Lexulous Word Game

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 03:35 pm

Lexulous Word Game


Lexulous Word Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RJS Tech Solutions LLP, Lexulous Word Game is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th May 2009 with the latest update 29th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Education, Word, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,866 people have rated 7.0.71

You can download the game Lexulous Word Game from APP STORE.


The best word game for all ages. Beat players at the easier levels first and then get a go at the toughest word game players in the world!

Compete with more than 7 million crossword gamers across the world.
Play against the computer at multiple difficulty levels.

Use the post game word analysis feature to improve your skills.

◆ PRO version. No ads. ◆

  • Unlimited free to play mode with chat. Its a fun way to stay in touch with family and friends!
  • Global challenge mode that lets you make new friends from other countries.
  • Built-in dictionary to help improve your English vocabulary and anagram skills.
  • Comprehensive stats like Avg. Move & Game scores, along with total Wins, Bingos played etc.
  • Now optimised to consume 60% less data! Play your moves, on the move.
  • Available in Italian & French too!

◆ Game Description ◆

Make words on a 15 x 15 board and use the 4 types of premium squares wisely to score BIG. Match your friends or play with random opponents from around the world. You can also play in the Solitaire Word Game mode against 10 difficulty levels of the computer or try to beat your own best score. Lexulous is like yoga for your brain – you’ll learn new words everyday while playing this cool game!

  • Connect and play free games with friends from all over the world through Facebook. Lexulous is one of the most popular Facebook games.
  • Practice mode allows you to play solo or against the PC


Why are you missing out on this fun game?

◆ Analyser Mode ◆

  • Analyser allows you to see the best possible moves after a game is complete. It’s a great way to learn new words and to improve your skills! Lexulous is the ONLY word game app that offers this option. See which words you missed and play like the pros!

◆ Feedback ◆

Got suggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hear from you! Please send in your comments to [email protected] – and we will get back within 24 hours. Happy gaming!

NOTE: Lexulous does not promote the use of word builders, anagram builders, external dictionaries or word association games without the knowledge of your friends and opponents. This is a free to play word game that requires skill and we appreciate players who get better at it with experience. Play fair, and have fun!

Visit us at http://www.lexulous.com – you can also play this word game via your desktop browser.

Updated on 29th June 2022

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

For any feature requests please contact us via [email protected]
User forum: https://forum.lexulous.com

Lexulous Word Game Reviews

Just purchased the no ads version…… Terrible. Every letter played enlarges the board approx 50% in size requiring us to pinch the board back to normal size. Also have had trouble advancing to the NEXT GAME. To advance to next game, we have to totally exit and reenter lexulous. Very disappointing.

We appreciate Lexi list for several reasons one he keeps us in contact with our sister several states away. Two we find it mentally stimulating trying to form words from available tiles. Third we enjoy the fact that we can play it without the physical encumber mens of tiles and the board and perhaps looking up in a dictionary and keeping score, and making sure that the game is in bumped or Jarred or spilled. These are some of the main reasons that we enjoy Lexi looks so much.

Weird words, great new friends. :-)

We’ve been playing for 4-5 years with our mother and its a good way to stay connected. Its also a lot of fun even though we win nearly every time we play.

Can you do something with the ads? Cant see the games for the ads. Great games other than that.

We have been playing this game for years. It was our favorite. Now suddenly all our games have disappeared – over 100 games gone! We are so shocked and disgusted. Any way we can recover our account?

We play every day, and now this? What the heck? Now annoying adds while we play the game?

Urgh, where to start? We had about 15 games loaded on this when they all disappeared. Now when we try to start a new game it either crashes or says "error occurred". We can only log into FB and not with our email. Don’t bother downloading it, free or not. Not worth e frustration.

We don’t like that. We are not allowed to start new games with opponents. We keep getting the message that says we have too low of a completion rate or something like that and it will not let us start new games. We do not like that a lot of the games that we were playing have disappeared. And we do not like that all of our history has disappeared. What are you guys doing?

Like the free game on facebook, but this app quits every time we try to login and play. Too many bugs, like every time we match a new random opponent, we take a turn and it tells us the match is over. Waste of money. Pass. UPDATE: Astounding how long it took the developers to respond, we wrote this review so long ago we cant even remember when. Four years ago, or more. Bad app with bad customer service. Done.

We used to love it but suddenly the scores were not showing on the page and that makes it too much trouble. The other players name doesnt show nor the scores.

Just love it. Far superior to all the other word games on FaceBook! Don’t change a thing!

We have be playing with a friend for years. We always have multiple games going at once. She did an update to her iPad and says the board changed so much that she can’t play anymore. She sent us a screenshot and we have to agree it makes our head spin. Hopefully this will be fixed!

We love this app, although we prefer challenges with the computer to live games. At 68, it keeps our mind sharp!!

We love the game and start everyday playing with friends. Our only complaint is that people should not be able to view the letters of their opponents.

We like everything about the game except the stickiness of the letters. They dont like to stay where you want them.

We enjoy the game. However, we think there are too many vowels. Also would like to see our moves and opponents in different colors.

