Prison Life!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:55 pm

Prison Life!


Prison Life! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ACE ACADEMY TEKNOLOJI ANONIM SIRKETI, Prison Life! is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st November 2020 with the latest update 24th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


20,903 people have rated 1.0.20

You can download the game Prison Life! from APP STORE.


Welcome to Prison Life! This is the best simulation game you’ll ever play.

In this game, you will experience what prison is like for the guards. Complete many different missions, unlock new skins and become the best guard in the prison!

You can choose to play in women’s and men’s prisons.

Game Features:
· Super smooth, enjoyable and addictive gameplay
· Beautiful and fun graphics
· Tons of unique levels and different environments

More levels are coming soon!

Updated on 24th April 2021

We hope you love playing Prison Life!

This version includes:

  • Minor bug fixes

Prison Life! Review

We really love this game a lot of people complaining about adds but we just recommend to turn your WiFi off why you play the game that what we do and we dont have to watch or see adds!

You have to play this game it is the best day when we got this game!

We really like this game its so cool you should give this a five star on this game like we did its so fun download now like right now Im seriously being like its so much of a riddle game.

All these people are dum and dont know anything but the game is the best.

We actually really like it but we deleted it because we got stuck wen we got to the level where you have to clean the floor.

This game is comical at best to play. We are not sure what users were expecting that are complaining about this game. Its clearly a comedy app and should be used as an alternative to the written test for prison guards haha.

Its not even fun bro like our dead nans maggots are more fun than this dumb sexist garbage.

We downloaded this game because we got bored and we can say that we regret it… Within the first FIFTEEN seconds of opening the app it told us we had to PAY to be a girl… Thats just messed up fix yalls game.

It is highly disturbing how Im having to write this review for a game for TWELVE YEAR OLDS! In the ad, the woman was sexually assaulted. Do you know how many little clueless boys who see that are going to think its funny and okay to do? Because it isnt. Why should you be able to check underneath the clothes.. That just sexualizes the whole thing. Prison should not be romanticized in a game. A STUPID game. There is no educational value, no actual entertaining content, and worst of all, this malicious game seems to have been created by a group of misogynistic old men who have nothing better to do than to sit in their mommys basements and make weird games. This is creepy, and coming from a 14 year old girl, frankly quite offensive that us females are looked down on as objects. As TOYS. The game creators IQ must not be very high.

We did not plan on downloading this game at all but in order to write a review we had to. We already have a horrible impression from the sexist ad where it shows a male officer GROPING a female inmate. Not only is that sexual harassment but it is disgusting and adds to the idea that it is okay to disrespect women. The next part of the ad showed how you could search the inmate by viewing under their clothes, which is also wildly inappropriate. Upon downloading the app we opened it to see what the beginning would look like, turns out theres a male and a female prison, BUT THE FEMALE ONE COSTS 3 DOLLARS WHILE THE MALE ONE IS FREE. The developers of this app are perverted, sexist, and all around disgusting.

It makes you pay for the woman and you have to pick the man first. We just thought it was unfair cause Im a girl and we dont want to be a male character.

When you first open the app you will have to pay for women prison but men prison is free second this game is horrible as you can see the other reviews dont recommend it horrible.

We downloaded this game to see what all the bad reviews were about and this is so sexist. First off you have to pay for the women prison and the mens is free. Like really. And also we saw that we needed to shower them? A woman pops up in all hearts and says shower her for an ad . This game is so sexiest that its gross. So many ads too.

This game is for guys to see a womens body this game is a pervert game and disgusting wired and this needs to be taken down now! And if not we will hopefully encourage many people to keep reporting to is app and hopefully get it taken down and in the pictures shown on the app description to see a womens body and this app is inappropriate and disgustingand we one request to take this app down immediately and if not we will keep posting awful reviews to get it taken down.

This game is weirdly sexual when it came to the women and you had to literally pay to be a women like thats outrageous. We wouldve been less sexist and weird with it if both men and women went through sexual contact and not just the women but they didnt. This is a sexist game and nobody should play it.

