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Radiant is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by David Peroutka, Radiant is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2009 with the latest update 18th June 2019

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


87 people have rated 3.33.0

You can download the game Radiant from APP STORE.


Take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter.

Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld!

Relive the classics revamped.

◉ 100+ Levels
◉ 10+ Boss-Fights
◉ 6 Upgradeable Weapons
◉ 12 Special Power-Ups
◉ 3 Difficulty Options
◉ Global On-Line Hiscores

Updated on 18th June 2019

Support for iPhone X

Radiant Reviews

We love this game and we hope they add more updates soon. We highly recommend this game to everyone.

Got this game many years ago and saw it again in the App Store today! One of the best games we’ve ever played and glad to see it still here today.

Well, its more like a challenge for myself we wanted to see if the missions could be completed using only one weapon. After we complete all missions each with a unique weapon Ill update this review Love that this game is compatible with both Microsofts X Box One S and Sonys PlayStation 4 wireless controllers through Bluetooth connectivity. May also be compatible with iOS wireless controllers but why buy that when we have two others to chose from? Would love to see more missions released to continue the story line even though (Sorry, No Spoiler) youll just have to play to see what happens. Great way to burn time. Especially for those who grind to advance on the leader boards. See you there.

Good, but can you keep your weapons. Also, can we have a survivor mode where you have fully upgraded weapons and fight until you run out of lives.

This is a must have game; classic gameplay, easy to play, beautiful graphics and storyline. It’s sad that not many people know about this game, as we believe it could be one of the best games on the AppStore.

Radiant was our favorite game for the iPhone. Its beauty was its simplicity. Gave a 5 star rating often ending the game wanting more levels. Although well intended we are sure, this new update adds chaotic nonsensical scoring and additional levels. New levels are great but why strip us of all weapons. We build a selection of weapons and coinage only to have it stripped before facing the hardest levels. Please fix this upgrade!

This is the best game we have how is this not in the top 25?

We never rate in the AppStore. This game is great. Smart guns and casual setting? Just right for long gameplay. That’s all we needed. Great combination of games we loved in the 80’s. Worth every penny.

Simple but enjoyable. We keep replaying even though we’ve already beat the game a dozen times. We’ll be hoping for more updates with new levels, some new monsters (maybe), or some new weapons (maybe).

This is the best spaceinvader/action game we have played. We love the music it uses. The controls are so easy to use. There is no equal!!!!!!!!!!

We gotta say the new update is awesome and we love the new happy ending. But the only thing we don’t like is, like other people sayed it’s impossible to upgrade all your weapons because they go away after you pass one part of story mode. Then when you go to the next part of story mode you have to start upgrading all your weapons from scratch. So it would be nice if you guys could fix this in your next update. But still a very fun and addicting game. And thank you for reading our review. :)

It was worth every penny didn’t even second guess our decision on buying this game.

We’re not a gamer. We really enjoy this game! Wish we knew how to unlock the other levels.

Theres nothing dull about radiant. "Mindlessly blasting forward" is one of americas greatest past times. Us and our buddies never get bored "Hot seating" The pixalated destruction around the office. -Anonymous person that doesent exist "Its like mdwfail2 on steroids"

We think the game is awesome, but we thing that in Apocalypse when you upgrade weapons sounds illogical because if Max is the only human left, how can he upgrade weapons?

This game is addicting!!!!! It’s almost like Galaga but more futuristic and the music ROCKS!!!!!

There’s a great story and it’s an all around fun and great game. (hint: pick your favorite weapon and spend all your money on that. Our favorite is the seeking missile.)

You have no idea how addicted we are to this game. In a positive way! We were excited when we got some free time so we could destroy the next boss! The music is magnificent, graphics top-notch, references to galaga/galaxian perfectly understood, and there is no other game that compares to how spectacular and impressive this game is. Well done Hexage, well done. We dont care if we had to lose our weapons when we beat the game, we had way to much fun to care. We got it when it was free, but we would pay the 99 cents. WORTH YOUR MONEY.

Great game!!! You should make online and local cooperative gameplay over gamecenter.

Great fun! Definitely worth the money.

