Pimple Popper

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Pimple Popper


Pimple Popper is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Room Candy Games, Pimple Popper is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th April 2009 with the latest update 17th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


25 people have rated 9.0

You can download the game Pimple Popper from APP STORE.


Hello, you! We know you’re itching for some fine and fun entertainment, and we think it’s the perfect time for something new……like our Pimple Popper app (this is the ad free version)! You’ll be laughing and screaming at the same time! ;) Pimple Popper® is the MUST HAVE classic for your iPhone/iPad! See why our game has hit #1 in over 100 countries! Use your fingers to squeeze and pop whiteheads, blackheads, full blown pimples, and scratch off crusty scabs. YUMMY! Don’t forget to also try our sequel – MEGA Pimple Popper.


  • 4 different pimple types: blackheads, whiteheads, full blown pimples and scabs.
  • 18 different faces/levels to pop. Tip: You can always replay the levels as the pimples will randomly reposition themselves.
  • The pimples on the faces change positions when you replay the app, so you can always replay the levels you have beaten!

Are you still reading this? What are you waiting for? You could be playing the nastiest (but strangely fun) app ever invented!

BTW, It’s even more fun watching your friends play our Pimple Popper app because their reactions are always priceless – you just don’t know if they’ll laugh or scream. Either way, fun for all! :D

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Updated on 17th May 2019

Updated for newer iPhones and iPads.

Pimple Popper Reviews

But it’s a little gross but it needs more levels.

Ever noticed memory game noises sounds like there having an orgasm!!! Uhhhhhh.

We think that it’s gross but adicting!!!!!!!!

This game is great! It’s gross but still really fun! It’s really addicting.

We love all the different games you can play – classic, memory… Etc. Some how, addicting :) Get it! But try the lite version first!

ALL THE SISSYS: PAY ATTENTION!! This is a Pimple. Popping. Game. What the hell do you think it is going to be? Especially the guy and/or girl who said ‘the scabs look nasty’ For real? Look at the TITLE. Read the description, try the LITE VERSION FIRST then buy the full version without complaining about how the scabs look and who would make this game ’cause FYI everyone knows you have to buy an app before you rate it so don’t waste $1.99 just to b*tch about who’d make this kind of game.

Touch the screen very lightly and pop the zits quickly. It says to do it slowly but that didn’t work at all. When we started doing it quickly it works great now.

Didn’t work at all. Zoomed out and it stopped there.

An interesting concept that is poorly executed. Lame graphics and broken controls make this app a total dud.

This is not worth your money or time it made us sick to think that Somone would make such a thing.

Every time we tried to play the app it kept going on and off.

This program reinstalls itself on our iPhone even after we deleted it. Is it some form of virus?

Srsly, how do u get these to pop??? We have squeezed soft, hard, fast, slow, long strokes, short strokes……… We have rubbed, circled them, held the squeeze, everything…. What is the trick???? One star until something happens that changes our mind!!!!

The pay version is exactly the same as the free version! Its a total waste of money! Like we got the free version to start out with,and then,I got the pay version it was exactly the same thing! We thought we were going to get a lot more levels but it’s the same thing! Just get the free version. It’s so much better.

Horribly Stupid Game. Not worth the money. We want our money back you can have the game back.

What a waste of two bucks. We couldn’t even make it work. Stupid game, don’t buy it.

This game is COMPLETELY stupid! Please, take our advice, we AM a gamer, and this has got to be one of the WORST games we’ve EVER seen!

Its not that cool we mean its weird and the scab is nasty and looks weird. We wish we hadnt bought it not worth a buck ninty nine the worst.

This game is horrible. We played this game for 5 minutes and then promptly deleted it. Total waste of two bucks.

Bad we didn’t even get to play it because every time we tried to it just kept going on and off.

Entire games is one giant glitch. Touch controls dont even work.

Never get this game waste of money.

But it is impossible to do anything with this game… We have an ipad 3, so we can’t figure out why nothing happens.

We luv to pop pimple and see all the puss come out and sometimes blood well it’s cool!! Now people if ur a girl and u think this is gross stop being such a diva!!!

It is fun to us but it needs to have more levels.

This game was fun for the first day that we had it, but we just keep playing the levels over and over again. This app needs more levels, and it gets boring after a while. You can only pop pimples for so long until you go crazy!

You can get the lite version and u get the exact same stuff! Get the free version and save ur money!

It is fun we guess. But it gets frustrating beacuse it doesnt sense the popping.

It’s fun but there’s only like 7 levels and if you pay a dollar for 7 levels it’s not worth it then it’s over!!!! Just get the lite version and keep playing it.

Rip off same as lite version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what we do in settings when we go to pop a pimple it goes back to the last screen. But if we could fix that problem I’d love it! Well it’s really annoying that we can’t play, but it’s a really fun game with the little bit we’ve played.

The game isn’t that bad. It kinda gross and out there but not bad. Definitely would be better if it were free/

We love this game but the $0.99 one is the same as the lite version so it’s a waste of money:((

It’s very boring. Now and we are starting to dislike this game.

Weird, but very addicting when u play it a lot. Good game.

Our fianc got this for us, lite and full version. So fun, we get into it. Helps us sleep better. (: lol.

It is worth our money it is a fun and laughable game! You need to buy this game. It is our faveorite game that we have ever had!

We love this game it keeps us entrained all hours of the day when we don’t have school it’s so fun.

Some levels are some are . But we don’t think it’s worth 99cents Get the free one it’s pretty much the same . But the game is entertaining and the people make weird noises.

It is fun, but like everyone says… It needs more levels.

We had the lite version, then we bought the full version ($0.99). THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME! The same 8 levels, with the same people in the same order, an the same number of pimples (zits). We complained about it. :( Don’t buy the full version. It’s a waste.

We got bored in the first 3 minutes! It is also not worth the money!

Umm this is like the free version don’t buy it just play the free.

This game is only 8 levels so dont waste your money on it :(

Game gets boring after a while. Pretty gross! Also when downloaded, the app icon is weird…

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