Strong Pusher

Last updated on September 28th, 2022 at 10:35 pm

Strong Pusher

Strong Pusher

Strong Pusher is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Strong Pusher is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th September 2020 with the latest update 24th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Strong Pusher ?

52,213 people have rated 2.3.1

What is the price of the Strong Pusher ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Strong Pusher released ?

Strong Pusher was released on 9th September 2020.

When was the Strong Pusher updated ?

The latest updated date of Strong Pusher on 24th May 2022.

Where can Strong Pusher be downloaded ?

You can download the game Strong Pusher from Apple Official App Store.



Swipe your finger to guide your character and break the boxes.
Eat all foods and collect coins to be the Strongest pusher ever!
Collect all coins and upgrade skills.
Very easy to play and fun!

Game Features:

  • Free to play
  • Simple swipe control
  • Challenge your friends

Updated on 24th May 2022

Bug fixes & stability improvements.

Strong Pusher Review

This game is pretty good but it was better and funnier when it was called fat pusher not strong pusher.

It keeps sending us a stupid notification bad app.

Its Kaina fun but at the same time its really not.

The worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world worst game in the world.

So we are 10 but this game us sooooooooooooooooooo fun we ask you to try it and get 100 we have been playing for ten minutes and we got 100 already.

Hi mom ok we just wanted you know we had to get the big red light on us and the big green green red red green green light green green yellow red light green red green green two wow.

We love this game we love this game because it keeps us entertained.

We were just trying to look for some weird crazy game to play and we found this one we downloaded it and we played it for probably about 20 minutes and we were actually very surprised it was pretty fun and probably pretty addicting at sometimes but there is a lot of ads we have no idea why you put so many ads in this game but if there was not as many ads like one ad per level we would probably rather do a five star and no ads is not overpriced at least usually these games have overpriced no ads but surprisingly it was not but Im rating a four-star because its quite entertaining but it has way too many ads. But its you want to buy the no ads and if you want to kill some time this is the game.

Its a good game but too many ads.

Absolutely love this. Why would you say there is way too many glitches? This is great.

We wish that the running part was longer. Like a lot longer.

The game is ok but when you want to go to the other bears tho get the big food you have to watch an add every time also the game has a hard way of earning coins.

It WAS fun, but then the whole game got a re-design because we guess too many people had a problem with the core premise of the game (which begs the question of why they got it in the first place). It was called FAT PUSHER! What did you people expect! It sounds harsh, but we feel fat phobic people and people who are not comfortable with themselves in terms of there weight (which again begs the question as to why the would download the game in the first place) complained so much that they changed the theme. And guess what? We dont like it. We dont like the bears. We dont like the title change. The core mechanics remain the same and thus we cant fault it for that. Still, the game is a lot less colorful with the brown bear replacing the characters. Otherwise its a time killer with ads. Fun game, we just wish it would have stayed the same.

We downloaded Fat pusher. Fat pusher brought us joy. Fat pusher was a hoot and a half. We got to level 772 in Fat pusher and our high score was 8,191. Strong pusher is a cheap imitation and is getting deleted off our phone. Rest In Peace Fat Pusher.

It is a good game but so many ads! Do not get it.

We got this game today our friends recommended and there so many ads it is annoying you literally have like 2 ads after you play it we thought this would be cool but it is the worst game we have played its just our opinion but dont knock it till you try it.

Being a plus size person we had no problem making a guy run around the track making him fatter as he went. We thought it was fun and a great time killer. If you found it offensive why would you download it? This seriously burns our biscuits.

There are a gross amount of ads that make it borderline unplayable. Decent game in it of itself, but the amount of marketing riddled throughout the levels is baffling. Its almost as if half of the time youre actually playing, and the other half of the time youre watching ads.

Holy cow! Ad every three seconds. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Ridiculous. Definitely deleting. Sorry.

We used to play it when it was formerly fat pusher we dont really care about that update. What is unfortunate, is the constant ads! It used to be after each round, but now it will stop in the middle of the game. Mind you each round is only about 20-30s, so an ad in the middle of it is really annoying. If it went back to the old way, with ads after each round we would have given it a 4. Only because thats still pretty frequent, but muchhh better than it is now. It is to the point where we lose interest very quickly in the game.

We get it to have an ad on the game but its honestly too many. Theres ad when you first get in the game, while playing the game, and after finishing.

The game is cool or whatever but can you had more hats and accessories.

Here are things wrong. Firstly its about fat not muscle. Secondly we dont like bears as much. Thirdly the games just not our style. Sorry if we are mean. But respond to this please!

Ok its good but there are WAAAYY to many ADDs so every time you finish theres a really long ad thats longer than the game so do NOT download we really dont like this game.

It has a lot of ads for no resin especially in the middle of a round it is fun but plz fix the ad problem we dont want to see an ad every 5 seconds when trying to play it.

No reason for internet tho, they just dont want you to turn off ads. Enjoy your one star review :)

This game is completely mute and we made sure that our phone was off silent mode.

Wasnt this game called fat pusher?


Ads galore every 2mins LITERALLY!!!!

This is the worst game ever,dont download it because its just taking up space!

The whole point of the game was to get as fat as possible by eating as much food as possible but now youre just a bear. We liked fat pusher! Its the only reason we had the game. We will now be deleting. Too many cry babies out there that get offended at anything and everything. Five stars before the change, wish we could pick zero stars now.

You now need internet connection to play witch adds nothing to the game the only reason they want you to keep it on is so they can make money and is so stupid.

Theres so many ads you hardly get to enjoy (or really even play) the game.

You guys caved to pc. We liked being a little guy growing into a fat guy. It was entertaining. You guy also changed the name from fat pusher to stronger pusher. The games now off our phone. Playing as bear is stupid.

We havent played this game and aint going to the ad is about generalizing Americans. Like why would u do that? Not every American is the same ik we probably sound like a Karen but Im just putting our statement Im sick of these ads, comments about Americans being fat.

So first off the game kept crashing and freezing! Also the game makes our phone over heat and if you dont want your phone to over heat or crash like ours dont download it.

Its like 3 ads for every trial of gameplay and sometimes they even start an ad in the middle of the game while your playing , we’ve never seen a game do that before , it really shows how desperate and greedy you guys are . Completely ruined a good game . If you guys needed money that bad you could have Just charged $3 for the game at the jump not advertise it for free and literally harass us with ads . Im deleting this game btw . Literally the worse.

We were playing this game and an ad popped out of nowhere and all together it was just bad, very sorry tho.

Okay, we saw Youtubers play this and we were like, Hey this is a great game. But when we first played it we started doubting myself. Heres why 1. ADS Every time you beat a level u watch a ad. We had to watch 3 in a row. 2. NUMBERS You get skinny if you push like the smallest number. We were about to get a sugar rush. Then we pushed a eight and we were skinny as a twig. 3. TO EASY So ya know that max power part. Yuh right. We hit the orange instead of green part and it gave us max power. People say this game is legit. We agree. How bad they tried to make it is legit. We recommend you to not play this game. We dont wanna be rude. If you can fix the three things we said it would be better. Good try LOL.

All this is is adds and wast of time do not get!

You now need internet connection to play. First, you literally ruined Fat 2 Fit by changing the name to Body Run 3D. Then, you ruined Fat Pusher by changing it to Strong Pusher, and you also changed the character to a bear!!!!! Enjoy this 1 star review.

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