Pikmin Bloom

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 11:40 pm

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Niantic, Inc., Pikmin Bloom is a Health & Fitness game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th October 2021 with the latest update 23rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Health & Fitness, Adventure, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pikmin Bloom ?

26,889 people have rated 70.0

What is the price of the Pikmin Bloom ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pikmin Bloom released ?

Pikmin Bloom was released on 28th October 2021.

When was the Pikmin Bloom updated ?

The latest updated date of Pikmin Bloom on 23rd May 2023.

Where can Pikmin Bloom be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pikmin Bloom from Apple Official App Store.



Pikmin Bloom offers a fun way to earn rewards for going outside and exploring with friends! With the brand-new Weekly Challenges feature, you can team up with others, no matter how far away they might be, and work towards a shared steps goal!

COLLECT over 150 types of unique Decor Pikmin! Some wear fishing lures, some don hamburger buns, and others flaunt paper airplanes, just to name a few.

EXPLORE your neighborhood to add more Pikmin to your squad! The more you walk, the more seedlings and fruit you’ll find.

TEAM UP with friends to take down mushrooms and earn rewards! Select a dream team of Pikmin to increase your score and nab rarer fruit types!

DECORATE the world with beautiful flowers everywhere you go! Watch the map fill up with colorful blossoms, planted by you and by other players nearby!

Head outside, explore your neighborhood, and make the world bloom!

With the player’s permission, Pikmin Bloom uses the Apple HealthKit to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

  • This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
  • Compatible with iPhone® 6s or higher devices with iOS Version 14 or later installed. (iPad not supported)
  • It is recommended to play while connected to a network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE) in order to obtain accurate location information.
  • Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enabling Apple HealthKit permissions is necessary in order for Pikmin Bloom to accurately track your steps.
  • Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
  • Information current as of August, 2022.
  • Not compatible with jailbroken devices.
  • Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
  • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.
  • Some functions require support for the following services:
    ARKit – For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use a device with at least 2 GB of RAM. If you are experiencing frequent problems such as device crashes or delays while using the Pikmin Bloom app, please try the following troubleshooting steps.
    Close all apps except the Pikmin Bloom app while you are playing.
    Use the most recent operating system available for your device.
    If the problem persists, please check the iOS troubleshooting guide. If you continue to need assistance, please contact us with details.
    Note: Many devices that do not have a built-in data-network connection do not include a GPS sensor. In the event of mobile-data network congestion, such devices may not be able to maintain a sufficient GPS signal to play.

Updated on 23rd May 2023

Thanks for playing Pikmin Bloom! New in this version:

  • Changed the name of the Challenge Recharge Ticket to Weekly Challenge Ticket
  • New 34,000 coin bundle available in the shop
  • Improvements to reduce app crashes and memory usage
  • Bug fixes

Pikmin Bloom Review

This game is really fun it motivated us to walk a lot more even if its around the block maybe to Wawa but no matter what we still love it.

We love the Pikmin series. We’ve been playing Pikmin Bloom since launch and we check it multiple times a day. We’ve introduced friends to the game who havent played any Pikmin games and they think its cute and fun! We love using it as an excuse to go for a walk with friends. Lets go plant some flowers! We wish the Auto button selected the maximum number of Pikmin for an expedition, or be able to toggle between min or max. We would also be fun to have different backgrounds to swap when viewing your squad.

We love pikmin and we love this game even more, its so cute sweet and simple.

This game is very entertaining for many reasons. You can play with other people and make the experience much more fun for everyone. This feels very rewarding when you unlock new pikmin and the ability to fight mushrooms, especially when doing it with people you care about. Overall, making progress feels very rewarding due to all the stuff you get by just leveling up.

Ever since we’ve gotten this game our life has changed we got married we got $1 million we got promoted we had so many friends and we had so many pikmin we missed all our life until we downloaded PikminBloom for this apple and we are so happy that we are bought this game and we have the privilege to buy it and play pikmin bloom we love pikmin bloom and we will play it forever and we hope that you will understand this game will also change your life.

