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PrismScroll Sheets


PrismScroll Sheets is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Samuel Harmon, PrismScroll Sheets is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st May 2019 with the latest update 19th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32 people have rated 2.4.6

You can download the game PrismScroll Sheets from APP STORE.


From the creator’s of the PrismScroll D&D apps comes PrismScroll Sheets!

Do you want to have a friendly and simple interface to turn any PNG/JPG/PDF character sheet from any TTRPG you play into an editable and repeatable digital sheet? Then PrismScroll Sheets is the app for you! By importing from your photos or iOS files app, you can add any number of textfields, textboxes, buttons, and images to any location on the sheet that you want! Easily move and resize items that you add with a simple to use interface. Create multiple sheets of any type, all saved on your device for easy access. After you fill out your sheet digitally, you can export your sheet to a pdf form for printing so you can have a clean physical copy.

Comes preloaded with our personally created character sheets, set up and ready to go right off the bat!

  1. Dungeons and Dragons 5E Character Sheet
  2. Pathfinder Character Sheet

Stay tuned for more sheets as the app continues to grow!

Please contact us about improvements and suggestions! We are actively updating the app on a weekly basis. You can do so by leaving a review, contacting us through the support link, or checking out the @prismscroll Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for updates.

Updated on 19th March 2023

  1. Now properly importing orientation of pdfs

PrismScroll Sheets Reviews

We love this app, it does what we need for the most part and lets us create custom sheets without getting in our way. We play a lot of less popular ttrpgs (Mechwarrior 2e, EotE, Fudge, etc) so being able to create a custom digital sheet from a pdf is a godsend. The main improvement I’d love to see is the option to remove the colors from input fields when editing a sheet as a player. We have a great custom character sheet but it’s covered in big ugly red/gray/blue boxes and really takes away from the experience. We love the simple equations you can create to auto calculate basic things like saving rolls. It would be awesome of you could dynamically set a value based on the contents of another field, but that’s asking for a lot. The functionality right now lets us create 90% automated sheets and that is awesome on the go. Thanks for creating this it has become an essential part of our GM and player toolkit!

We own most of Prisms character sheet apps and to be honest Prismsheets is the one we use 99% of the time. For us we like it because we dont play the regular RPGs all the time like D&D, Pathfinder, and CoC. The apps for D&D and CoC are nice, but we use sheets with those as well. Now onto a wishlist of future improvements. 1. The equation section is not usable for us. Not sure if it is us, or just the setting does not work. We would see if possible doing it by saying text field 1 + text field 2= put answer is text field 28. Not sure if you already have it like that, but we just dont fight with the equation function at all. 2. Have a way to click on linkable boxes. We use just a line paper PDF we put at the end of each character sheet we create. We do this for writing down things like feets/gift descriptions. We wouldnt mind being able to link the boxes, so if we say we have X gift in Werewolf the Apocalypse. We can click on the text field and it sends us to the linked text box on a different page. That way we dont have to scroll through our notes to see what we need to do for a gift. 3. More button option. To the best of our knowledge you have on and off. For games like vampire though giving us more options would help. When controlling health in vampire it has you fill in the boxes you cant use. The remaining boxes you leave blank then go through with a slash then when each blank box has a slash you go back with an x. It would help if we could create a button that has four clicks. Like for vampire we would have blank square, square with a slash, square with an x, filled in square. Right now for vampire we just translate how many hits we can take and have two text boxes over the health squares. For us this is a nice app. We can either download a picture of the character sheet and import it into the app, or take a picture of the sheet from the back of the app and import it for harder to find RPG character sheets. It take forever to create some character sheets but that is less of the apps fault and more on the sheet design. Like Vampire/Werewolf took forever to make doing a button for each dot. Now that it is done we dont need to do it again. Not sure how easy it would be to create it on our iPhone and send the file to our iPad. We have not tried it yet, but we are using our iPhone more now that the app is available on iPhone. Overall if you just play D&D you would do better to just get Prisms D&D app. If you are like us and play 2nd, 3.5, and 5th of D&D. Then switch to Maids, Justifiers, Vampire, CoC 7th, Night Witches, and more this app is the way to go. Not many app developers said lets make a character sheet app for World Tree, or Tiny Supers because it would be a waste of time, but we are happy PrismSheets is here to make a digital character sheet for whatever RPG you are playing. We just wish at minimum they can come up with more button options with more than just on/off. If they dont it is still our go to digital character sheet app even when we play some games they have other apps for just to keep everything in one place. Just note make your sheet before session 0, so everyone is not waiting 40+ minutes for you to make a sheet before making the character. We learned that the hard way setting up our Werewolf sheet.

We bought this app specifically to make custom character sheets for our players, however when attempting to export the blank sheet/template that we had created from a PNG and added text boxes and fields and buttons, it was not form fillable and did not work for our players. This could be useful to players possibly, but not dungeon masters/ game masters.

We were really looking for an app that would allow us to make character sheets for other RPGs that were not 5e, pathfinder, Starfinder etc. As we tend to branch out to other RPGs, such as RISUS, OVA and etc. Of course the problem with finding apps forsaking character sheets for those is impossible as they lack the popularity to get their own apps. However when we heard about this app and the fact you could create any type of character sheet for any type of game, we were excited but skeptical. We jumped right into making a template for a RISUS character sheet, using an image of a RISUS character sheet template. To our surprise we were able to make a character sheet just like the original RISUS character sheet! The level of customization and detail you can put into the character sheets is incredible and met our relatively simple needs. We are going to try and make a more complicated sheet next from OVA and look forward to making that work as well. With all the customization options for creating easily translatable character sheets, we see myself using this app for a long time to come!

We really like the idea of this app. And wish to use it so we can add other sheets into our iPad other than 5e. But yet for some reason after spending our 7 dollars it doesnt want to download and is all grayed out. We are annoyed. Idk if its the app or our internet so we say try it. It seems to be a good program. But note that this is a problem and might happen to you.

We love the idea for this app. However, in its current state, its hard to recommend it. We tried it out hoping to take all our favorite character sheets and, with time and effort, make them work digitally. However, even the default built in sheets feel cluttered due to the big opaque colored rectangles present wherever you want to put a text box, and when we try to use a sheet, we found the way the screen immediately zoomed and snapped away to move the text box Im typing in to the top left corner jarring and inconvenient. The functionality is also in our opinion FAR too limited. With the only 4 options being a single line text box, a multi line text box, a toggle-able button, and an image, it lacks any option to utilize more advanced tools to make it match up with non-custom character sheet apps like the ability to create a numerical box you could add or subtract from, tie values together so changes to one are reflected in another, or set defaults to instantly reset a characters health and the like. Im torn, because while we love the idea and think with some improvements this app could be a game-changer, in its current state we cant recommend it over a PDF editor to somebody looking to use their favorite custom character sheets or build their own on iOS, and we cant recommend it over other character sheet apps to somebody looking for a functional digital character sheet.

Its the only custom character sheet creator in the App Store (theres one other app, but its pretty terrible tbh) and has a massive amount of potential. The Prism interface is beautifully minimal as ever and the developer is about as active and helpful as you can get. Cant wait to see where the dev takes this utility, and all the Prism apps.

This is a really awesome idea to be able to create custom sheets but its no there quiet yet. Its kinda complicated to use and we couldnt find just a blank default template to work on. One way to start a fresh template is to find a white background image then you can use that. Like our subject says, great idea. Still has a lot of work to make it more user friendly and more usable in general.

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