Rage Mage

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Rage Mage

Rage Mage

Rage Mage is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MODO PTE. LTD., Rage Mage is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th January 2023 with the latest update 19th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rage Mage ?

496 people have rated 1.0.12

What is the price of the Rage Mage ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rage Mage released ?

Rage Mage was released on 8th January 2023.

When was the Rage Mage updated ?

The latest updated date of Rage Mage on 19th May 2023.

Where can Rage Mage be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rage Mage from Apple Official App Store.



You can no longer hide as an ordinary person when you set foot on a magical island. This time, fate has chosen you and you will be determined to fulfil your mission. Yes, the gates of magic are opening to you. Discover the mysteries of card magic and formations, decipher the mysteries of forging mysterious equipment, whether the enchantment of runes and sacred weapons can help you conquer this crisis-ridden world of magic. This time, we’re going to go on a rampage!

[Simple Play & Easy Card Drawing]
No need for complicated plays, just tap to draw mystery cards to obtain amazing equipment, and upgrade the cards to increase the equipment acquisition rate. Collect your exclusive equipment, create your own attributes and conquer the world of magic at your fingertips.

[Star Chart & Free Matching]
Gather the power of the stars to create your own battle style. Combine gems and star charts to provide additional bonuses to help you navigate the dangerous world of magic!

[Mystic Altar & Runes Bonus]
Capture abundant resources to upgrade your mystical altar, collect rune stones with different attributes and enjoy the bonuses of rune spirits! There are even elemental spirits of the clan level waiting to be unlocked!

[Ranking Battle & Magic Duel]
Who is the true king of magic? And who is the true master of strategy? Come and enjoy a fair fight in the dueling arena! Fair matching, magic duel, climb the path to magical glory and gain more magical resources!

[Stage Challenge & Strategy Building]
Facing elite bosses with different attributes, can you find out the best strategy against the enemy and break through the levels to get better resources! Complete the main level and unlock the elite level. Are you willing to accept the challenge!

Updated on 19th May 2023

[New Features]
· Friend Dueling System: The system can be unlocked by mages who have reached level 30. Mages can initiate duels among friends. Come and compete against each other!
· Battle Acceleration Function: The battle acceleration is now supported in various scenarios. Mages can adjust the acceleration level on the battle interface.
· New Mainline and Abyss Levels: The mainline levels have been expanded to 50 chapters, and the Destiny and Endless Abyss levels have been expanded to 30 stages. Mages can challenge higher peaks.
· New Chat Emojis: New in-game emoji packs are now available. Mages can use them on the chat interface for more precise emotional expressions.
· Expansion of Alchemy Field: Mages who have reached level 102 can spend a certain amount of diamonds to unlock additional slots in the alchemy field.

[Optimized Features]
· Double Card Opening Function: Mages who have reached level 100 can use this function. When activated, the drop rate, selling, and decomposition profits of Z and SZ equipment will be doubled. Please refer to the in-game instructions for specific rules.
· Guild Boss Auto-Summoning: Guild leaders can choose the boss level to be automatically summoned from the unlocked difficulty levels. Please refer to the in-game instructions for specific rules.
· Gem Function Optimization: You can now use a specific number of gem vouchers to exchange for level 4 gems (random shape). We have also optimized the gem interface for clearer gem information.
· Trial Equipment Output Adjustment: Optimized the random equipment output in trial stages, increasing the chance of obtaining orange-quality equipment. The stage experience will be smoother.
· Sage Rune Manual Quality Display Optimization: The color display of the Sage Rune Manual in the personal information interface has been optimized to match the display in the rune compendium.
· Fixed known bugs.

Rage Mage Review

A single guild can just monopolize everything, there needs to be a system in place to prevent a single player from shoving anyone not in their guild out of top 10. Its causing everyone else not in the guild to fall behind. Thats how you lose players if only 24 people get to benefit from a single p2w player.

Really need to implement gear sets in game so were not torn between builds.

Just like all the other games made to scan a quick buck. Fun at first but you will learn VERY quickly that you will lose to ANY and EVERYONE that spends a dime on this junk. You will only stand a chance and enjoy the game if you are matched with other people who dont spend a weeks salary on this game. Instead of making optional, non game breaking items and mechanics cash optional, they sell gear that will outperform even the best non paying gear you can get. If you arent planning to spend money, you wont get anywhere in this game. Wouldnt be so bad if these lame mobile games didnt try to charge more for rubies or gems than a brand new AAA title with everything unlocked costs. We blame Apple for enabling these scam games to continue stealing from people. Dont waste your time with this one.

