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Pixel Dungeon


Pixel Dungeon is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Oleg Dolya, Pixel Dungeon is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 18th June 2015 with the latest update 19th October 2018

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


473 people have rated 1.9.3

You can download the game Pixel Dungeon from APP STORE.


Pixel Dungeon is an exciting and extremely popular roguelike. Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items and fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) – the ultimate artefact of this game world!

Are you prepared for this very easy to play yet difficult to master dungeon crawler?


  • Charming pixel-art graphics and a simple interface that gets out of your way.
  • 25 randomly generated levels with different settings like sewers, abandoned prison, caves, etc… so you will feel that every new game is unique!
  • A deceitful dungeon full of dangers! Try to avoid the hidden traps or falling on deadly chasms. Or find as many chests as you can, full of treasures to use or sell!
  • A different array of monsters that will try to get a piece of you on every corner, plus some bigger bosses that will try to get an even bigger piece ;)
  • Lots of different items to find, buy, sell… including armor, weapons, potions, wands, scrolls…
  • Various character classes to suit your style of play, from the strong Warrior or the knowledgeable Mage to the sneaky Rogue and the powerful Huntress. You can specialize your character even further, if you survive long enough ;)
  • Enchantments that you’ll have to use on your weapons and armor if you want to survive the dungeon’s harsh conditions
  • You’ll use your alchemy knowledge to brew rare potions, improve the dungeon’s economy by spending all your coins on the shops and deal with obnoxious NPCs and their demanding quests
  • Lots of other surprises, you’ll need to check the game to find out!

Everything about Pixel Dungeon:
Temple of the Roguelike forum: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=2826
Official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pixeldungeon
Developer Blog: http://pixeldungeon.tumblr.com/
Pixel Dungeon Wiki (including things like items and monsters descriptions, tactics and mechanics etc), run by a community: http://pixeldungeon.wikia.com/
You can also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/watawatabou & https://twitter.com/Arcnor

Updated on 19th October 2018

The bug which caused freezing on iOS 12 is fixed

Pixel Dungeon Reviews

We finally beat this game! We feel so accomplished, but sad we hit the end too. This game was/is a really great pass time. If you like real challenges that take skill and a bit of luck then this game is for you! Its a bit more difficult at first, but just take your time to learn it and PLEASE READ THE SIGNS, they have some pretty useful info on them. Such a great game overall and we hope the developers keep working on it!

Is there a way to quick save so we can reload after death?

Spent too many nights trying to beat this game love it.

Absolutely love the graphics and for the most part gameplay. However the movement is way too fast. Literally feels like playing the game at 2x speed.

We dont have any problem with the difficulty (kids these days… Lol). This game is fun. But since the iOS 12 update its been freezing (and not saving progress) within about 5 minutes of starting a run, and hasnt been playable. Update: Fast response by dev fixed freezing issue.

Love the game its perfect. We’ve been playing for years and we convince people to get into it constantly but boy is the community ready for an update.

Just wanted this to be a feature, it would add another layer of fun to the game.

We can literally sit down and play this game til our phone battery runs low (8+) and it never ceases to amuse us. We’ve never even won. 10/10.

First of all we love this game it may not be worth the 3 dollars to get it but we understand that you guys have to make money somehow so its perfect understandable but on to the main reason for writing this review. We were thinking of maybe you guys could add a couple new playable characters like a paladin or maybe a cleric but other than maybe some new characters to the game anyone who loves rogue like rpgs should definitely pick up this game as soon as possible.

We’ve been playing this game for years and we’ve been in love with it since it came out a perfect rogue light game that takes time and patience with potions and amazing weapons and a bunch of scrolls and what not, we’ve reached up to we believe around five bosses and it never gets old but we would hope and near future or sometime an update with new things and new items would come about, maybe you guys could add some things for the people who still play.

This is a great game, hours of fun and adventure. Im just hopeful it will catch up to the android vs which is still being updated :/!

This game is like dnd in a video game. Everything we’ve ever wanted, bosses, shops, subclassses, secret rooms, and more. A great challenge. We’ve been playing for 5 years and we’ve only beaten 2nd out of who knows how many bosses!

Hard. Challenging. Takes real skill to optimize your run, using tricks and items effectively. Equally good on phone or iPad. Just start playing and learn as you go. Wonderful in-line game.

When we decided to switch from Android to iPhone, we knew we were going to miss playing this game; but here it is on iOS! We’re stupidly happy about this.

This game nails it for us as a rogue enthusiast. Its near perfect. If you dont like this game, you are NOTHING TO ME…. Just kidding, but seriously, this is the ONLY way to rogue with one hand. We cant tell you how many times we’ve come back to this perfectly balanced retro masterpiece ! Worth every penny. We promise.

