Pirates Outlaws

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 06:20 am

Pirates Outlaws


Pirates Outlaws is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fabled Game Limited, Pirates Outlaws is a Card game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 6th March 2019 with the latest update 20th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,697 people have rated 3.70

You can download the game Pirates Outlaws from APP STORE.


Pirates Outlaws is an indie roguelike card game in which you navigate dangerous seas and challenge their masters. Your expedition will be full of ambushes and will not be easy.

16 heroes available with unique abilities and pre-made decks. More than 700 cards and 200 relics to collect. Play your cards and manage your Ammo for the best combo. Defeat 150+ outlaws and 60+ unique bosses in a turn-based combat system.

3 game modes can be enjoyed.

In Navigate mode you manage your expedition on varied horizons to discover and battle pirates and outlaws that stand on your path. You can unlock up to 7 maps and chapters with their own difficulty and secret.

Once repute reaches 9999, Hard Mode auto-unlock. Harsher environments and stronger enemies. Each chapter also has its unique challenge in Hard Mode.

In the dust of the arena, you will face every 10 battles a powerful Champion. To reach the top, you must choose among the cards and relics from all 7 chapters. A place for all pirates in need of challenge.

Test your strength and knowledge over a drink at the tavern. Choose pre-made packages before each battle and defeat the wave of pirates. After the 2 battles, defeat the imposing Tavern Keeper.

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English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German.

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Email: [email protected]
Discord: https://discord.gg/5gxKmQz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FabledGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piratesoutlaws

Updated on 20th February 2023

Fixed bugs:

  1. Explorers don’t have the original relics to choose.
  2. Curse Captain’s infinite card draw bug.
  3. Select a hero to play the tutorial again, will appear the cards that only for the chosen hero.
  4. Relic "sushi" did not cause damage to the enemy with Cursed Captain’s healing passive
  5. Two Bounties appeared while doing Captain Unknown Quest.
  6. Fixed some abnormal UIs.
  7. Fixed some known issues.

Pirates Outlaws Reviews

This game is incredible! Its very fun, the art is perfect, and the sense of discovery and growing complexity and fun is exactly on point. We got it to tide us over while we waited for Dalaran Heist to be released for Hearthstone, but Ill be playing this game long after that releases! It does need a way to synchronize your game if you have both an iPhone and an iPad, though.

This game is fantastic. Theres nearly endless replayability here. Save one particular character, you can buy everything with in game currency, and the charm and polish of the game keeps us coming back for more and more. The music and sounds are also great. This one is worth the purchase several times over.

Our background in gaming started with call of duty went to PC and now Im want to cut down on our time playing games. This is the perfect game to get our fix in on our IPhone.

We been playing this game for a month but we would say its worth it so you pay 99 cents but theres a must buy pack which is the booster which we think is $5 so we would say its a $6 game. So this game is like a deck builder binding of Isaac in a way you have to beat 3 bosses to get full rewards. Collector is so far our fav due extra choices and relic slot. Yes theres another guy you can get with money but we personally dont think hes to great so we would wait to see if you enjoy the game enough to get him.

We got the game a while ago and its really fun with minor bugs which all games have. Its very addicting and a good time passer and for us theres only one problem with it. It takes a long while to get the gold you need for unlocking new characters, maps etc. We would love for the game to make it so you make the gold a little faster than what it is now. One other thing is when you use some cards that heal like good sleep/good rest(or whatever its called) if you accidentally drag it onto an enemy it gives them the health and its happened to us quite a lot. If you guys could fix the two things that we’ve mentioned it would be one of our favorite games.

We have played many turn based games in our time and this is one of the most enjoyable we’ve encountered. We never review and we never consistently play mobile games but this game got us to do both. We are by no means a mobile gamer but we think this game is very deserving of 5 stars. Great fluid combat, interesting cards and mechanics, and interesting character choices make this game great. We will say this game is not for those who do not like to grind. It is also not for those who do not like IAP. We think this game deserves the cash we’ve spent and we will continue to support it as long as it is being supported by the developers. The only complaint we have is that the AP system seems kind of tacked on. The only real use we can see for it is limiting the amount of gold you have late game so that you dont have a near limitless supply. Even then, it feels like a very unnecessary addition to the game. From a realism standpoint, even though this game isnt very realistic, it makes no sense to us why your ship would take damage to the point that it sinks from doing what it was built to do, sail! Overall great game and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a grindy mobile game to sink some free time into.