Changing our review from 5-stars to 1-star over the removal of the ability to avoid/skip ads. The game used to have no ads, because you could simply skip ads for 6 diamonds. Now watching ads are pretty much mandatory if you want to be top-rank. We dont play games with ads so Ill stop playing. We were in the top 10.

You spend 5-10 minutes where ALL YOU CAN DO is click cards for equipment and change that out until you hit level three and then all that allows you to do is send your character against auto fights against things that eventually beat you and then you go back to opening cards for equipment. We couldnt get passed this terrible start. We downloaded based on an ad for gameplay we did not see in this game. How do you even pay for these ads? Who is playing this game and giving you money?

Please update auto kick guild master if online too long.

The monsters keep getting combo or counter and restricted at the same time but we dont even get a Crit or anything.

Overall, the game runs smoothly, the only items we could see being needed is a possible server chat for you to be able to communicate with other players. Another item we noticed might be a issues as time progress is the ability to rank high in PVP and Maze to earn those titles because of the mass amount people can spend to keep you from ever catching 1st place.

Level ten bosses are retarted and straight up annoying. They use combos every time and dodge everything its just stupid we literally have like a 7 percent chance of dodging and we never dodge while our opponent attacks twice in a row every time.

First of all theres no forced ads which is a massive plus for us, we also really enjoy the game because its very much so an active game not one of those games where you only gotta log on every couple days.

Entries into this genre get boring fast, but Rage Mages transparent, expansive system keeps the game interesting. The most engaging content is behind the grind which can be mostly automated. An unsung note is how difficult it actually is to exhaust your most basic resources. You can run every aspect of the game for hours or set it on cruise control. Pay to Win also has a new role model. With Rage Mage, its more like Pay to Accelerate -a dangerous route for compulsive tendencies but not without reward. Good luck; half fun. And dont let your toddler get ahold of it!

First 30 minutes of the game is you opening over 100 cards with no skip option and you having to manually equip or sell items just to level up. The overall gameplay is so poorly thought through its clear they just are trying to make money. This game lacks more imagination than magic the gathering online that didnt even make it out of closed beta before they shut down. Hard uninstall. Yikes.

Im not gonna do pvp, win a game then have our reward chest locked behind an add wall.

Do not join this game, they change the rules at a whim, without anything being posted. We liked the game until they pulled that mess. That cannot be excused.

We enjoy the game overall. Its pretty fun. The guild system is pretty bad though. You have no way of knowing if you are going to get into a good guild (active) or bad (inactive) and when you leave you have to wait even if you join a bad guild and immediately leave as there is no way to even check the current members of the guild. We wish there was also a way for PVP to be a bit more balanced. We either feel like Im wiping the floor with people or they are wiping the floor with us. Other than those two everything else is pretty rad.

Not too long ago, the maze opened up and we got excited. But its only weekend gameplay when Im trying to enjoy our weekend, not grind a game. Please add new content. Its making people on our server stop wanting to spend money and invest in a game that puts its effort into sad tiktok ads. We just want new content, cross server wars and just things thatll spice up the grind. Scared we might stop playing very soon. Feels like a chore and we’ve spent $80 so far. It was fun while it lasted we guess. We hope more content comes in the next week. But probably not..

We really like this game there isnt anything we would want to change but we really wish they would add more stuff to do like more battles for example a dungeon and you get a reward for every level you beat and we would like a way yo fight your friends but overall its a good game and we wish there was more fighting and we would want more ways to level up ur guy so like different attacks like you could get different rarities of spells they do different amount of damage or one that heals you.

We’ve played this game for quite some time now and was having a lot of fun with it until the recent update. The font makes it nearly unreadable and the duel matchmaking is so hopelessly broken we can never win anything. Same with the stages. It seems like theyre trying to make this a pay to win game which is very sad as we were having a lot of fun with it before this. We cant do anything now. Will be deleting the app and not coming back.

This most recent update has taken our favorite mobile game and made it unplayable. We’ve sunk literal hours into Rage Mage. Their most recent update changed the font to something completely unreadable. The arena matchmaking is now hopelessly broken. And the game itself is clearly dying. Its sad and depressing that Modo Global dont test products before release or listen to customer feedback but it is what it is. I, personally, am off to find a mobile game that we can at least play since its been a week and clearly they intend to push forward this shambling corpse of a good game rather than fixing it. Or even at the very least making their items in game legible.