This game is ridiculously awesome. We’ve played it for years off and on. Finally, after over 220 tries, we beat it. You might wonder why, if it took us so many tries to win, do we enjoy it so much. We love how challenging it is and how rewarding it is to play. It may get frustrating at times, but one of the coolest parts to us is no matter how annoying it was to die, there is ALWAYS something you learn from that death, and you don’t make that mistake again. It’s one of our all time favorite games.

We’ve been grinding away at this game for literally years. We finally beat it with a couple characters only recently, and we play video games quite often. So for a game to stump us for so long is an exciting challenge! Avoiding spoilers, Im just going to say theres a lot to unpack in this game, plenty of content thats worth a couple of bucks. And expect to die… A lot.

For instance making throwing items viable and items past players have dropped like their Lloyds beacon and have at a random place the player has been instead of having just drop from goo.

This game is unique and is so intense when trying to obtain the Amulet. We’ve played this game for a long time and we’ve finally been able to play it on IOS. We want to support this game as much as we can, although this game is old. Either way, we’ve had so much fun in the recent days! :)

A great addition to the roguelike canon. Never stops being fun even when its frustratingly hard.

This game is really fun and we’ve enjoyed playing it. It is hard to get used to, but we learned how some strategies that made our experience more enjoyable. We just dont like how hard it might be for newer people just learning the game.

This game is incredibly challenging. You will die over and over again, but thats what makes this game so fun. You are forced to strategize, to learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing. Our only complaint is that during the late night in real life, the dungeon becomes more difficult (you get the message Be cautious, since the dungeon is even more dangerous at night!). If we want to play late into the night, thats our prerogative and we shouldnt be punished for it. Otherwise, this game is so worth your money!

We love playing Shattered Pixel Dungeon on Android, and recently moving to iPhone we got this game first thing! The level of details of this game is amazing, and certainly well worth the $2.99. If you are a fan of rogue-likes, you will not be disappointed! We played the original Rogue on a MS-DOS Tandy 1000 PC and find this game so, so good as the original!

Literally like the best game we cant stop playing. Im absolutely terrible at it and cant beat the first boss but we still love it XD.

We have been addicted to pixel dungeon ever since we got it. We have had it for about a year now. Since we’ve had it theres been no updates. We love the game still but we wish there was more changes and things being added. Still 10/10 recommend.

Definitely a game you can brag about winning and it being totally impressive. Not to say we’ve beaten it zzzz but our ex did once.

Graphics are nice, gameplay is fun & new & takes a lot of thought/strategizing, all in all this is one of our favorite mobile games and our absolute favorite of this genre! 10/10 would recommend forever.

We played this on our android a couple years back and its the most fun we’ve ever had. Not going to lie its frustrating but its fun and we dont know why!!! But seriously this game is really worth it. Its very polished and youll end up putting a tooooooon of hours in it like we did and will do again now. There is so much content in this game as well, honestly we would consider paying $10.

This game is a Roguelike game which is something to spice up your gaming experience. The game is intended to be very hard as the items you get are completely luck based so you may get garbage or something really good. Most comments say they cant get past the third floor, they most likely didnt even try a fourth time. It took us till our 66th game to beat and it felt amazing. When you start out the game seems mostly luck based but the more you play the more you realize and find out hidden strategies. For example instead of running to enemy and getting hit first you can wait for it to come to you giving you the opportunity to strike first or you can run through a door with the enemy behind you then getting a 100% hit chance on it because the enemy has to open the door instead of defending itself. We would recommend this game if you want a challenge and want to truly master it.

We hope they make they a second one where you start on the surface.

A very fun game to play if you want to pass time or have nothing else to do. We have some set backs with. 1. Sometimes theres difficulty spikes with the dodging and evading when sometimes a enemy dodges or evades 5 times in a row. It can get annoying once you get passed the 10th level when it introduces the Bat enemy. You can get into loops where the bat heals when it attacks you and but when you attack it, it dodges. Maybe you could balance the bats behavior so it heals itself the same amount of points that it damages you? 2. The frequency of when you find armor or weapons can interfere with your progression in the game. Sometimes in game you cant find a single armor thats good to fight the 1st boss so you need extreme luck in the dodging mechanic which we already explained can be very unbalanced at times.

As you can see from all of the one star reviews of people that just want their hand to be held this game does not do that. If you want a simple auto-play game without the slightest semblance of a challenge, go elsewhere. With that out of the way: it is a very well made and challenging game. Although certain aspects could certainly be better (such as explaining mechanics) and the game initially feels too rng-based. Experience plays into it much more than rng.

The game is challenging, and after seeing other reviews, we have a new found appreciation for the challenge the game has. Still havent beat Goo yet, but Im learning and getting smarter with every game we play.