Im having so much fun with this game because it has miis in it. But, we found a bug. So when ever we take steps to make more Pikmin its still says 0. We have been taking a lot of steps and its still 0.

The system for collecting Decor Pikmin went through an unlikable change in late-May 2023 thats made us not enjoy the game as much as we used to a few months back. Now its like trying to collect every known Pokmon in existence or every Korok seed in Zelda: Breath of the Wild & Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We still enjoy the game, but Id enjoy it more if things were the way they were before, and Im sure Im not the only one who agrees.

Our only issue with this game is the flower planting feature. When we begin planting, it might say that we have 900 flowers to plant. Ill walk more than the number of minutes to plant 900 flowers, but when we pull our phone back out, we’ve only planted ~500, and all our petals are gone. This isnt a glitch, because it happens every time. Please fix it so we actually have the number of petals you say we do.

We really do love Pikmin Bloom, in fact we have gotten others to join us in it and it is fun to destroy mushrooms together and send postcards back and forth. The things we wish were different are that we wish you could send friends things other things besides postcards (and that dont cost actual money) like we had extra mushroom tickets or an over abundance of nectar that we would have loved to have been able to share the wealth. Also, although we enjoy joining other random people on their mushroom adventures, we wish we could send friend requests to our fellow mushroom hunters and get to know more people in our area via the app! We mean, its supposed to be a social game, right? We would also love it if gaining coins was a little easier, we dont need to drown in coins, but we feel like it is beyond hard to get them without paying for them. Those things would make the game perfect. We do appreciate the daily free packs and the new challenges to get stuff. Keep it up!

When we first got this game, we thought it was gonna be fun IT WAS NOT it counted our first 10 steps but when we went for a walk It didnt count our steps. We know Nintendo play this game to get outside the house so you can play. We wouldve given it five stars if it werent for this bug we hope for the best luck with Nintendo in this year we hope Nintendo creates better. Games takes peoples ideas for games by asking through email or mail this game was disappointing.

Memory hog, crashes constantly on both our phone and iPad. Uses battery too quickly to use outside for more than 10 minutes. User interface really bad and fiddly. Also core problem with the game: it’s about collecting but you have no control over what you’ll collect and often just get the boring basic flowers over and over.

Im trying to log in with nitic kids but we got trouble logging in and clicked trouble logging in? And it isnt loading! What kind of app is this! The only reason Im giving it more then one star is because Im giving it a chance to log in!

Idk what v70 added but we’ve been running into more issues within the game. Firstly, we cant even finish loading some timesstuck on the loading screen. Additionally some UI bugs out whether im looking at our pikmins or trying to select our nectar. Please have an update that actually fixes bugs instead of adding more.

So the game it not working we cant sign up or log in. We tried to sign in with Nintendo and we selected our account. That wasnt the problem though. After word a notification pops up that says To use this app, you will need to get permission to use your location so we were like okay Ill just go to settings and allow it to track our location like Pokmon go. So we changed it and we did the same process however the same message showed up so we though it might not have updated yet to we completely got out of the app and got back in. The same message showed up so Id checked the faq but it was no help at all. So we couldnt even play the game. The only reason we gave it one star is it hase a cute loading screen also our phone is in fact compatible with this game so we dont understand why its not working. Please fix this glitch so we can play the game.

Getting all the Pikmin for a specific Decor during challenges was already a gamble. If you did all 20 challenges, you were more than likely to get them. But, the new mini challenges that then bring you to a gatcha wheel for a chance to get a seedling is just a slap in the face. This needs to be rolled back or heavily reworked.

The game was always a lot of fun we would rate it a 5 star before the changes the app really encouraged us to keep going and to be rewarded a special Pikmin was great!! But now theres a wheel that you spin and its no longer hard work its luck if you get the special Pikmin. Please developers have the game go back to the way it was. Im so discouraged that Im finding Im not going to the app as often as we did. The app was on our first page. But it may be moved to pages we check a lot less. We do hope more people that are frustrated also write.

The new gacha reward system is awful. Getting 5 nectar is not a good reward and it is really challenging to get a gold seedling. Every time there were two gold seedlings in the gacha rewards, we wouldnt win either of them and instead get 5 useless nectar :/ not fun.

