Pocket GM 2: Football Sim

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Pocket GM 2: Football Sim


Pocket GM 2: Football Sim is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jonathan Howell, Pocket GM 2: Football Sim is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th January 2021 with the latest update 27th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,183 people have rated 1.5.4

You can download the game Pocket GM 2: Football Sim from APP STORE.


Manage your very own American Football franchise. Make trades, draft your franchise Quarterback, hire backroom staff and win the Championship.


Use default players, random rosters or import teams created by the fantastic community. Every game is different and presents a new challenge.


Become the General Manager of a Pro Football Team and build your dynasty. Hire your coach, set your schemes, sign and release players, make trades and draft players. Coach your players from rough diamonds to perennial stars.

Watch each football game play out as momentum shifts from team to team. See your franchise win the Championship and stars achieve All Pro status.


Go all in to win, or tank for the #1 draft pick – it’s up to you! Build your Football Dynasty!

Join the community on reddit and help develop the game to be even better.


  • Player Faces – Fashion vector created by ddraw – www.freepik.com
  • Football Icons – Icons made by Nikita Golubev from www.flaticon.com

#1 Football GM Game on iOS, based on gmgames.org User Ratings in American Football Simulator Games category, as at 29th August 2021.

Updated on 27th January 2023

I’m not a fan of annual releases without big changes, so I’ve moved away from a yearly release cycle. To make this make sense, I’ve renamed Pocket GM 21 to Pocket GM 2. This is then more obviously the prequel to the latest version – recently released as Pocket GM 3.

Icon and game graphics updated to align to name change.

Pocket GM 2: Football Sim Reviews

Should make a basketball game itll be so much fun Ill spend our money on that.

Pocket GM2 is a great & fast way to manage a realistic roster and only have control of the game as a GM would. App is great to use, clean layout, and never gets old. One thing we would fix is the QB salary cap hit when they continue to go unsigned (they never decrease in value). Great game, thanks for making.

We are not impressed. We got the game because we thought it looked cool. We got into the game and started with Detroit(77ovr) and was out of cap space and went 5-12, then the next season we couldnt resign players or even sign free agents without it saying you need at least 12 million for rookies and 4 seasons in we finally get to a 87 ovr and cant even beat a 70 ovr team. We spent our 99 cents and havent gotten a dimes worth. 11 years of playing mobile games and not once have we been this disappointed.

Learned alot about football contracts and cap considerations from this game. Despite the title saying 21, the game doesnt havecontent related to any particular NFL season. So its basically a good game to pick up whenever you happen to be reading this!

We sink hours into this game and our grades are dropping but we dont care. This used to be our backup to Madden Franchise mode, but now we play it even more for a few reasons. We like that theres no limit to how long a franchise can run. We like how simple it is. However theres a few things Id like to see implemented. More customization would be cool, like some sort of god mode where you could edit and create players, no salary cap, etc. Also showing players numbers, and being able to change that would be cool as well. Also, we think when playing a game, it would be nice to be able to sub out a player, like if a QB is not performing well, they would be able to be benched in favor of another QB. Overall, fantastic game!!!! Even without these things, its still our favorite app on our phone. Keep it up! EDIT: An option for dark mode would also be a great addition. EDIT 2: we think a reworked accolade system would be cool. Its a little vague right now, just listing how many of each award a player has. Instead, maybe a list of how many times the player has won mvp for example, and the years theyve done so. Additionally, we think super bowl MVP and conference player of the week should both be listed under a players list of accolades.

First of all the game is amazing. We think we’ve left maybe one or two reviews for games and this one is well deserved and its an easy five stars. There are a few feature ideas that we think should be implemented, but they in no way make the game any less enjoyable. Id like to see a better tracking method of transactions for instance trades that occurred on the players page similar to baseball reference or football reference (the websites) as an example. Just so we can know who we traded player x for in 2022 if Im in 2034 to keep track of our teams history. It would also be nice to have a team history, and a league history, that showed the teams that won the Champions Bowl (like their roster at the time) and to be able to search for former stars to see where they ended up or how close to the hall of fame they were. Those, we believe, are our only two comments however. Essentially the hope is to include more frivolities in terms of league history/decorations and that sort of thing. The gameplay itself is fantastic however and Im in 2042 and theres no signs of slowing down. Buy this game.

