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Pinochle HD


Pinochle HD is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WildCard Classics Inc, Pinochle HD is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th September 2010 with the latest update 22nd November 2014

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


500 people have rated 1.6.1

You can download the game Pinochle HD from APP STORE.


The classic thrills of Pinochle burst onto the iPhone and iPod Touch with Pinochle HD! Download this digital update of the classic card game NOW to get your hands on the complete versions of both single-deck and double-deck Pinochle for endless fun on the go! Entertain your brain and rediscover the timeless appeal of Pinochle with Pinochle HD.

With full Game Center integration, Pinochle HD allows users to play Online matches against random opponents as well as invite friends to a match! Play with 4 people or 2 in ether cooperative or versus modes. Pinochle HD also includes full Leaderboard and Achievement support.

Developed as the highest quality Pinochle adaptation available on the Apple App Store, Pinochle HD caters to all players. Detailed instructions and interactive hints at every stage of play are provided for novices while experienced Pinochle veterans can simply pump up Pinochle HD’s adjustable difficulty settings – three separate difficulty settings are available to choose from — or play against tough live opponents through the Peer to Peer gaming options included within the game.

Developed to bring the authentic Pinochle experience into the digital age, Pinochle HD allows users to play from any Apple mobile platform, play Online via Game Center and review game play with recorded match statistics and hand histories. Pick up your mobile device and discover—or rediscover—the time tested joys and challenges of Pinochle today with Pinochle HD!

App Features:

  • 3 unique difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, & Hard).
  • Single player game mode.
  • Support for both Single Deck and Double Deck Pinochle.
  • Multi-Player game-play on the device
  • Peer-to-Peer game-play via Bluetooth.
  • Online games via Game Center
  • Complete game statistics for all matches.
  • 6 unique background/ layout choices.
  • Full instructions for new players
  • Extensive hints at all stages of game-play and in-game ‘Explain’ option for novice users.

Updated on 22nd November 2014

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Thanks for all your wonderful support! This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

We appreciate every App Review, so keep them coming!

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Pinochle HD Reviews

For a computer game it’s great the only one we’ve found better is on pogo.

Not the rules we learned to play but very close and fun The recent update has left a few things that are undesirable and taking away things that we enjoyed. The most glaring problem is that your partner doesn’t seem to understand the basic rules of the game. When you lead an ace he will throw an ace instead of a king or 10 which would be more appropriate.

Very good app. Multiple skill levels and easy app to navigate. We would definitely recommend.

Love playing this game. SUGGESTION: It’d be great if there was a way to wrap up the game when a hand is "trump tight" and everyone else out of them.

Been playing and enjoying this great simulation of pinochle for years now. Excellent.

This is a great game. The only problem is that bidding should start at 500. Makes it move faster.

Have played pinochle for nearly 70 years and play this version daily.

Not sure why others are unhappy but as an avid team pinochle player back in the day this version is excellent also no bugs on our IPad Air just sayin Just wish we could find some live players online when we are on would be great fun.

If you enjoy no passing and classic rules, this app is great. We play it often and we have a lot of fun.

This is a great game. We can’t find anyone in our family or friends that will play this game with us. We do enjoy playing it on our iPad.

This app allows us to hone our skills when we gather with friends and play the game. Love it! Thanks.

Love the game!!! Wish it had a surrender option for when one team cant win. Or a we got the rest when a player has all trumps left and no one else has any. Im impatient and dont want to have to sit through playing it all out. But love the game.

AI does not have the smarts of a seasoned human player, but does alright. Still makes for a fun game.

Dont pas cards. Find it fun and fair.

Great game plays with no problems stays true to the card game we recommend this game to everyone !

We both love this game and play it every day. Hope to see a new update soon became since the new Apple iOS the game is very difficult to open if you are able you get it open you have to leave open. Hoping you can fix the problem with your own update.

Like the real thing Wonderful memories to be able to carry on even by myself.

We both love this game and play it every day. Hope to see a new update soon became since the new Apple iOS the game is very difficult to open if you are able you get it open you have to leave open. Hoping you can fix the problem with your own update.

Plays a really good game whether you like playing with either single or double decks, easy medium or hard, and using high or minimal scoring techniques. Upgrade really worth it. Two variances from our rules – Trump does not have to lead here and all suites are strictly enforced to beat the played cards, not just Trump.

A lot of games say free but then they have in app purchases They dont make you watch a bunch of ads And its a fun game of pinochle.

We had forgotten all about Pinochle since no one we know plays. We learned from our parents when we were 10 or so. One thing we remember is the option to "shoot the moon" for 1500 points if you thought you could take every trick. Not sure if that was a real rule or just one in our family. It was fun regardless. We love how fast the game moves. One suggestion we have is to have the cards in your hand separate black suits and red suits. For instance all your red hearts, then black spades, then red diamonds, then black clubs.

Game is fun till your battery dies.

This is a good AP with lots of options for styles of play. If you dont enjoy playing against a computer with all that comes with the territory then better join a pinochle club.

One of the most frustrating part s of this game is when you call trump and your partner has an ace, they won’t pass it. Just makes playing a bit frustrating!

We love this game. Learned to pal in jail lol but it still goes up.

Learning to play by using this app. Fast and complete. If you want to learn and practice this card game. Look no further.

This game is so awesome!!! It makes playing cards fun. It is really easy to play by yourself and play with others!! You can have a fun time beating your friend or playing with them.

Why when your partner bids diamonds or spades and he has both jack of diamonds and queen of spades he throws them out thats worth 300 points This morning he bid clubs we gave him both aces a king and queen, he had two 9s 2 jacks no tens and the three we gave yet he bid 260.

We love playing the game. However, the player make very bad plays and the game allows to not follow the rules of the game.

We love this game, but why cant all the hands be shown at the end of game so you can see what your partner had and your opponents. Please add this feature! It would make the game top shelf! Thanks.

Of all the card games we’ve played (aside from Snoopy), we enjoy pinochle the most. Thanks for this enjoyable game. We do wish there was a way, having exhausted everybody else’s trump, to throw in all your trump in at once: playing every single card at hand is a little monotonous, but that’s ‘official,’ we guess.

We’ve had lots of fun playing the game. It has made the game second nature. We definitely have a leg up now on the Pinocle group we meet with on Fridays.

The ai is dopey but if you always outbid the comp you are sure to win 9 times out of 10. Our biggest gripe is the lack of online players. Random match ups never happen!

This is our favorite game BUT, it would be great to pass N play. Can you program that? Thanks.

No complaints! Does freeze from time time.

We’ve played pinnacle for years. We’ve never had a partner that when you give your partner a marriage or a pinochle that she sends 1/2 of the pair back to you, Then there is no score. Or a partner who plays her ace on your lead ace. Then cant catch trick with her ten that she kept. The ace ten and king are all worth 10 points so play king or ten and save your ace to catch a trick!

We like to win and we can, easily!!

Best we have found but definitely take the bid from your idiot computer partner.

The only way we can open it is from the App Store. Have been playing this game for more than 10 years. When it wouldnt work we tried other pinochle app – no comparison. Please fix!

Not perfect and some irritating clitches, but we still have fun playing the game. Not very many pinnocle games available and unlike many games they are not digging money out of you. You play for free.

Lots of flaws with the partner.

We like this game more than other pinochle games but as most everybody has mentioned you can’t really count on your partner passing the right cards plus if you don’t take the bid your partner seldom will. All in all not anything out there that’s much better. The last straw is when our partner sent back half of a double pinochle. Took the game off.

We like this game because its something that we can play by our self or with others. We also like it because we can play it on our IPad and kindle. You should try it to because its amazing.

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