We love the new mini games please dont change them it makes doing tasks much more fun.

This is one of the best games on our phone.

Please keep this game for a very long time, gave us the motivation to walk and jog and have fun with our wife :)

Im going to have to say thank you niantic and Nintendo for making a game just like Pokmon for but for pikmin people really dont understand how great this game is if you are on App Store checking this game whether you saw it in tiktok or instagram or even other social media! You need to try this app its so entertaining you go on multiple expeditions and multiple runs with your little pikmin they even get special decor when you have had them for a while this game has made us very very very happy over the past week and we cant get off it nor Pokmon go, so whoever is reading this please try it this app app makes walking so much more enjoyable and comforting it has made us very happy and let us go into more details as of the whole games process stages SPOILERS AHEAD: first, you start as a level 1 then you have to take 10 steps and hatch 2 pikmin yay 1 free red pikmin! Then when you get to level 3-4 you get yellow pikmin now 1,000,2,000 steps for both colors and then level 5-6 is blue pikmin and they take we believe 1- 2,000 steps each and they are a great way to keep you entertained now when you reach near level 9,8 – 10 you unlock the whole expedition tab and get to send your guys to get giant fruit how cute! And even to get seedlings! Good farm method to send all yours out to go get seedlings we have 15 seedlings non used because of it! Then when you get to level 13-15 you unlocked ! So the huge seedlings are great they let you when you open them they say hey this pikmin has something special and they jump into the seedling and dig in and find decor and put it on you can get these decor from parks, movie theatres, restaurants, etc , its great we love this game so much and the fact you get to fill your area with flowers is so cute so, . –

If you play Pokmon go already this is for you, its super fun just like Pokmon go but it doesnt need your attention constantly like Pokmon go does so its a great game to have in the background and enjoy. (It is very easy to play while playing Go at the same time btw) nonetheless its just a fun, adorable, and all around great game whether youre already a fan of the pikmin series, new to the series, an avid walker or lover of cute things.

We were never really a fan of walking or writing in diaries, but we find myself doing both in Pikmin Bloom! We kinda use it as our own personal diary hehe.

This is a great game that we feel is very underrated, the game helps you get into fitness which is great, and you’re able to collect different Pikmin with different decor on them, overall this game is a 10/10.

This is the best game. We love the cute little guys yayy.

Very casual and fun to play. Walking is pretty much the only way to progress in this game so out of all the niantic games this one makes us go out the most. Wish the accelerator item recharged like the detector. Also, would be nice if the giant flowers radius was increased by about 20% to 30%. Most of the time a good chunk of the flowers radius is inaccessible and we can only plant a handful of flowers by it.

We love this game because it gently reminds us to move more even though we spend most of our weekday on a computer. Plus, the cuteness level of the Pikmin and their animation is set to about 300%.

Theres a bug where if you click on the menu it sometimes glitches to where you have to go out of the game and go back in. Its annoying. Please fix bug. Also coins are hard to get, we suggest adding getting coins from mushrooms please.

Great game a small issue we have more than 500 step but Im not leveling up past level 2 it still says that we have 500 more steps to go.

Pleeeeeease? For Gods sake, make it easier to see if we have that Pikmin already mark them with a check or Siam thing ???

Se traba mucho , modelo IP 13pro.

Niantic is probably the most careless, tone-deaf, malicious, narcissistic developer with as many active players as they have, new players need to be warned. Dont waste your time and money. They will just steal your data, time and money. Not worth it. #HearUsNiantic.

We live on a military base and this is where we go on all of our walks and we cant plant flowers. So dumb!