Im a little late to writing this review, but we’ve been playing literally since the game came out. We absolutely love it. We really cant wait to see what new features you guys come out with in the future. A few we would like to see would be no salary cap option, edit play sliders, etc. Keep up the great work!

So let us start by saying we love this game. The amount of time we spend playing this game is insane. Just this past week, we checked our screen time and we played for over 10 hours in a week. Before this game we always playing retro bowl, then finally decided the spend the 2 dollars and get this game and turned out to be worth it. Anywayyy thoo, we got a concept that should be taken into consideration. To be able to switch up your roster while a game is active. So for example, you have an aging quarterback who had a decent season and is taking you to the playoffs. But you also have a young rookie that you wanna develop, instead of having the rookie start the whole game, let your veteran qb gain the lead and about 3rd or 4th quarter put your rookie to help speed up his development for when he takes over the starting job. Also adding different character styles. Other than that, this game is phenomenal as it is our favorite football game, lowkey better than madden.

Just did a 4 hr flight that legit felt like 1 hr. Great offline time killer and uses your brain.

Let us start by saying we love this game. We played the 2020 version first and it was good but we got so much more when paying for this one. As soon as we saw it in the store we got it because we loved the detail of the first one. We have no idea how hard it may be to make a game but we think people would buy a basketball and soccer version of this game as well. Keep up the good work and we hope our review helps you.

Love this game need a new version.

First, we would like to thank you for making such a great game!! We spend countless hours a week playing this game!! We LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! We’ve noticed we play the game so much but never gave it a review. We do have one request Please make a career mode!!! We WOULD SPEND HUNDREDS ON THE GAME!! PLEASE N THANK U?!

Best app hands downI spend hours a day on this. Love the new contract restructure + franchise tag addition!

We’ve played over 400 seasons now, absolutely addicted. Gets better with every update!

So this game is super but us and our friend play and wish we could be in the same league like play against each like its a online league like madden does. Another thing is we wish we could add our own draft class and customize the players if we want but other then that the game is great.

This is easily the best football gm game out there right now. We would love to see a game for 2022 and see if they have any new ideas.

This is the best GM game out there. Its simple enough where anyone can pick up and play, yet challenging enough where GM game veterans will feel challenged enough to keep coming back. We dont need to set ticket prices, purchase stadium upgrades, and spend points on training players or coaches. Just give us a straight up football managing sim, and this one delivers on that. It gets rid of a lot of the fluff you find in other GM games. Downloadable custom rosters are available via the community, and you can build your favorite franchise how you see fit. Some of the achievements are bugged, but whatever, its definitely not game breaking. We have tried numerous other GM type games and we keep coming back to this series. Bravo.

While its the best gm sim on the apple store, a big issue is if you have negative cap space, youre forced to draft a player instead of trading your picks away for someones picks in the next draft which just causes more negative cap, and if you dont have a lot of players leaving this season to make up for the negative cap, its going to lead to a cycle of negative cap.

Absolutely our favorite game on our phone. We found gm21 by accident and fell in love with these games. Gm22 was the first game that we bought on our phone and didnt feel like we got robbed of our money. We were wondering if there is anyway you can add a new roster roster spot to the new game model where you can designate a kick and punt returner. Or just a special teams part of the game. To really make it more dynamic. Just something we were thinking about after watching devin Hester highlights. Haha Thanks for the great game.

Please keep updating this game! Its amazing!

When is there gonna be a update for the 2023 season.

Is there going to be a new game for this year??

We’ve played but about every football since out there and this is by far the best, in year 2067 with 6 Super Bowls and we love it, its the only game we play.

Love this game. Any plans on a new version?

