Room 1309

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Room 1309


Room 1309 is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brian White, Room 1309 is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th January 2019 with the latest update 19th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


493 people have rated 1.0.8

You can download the game Room 1309 from APP STORE.


Can you escape from Room 1309? Strange ghosts haunt the rooms of the Hotel Orpheus. When you awake in Room 1309 you’ll have to solve puzzles and find clues to make it out alive!


  • No in-app purchases or ads! Buy once and play forever.
  • Engaging and mysterious storyline
  • "Escape Room" style puzzles and clues
  • Built-in hint system
  • Hand-drawn original artwork and animation
  • Quality sound effects and non-intrusive soundtrack
  • Auto-save functionality

Updated on 19th July 2022

Bug fixes and minor changes to graphics.

Room 1309 Reviews

We played all the games in the series and enjoyed them a lot. Challenging but not impossible. Love the creepy factor. Hoping for more games in the series!

No spoilers. If you like a good creepy, suspenseful story then this is a winner. Puzzles were just right, and no worries if you get stuck, there are plenty of clues. Love to have seen more like this.

This game is really fun but its really hard but we do like solving hard puzzles.

Are great! You did a great job, it had a good story which we wasn’t expecting. Puzzles were good, made sense, and if they are to hard you can skip. The only issue we had was the the pills, we set them up correctly & slowly moved them around to see if it was touchy but we had to skip the puzzle in the end to be able to move on. It was correct we’re not sure what happened but we’re still buying your next one, hope you fix that playing on IPhone 8 btw, and can’t wait for more.

This title is a creepy, sometimes challenging game. The overall narrative falls into place as you solve clues and puzzles and make creative use of sometimes unexpected objects. Its worth the price and worth a play!

We loved it! So fun and well put together. We rated four stars because the bugs and maggots were just over the top added to already pretty gratuitous gore. We almost didnt finish because it made us feel sick.

.. But the walkthrough videos are worthless if you can’t find all the prerequiste items! We cannot find the 7th letter piece, even using the supplied clue that tells where to supposedly find them all. We’ve gone back over and over and have now given up. A shame.

We just finished this game. We enjoyed we very much.

We have been searching for a new game to sink our teeth in, and this did the trick! Challenging, but not frustrating. We only wish gamers would not give a low rating because they didnt understand the genre. This deserves a five star rating!

Great game! We really liked the fact that hints and answers are available if you get stuck. Please make more!

There are a lot of games which seem to be inspired by Rusty Lake, this is definitely one of the better ones. Very enjoyable, well done and we would definitely recommend. Enjoy!

Great game, perfect amount of play time, challenging.

As some have said, it is a resemblance of the Rusty Lake series. The graphics immediately attracted us. While it is not at the same level of the Rusty Lake games, we enjoyed this one a lot. It was challenging but not impossible. We did have to use some of the hints at times. Keep up the good work! We look forward to more from you.

Every once in a while you have the good fortune to come across a game from a new developer that is of excellent quality. This is such a game! The puzzles are clever, intelligent, and challenging. The graphics are wonderful and perfect for the story. The music adds to the spooky atmosphere. The game is not perfect — gameplay could be faster and on some puzzles we needed hints beyond what is offered (I was happy for online walkthroughs a couple of times) but overall we loved it! So cheers for this dev! We will happily buy any new games from them. We hope they come out with more. And btw, their other little game The Lift is also great.

Great graphics, incredible story line & fun puzzles! We played the prequel as well & enjoyed it immensely. We need more creative, off beat, horror/dark influenced genre & developers like this that are clever & that dont rely on jump scares to get by.

We thought this was a great game and paid $1.99 for the full game, but there is a MAJOR bug. We collected the chocolates but when placing them, 2 pieces got dragged off the screen behind the inventory and there was no way to get them back. To complete the puzzle, we had to look for the associated code in a walkthrough. Hopefully the developers can fix this. Other than that, good puzzles, great graphics, worth the 2 bucks.

If you like point and click games and dont mind getting the heebie-jeebies this game is for you. We absolutely love the atmosphere the game created from the little scares to background noise we unnerved the entire time, one small issue we have is Im not sure if the hints were in chronological order (this could be a us issue since we grabbed early game hints later than intended) and we understand the hints are intentionally vague to prevent spoilers but around the end we got so lost because we thought we missed items, chocolate (since case wasnt full), and wine cork (since it never said where) it wasnt until watching the walkthrough that we realized we had everything, but would appreciate having a way to check progress to avoid confusion because those 20 minutes of retracing our steps took us out of a great experience.

Great game! The hallway part got somewhat monotonous but the clues given within the gameplay itself is a great welcoming change of pace for this old grandma. Thanks for the great job!!!

We play A LOT of escape games- and pride myself in rarely using hints. This game challenged us in the best way!! Great game at a great price for the quality and time.

Clever, kooky, and creepy, just how it should be! A great mix of puzzle types as well, from complicated geometric puzzles, to word plays, and straight up pattern finding. PLAY IT.

Wow. This is a true standout for escape games.

Good game -tough without being impossible. Graphics were easy to work with.

Definitely not in the same league as Rusty Lake but its clearly trying to be. Controls are pretty slow to respond. We know the story is supposed to be sort of vague yet macabre but it seemed haphazard and boring.

