Plumber Mole Walkthrough

Plumber Mole Walkthrough

Last updated on September 15th, 2020 at 12:20 pm

Plumber Mole Walkthrough

Plumber Mole Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution for All 120 Levels of the game. This game is developed by TerranDroid.

Mesmerizing from start to finish, Plumber Mole offers a world filled with joy of discovery and uncanny beauty. Use your creativity to solve the challenging physics based puzzles now!

The adorable moles are suffering from drought and it is your job to guide water to their underground burrows. You will face ingenious puzzles with amazing life-like mechanics that involve moving the slots of water pipes, cutting through dirt, breaking icebergs and etc. ‘Tri-star’ each level as fast as possible to unlock new locations and collect diamonds for charming power-ups. Intuitive yet addictive fun game-play make for a challenging and satisfying puzzle solving experience!

Game Features:

– Adorable character and innovative physics game-play

– Stunning graphics and amazing animations

– 120+ water filled levels with uniquely challenging puzzles

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