State of Survival: Developer Feedback, November 29, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 29 11 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about players’ questions and answers as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Last Friday, we ran the developer feedback event again!

We have summarized some of the questions and answers from the feedback event on 26th Nov, please check the summary below!

Question 1:

You said bunker/ff should be updated this week… is that still happening? What’s the time frame of that?

  • After 1.13.70 releases.

Question 2:

I think language and time zones are a vital factor for merging states- try to keep the language translation down.

  • Most of the states are cross-language… However, we are taking the time zone issue into consideration for more events, especially those cross-state ones.

Question 3:

How many states will be included in Jan 3rd round of merges?

  • 60-100. As I mentioned, we will decide the final size in DEC.

Question 4:

The number one thing we all want is activity hopefully adding events that all can play and not only be specific to play to win would help people not quit

  • That is our focus in Q1 2022. Quite a few gameplay features will be introduced.

Question 5:

Hi Lans, good to see you again. My question is regarding event rewards. When do you plan on updating them to reflect what older vs newer states need in their state’s age currently? Many are redundant for us and unnecessary.

  • We are actually already gradually working on that. Sorry, but the progress is happening

Question 6:

I think the solution to your mergers issue is to remember that if you wait for a state to die before merging… you will never see the return of certain types of players (social, Competitive, big spenders… as they will have left)

  • For the first waves, we merged the most inactive states. When we figure out the "red line" for the merge- which I think will be higher than the "dead" line- we will merge states earlier. We need to collect data & see the performance of each merged state.

Question 7:

In looking at the mergers, how would it look like for future KEs? Would it be like SVS warfare, so it is a much more enjoyable experience?

  • We are checking what we can do for KE to make it less stressful.

Question 8:

For next time. PLEASE have this type of commentary already organized, typed, and posted in advance of the session, so the discussion can commence in the first minute. Over half an hour of this very limited time has been unnecessarily wasted watching you type!

  • Well, I personally chose to express my opinions in a more informal way. We will see if that is wanted for most players. If it is, we will do it next time. Thank you for the feedback!

Question 9:

What parameters are you taking into account when merging states? KG proved not to have good data analysts or logs for their analysis.

  • Active player number, the participation rate of certain events, the rate of the state losing its players, etc.

Question 10:

Hello LANS and it’s a pleasure to speak to you. The deadline for rewards being updated for bunkers, showdown, and the fortress was today. Can we have a specific date for the update instead of "after a certain patch" because that could be anytime between 1 day to 12 months?

  • So we could only do major changes (Unless it’s extremely urgent) together with major patches… That will be 13.70 for these upgrades, which will come next week.

Question 11:

Can the Christmas event be more eventful than the others because every month it’s just always the same agenda and stuff and can we update intel rewards or all rewards in particular?

  • Ouch. I want to say it is better as far as I know. Please stay tuned.

Question 12:

  • Lans will you consider 6-10 states per merge going forward?
  • The current bar is set at 6. We realized that only a huge merge will save the most inactive states.

Question 13:

Can you add the ability to remove my footprints whenever you want but keep the possibility to see footprints when we are attacked? This would reduce visual bugs. It would be so handy for the capital, the RR, the horde (for those who don’t play the event), and the trap

  • That is an interesting suggestion, we can consider it!

Question 14:

What exactly is an active player for you?

  • A player that takes part in most fundamental activities like intel

Question 15:

Being a person who writes a lot of ideas to developers, I have the feeling that my ideas are not read and therefore not implemented. Is this really the case?

  • No definitely not, we keep collecting the feedback and working on them

Question 16:

Why does it take so long to do certain things like for example setting up the speedups system?

  • That will be a very huge topic, and I want to be as frank as I can: many seemingly handy adjustments are actually way harder than they seem to be… And some are even risky….

Question 17:

How will you assess the chemistry of states for a merge? That doesn’t sound like something you can assess. Other than giving each state some say over who they merge with I don’t see how this is possible.

  • We have some criteria for that: the battle intensity, event participation rate, PVP loss value, etc.

Question 18:

How will the discord feedback – devs be improved and is it being looked at right now? So we know our feedback is getting to you. SoS discord hasn’t been working for players for a long time. Also, would migration be a better option than doing merges?

  • Thank you for your feedback, I’m sorry we didn’t have a perfect communication feedback system between players and developers in discord before.
  1. Mod team and CM team summarize the feedback from players in each discord channel every week
  2. Send the community feedback to R&D for the solution; some of the solutions and processes will be added to the developer feedback announcement, but now we realize that these are still not enough. We have rethought the complete process of communicating with players, listening to players, giving feedback to developers, giving feedback to players on the progress of fixes, and checking players’ satisfaction. We are currently working on some new content and plans. We will give a complete plan next week, and we hope you can give us more suggestions!

Question 19:

I believe the merges should be used so players don’t quit, it seems for now merges are for states where already the majority of people have quit. If it was merged earlier some people would not have quit.

  • We will escalate our merging range and hopefully we will reach perfect status gradually…

Question 20:

Hey Lans, just to be sure bunker rewards update will be there for 13.70? Can we make HQ skins, frames, march skins from MIGO giftable? Especially the ones from digs?

  • Yes, 13.70! The gift option is not on our table though :/ Sorry

Question 21:

Where is Gol-Maw?

  • 2022 Q1, I say greater chance to be January

Question 22:

Thanks for your effort in these sessions. Can we have a full list of what is being released next week? Also important, can we have the planned product release (at least for the bugs/request for changes from the community) for 2022 by quarter? You surely already have a product backlog and release plan for next year (i honestly hope for that..) the community lacks this plan and transparency from KG, and the expectations are being badly managed this way.

  • Yes, we definitely will. Most of our guarantees are for Q1 atm- making a year-long promise is not efficient enough.

Question 23:

Duplicate HQ skin issue >>>> please include duplicate MARCH skin as well… also allow us to recycle 3day temp skins (in case you have the permanent skin) & recycling price to skin tickets has NOT been a fair conversion

  • Migo march skin will be recycled. I will need to check about the rest later, no guarantee could be made yet :<

Question 24:

Changing Epic Hero Fragments Crate to Epic Hero Fragments seems like a bad deal honestly.

  • You won’t get less from that change. It’s mostly to help younger state players to get a little more value since the fragments can be used for any hero.

Question 25:

Can we put in ideas for the bunker rewards or put in another group for bunker rewards? Because older states don’t need relocators but newer states that are older than 176 days do. And honestly, no state older than 176 days need epic hero frags

  • Relocators are needed by a lot of players even from the older states (based on our data) We will keep checking the event rewards in the future.

Question 26:

Have you considered changing events so every player has a chance to win? Right now only big spenders are winning all events and f2p, low/mid spenders have no chance to win. Will you rebalance rewards so f2p, low/mid spenders will be able to catch up to big spenders in a reasonable amount of time and not in years?

  • We are very careful trying to "balance" the rewards. We value every one of our players, and different groups’ opinions will always be considered.

Question 27:

I don’t want the merge to trigger the fight, cause there is already a lot of hatred in the MIGO chat. Peace, please!!!!

  • This is a crucial part of our current progress regarding merging. We don’t want the merge- which is supposed to be helping the player base- to make us lose any group of players. We will try our best to keep improving.