We hope we see more from this developer. We really liked this game, but there were some moments that really disappointed us. Yes, its like Rusty Lake, but not as random with the storyline. The art and sounds are very good. Our biggest complaints are the Slider, Radio, and bookcase puzzles. Does anyone like slider games? We almost deleted the game when we saw there was no option to skip it. The radio puzzle is hard to hear and not very intuitive on where to tune. Like someone else said, we think the developer doesnt know how clock hands work. The bookcase puzzle just felt random and unnecessary… There was no story or hint leading to the conclusion. We had to find a YouTube walkthrough to get it. Anyway, sorry to pick it apart. Theres much to like and Ill be looking for another game from this developer.

There are a few interesting moments here, and we appreciate the hard work the developers put into this game. They seem to have listened to criticism and made improvements. The graphics and sound are polished, and some of the puzzles are rewarding. However, many of the puzzles are very frustrating, including an annoying sliding-tile puzzle and another puzzle that makes us wonder if the developers know how an hour hand on a clock works. The movement and tapping-interaction is also annoyingly slow. Using items is difficult because they become hidden behind your finger when you drag them. And the scary animations repeat endlessly, which takes away their impact. Overall, this was more frustrating than enjoyable. It lacks the magic spark of the Rusty Lake games that clearly inspired it. (I bet the Rusty Lake developers are not pleased with all the similarities.) But this developer shows promise, so we commend their hard work and wish them luck with their next game!

This was a good, creepy room escape with nice art and cleverly hidden objects! We did find that sometimes the items didnt respond the way we expected them to and a couple of the puzzles were really hard to figure out in a way that felt unintuitive, and the bigger issue we had is that a couple points in the game require headphones there are no captions for people who cant hear or need to be playing in areas where they cant use headphones, and that was a significant drawback.

We enjoy horror point and click/room escape games, and on that front this game is amazing, great story, good and gory. Now for the puzzles they were ok, unfortunately some of them seemed either impossibly obtuse, a few were fairly simple, and then some were spot on. We just wish certain things were easier to see and/or hear, a few of the clues for puzzles were hard to pick up on an iPhone screen, like the phone/bookcase clue, we could barely discern between the shades of red, that is frustrating, and things like this were why we gave three stars. The puzzles, and progression just needed more polish, or a few of them anyway, most puzzles were fun, although we did end up using the hint system because there was either seemingly no logical, or intuitive progression in some spots, or we just couldnt see the tiny blip of the item we needed but that could just be us, our eyes are not the best, your results may vary, and still a fun game, just a bit frustrating. Almost like the developer made things harder to see to increase the difficulty/length of the game, which in our opinion is a bunk way to do that. Still for 2$ an overall fun distraction for a few hours.

We are a deaf person that just played this game but found that there are some puzzles that requires hearing to solve. For example, a radio we used to turn the specific AM frequency on without captions or subtitles that should translates what the radio say. We get frustrated so we had to use the hints to get the message. This message gives an answer for the color combination safe in the closet. After playing the game for some time, we decided to quit. We find that telephone in an office when dialing with correct numbers requires hearing through a speaker to get a message. This game needs improvement by adding captions or subtitles for some objects that require hearing sound such as radio. We are sorry that we had to give a 2 stars review. This game provides good graphics to include puzzles, except that there is no subtitles for sound-based puzzles which is an accessibility need for deaf people.

After several attempts, we simply cannot get out of the bathroom. We have restarted the game several times and followed walk-throughs several times.. We have checked the inventory list we have everything Im supposed to have. After about the fifth walk-through, we simply must give up since we cannot exit stinking bathroom.

Immersive game with clever puzzles. Definitely deserves more attention… People just don’t know what they’re missing when they settle for boring BF tapping games lol. Wish there were more games of this quality.

This is a very fun game, challenging and reminds us of the Rusty Lake games. However, there are a few things that bother us. You have to wait for the caption to disappear before you can click on anything. Its like 3 seconds but feels really long when we just want to move on. The sensitivity is also off, you really have to push down to move anything and sometimes it would move an object no where near where we were touching. Overall its a good game. Would play any sequels they put out.

The game started out fine with nice animation and story line, but about half way into the game puzzle solving started to get ridiculous. We got to the point of being trapped in a hallway with a ghost floating around and no way out. Some independent walk through web sites also found this to be aimless. We finally gave up, wasnt enjoying it anymore, and deleted the game.

Really REALLY good game! Worth the price. Kept us entertained for a few hours. Loved the macabre story line, and the puzzles were challenging and made sense. Reminded us of the Rusty Lake Hotel Games, except this made more sense and there was more game play/puzzles. Please make more! We will definitely be waiting!

Well worth the spend and very intense. Use same skills as a real Escape room from the comfort of your couch. Looking forward to future versions.

We LOVE this game. The graphics are creepy but not too scary. Reminds us of the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape games but the puzzles here MAKE SENSE! They are more logical and easier to figure out without having to watch a walkthrough. This game feels like Im in an actual Escape Room.

Great game!! Not to hard and not to easy. The perfect amount of frustration when things get a little difficult!! Thanks and cant wait for many more.

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