Bought this game thinking it would be a cheap time waster… Well we got sucked in quickly by this game and, like entering a maelstrom, emerge 2 hours later, no idea what time it is. Havent had a game command our attention like this in a long time. Bravo developers!

This is a great game in the same vein as Slay the Spire. If you loved that youll enjoy this. Only a 4 star due to having to take a card after battle and we would have rather paid more up front than be faced with a long grind to unlock more maps and characters. If you want to skip to the full game be aware the listed price just gets you in the door where you can pay more for full immediate access. (I like the card unlocks though) Overall a great game.

Fun game! Keeps us entertained, and thats difficult. Just needs cloud saves so we can flip between our iPhone and iPad. Keep up the great work!

There are quite a few inherent issues with the rng of the game and poor design decision, for example: 1) Getting 3 reloads in one draw. This immediately screws you for a turn or two. Introducing a relic that could control for this would definitely help out that detrimental rng, or making it just an inherent mechanic that you couldnt draw more than two a turn would make the game more enjoyable. 2) the explorer (left, middle, right) is atrociously designed. You can literally die with full hp at 80 or more… It should NOT bring you back to the very beginning, you should be brought the the last NON-dead end. This would save up to 30-50 hp from exploring in most situations. After dying during great runs strictly due to this poor design we will always pass on them from now onwhich is the epitome of poor design because the risk is always greater than the reward 90% of the time. 3) we have not tested out all of the characters yet but we think additionally balancing may be warranted. There are other issues, but these are the most glaring at the moment and we have high hopes for the games future. It is a great mobile game. Im only being harsh in some aspects because we are a fan and look forward to improvements. All-in-all there is a lot of potential, and for a dollar it is worth purchase, maybe even a micro transaction if reasonable.

The game is actually wonderful, definitely worth a dollar. However, its replayability is marred by an in game economy designed to encourage In-App Purchases. To get to enjoy the game fully, expect to slog through of dozens of hours of grind or cough up another $15 on top of dollar entry fee. Its too bad they balanced their game in such an exploitative way. It could have ended up a game we wanted to spend more money on. Im more inclined to support devs that dont twist our arm into giving them more money. If a future patch adjusts in-game currency rates, we will change our review accordingly.

This game needs better play testers, no IAPs, and more frequent updates. With those things it would be a top 5 all-time game. As it stands, it is impossible to recommend. Brutally hard already (which is fine), slowest of slow grinds (less fine), and with a random number generator that suspiciously errs on the side of not giving you things you could be paying for (not fine at all). Add to that the numerous buggy, mislabeled, or simply misleading cards and this is a recipe for frustration. The list of cards we can’t use because they have failed to work at a key moment is extremely long. The new content is fine, but I’d rather the devs spent the time to make this consistently playable in a way that actually seems reasonably fair.

The game is fun but having more gold will unlock all the fun content. We purchased the booster pack which pretty makes the core experience feel polished and rewarding enough. Would have preferred the price reflect the booster and app cost so that people can feel like they are buying into a complete experience thats not trying to gouge your credit card with enticing content behind a digital currency.

We play a lot of games on our iPad Pro, and this one works well and lots of fun!

We preordered, thinking it looked like a pretty well done sts clone. It is, but with its own originality. Reloading ammo instead of energy, love it. The look of the game is gorgeous. Got through the tutorial with a smile. Then got a lil sad by seeing the store button, iap. It was only 99c so we get it. Gots ta make that money. So we will definitely keep playing seems like a legit card rogulike. It seems like its really up to you if you want to spend a lil to get a lil. So far it seems you can play the full game without purchasing. For us tho, Im willing to spend 5-10 dollars on a game we will be playing every day. GG devs.