DevsI dont know whats going on your mind right now but youre dirty minded.

If we could rate this 0 stars we would. So disgusting, sexist, and inappropriate for an app rated 12+. The ads are sexist and sexual too. We got an ad about massaging a womans back, and an ad about a woman twerking. Not to mention the fact that you have to pay for the womens prison, and watch an ad to wash down a woman in a bra and panties. Absolutely disgusting. And the developer only writes the same response to all reviews like ours. Just shows they dont give a crap about anyone playing their game and dont give a crap about trying to make the game better.

First of all when you start the game you have to pay to be a women and you get to be a guy for free and when you can wash the people you have to watch a long video and it makes her boobs big and butt at the end she blows a kiss at the player that is disappointing and ew this game deserves zero stars we hate it.


Do not download this its not fun you have to pay MONEY to be a girl and that is wrong DO NOT DOWNLOAD this is an inappropriate and sexist game THIS GAME NEEDS TO GO AWAY.

Okay seriously… WHY A PRISON GAME! Yes we know people would love this game but just why a PRISON game?! We know when im like 22 our kids would even hate this… Even though im nine and very good at spelling its still horrible… ANYWAY back to the review,so yeah we would not reccomend this game to kids and adults or even teenagers to play this game! Like seriously,i bet the makers of this game just thought it would be funny to make a prison game with disgusting graphics and weird looking people with tattoos and stuff,you get the point. We havent even finished two days and some weird stuff appeared so yeah thats the end of our review.

Would if a little kid hopped on this game and saw this we would delete this.

We saw the ad for this game which showed a make officer groping a female prisoner. That is such a disgusting thing to advertise. If we could give 0 stars we would. We downloaded this game to see if anything else disgusting would pop up and it did. You have to watch an ad to shower a flirtatious woman. This game obviously likes to sexualize women. If you get rid of all the nasty things in the game, maybe people will enjoy it more.

Why is their men touching women please remove this this is just weird you probably know whats going on around the world and still do this knowing women/girls are insecure and are uncomfortable with men/boys touching them where they dont want to be touched please remove the sexual stuff in this game.

Kicked us out 9999999999999999999 times (with counting)

Its super good and we love how its sexist withch we love And can u and make a option were can u take in and kiss them thank u for the best game.

Its a really nice game you guys should try it we are 12 and it is so good to just like have this game.

The game is ok nothing really wrong with it expect the part where you have a choice to wash the girl in the mens prison but overall good game.

We really like this game a lot but the romance stuff in the game can u add more of that like let us date the girl just saying lol.

Wayyy too many ads. Theres an ad every 10 seconds. Cant even enjoy the game. Definitely not a good game if youve gotta over do it with all the ads.

This game is basically you do one thing and keep doing it over and over again.

Its a horrible game. Sexualizing girl, paying extra just to be a girl. Just a down right disgusting game.

We have to pay to be a girl on this app but its free to be a boy.

When we tell you theres to much adds, THERE ARE TO MANY ADDS! After every single mini gam should play, poof and add, and another one? Also the big deal is that its sexist. U literally have to PAY 2.99 to be a women?! Like WHAT?!?!

This game is sexualizes women its fuxking disgusting.

We dont understand why we have to pay to be a female. It doesnt make sense at all.

So you have to pay 2$ to play as . Woman and in the long ad you see a woman with big Breasts and she chained up with hearts all over her inappropriate GAMe PLZ DONT gET IT.

This game needs to be deleted literally this game is first of all sexist to women Bc u have to pay to play with women characters and secondly they promote woman in a voguer way this game needs to get deleted or at least let us play with woman characters without having to pay. We gave this one star and we should to.

Take away the adds and we would play more.

A 12 year old should not be playing this game. We’ve seen tons of reviews telling you it inappropriate yet you still have it up! This app is just a reminder as to why we need to #saveourchildren.

First of all why do you have to pay to pay to be a woman and be in a womans prison and its inappropriate for children under 17 it should get deleted now.