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Pyramid Solitaire Pro ▻


Pyramid Solitaire Pro ▻ is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by nerByte GmbH, Pyramid Solitaire Pro ▻ is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd February 2016 with the latest update 28th May 2018

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


221 people have rated 2.1.0

You can download the game Pyramid Solitaire Pro ▻ from APP STORE.


Pyramid is a nice addition to the classic Klondike, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire games. Maybe you know it as a Windows™ Solitaire extention. It is very cool and much less difficult than any other Solitaire game.

Your goal is to clear pyramid of cards by creating combinations of 2 cards that add up to 13.

Pyramid Solitaire is played with a 52 card deck. The first 28 cards are dealt into a pyramid, starting with one card at the top. The pyramid has 7 rows, and the number of cards is equal to the number of the row. The remaining cards are put in the draw pile. It is possible to put the top card from the draw pile to the discard pile(s), but not backwards. Only the top card of each pile and the exposed cards in the pyramid may be used to make matches.

To give you more content to play in addition to all of our other Solitaire games, we have another variation included in to this App. It is called Tripeaks and also known as Tri Towers or Triple Peaks.
In this variation are three various pyramids. You have to move all cards from each tower to win.

To remove one card, its value must follow the one that exist at the bottom. For example if a have a King at the bottom, you will be able to remove any aces or Queens present in the respective towers.

This two Solitaire variations, the main game: Pyramid, and in addition: Tripeaks, can be played all over the world and anytime you want, on your Apple Device.

== Pyramid Solitaire Features ==

  • No Advertising
  • Classic Pyramid with 7 rows
  • Classic Tripeaks with 3 pyramids
  • Beautiful graphics and stunning animations
  • Clean and classic interface
  • Undo moves as much as you want
  • Auto hint
  • Statistics
  • Hints for a faster win
  • Individual Images for card backs and game Background
  • “Tap to move” control for a simple gameplay
  • Portrait and Landscape View
  • A lot of cool settings
  • Daily challenges

Have fun with the best Pyramid Solitaire on the App Store!

Updated on 28th May 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Thank you for playing Pyramid Solitaire! Do you love our game? Please leave us a review.

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Pyramid Solitaire Pro ▻ Reviews

The games are totally addictive.

We love all of the games that come with the package. At first we wasnt bothered by the advertisements. After the the first week, we decided to pay the $2.99 and its well worth it.

We paid for no ads but we still get ads :( why??? And there is no place to contact creators!!

Great game when you want to relax! We have tried other pyramid games but they are not as good as this! Enjoy!!

We dont mind losing a game, but not every one. We would not recommend the pyramid version of this game. Ill stick to the Branium Pyramid which is very nice. The Tri Peaks version in this app is actually very good and the 99 cent cost is worth it for the Tri Peaks.

We like this game but we cannot eliminate all your sounds just by selecting "No" to the sound setting. We still hear clicking with every keystroke. Can we prevent that? Also, when you stack the deck so it is impossible to remove a card due to its "partner" being above it, we feel cheated. Why play a game that is impossible to win?

Pyramid until we were dealt a hand with four 10s in the pyramid and one in the hand for a total of five.

Excellent games without the ads!!!

After trying several types of pyramid games, this one is by far the best! There are NO pop up ads, several options, turning over cards is EASY, and it is thoroughly enjoyable! Get this game – it’s the one you’ve been looking for – it is full of never ending FUN!

Tried some of the free versions, but ads drive us nuts. Nice basic game with no ads!

We had tried the free version and finally a paid version without ads. You actually have Pyramid and Tripeaks in this paid version. Graphics and game play are awesome!! THANKS to the developer for a great app.

Just uses a lot of battery… We love the game. We see to play it with real cards. This is faster.

We have a game up right now that has 3 aces and 5 tens. No wonder we can’t win!

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