We find your app very difficult to navigate. It sometimes dead ends us when Im looking for a game Im playing. It has recently dropped our games altogether. Frustrating!

We find this a great way to keep friends nearby even when we cant be together. Better than WORDLE because of the social engagement and challenges between players.

Lexulous helps us stay connected at 75 .. We PLAY WITH FRIENDS we TRUST… We feel the game helps to to stay on top with our small motor skills as well as eye hand coordination … We can focus because we are not being annoyed by the blast of distracting sounds and music that accompany so many GAMES ON LINE … NOR AM we PUSHED TO UPGRADE ENDLESSLY… We KNOW WHAT we LIKE , AND we AM E X T R E M E L Y ….. Satisfied with the entire make up of the game … Your design people made a near flawless game … THANKS SO MUCH…. DDBS…. DIANE FIRESTINE.

Works well. Letter distribution etc. Makes it more fun than Scrabble. Ad free version worth paying for as ads in free version were getting difficult to get out of. App makers keep game glitch free.

Its great to be able to play with our friend in another state. Not sure how the letters are chosen, but it seems that you get all vowels or all consonants a lot of the time. There are times when you cant even get on the site.

Games go missing. Cant find them on the web page or the app. Makes for a lot of frustration when you are in the middle of a game and the person you are playing with starts a new game and asks why you doing play the 1st one. Or you contact a player and said you have started a game, but they cant see it. Its just not there, either in app or web page on their end, but your end shows you the last several games you have tried to start. Eventually they disappear, but still annoying. We’ve even had games that can only be played on web page. They show up on the app, but refuse to load.

So many glitches. Our whole game record just got deleted.

We are playing w two friends and their names both changed to ginas.

No profile photos for over 3 month we HATE LOOKING At BLANK PROFILE Pictures FIX Your SiTE.

And is keeping our mind sharp.

Play one game and you wont be able to stop! Great for the brain and always fun! Beat your opponent and get a rush thats better than a narcotic!

Live games begin with players who are no longer there, cant customize game settings by time, cant choose who to play against, glitches often, and now we cant even log in to play anything. Began a review already and wouldnt even let us submit that. Glad we paid for this app when we could have just used the free one with the same exact problems. >.>

Something is wrong all of a sudden. Error message when we try to connect via Facebook, where our open games are.

How can we stop see those unnecessary advertisements.

Thank you for creating Lexulous! Please add an option to see a list of previous turns with words and scores.

The ridiculous few ts in the tile set vs. The incredibly many is is glaring. We often end up with 4-5 is that string along for much of the game. Challenging, yes. Fun, NO.

All of a sudden our lexulous changed in format! Have no clue why. When we tried correcting and uninstalling and reinstalling it changed everything. Now we have trouble with the screen moving up and down when we try placing the the tiles. Would love the old one back!

We’ve played this game for YEARS across all platforms but recently got an iPhone and downloaded again- even paid for the upgraded version. Im very disappointed in the differences across platforms- WHY am we not able to host a live game with our own time preferences, or even join a live game that we want to on iOS?! No options for rematch after a live game, cant place tiles on the board between turns without it accepting whats there before Im ready (ie no premove option other than automatic)….. WHY so many discrepancies!? We know small differences are inevitable but with so many that effect gameplay its very difficult to continue to enjoy the game.

App is broken today cannot log in. FIX THIS PLEASE.

We’ve used this app for years but all of a sudden in wont open.

Electronically well constructed, moves and scores accurately and quickly posted, players from US and around the world, several different languages available, chat w others or dont chat, play w friends or strangers, relevant features avail that make the game more interesting and fun, a great two minute diversion during the course of the workday and u can play at the speed that fits u.

We just enjoy the game and the connection it gives us with far away friends.

Letters that one gets are critical, the longer you play the more you realize that!

Lexulous helps us stay connected at 73… We PLAY WITH FRIENDS we TRUST… We feel the game helps to to stay on top with our small motor skills as well as eye hand coordination … We can focus because we are not being annoyed by the blast of distracting sounds and music that accompany so many GAMES ON LINE … NOR AM we PUSHED TO UPGRADE ENDLESSLY… We KNOW WHAT we LIKE , AND we AM E X T R E M E L Y ….. Satisfied with the entire make up of the game … Your design people made a near flawless game … THANKS SO MUCH…. DDBS…. DIANE FIRESTINE.

We so miss the old Scrabble but the new game is nuts. Lexulous is great, just the simple fun word game and no ads!!!

Awesome and fun way better than words with friends!

We’ve enjoyed this game for years. Its a great cheap way to keep in touch with old friends. We play our words when we have time; they play when they have time. Nothing is rushed. Every game is different because tiles are randomly dealt, though we swear we get more vowels than the others… They say the same thing.

This game is fun! You can play at your own pace, the players are friendly and you are not bombarded with annoying features or ads. YAY! Why cant more games be like this?

Have played nearly 5000 games. Love it.

Like the game but board is TOO darn small for fingers or for reading!!!

This format is not as friendly.. Placement of tiles is frustrating..

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