Meridian 157: Chapter 2

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 05:10 am

Meridian 157: Chapter 2


Meridian 157: Chapter 2 is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NovaSoft Interactive Limited, Meridian 157: Chapter 2 is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th May 2020 with the latest update 14th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,385 people have rated 1.1.5

You can download the game Meridian 157: Chapter 2 from APP STORE.


In both a figurative and literal sense, forensic meteorologist David Zander has hit rock bottom. Trapped deep underground on a lost and forgotten island, David’s priority shifts from finding answers about the mystery surrounding him, to surviving the crisis he now finds himself trapped in. It’s now up to you to find an escape from the madness of meridian 157, but be warned, as escape may not come so easily. Will David find the answers he searched so hard for, or will his efforts all be in vain?

Meridian 157 is a point and click adventure series involving interactive puzzles and an intriguing storyline taking place over a long series of chapters. Built using state of the art rendering technology, this installment focuses on immersing players in unique and frightening environments, while allowing them to enjoy notable puzzles and engaging interactions. Try out the fully free prologue to get a taste for what the Meridian series has to offer!


  • Custom written music to compliment the high quality visuals
  • All new item combine feature, supporting many different styles of play
  • Latest episode continuing a spooky and thrilling storyline
  • Challenging but
  • A logical hint system for some of the most difficult riddles
  • Available in 8 languages, including English, French, Russian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese!
  • New colour blind mode available for people who might have trouble with colour based puzzles

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Updated on 14th July 2022

  • Minor bug fixes

Meridian 157: Chapter 2 Reviews

This took us back to the feeling of the very first Myst game. Thank you for such great care! Finished all 4.

After the prologue and chapter one we had to buy chapter two! Such great series with wonderful story, puzzles, creepy exploration, music, sounds. Thank you again devs!

We love games where its mysterious, trying to get to the next place in the game. Figuring out what needs to be done in order to solve the puzzle. Not real hard but hard enough. All puzzles make sense.

We thnak you for this game and we love it soo much Can you make 4th part and 5 -6-7 many you can than you our name is khalid we are from kuwait.

This game is fun, but theres a bug that makes it so the red desk doesnt open when you use the key on it, which makes the game unbeatable. We dont know a better way to alert the developer. Please fix it, we want to play the rest of the game!

Love this series, love the graphics, interesting story, and the actions are realistic where most games are not. There are no medallions or amulets in these games, thank goodness. Our only issue with these games is that there are a few puzzles which we dont understand even after looking up the answer. We really dont get a few of these. Its frustrating.

Its a fun game, but it doesnt take long to go through it all. We wish they would just charge you once for all three chapters. Its kind of annoying, paying for each chapter. The storyline is good, but some of the puzzles are hard to understand.

Some times its hard to know what room your In or where the clues are telling you where to go.

We are huge fan of escape room games, but yet have been able to find an escape room app that we truly enjoyed until now. Played the free prologue and have now played chapter 1 and 2, with excitement to start chapter 3! We will be honest, some of the game is pretty simple, some is perfectly challenging, but there were a couple of the puzzles that had answers that just didnt make sense( we mean we had the right answer but in the wrong order and was unsure how you made the leap to the order it was in, unless the intent was a trial by error). But overall these are very addicting and extremely fun for escape room and puzzle lovers!

We cant get the red drawer to open. We use the key, the key disappears, but nothing opens. The hint says to take something out of the drawer, which is impossible, as the drawer wont open. We have the latest updates to the game and our iPhone. We restarted the game and played to the same place, only to get stopped again. Please help!

We found this game to be somewhat entertaining, but equally frustrating and confusing. Most of the clues designed to be helpful or not. It wouldve been nice if they were a more in detail or intuitive. Because they were not it resulted in you spending more time trying to figure what the next step was or specifically what you were required to do to complete that particular task. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give it a one and a half and Im not really sure we would recommend it as a purchase for any future purchases.

So much fun and challenging at a reasonable price!

This game is well done. We really like the mysterious atmosphere, the subtlety of the creepiness without it trying to be a horror game. The creepy factor is tasteful and just the way we like. Its a relaxing puzzle game, but it still has the creepy mysterious environment and mood well done. Theres adventure and exploration. Beautiful environment. It would wonderful to explore the island more and have the ability to freely look around but its hard to complain. Its a quality game that we were happy to purchase.

We’ve played through all three chapters now, and we can easily say that this is hands down the best escape room app we’ve ever played. The graphics and music are beautiful, the storyline is really interesting, and the puzzles are the perfect balance between challenging and intuitive. Love that you can play with or without hints. Worth every penny and more, and we hope the developer comes out with more. Wonderful game!!!

We couldnt stop playing and it took us a while to get the hang of it. This was a great game and we hope you have more coming.

We love playing these games and we really want you to make more of them! Can you make them so 2 players can play it?

Its a fun Myst clone. Some of the puzzles dont have hints though and you are only given the option to skip them. We would have liked to see the solution.

Moody and atmospheric. Low pressure gameplay. Great art. Gorgeous puzzles. Not too difficult. 5 stars.

Im in awe of the story line it has this ( to us ) an alien type feel to it we mean every once in a while these ghostly type people in black silhouette appear but then again Im so way off that its probably a government coverup of sorts. Hopefully more of these type of games keep on going because its a lot of fun playing them.

This game is a true masterpiece. It can keep you entertained with mind-blowing puzzles for hours! Couldnt recommend it more!