This game is fantastic. For the people worried about IAPs, they are completely optional. Its a rogue-like and is feature complete without them. There is only one character that you cant get without paying some dough. Also, the game is $1 to start. Give us a break. Our only complaint is that Im hooked and our life has been sidelined…

Ill admit, Im not very good at Slay the Spire, and so far Im not very good at this game either. That never stopped us from loving Slay the Spirewhich this game almost copies in mechanics, save for the nuanced differenceshowever Pirates Outlaws has some… Glaring issues with deck building. More than just having in-app purchases for a mobile game you have to buy, we find the inability to skip looting cards almost as bad. Im not great when it comes to building a good Slay the Spire deck, but if theres one thing we learned its that deck size and card selection matters A HECK OF A LOT. Maybe we’ve yet to find this games alternative to paying for card removals, and if so we hope to find it one day. Otherwise, due to card RNG and other probabilities, it will be entirely impossible to build any deck of strength AND SIZE capable of consistently getting plenty of coins each run, let alone do well enough to beat this game. Unless youre amazing at Slay the Spire, then theres a stronger possibility… We guess.

The game itself is actually pretty great if youre looking for something like Slay the Spire but so much of it is locked behind IAP that youll probably want to drop $10 on it if you actually want to play it (otherwise youll be stuck on the same tiny bit of content forever). We dont actually mind this but we wish we had known up front. Id be happy to drop $10 on a game to buy it or get a game for free and then realize that we basically get to try it out for an hour and see if we like it before putting money in but this hybrid approach just made us feel like Im supposed to grind for things in the game that… Well… They clearly want us to pay for.

But the IAPs kill it. Bought the doubler but it does next to nothing to help you progress. Very polished. Just a shame they didnt have one (higher) price to unlock the whole game.

We’ve played many hours over the last 3 days and we have 300 gold. To unlock a new hero/deck we need 1000 gold. Or we can spend more actual cash. As others have said, its a freemium game that we paid for.

The game looks like it will be fun when its working, but currently it is unplayable because cards will not properly activate often. We can get around it by closing and restarting the app, buts thats far too annoying because the bug shows up in every fight, usually multiple times. Update: tried to see if the bug was fixed, but now the sound doesnt work as well.

Like slay the spire but with way more content.

We love this game but the cloud Dave gives us an unable to save error even though its saving. Outside of that annoying bug Im enjoying the game.

Game is VERY grind-heavy (absurdly so) and is designed to make you use the cash shop. Also its almost entirely rng dependent and minimizes rewards. (so youll buy progression). Most of the game is punishment mechanics and sunk-cost fallacy. The combination of all this basically means an extremely punishing game where you finish and see your reward… In the cash shop.

Paid for this and it still has a ridiculous cash shop. F that.

As someone who loves Slay the Spire, this game is really a breath of fresh air. Different enough to be exciting, but similar enough to be familiar. There needs to be an option to disable/reduce the length of animations. Every shuffle adds like 3 seconds to your time, which sounds like nothing but adds up quickly when youre shuffling one or more times every turn. Whenever you draw a card like Recycle Ammo that has an effect when you draw it, you get this annoying little pause which probably lasts a full second. Again, sounds like nothing but you really notice over the course of a full run how much time is wasted just waiting for animations to finish.

A must play for any fans of deck builders. Sooooo much content!

We cant remove a burned key in our roles bag even in next game.

Amazing game. Just a suggestion, if you could add something like a Persian styled map, or some kind of middle eastern/Damascus styled skins also the lore IS AMAZING.

This game has come such a long way!

Super replay able and fun deck builder with an understated art style. Theres tons of different characters, maps and bosses all for free, with only a few characters that youd have to pay for, but theyre totally not required.

We have never put this game down since day one. Please keep up the great work!! Dont let this game die.

Its fun, its easy to play, and a great price.

Rougelikes are one of our favorite genres of games, and one for this cheap is amazing, love the game and its combat, but we think adding pvp would to the game a favor.

Played this game a lot on PC and just discovered it on IOS for 99 cents. Absolutely worth it plays a lot like slay the spire. Runs great on our iPhone!

