Plug Toolbox for Minecraft

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:44 am

Plug Toolbox for Minecraft


Plug Toolbox for Minecraft is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Innovative Developers LTD, Plug Toolbox for Minecraft is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd March 2018 with the latest update 8th February 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,008 people have rated 1.97

You can download the game Plug Toolbox for Minecraft from APP STORE.


Get more out of your Minecraft, Plug Toolbox lets you do everything you want and more, get all the Minecraft stuff you need and edit so many settings it will blow your mind! Get the add-ons you need to edit your inventory and world settings (including dev only settings) right from the app with mods that work every time! Want to be as unbreakable as bedrock, need bigger, better weapons or customised spells? Download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft today and start playing in a whole new way.

Plug Toolbox has all the best cheats for Minecraft you’ll ever need, with a settings level editor, player settings editor and a world settings editor. Whatever skin you walk around in, why play vanilla Minecraft when you can customise it the way you want?! Get all the tools, shortcuts, add-ons, hacks, tips and tricks you need right now. Download Plug Toolbox today and discover the best way to mod your world settings, player settings and inventory.

How do you kill an ender dragon in one shot? Walk this way and find out…


  • Level up now! Set your achievement level to any level you like, cheat your way to the top!
  • Set your game mode to any mode you like (including Survival mode, Creative mode, Spectator mode or Adventure mode)
  • Set other players game mode different to yours even without activating cheats
  • Set your world spawn point to anything
  • Get some cool tools, change any setting without enabling Minecraft cheats
  • Make the world immutable (can’t be destroyed)
  • Save your own skin, make yourself invulnerable – our favourite Minecraft hack – be the best Minecraft Hacker
  • Set ‘Keep Inventory’ for just yourself or for every player so only you and/or other players don’t lose inventory when they die
  • Turn PvP (Player vs. Player) on or off
  • Show coordinates without cheats on
  • Enable the Minecraft map from start
  • Remove Addon, Texture Pack, Resource Pack, Add-on locks from worlds
  • Change your walk speed
  • Change and set a CUSTOM default permission level for new players and op/ops
  • Set a forced spawnpoint. (Even set a spawn point without a bed)
  • Change your player attributes like Absorption, Max Health, Experience
  • Customise your adventure, set any item in any Armor slot
  • Weaponise your skin, put swords and anything you like in your Offhand (No limit to your off hand slot)
  • Add ANY item to your Minecraft inventory, even items with custom ids
  • Control who can fly and the fly speed
  • Add any Minecraft items to Ender Chests
  • Import and edit Minecraft worlds from the internet from any site or other Minecraft map apps for free
  • Enchant anything and everything with every enchantment all the way up to level 32767
  • Get any Minecraft potion or as many Minecraft potions as you want or need
  • Level up, set any level seed even the elusive 0 (which isn’t normally possible)
  • No need to craft or mine just add the item to your inventory
  • Export the world directly to MCPE (MC PE / Minecraft PE / Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
  • Shortcuts galore even without having to activate cheats

Plug Toolbox has all the best cheats for Minecraft you’ll ever need, with a settings level editor / map editor / world editor, so you can customise your game the way you want. Whatever skin you’re walking around in, Plug Toolbox is the best way to mod your world settings, player settings and inventory.

Level up now and get the most out of your Minecraft, customise it the way you want with our handy tips and tricks. These are just some of the many many things you can do with Plug Toolbox with much much more upgrades and improvements to come. There are so many possibilities, Plug Toolbox makes your Minecraft endlessly customisable.

So, don’t wait, download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft today and get all the hacks and cheats you can handle. If you can imagine it, Plug Toolbox can help you create it.

(Here’s a tip to get you started, you can put a block in the helmet Armor slot!)

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Updated on 8th February 2020

** Now you can import worlds from Minecraft directly from the App – Tap ‘Import’ on the Worlds Tab **

  • Fixed an issue exporting worlds on iOS 13.2+ (Permission issue)
  • Fixed an issue with some blocks (eg command block)
  • Added ALL new items – bats, foxes etc!
  • Updated instructions for importing and exporting worlds

Plug Toolbox for Minecraft Reviews

Please add the new items here please, because we want to do tons of damage to Minecraft add-on bosses.

We love how easy things are to do with this app when it comes to modding in items. We only encountered 1 annoying issue with this app. Every time we wanted to export our save back to Minecraft, we noticed there were items missing from our inventory. After re-adding those items and failing to see them in our inventory after exporting, we noticed that the items were not saving in our inventory after we added them, so they never even made it into the export. We fixed it by re importing the map and adding the items again. Anyway, that was the only issue we encountered, but some cool features like a custom villager with custom trades, or a custom enchantment load-out that would allow you to select specific enchantments and save them in a load-out to add to items whenever you want. It would save a lot of time. All in all though, your app is amazing. It helped us take our world we’ve kept from the very first day Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 and bring it up to snuff. Thank you so much!!!