Overall the game is very good. There are many viable builds and items in your inventory that support different play styles in the game. The content so far is good, however, there could certainly be more additions to the game as well as some minor changes. Including a game chat for all players on the server is a feature that most multiplayer games have and would be a good addition to this one. Reducing the tier requirements in the maze event to unlock items in the respective shop. The biggest spender on our server made it to tier 7, which Is less than half of the max (I believe it is 18). A good change could also be to have the maze be unlocked indefinitely but have the rewards and progress reset every week. For guilds, the game is well designed, but can benefit from additions such as guild wars and maybe a cooperative guild maze/event of sorts. Thats all, thank you! And keep up the good work:)

We’ve risen quite high in this game without any sort of pay wall. Its very free to play as long as you have some patience. If you do want to spend money you can but it only speeds thing along. Very fun game.

Hello, this game is great and we’ve been playing it for a couple weeks now, we’ve been looking for a way to earn gold faster, as theres no quick way to do it other than the arenas and the arena scrolls are hard to come by. We were hoping you could boost the amount of gold selling gives you significantly, add gold rewards to stages or add any kind of way to get gold en masse.

We just started playing but already lvl 54, its a simple easy game to understand. Im still working things out but Im enjoying the different tasks and things to upgrade. This isnt our usual type of game and Im finding it quite refreshing.

We are actually liking the game for someone who does not have a lot of time to play, But needs to be less pay2win, give out more diamonds daily in mail or however you like.

Pretty fun game so far. Been playing for 4 days now. However, would be nice to increase character limit for guild notice. Also be able to checkout a guilds overall stats. This will help people in choosing what type of guild they want to be in I.e competitive, casual, p2p, etc.

The rest of the game is okay but once you get into the trial stages, it gets really irritating. For some reason the monsters are dodging almost every single one of our attacks which makes no sense because our dodge resistance is over %100. Its getting really irritating and Im actually about ready to just delete the app. The progress is getting really slow as well and its beginning to be a boring game. To much to do with little to no payout.

We find level 12 players sometimes with ssr level 65. HOW??!?!?. It isnt fair that others get level 65 gear please when their level 12.

Dont waste your time if youre free to play. Theres no explicit energy system, and Cards seem plentiful at first. But eventually youre stuck. Theres no natural/daily regeneration for cards (like in energy games where you get energy back over time). If youre out of cards, youre OUT. Progression feels very bad as a F2P before you even unlock all of the aspects of the game. We dont wanna wait 20 minutes for 12 cards that are gonna be gone in 30 seconds and have no real impact.

Was ok but then became impossible to even log in or contact customer support dont play this game.

You go against another player 10 lvls lower than you and get destroyed, we look at his gear and its 25 lvls higher than his character, how is this possible?

The entire game is just clicking to open cards and then a 30 second battle. Then more opening. The entire game is locked behind unlocking more cards. Stay hard away from this game.

We spent 40 dollars in this game. Now Im stuck loading at 93 percent. Load fail etc no way to get support so hopefully they see this. We’ve reinstalled and repaired the client to no avail.

Apparently, the game is just about gearing your mage by drawing cards from a deck. You draw a card and compare the item. Repeating endlessly. We uninstalled in less then 1 hour of this nothing fun about repeatedly comparing items.

This is definitely a fun game to play as we got hooked instantly but sadly all good things come to an end. After reaching level 100, we just dont have anymore to look forward to which is causing us to slowly stop playing this game. We really want to keep playing it but we just cant find any reason to anymore as the activities just dont reward enough for us to care. We May come back in the future when there are events going or other new features but as it is now, we have to say goodbye. Id definitely recommend giving it a try if youre reading this cause we definitely enjoyed it up until we reached level 100. Hope to see future updates thatll make us want to jump back in!

Its a good game for us, because it helps us zone and and relax. We could just be like- draw, good, switch or sale? And then when it got a bit repetitive, just move to a battle or check on an island or battle something else. And when you return, more cards. You never run out. We find it peaceful after being overloaded with stress from work or a project. Like steam being released from an overheated kettle as it cools. Nice job!