Its a super fun game, its been a long time favorite. Considering theres no in app purchases makes it more of an authentic feel and you feel extremely accomplished each time you get farther than the last. The only thing that could improve, is it would be awesome for iPhone X support. Highly recommend playing this.

We enabled the second quick slot, swapped the wand in our second quick slot to our first quick slot, got into combat with a crab, un-enabled the second quick slot while still in combat, then tried to open our inventory to drink a heal pot. The game kept giving us a choose direction to zap message. We died to the crab so we didnt get to see any further behavior. We hope this gives you enough info to recreate the bug. Playing a battle mage on level 3, char level 4. Great game tho. AND WHY TF ARE CRABS IMMUNE TO ICE????

Favorite mobile game but due to Apple not allowing mods 4 stars.

We picked up this game wanting to scratch an itch for a dungeon crawler and this scratched it perfectly. We love the way it handles and the weapons, armor, and everything is awesome and is a challenge. But we have been wanting to see more, like new weapons or new spells and such more ranged weapons like bows for the arrows or exotic weapons like scimitars or stuff, great game overall but we would love an update or new stuff.

So we were watching our dad play (Pixel dungeon 2) and we were like (hey dad can you get pd2 and 1 on our iPad our dad said ok but theres no pd2 on iPad) which we think there should also its Been long enough that there should be a pd3 other than that great game never got past level 12 ALMOST GOT THE PICKAXE but then… A masked gnoll slayed us and we hope you continue making more pixel dungeon games in the future stay cool stay videogamer.

We can no longer hear the game in any way, but we can hear our other apps just fine.

First of all, we love this game. Im a huge fan of everything about it. Its exactly what it says on the tin; a roguelike. Expect a lot of dying and repeating and getting better as you get further. You WILL be frustrated. Those are things we love about roguelikes. However, we have one major gripe about this game. When you have an Ankh (resurrection relic) and choose to revive, any and all bags you were carrying disappear. As with most games, you only keep what you had equipped. However, the deeper in the dungeon you go, the more options you get for specific item bags. These get more and more expensive and you can only purchase said bag once. It is beyond frustrating to lose all the money youve put into these bags. Not to mention, the one character who has a unique weapon you cannot get anywhere else loses her weapon when you choose to resurrect with an Ankh. We know there should be a penalty for dying which is usually having to restart but if youve spent money on an Ankh the penalty shouldnt be so harsh. Especially since it allows you to keep a few other items that arent exactly equipped so to speak (such as the dew vial). Its a great game, well worth the money. We’ve spent hours and hours playing this game and we still havent beaten it. Im just a little frustrated with some of the mechanics.

This just isnt dynamic. Theres not even a paperdoll.

We’ve been playing for quite some time now. Lately in the middle of a run the app shuts down and exits out of the finishing a floor., and when we head back Im in the previous dungeon we just finished. When going to the next dungeon floor that we were originally on, its completely reset to a new layout, potions etc.

Well made game but too hard. Not the kind of hard that rewards you for learning the game. It is just random.

The game itself we love. We played it on android (free) and chose to pay for it on iOS. We always had a lot of fun with the game, except for some small details. Some aspects arent described well. For example: enchantments. What exactly does each one do? Which one is more useful? If we want to know, we need to look it up. The game should explain what they mean. Also: durability. Along with the fact that durability severely hurts a players chance at winning, it also doesnt explain what the downside is to using it. How bad is the broken ring/armor/weapon? Is it better than a full durability of a lower tier? It makes no sense. It should also be easier to fix broken weapons. Broken equipment should be completely repaired by using a scroll of upgrade, and using the dwarf miner should not be limited to one use. A nerf that large should not have no way to combat it Thanks for taking the time to read this, please update appropriately.

Im literally begging you bro we need sprouted pixel dungeon please man.

You should a the leveling system there used to be so you can get better as you go through the levels, plus it adds retroness to the game.

This game is good and we paid for it on iOS thinking Id get the same experience as we did on android but instead its a less updated version of the game. We had hoped for an update eventually to have it match its android counterpart but this never happened.

This is by far our favorite game and we love to play on our iPhone. But the display is old and we would love it to be optimized for the iPhone X.

We’ve had it for a couple of days and we like it, our only complaint is that whenever we use an ankh it just says error. We dont buy them anymore because its a waste of gold for something we cant use, and since its how you gain an extra life its an especially irritating bug.

We remember playing this game years ago when it was relatively new, and absolutely loved it. But when we discovered shattered pixel dungeon, it was an easy decision. The degradation of items is so absurdly fast, and can only be fixed by two different scrolls, or a couple of different items. Want to use the scroll right away? Too bad, if you do itll break and youll die and have to start over again. It needs to be fixed.

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