This game like the joker in the Dark Knight compared to the games out there. Its very well done, very fun, and so ahead of the competition. The aesthetics are slightly deterring in comparison to the others… But in every other way this is the best type of card game in its class. Its array of cards and balance are unbelievable. We could not play any other Card Game after playing this… Please someone give us a recommendation. We want to play something different.

Really fun game, especially once you can access some of the other characters. The main guy you get (gunner) is fundamentally flawed and is a nightmare to complete without licking into specific cards. Dont give up!

We love the game but in the arena the second boss you get to is probably rigged cause you can win sometimes but sometimes whenever you get it down to lower health you literally cant hit it at all even though nothing changes cause no hits will land on it.

We love this game. The theme is fun and the cards are good. If you like slat the spire, this is a great compliment. We dont like all the additional paid stuff, but thats ok if it helps keep the price of the game down. We were look for this as a complete game on Switch.

We can’t restore icloud backup still loading on syncing on our ipad its ok on our iphone still loading we deleted the game and same problem.

This game is really fun, with its beautiful yet simple artstyle, fun characters, and music that never gets old. The game is great, but it DOES cost money. Sure, the developers need to profit of their work, but having the game cost money AND having micro transactions, as well as paid characters is rather annoying. The game itself is worth the money, but having extra payments despite buying the game is a horrible choice.

It’s a fun game but it feels like the game goes out of its way to make you lose. No matter how well you build your deck the game will make sure your strategy won’t work on the boss (usually it’s the second boss). A lot of RNG and frustration when nothing you do can help.

We play a LOT of rogue like card games, and this one is simply too punishing to be fun. There are FAR too many instances where your run simply comes to a point where it doesnt matter what decisions you have made, the enemy/boss rips off a sorry, bro – game over. On top of that, all the other characters, and cards are locked behind a massive amount of grinding (or paywall, if you choose to go that route). Do yourself a favor, and stick to something more fair/enjoyable like Slay the Spire.

This game had the potential to be as good as Slay The Spire, which this game has copied most elements of. We personally don’t think that any paid game should have so much inaccessible content. Unless you’re ready to spend 5+ hours playing a fairly repetitive game trying to unlock a single character, you will have to pay more money to play the game to its full extent. For a collectible rogue-like game, this game has very little "synergy", which is a staple of the genre. The game is built around 4+ characters that were part of the game when it was released, but all other characters add very little to the game. Though this game looks really fun, it doesn’t live up to other cheaper games in the genre. Ironically, I’d argue that Slay The Spire is cheaper simply because its content is not hidden behind a pay wall, even though up front it is 10$.

Great cards and imagination and art style in this randomized card game. To even begin a strategy youll need a way to heal and enough defensive cards to repel attackers. No sense knowing what your enemies are attacking with if you dont have the ability to block. Your main character will have the ability to block, but not enough to prevent all the damage, so youre ending every fights with less health. Unless you have healing of some sort. And theres no way to guarantee you have healing, its all luck of the draw. You can pick the character who had lifesteal when shes below half health, but she is unable to block, so shell take a lot more damage. She has a dodge chance, but again, youre putting yourself in the hands of random numbers. There IS a character that has block and guaranteed heal. He costs $5. We almost bought him, but our patience was worn out by the time we found him. If youre still reading this review to make a purchasing decision, do yourself a favor and just see the price tag of this game as $6. Buy the game for $1 and buy the monkey character for $5 right away. If the game has been $6 and included the monkey character as the main character, we probably would have been giving this game five stars right now. It could be a fun game; they made a conscious choice to make fun something you have to gamble for first. 2 Stars.

This game stinks. Rigged to make you lose. Garbage.

Its one of the better deck building roguelike games out there. There is a bigger focus character classes to give variety than others in the genre. So a large pool of cards/artifacts any class can use and you get to theory craft what works best with each character.

Game isnt free so it shouldnt have the option to buy coins and characters, its ridiculous and scummy. Sad, because its a fun game, so it get 2 stars from us. Wish developers had more dignity and respect for their work.

Reinstall would solve the game breaking problem in latest version.

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