Im enjoying the game! Some thoughts id like to see put into action would be a world chat so we can talk to people outside of guild, more cards(Im running out of cards only a few hours after our day starts), goblins on looting island need work a third of them walking at 12% speed is horrible might help solve the lack of cards if goblins didnt slow down so much. Those are our thoughts on the first week of game.

We think the game need to have bag option . Player can keep SZ gears in the bag since SZ gears are really hard to get. Another reason for having bag option is players can switch gear to defeat guild boss, arena, etc.

Love the game could use a few QOL updates but the general idea is quite straightforward and very entertaining.

Has a fun concept. One thing Id prefer is the option to hide the wings. We suppose it would be nice to change the avatar as well so we dont all look identical. Thats it =)

Overall we know this game is early but games fantastic, keeps us interested, especially how much you have to grind is the perfect balance we dont feel like Im just stuck in one spot but we also feel like Im not progressing too fast. The only thing we would give the extra star for is if we could open cards by 3s instead of 1 card. Im only level 15 so we havent gotten too far into the game to unlock everything. That is our only downside to the game but other than that game is fantastic. Im not a writer and this is our first review. Keep updating this game please its super addictive.

Well like most pay to win games it has its flaws overall its a pretty decent game thats for the most part luck based (you can purchase most things with in-game currency which can be both earned and real life money) still some light bugs but its generally new so thats to be understood.

Great concept and design. However dont expect to be a competitive player F2P.

Overall the games alright, it runs fairly well and you are able to grow relatively quickly in the begining so you can catch up with others. Some things we would think to change or improve is the island, the goblins become really slow after a short while if you are actively playing and with the amount of stuff you get from them it isnt too worth grinding out. Especially once it gets to the point that you are using all of your goblins to pull a single cart, And since it burns out so quickly you cant really constantly farm the island for resources and just have to wait till the day resets. Maybe add a way to recover or increase the stamina? Like how the timers for runes work? Once you get to a certain level, grinding becomes really tedious, like it takes about 2000+ cards just to level up once without much gain from it only for it to increase by another 2-300 more cards. Maybe increase the amount of exp per lvl or reduce the time it takes to lvl each upgrade. For guilds, maybe create a way for the Guild leader to be replaced for inactivity or have a way for there to be others who can run the guild.

Its a brief slow start that reels you in with its one more tap-card mentality only to suddenly automate this tap-card process to unlock more gameplay mechanics. Its got gear, gems, and a simplified raiding that doesnt take from anything you actually have banked–its from a pool of resources you develop yourself, and yet have to raid yourself to attain. We enjoy not losing things when Im asleep or at work. The rune system adds more depth similar to gemming, yet requires a real money purchase to automate. Thats one thing we didnt enjoy discovering 66 levels into the game. At first it demands a constant hands on to develop your character, and as you grow these processes become more idle or infrequent enough to check a few times throughout the day. We havent spent a dime, Im top 100-200 on our server, and the only downside is not automating runes and getting dominated in PVP from people who made real money purchases for an advantage. Im satisfied as an older game who has less time and more responsibilities. Servers open frequently for fresh starts which is pleasing. Its a new game, give it a chance, see if it clicksits clicking for us. 2 week update: we reached level 100. The game is still new and we feel like theres not enough content to keep us grinding mindlessly.

We like it, keeps us busy. Could use a few updates like maybe making the mage a female? Some few other characters for the mage? We are a girl and am playing a male male lol.

Game is very cool and unique, but gets boring very fast. Card drawing becomes monotonous, all missions are just the same 4 missions recycled over and over, Island upgrades are pretty expensive, you get about 4 gold a day if youre lucky and an upgrade costs 500. Our biggest issue is the dueling. Need to duel to get feathers to upgrade wings, but everytime we reset the opponents at level 30+ everyone is between 60-90, and you can get absolutely demolished by someone only one level higher than you. There are also absolutely no incentives to attack someone higher than you, you actually lose points and 1 of your 4 tickets that take a while to recharge, so Im constantly waiting out the 2.5 minute reset timer to try and find someone 10 levels below us just to get one feather. Requires 10 feathers to increase your class and you need to increase your class 8 times to upgrade the wings, so you need 80 feathers. Fixing matchmaking so youre only fighting users roughly your rank would be a huge improvement, and other than that theres really nothing else to do besides sit there and watch the cards draw. Also most upgrades you can purchase for real money, so thats obviously why theyre so hard to get.

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