but not a game. The app doesn’t track the game until quit. So you’d have to play in one session. Pausing for an extended period resets the app. Piece probabilities for Game and Campaign are different; e.g., in pentix you get one cross for every ten lines in Campaign, and reverse of that trend in Game.

Horrible and very frustrating "version" of Tetris! Pieces frequently shift when dropped, not falling into the displayed target space! Not enjoyable at all! Save your money! This continues to be the WORST game that we have on our iPad! We keep hoping that there will be an update to fix all the problems but that has yet to happen! If you want a Tetris game, this is NOT it! Avoid like the plague!! It is amazing how you continue to make this app worse than it was before. Good Job NOT! Shame on you!!!!

Cant leave the furniture alone. No matter what they do to make it better. It gets worse. Dont waste your money. Hard pass! Was a great game once.

Thus latest update made the game worse. Too sensitive, hold box out of thumb range. Please change it back or give us an option to do so.

We play this game for hours a day.. Im finding the new update hard to get used to. The interactions with the pieces need some work. Previously you could easily drag pieces around and place them, now they seem to randomly slam to the bottom, causing them to go where we didnt want them too, its very frustrating. We turned all of the settings off immediately too (ghost pieces, etc.)

This was our favorite game. Then it broke on our iPad with the IOS 14 upgrade. Now they completely redesigned. It only uses 3/4 of the screen now so its even tinier. They moved the hold button to the left side? How am we supposed to play with 1 hand now? If you were trying to get us to find a new game, congrats. We have it 2 stars since there still arent ads although shrinking the board makes us believe that ads are the next change coming.

This was a full screen game that worked well. The sensitivity of the screen was predictable. They changed it to make blocks drop randomly without the screen being touched. They also made the playing field smaller. We hate this update.

We loved this game before the update. Now Ill be deleting it.

This new design is awkward and clunky. Everything should still be on the right-hand side. Please make the old one available for those of us who have been enjoying it for years. We’ve deleted the app. No enjoyment playing with the new design. Very disappointed. It was our favorite game.

Why did you replace Pentix with this bad knock_off? The game play is half the size of the original making it impossible to play. Another disappointment.

We have played campaign no 27 now for 3 weeks. It is impossible to win. There is software problem.

This app was us and our partners favorite thing to do to pass the time together and now it doesnt work on our new iPhone.

We’ve been addicted to this game for the last week or so, its soo much more fun then the official Tetris game. It looks like it hasnt been updated in about a year but if it ever does Id like to keep playing it!

Game is now only a quarter of the size not full screen and is very hard to see.

The multiplayer game could be incredible. But its done so poorly its just frustrating. Theres no apparent rhyme or reason as to when a surprise is sent (as far as we can tell, if you play the computer it can screw with your board by clearing lines, but if you clear lines it does nothing to the computers board).

App doesnt work at all! It appears super small on our screen and we cant format it to fit so we had to delete it altogether.

Love this game, keeps us outta trouble! Very addictive also :-)

It’s great. Interesting shapes and you can choose to include smaller shapes with less blocks!

Actually challenging. We love it.

We don’t know why people said that is hard to make lines we think they haven’t set the correct settings for the game so far for us has been a good purchase we really like it.

Great game. Fun. Addicting. Runs great on our we Phone.

Way better than the iPod tetris. We’re not a game devolper like that idiot said below and we play this game nonstop.

This is DANGEROUSLY addictive!

We were just thinking how fun and challenging a Tetris style game with 5-squared pieces instead of 4-squared when we found this. Love it!

Closest to the original but controls are clunky, even when we keep the screen super clean. Like other reviewers, we also experience inconsistent rotation and pieces dropping unexpectedly. And we really don’t like several of the new pieces. Tetris worked because the blocks could actually be fit together. We can get out our Mac SE, still works, with the original game if we start jonesing too bad, we suppose.

We have had this app for 4 days & can’t put it down. We love it.

You will become addicted to this game. It’s great relief for that Tetris itch. We bought it to help kill time during a down day at work, and it has encompassed our soul. Buy it. You won’t regret it.

We were looking for Tetris in the beginning but this is so much better and challenging!:)

The new shapes take a little getting used to, but it’s like rediscovering tetris all over again :)

It’s a little diferent than the original tetris but this it is better. Thanks good job.

It’s not the same exactly- but it’s really addictive! We like.

Great game.. Just like the old tetris.

If you enjoyed Tetris, then you’ll absolutely LOVE this game…. Just like Tetris, but harder.

Buy this. It’s worth it. Cool app, even though we bad at it. This game is the same thing as tetris.

So much like the games we used to play as a kid. It’s addictive!!

This game game should come with a disclaimer: "MORE ADDICTING THAN HEROIN"

We like the simplicity of the game, the fact that there are no ads or anything and it doesn’t ask you to play with friends. You just play a nice simple game. The music also changes up and doesn’t play constantly, which is nice.

We love this app! It is really addictive. What we really like, is they’re not always pressuring you to buy stuff like crystals or whatever from them. It’s just a really good game.

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