Nintendos at it again, destroying trust in their fans and begging for money to replace it. The rng in this game has never been great. Now theres gambling. Hard work, loyalty and dedication are not rewarded. Basically there are monthly challenges in which you collect the limited time decor pikmin for that month. For each challenge completed, you were given a gold seedling that can grow into any color pikmin. An incomplete set is an obvious eyesore in your list. In the past you could complete all challenges and not get all the pikmin out of poor design. They proved they could fix this with one (1) month in which all colors were guaranteed if the challenges were completed. Everyone loved this. With the newest challenge its even stated that its Not guaranteed in this months news, and further lowering the chances of completing the set theres a wheel to spin after each challenge. And of course you can Buy the pikmin with real money if you dont get them. Besides the obvious cash grab, this is a big middle finger to hard work. So basically there is a chance that someone could do just 7 challenges in the entire month and get them all, and someone else could do The Entire Set and get maybe 3. On top of that the wheel mechanics are very frustrating. Its a bad choice. But we all know Nintendo hates their fans so its not surprising.

We love this game it helps make The whole family active and have fun at the same time just Jenn.

Pikmin Bloom is the best game waiting for Pikmin 4 to come out and it also helps u get your body working.

We’ve started playing just about a month ago and we love this game we’ve played quite a bit of the actual Pikmin games on the GameCube and switch and stoked for Pikmin 4 so Im not diving into the game headfirst but honestly, you really dont need to know basically anything about Pikmin to play this game. The Pikmin are cute and it makes it feel like every walk is a goal to accomplish. We would highly recommend this game. Now for the one thing we would like to add. Now sometimes we forget our phone at home and we can bummed out because we were just in a parade yesterday for a maple festival and we forgot our phone. We could have easily grown some Pikmin but we didnt have our phone. However, this problem could be fixed for the people who have Apple Watches we feel like because it can already track your steps and stuff. This would a huge game changer and would like to see it added. Other a 10/10 game. Thanks for creating a Pikmin mobile game!

The game is enjoyable even asking about your day which is great and this game is trying to get people outside walking around and we understand but very relaxing game and nice to just have your phone out and hey lets bloom some Pikmin and get flower petals.


We take walks all the time now and love working towards the game milestones.

If you are a pikmin fan like myself you will love this game its so relaxing and fun to grind on However if you cant go outside because you were a kid then it would be very hard to get your steps in to hatch more pikmin Its really cool how they make each day memorable by immortalizing pictures in this calendar feature It is WAY to hard to get a coins in this game, you use coins to use this radar thing to find not pikmin and fruit but its daily so you have to be care. Ful since refreshing it will cost you 100 coins which is an absurd amount considering how much flowers you need to plant to get one coin But other than that its a really great game to play on your free time and we would suggest it to our friends (if we had any).

We love this app so much but we constantly have to delete it and redownload it because itll just freeze on the loading screen. Cleared the cache, nothing works but to delete it and redownload it :(

We really love this game. It has motivated us to really take charge of our health and our fitness. We have been averaging about 10,000 steps a day. We really appreciate how easy this game is to collect petals and to make our steps and plant flowers. The only flaw that this game has, which results in the loss of a star is that a lot of the cool events that they have are basically pay to play. Some of them are so difficult that you have to pay in game coins in order to complete them for example, the new 1.5 anniversary event you have to pay 600 coins per special mission. We personally think that is a bit unreasonable for an 8 day event, 600 coins per mission when on average with our 10,000 steps we only make about 20 coins a day; Another example, the second half of the event that had happened in April 2023, The missions for the mushrooms most definitely required mushroom tickets because a person could not complete the missions in the timeframe that was given with the 3 a day limit. Personally, we do not mind the coin concept but the prices for mushroom tickets as well as the prices for events are a bit to unreasonable for what we are capable of and we also know that most people don’t make 10,000 steps a day, not to mention a person needs to be planting flowers during those 10,000 steps in order to collect the coins necessary to spend. Lastly, we have not bought a single piece of clothing either because we are so focused on tickets and events that we cannot feasibly manage to accumulate enough coins for everything that we would need to maximize our gaming experience.

Enjoy seeing our path of flowers and the thought of our Pikmins on our phone doing the gardening as we stroll along.

We destroyed 10 mushrooms to get the golden seedling and we forgot to complete it before April 30 and we don’t get the golden seedling. Also this game wants to be POGO so bad.

Waaaaay too many glitches and crashes that would otherwise ruin a 4.8/5 game.

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