We found these games while looking for something like Myst or Riven and have not been disappointed! The plot is interesting and spooky without being scary, the puzzles vary in difficulty and type (some are spatial, others are logical, etc), the graphics are great, and we personally love that its slideshow style (makes it so much easier to confirm whats important). Extra perks include a camera feature that make it so you dont have to use a notebook to record clues, and an optional hint function that will help you move forward in the game when stuck without giving too much away. Id love to replay this on our PC! Highly recommend!

Excellent! Meridian 157 just keeps getting better from Prologue to Chapter 2. Finally! All of the puzzles makes sense, they are all logical if you are patient, and can be done with absolutely no walk-throughs on difficult level, with no hints. Its well worth $1.99 because it took us two weeks to work through it. It obviously has been well tested with various users. We love the addition of the combination tools. We like this better than most escape room games because the story could be real, its relatable, not a sci-fi fantasy adventure. For example you are in a snowy woods and underground lab tunnels in Chapter 2. If you like Meridian 157, similar games also well-developed and logical are Rime created by IsumiArtizan, and all of the Glitch Games. We see endless possibilities for the developer, such as the setting for the story could be an old abandon carnival, a haunted house, a ghost town, an abandon ship, just to name a few. If we were to make any suggestions we would say it would be good to have the ability to pan the room, or click side to side. The graphics and details in each room are amazing, but the rooms seem kind of flat without being able to pan. We think that would give more possibilities for less obvious clues as well. Completing logic puzzles to get into rooms is challenging, but its a little too simple to find clues without the need to pan, they are basically right in front of you. On to chapter 3!

Def worth the money. We started with the free prologue and got hooked. Great visuals, interesting story, challenging puzzles, helpful hints if needed.

Hate to say it but the title covers the reviews. We started with the first game it was good but a little short so we got the second game its better and its longer we’ve played it twice now try it in hard mode we already have the third. Keep up the good work.

The blue bunker door code. We have it correct. Checked and rechecked multiple times but the door wont open. Hint just keeps telling us to solve via the red drawer. We saw it work in the walk-through. Im stuck and sad.

We like mystery puzzles and this one kept our interest and seemed eerily convincing. We did use and appreciate the clues and hints or we would have been completely lost in some rooms; frustrated and would have stopped. Glad we didnt stop. Thanks.

This is a fantastic game. We’ve been looking for an adventure escapey game for a while now, we love it.

Im so glad we bought this. We were debating it since we were broke, but the story so far is really good and entertaining. We have a few nitpicks about some of the mechanics, but theyre mostly just personal preferences, and they dont get in the way of playing too much. We love the camera feature, we would be stuck without it! Overall, 9/10.

Why is it that when Im playing this game we get jump scared with a discord sound randomly, did they accidentally put that in the music?? Lol.

Good length, we liked the difficulty level. If we ever had issues we click a hint. Worked great and kept the game moving forward. Those that like more difficult puzzles, wow, this was tough enough given the spread out nature of this game. Not sure what you are seeing. But game 1 wasnt too tough either so Im good either way. Nice atmosphere. Great cut scenes. Excellent job!

Love this game and just wanted to check and see if and when Chapter 3 is going to be ready?

Engrossing game with good puzzles. Challenging without being frustrating. Help is there if needed, but most of the time you can figure out what to do next. Cant wait until the next installment.

Great fun. When can we expect chapter 3?

We haves loved the series so far!!!! Love the graphics!!!!!!! Cant wait for chapter 3…… We got stuck on a few but and thanks for the hint system that we dont have to pay for or gather stars!!!!!

We cant solve puzzles so really appreciate clues. Youre probably making a ton of money now but you could write books and/sell for a movie script.

Congratulations Done Novasoft! We cant say enough great things about this game and series. Finally! -FINALLY! – a game that has it ALL. A wonderfully ultra creative storyline with tons of mystery, adventure and excitement – superb graphics and a wide range of scenery …. Combined with Hidden Objects, Puzzles, Mini Games .. … And Escape genre. Plus (Icing) Theres a custom option so you can make it more challenging. Or sit back, relax and enjoy free hints. Either way, the environment is so realistically detailed and varied – literally taking the player on a fantastic thrilling trip. THANK YOU!!!!!! We cant WAIT for future chapters. Miss LC in S.F. Ps- Other Developers need to sit up and take notice.

Can hardly wait for Chapter 3. Please tell us there will be a Chapter 3.

This chapter – wow! We play puzzle games all the time and we find most to be too easy. This one really challenged us! Not to an impossible point, where we wanted to give up, though. Well done! Cant wait to conclude!

Love this game so much. Did all the Room games and both chapters here. When is Chapter 3 coming out?

This is the best escape on iPhone! Please do chapter 3.

When will chapter 3 be available? Loved the game.

We definitely enjoyed the puzzles and storyline. Problem we had was when we solved (or thought we had) solved a puzzle the game kept giving us the information from previous situation not recognizing we had completed the challenge. Other than this issue great fun!

Fun exploration, handsome still graphics, clunky animation (motion is not key to this game). Only a couple of puzzles with a logic we found unfathomable, so we appreciated a hint system that had suggested moves, and if that failed to align our thoughts with the creators, would provide the solution. So no need to seek out a cheat site, hooray.

Well worth the money! Puzzles made sense and not crazy difficult. Lots of levels and environments to explore- hours of activity. Thank You!

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