Pull the Pin

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:13 am

Pull the Pin


Pull the Pin is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Popcore GmbH, Pull the Pin is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th January 2020 with the latest update 3rd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


226,275 people have rated 1.31

You can download the game Pull the Pin from APP STORE.


In this game full of satisfying graphics and innovative levels, you can challenge yourself, your brain, and your friends! It’s you against physics and the tricky levels — WHO WILL WIN?

All balls have to go into the pipe … can you remove the pins in the right order and make it happen?

It should be simple: gravity pulls the balls down towards the pipe. But then pins are in the way! Can you help out and flip away the pins and get the balls to where they are supposed to be?

But wait: there is another level of trickery! Sometimes some of the balls are colourless: before they go into the pipe, they need to touch a color ball, so the color spreads to them as well. So simple yet so tricky!

Updated on 3rd May 2022

> We heard you wanted more challenging levels, so we bring you BOSS LEVELS! The challenges have nothing on these.
> Increase the excitement with the new MULTISTAGE LEVELS. Clear multiple funnels in just one level!
> Bug fixes + performance improvements. Thank you for playing!

Pull the Pin Review

We have really enjoyed playing this game for a long time. Build a village, added all the accessories. Now theres no more Village or accessories to do and you just keep adding points. What happens next?

Thats literally why Im playing this, ads! Game is pretty fun so far too tho.

This is a wholesome non-violence game! Great to keep your neurons engaged on strategic thinking, without hurting, marking, or contaminating your executive reason frontal lobe with aggression. Kudos to the developer & production team! Keep it up: No need to introduce more violence, which hardens underdeveloped consciousness!

Easy to play and highly addictive. We wasnt expecting to like it this much, but we do. Definitely a 5 star rank from us, and especially because its a free app to play.

We have really enjoyed this game. Have played all the challenges and won, we maneuvered through all the pictures, built and updated every building. When is the update coming?

This is fun and funny but challenging in a really fun way.

Just keep looking for trouble and its a piece of cake.

This is a game for the ages,I just cant get enough of playing it! Im having a pull of a lifetime!! Lol lol.

Once you start playing you cant stop.

We have played challenges 1-120. When will you load more. If there is a more advance game Im ready for it.

Takes concentration to plan ahead!!

We love this game and maybe you will to if you dont mind killing your battery on watching more ads then actually playing the game! Every time you do something theres an ad.

Its tricky to get to the more advanced levels Touch the badge at the top and choose You WILL be challenged.

This is an excellent game but there are too many ads and they say you lost a level even when you could not possibly prevent it from happening. If they could change this we would change the review. We are on level 492 and the levels are very easy which is good for people like us who get easily frustrated when a level is a game takes TOO LONG to pass.

There seems to be an issue with level 51. Please fix.

This game is fun, but we dont like that we have to watch ads to get more points. We paid to get rid of ads only to find that we have to watch one to get the gift that offers the most point.

There are no more challenges? We’ve played all of the levels and there are no more? Did we actually finish the game? We’ve never done that before! We absolutely loved this game, especially the challenges. We have scored over 1 Million points and theres nothing left to do. Enjoyed it. Wish there was more.

There is an ad after every game!

This game is awful we hate it so much! It so boring!

The reason its not five star is because the game is to simple with the levels.

We find most of the puzzles way too easy to find the answer. The challenges are a little bit more but we want something thats really challenging.

We wish we could save our progress!!! When we installed the game we made it too Level 203. We uninstalled the game & now we have to start back on level 1. & we agree with everyone else review TOO MANY ADS NO ONE WANTS TO PAY TO REMOVE THEM including us.

We really enjoy the challenge levels. The regular levels are very very easy though. Will there be additional challenge levels made???

Loving the game so far! Would really like an update.

The game is fun but ridiculous amount of ads.

This is a fun game but challenge level 23 doesnt move down after you pull the pins and the next pins are not on screen. Super frustrating.

The ads at the bottom of the page block th playing field. Hard to see your next move.

This game can be fun and relaxing but the ads at the bottom of the puzzle do not allow you to finish or complete the puzzle. It will be interesting to see if you respond or do anything about it.

The levels dont get any harder. Dont be fooled by the ads, this game is way too simple.

We thorough enjoy laying this. Its very relaxing. However, ad free is not ad free since ads need to play in order for you to retry a failed level even after you paid the upgrade. Additionally, it can be buggy and freeze at times, necessitating a restart.

Even though we bought the Remove Ads feature, there are still a bazillion ads baked into the game. We get tired of the same relentless ads repeating, just like the levels. We have explored many areas of the cane, and overall find it tedious and monotonous. Needs more imagination. Have played over 1300 levels, still waiting for a major breakthrough.

Haptic feedback is very satisfying as the balls drop into the container, but every level is so stupid easy that its just mind numbing. Deleting the app for lack of any difficulty that justifies our time and engagement.

We liked working through the regular levels of this game and enjoyed how both the regular levels and challenges got harder. We paid to not have ads which made the game pretty zen where it even gives you a free retry once a day on any unsolved challenge puzzle . . . Until we reached the unsolvable challenge. Now the unhappy /angy FAIL notice is always displayed totally ruining our zen. We saw an update today and thought maybe it had been fixed. No luck. Going to have to delete. Sorry to see it go.

The game freezes up more than any game we have ever played! It will even freeze our phone up where we have to wait a min to even close the game out! It will freeze and then say you failed!

Too easy and boring. It never gets harder.

This game starts good but stalls, Im on level 4475 have been there for over 5 screens. Happening more and more often. Plus pay for no ads but if we open the gift we have to watch an ad, if we change background have to watch an ad. Apparently their idea of no ads is for levels only but they should state that. To us NO ADS means no ads at all. Plus we Have an we pad tried to load this game wont work. We have tried everything from deleting and reloading to refreshing iPad. Still wont work. Mayb they should work on these bugs.

Too many ads. Frequency of ads is high. The level of challenge not satisfactory. Try elsewhere.

We were satisfied in playing this game until we ran out of the special challenges. The challenges only go up to 120 and we cannot build any more hotels. We would give this four or five stars if there were unlimited challenges. Really disappointed.

It is a little satisfying but it doesnt seem to get harder. Played through level 20 and it was all the same difficulty. No challenge.

We like the game. Its addicting The game has problems but we still play. When we get the puzzle pieces and it puts it in. When we get the next one, the first one is gone. We’ve been on the same puzzle for at least 25 game pieces. Also, we cant get past the first challenge. When we get to the last pin to dump the gems, it wont move. Its frustrating.

Lots of ads, we usually play before we buy and have bought other popcore games. However we wont buy this one. We like it, but the ads dont work, the ads fail and zap you back several levels and you have to keep replaying the same thing. Bummer. Please fix. Maybe we will try again.