Really awesome sim. Developer seems to work on updates often, is active and listens to the community and is open about when stuff is coming out. The type of game you can pick up a few minutes at a time or play a whole season in a sitting.

We dont see why many are complaining. This game is addictive and fun. Salary cap issues making you lose your star??? Be a GM and find a work around. Draft smart, trade smart and keep that franchise afloat. This game is amazing, cant wait for the next PGM23.

We love Pocket Gm we’ve been spending a good amount of time playing it and we understand we can download custom rosters from Reddit but we would also love to make custom players in game. Could you develop something that would allow us players to create a roster in game or customize players in game?

Can you make it so we can edit players in the draft pool? Names age and everything else? And maybe add a bio option where we have the option to write a bio for players.

Yo we really love this game we hope theres gonna be a pocket GM 22 with more features to make the game better.

Wouldnt stadium food, ticket pricing, and rebuilding be cool? We just wish it was a more owner feel than general manager. Dont get us wrong, we love this game but Im just a greedy never good enough customer.

Amazing game could you guys make a hockey version or one of other sports huge fan.

Awesome game that keeps us addicted for hours. Do you plan on making a 2022 version?

Really really good but we wish you could add player/team editing which would make this game AMAZING.

The game is exactly as advertised. No ads, no on the field gameplay, but excellent GM simulator. The draft is fun, although an optional scouting mechanic beyond hiring a scout would be a cool future addition. A quirk we’ve noticed over our gameplay is that sometimes lower rated players perform better than the starters do, which we like. Its not constant but occasionally Ill have a high drafted high rated QB throw 5 TD and 10 picks in the first half, bench him for a scrub 15 overall points lower, and go on a massive win streak. One year wonders exist. The development system is perfect, the more someone plus the more they develop, and its not static. A superstar development trait could last a season or it could last three, some guys peak for 3 seasons some peak for one some peak for 5. The information tracking is on point. Every player has every game saved, and their career statistics too. The only thing Id like better on this front is that Id like it if when we clicked on past champions or past teams if they showed us the champion roster not the current one. We know thats more data to add and keep track of but it would be nice, and it would be a cool way to keep track of players who leave, or reminisce about old teams. These are all minor complaints. Im not even really complaining just saying what if Id to see added or improved in the future. Custom rosters are a bit hard to do, you have to find a link online and import it and hope the link was a good one. Idk what could be done better there though other than maybe a dedicated website to links where people can preview them.

Its such an amazing set up. From playing to managing. The best Non consol Game for sure! Hope theres a 2022 or 2023 coming.

Love Pocket GM 2021!!!! Looking forward to release of Pocket GM 2022. If possible would request there be a way to know how many & what draft picks your team has easily displayed somewhere.

Been playing since the early on in the first version. Its always been great, but after all the updates it stands alone as the best football GM sim out there, IMO. Shoutout to the developer that has done an amazing job here.

It is almost impossible to find games that are not micro-transaction filled cash grabs for mobile. This game is a dream! Full game, no add-ons, no timed events or waiting and a serious management sim! A new free update has added even more amazing features! A sincere thank you to the developer. Outstanding game!

We personally love simulation games. This game is excellent. A few things that would make this game better. With the player stats page, please on the next one, split the teams stats up instead of combining all of them together. Also, too many QBs are 511 lol. That will be great to have more 6 foot QBs as there are not a ton of 511 QBs.

Will there be a new 22 version?

This game is well worth $2. In fact, Id say thats a complete steal. We could play this for hours without losing interest. A++ game for football fans. The only wish we have for this game is that we could be able to play it online with friends. Competing to build a dynasty online against our buddies would make this game all that much more fun.

This has turned into practically the only mobile game we ever play, and its always fun to continue to do new seasons. One thing we would love is a couple more save options, three is a little too few and we dont enjoy only being able to have 2 of our favorite ones saved. If there were 5 total instead of 3 thatd be great, but also Im big into basketball, and theres not a basketball GM game as good and as in depth as this football one, if you were to make one we can guarantee we would pay to play that. We dont know how many others would but yeah nothing but great things to say about this game!

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