Great app but add a board so you can enchant in worlds whall ur in Minecraft just a suggestion but THE APPS GREAT.

Why cant we use the instabuild hack we rly want to and it just is blanked out.

We love this so far but can you make it so we can go on realm and he this stuff we want to put it on our realm.

We have to admit this app has made it easy to get achievements and the enchantments are so cool. One thing we would like to be added though is to be able to instantly give yourself enchantments while in your world Otherwise this app is really cool.

This is a great app but please add netherite or anything from the new update.

Love it but pls add the nether reactor variations like the initialized nether reactor core and the deactivated netherr reactor core please love the app and thank you.

Can you use it on multiplayer worlds if not then this is a waste of money.

We just got this and we were wondering can we like send good things to not our world like a 32427 sword.

We would like it so we could hack on other severs plzz.

We always use it well sometimes but this is cool.

We love the app! It allows people to change enchantments and other things! Its totally worth the $3! The only trouble we ran into was fly. When we turned it on and exported the world and tried to fly, it wouldnt allow us to. It also didnt allow us to use the instabuild. Other than that, the app is awesome.

We love this thing believe us not but some things do take to master because some blocks arent really what they really are if u go to do a quarts slab an give it to ur self from the tool to the game its actually netherslab an etc as when u go for nether slab it would give u quarts Im not sure if theres any more like that but just for a further heads up.

We love this app it is a little confusing but over all its so cool.

Love its perfect, but people just dont know how to use it. One thing add the debug stick and make the nether reactor core functional. Thats all. Pls do it the debug stick is so hard to get bc of all these stupid apps and mobs you have to get.

So we watched a video of someone hacking with this app and we need to now how to hack someone tell us how to but this app is VEVY good tw Im 12.

THE BEST APP You guys have to download this.

This is one of the best apps we have on our phone we can go into creative mode with achievements on 10/10 definitelyrecommend for people that are getting achievements. A few things we want tho; 1. The availability to change other players inventory 2. A way to change the name of items 3. Working ender dragon spawn egg 4. An instant achievement thing? (This might not be possible Thats all but overall a great app!

Honestly this app Is great but it needs an update for 1.16.

Great app what can you make a plug for clash of clans? If it is possible thank you.

How do u bring this on to ps4,great app.

We have always dreamed of being able to enchant our stuff with all the enchantments and max level 32767 we never could do it on Minecraft bedrock so we switched to wanting a computer to do it on our birthday but now you have gave us this gift.

We were wondering how to use this on realms, because that is the reason we got it. Also, how do you actually hack? Whenever people make videos on it they have a hack menu, aka a pickaxe in the corner. Please tell us how to do this.


We like the app but we cant use it on someone elses realm a little help with that would be nice.

Hey creators this is an awesome app but you need to add the new Minecraft items from the nether update so we can have access to those items to.

We Got This App About 7 Months Ago And Still Have It To This Day. This App Allows us To Enchant Armor Up To 32,000. Completely Works Like Pc 100% Would Recomend!!!

Hey we would love to see a option to change villagers trades please.

Are you ever gonna add the nether its gear to this app cause it would be very helpful.

We like the app its amazing, we love using it on survival worlds and giving myself 2 stacks of diamond blocks. We love it. But it would be super cool if you could use it on realms and servers, Plus maybe the abbility to give yourself super potions in the app?

We were trying to look for some of the new ores but could find them and we checked if this app has them yet and turns out it hasnt had the new 1.17 part one update.

Great,but you need to add nethorite.

We may be banned for hacking lol.

There is one thing we could never figure out how to use or toggle the mini map.

Can u more stuff please also we might get a server from here! :) we love this app and we also love your other apps thx for this game!

Finally there is some modding thing that pocket edition didnt have before. This is a lifesaver and epic.

As we said amazing app but just to warn people it dose not work on servers or realms sadly. We still use this normally its just sad that it dose not work :( on realms.

This is a great app but theres no nether stuff please update the app you have not in 4 mo please update thanks.

Is there a way you can implement realms? We keep dying, Losing our armor. And we Hate- HATE- grinding. The tools are cheap, the villagers kinda help with tools already.

Great app but when will we get la cave update stuff.

Curse of Binding doesnt work, but otherwise it is a good app.

This is really good. Theres nothing wrong with it, but it wasnt what we expected. Id like a refund, but there was nothing wrong with the app, we just didnt read the description properly.

We know what your thinking, oh hes going to hack, but no this is for an anarchy server and would be really useful and we just wasted 3 dollars hoping it would be good for servers but nope, its useless now for us and would like our money back.

Everything is good its a good app but it need to be able to be used in multiplayer games.

Will there ever be an update for items added in 1.16?