This game is so much fun. We can waste alot of time playing this game. LOVE IT!!!!! Definately worth a dollar. :)

Very very great game got this when there was only 2 campaings and we didnt like the way it ended (actually good ending but sad) then they made a new campaing with the new better ending great game great old school graphics great story galica on crack awesome personally we don’t think they should make a 2 one but what do we know we say it has a good story line don’t make another one and mess it up but most of the time its rather good our suggestion is to make a whole new galica with a new story line with different people but that kinda still ruin radiant well good game only 1 camplaint music won’t work sound works but not music GREAT GAME.

Love it! A mash up of half a dozen games like Galaga, 1943, etc. That’s easy to pick up and play but has tons of depth and variety. Thanks!

Fun game, oldschool, but the only thing is the developers should update it with more levels.

Awesome game!! Highly recommend to any who loves space invaders or galagia or any old skool shooters. Great story line, retro graphics make it a must. We promise u will love this app and it is difficult as f**k. Overall this game will never be deleted and always a time waster on the can. BUY IT!!!

No question, this is the funnest game we’ve found for our iPod. We’re a Galaga guy, and Radiant makes us a happy boy. Best controls in the cosmos. Had it for months, play almost every day, still can’t beat Hardcore mode!

This is our favorite game it is so addicting and fun, well worth the money!

Love gameplay and comic storyline.

This app is awsome! Totally worth the 99 cents. Buy it!

Not one that likes to review games but we thought it was really good and deserved some praise.

This game mixes incredible simplicity with the right amount of difficulty perfectly. If we could make one suggestion, it would be this. When you pause the game and you are in the corner of the screen, the weapons to one side of you cannot be changed, preventing you from choosing the, for example, smart gun when you’re in the right corner. Besides this small detail, the game is flawless.

We are a fan of 80’s style arcade games. This one is really fun. The graphics are nice – the style really fits the games. The only suggestions we have to offer would be a way to control when the ship fires. It’d be nice to have a toggle for automatic or a virtual button. Minor gripe though – highly recommended game for Galaga and Galaxian fans.

Definitely a game. Has lots of gametime. With different weapons, it’s never the same.

Best game ever we can’t stop playing it this is our first break in a hour! You need to get it.

We got this game waaaay back on launch day. We’ve played it almost everyday and not become bored, so what does that make it? Better that Angry Birds or Tiny Wings or Doodle Jump combined. Not only is it so fun though, but the diverse levels, weapons, upgrades and playability options give it such a high replay value. Truly this game is worth so much more than it’s price. Radiant is a gem in the otherwise boring cesspool that is the Appstore’s game selection.

This game is hilariously awesome! We want more!!!!!! Max blaster ftw.

One of the best games on the app store. Since we’ve owned this, they’ve made a bunch of update with more levels. And we’re sure there is more to come! Definitely worth the money!

Great game, we just can’t get past the future!! Help us!!

Im thirteen and when we were younger, we played our parent’s old video games like pole position, galaga, PAC man, pong, mappy… But after years of use the joystick wore out and we were CRUSHED. This game is like.. Amazing because it’s vintage-ish and it’s almost like playing on the old atari! Can you make remakes of the other games like on our old system PLEAASSEE?

Sweet old school game with a lil refinement. Looks great on the iPhone. Just what myself and probably tons of Space Invaders, Lifeforce, Galaxus, 1942 fans have been looking for.!!

We think this is one of the best games out there if not the best. Great story line and well timed humor. The person that voted V down there with only one star is a hater and probally a game designer, being very jealous about this game. Some of the things we would work on: Make more weapons/upgrades/levels. The game would be great if you do that. Think about adding armor/other ships. Make a little more variety of this, so that the game can get harder too. BUY THIS WORTH THE ONE BUCK we PROMISE!!!!

Epic game. The humor is very well-timed and the references to earlier games like Space Invaders are keenly timed through-out the game. We liked the apocalyptic ending of the previous version, but the new story-line is good too. This game is a must-have for anyone with an iDevice.

The best game we’ve ever played on our iPod 1st 2nd 3rd campaign are the best we didn’t like the way 2nd campaign ended but when 3rd campaign came out we got really excited and only played it in our bed at night for the best time we would of paid 5$ for this game and definitely worth the 99 cents. Can’t wait for more updates for the game.

We beat it and was totally worth it. The apps easy on the eyes and very fun!!! Better than galaga app unfortunatly.

This game is simply amazing. That guy that had1star should go sit in a corner with his dunce hat on.

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