Rain City

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Rain City


Rain City is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd., Rain City is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd January 2021 with the latest update 27th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


35 people have rated 1.6

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The game begins with the main character, a cat, who embarks to Rain City to find his sister. The story is both bizarre and exciting making players get lost in a mushroom field, search for a secret passage, and run experiments in a laboratory. The reason rain continues in Rain City is uncovered when players find his missing sister…

Players control the main character to look for his sister in the city. The story moves along while meeting various characters, gathering information, solving puzzles, and clearing minigames. There are elements that test skills including memory and observation, and the many items that appear add to its appeal to the game.

The picture book-like graphics and story about animals who live like humans will draw you in to the world of Rain City.

Updated on 27th October 2021

fixed a few bugs

Rain City Reviews

Cotton Games makes incredible adventure games! Unfortunately, this is one of their lesser efforts. Boring story, bad humor, shoddy translation, and imbalanced easy/impossible puzzle content. Not HORRIBLE, but we definitely wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Go Play Isoland or The Elevator or Mr. Pumpkin instead, because THEY are worth it!

We love escape games and love Cotton Games. We’ve bought and played them all. So we were really happy to see a new one – but – its got arcade games and the one in the room with the rabbit band is hard to beat! We wish developers would understand that people who like to solve puzzles are generally not the same people who like to play arcade games. We’ve tried multiple times to beat this one and am now just frustrated. And we were really getting into this game, too. This may be where we stop and delete. Dear Cotton Games… Would you consider giving us a skip option on the arcade games? Id love to finish this game. It would easily be a five star game if we could progress but that seems impossible at the moment. Without a skip option on the arcade games Ill think twice before jumping to buy the next Cotton game. Update: tried contacting dev. No response. Deleting this one.

This game has the visual appeal of Isoland and other Cotton Games, but other than that, we found we were frustrated and disappointed by the game itself. The puzzles often had no logic behind them and we had to rely on a walkthrough to have any idea what to do. The mechanics were also irritating in iPad as you had to move to the exact right spot and path to do anything and he movement would get caught on things. The art combined with mechanics also made it difficult to see where possible doors or paths where (often they were only marked by a floor mat or hidden in the dark edge of the drawing. Lastly, the story was very weak and clearly translated/written by a non-English speaker. We could typically forgive that, but all things combined, we were happy to be done with this game by the end.

We think this is one of the best cotton games, since we like point & click games with a story, we like the other cotton games but this story made more arm easier than the rest of them. They all have bad English btw, but who cares, you can get the storyline just fine!

This game is long, challenging, and beautiful. The puzzles can be tough at times, but nothing unsolvable. It took us about a week to play it a few hours a day… Def took some time without hints. But they all make sense and we thought a good percentage were imaginative. On a phone, elements can get small, but the world is still fairly easy to navigate even if you need to pilot the character around game elements. We certainly enjoyed it and time spent playing was well with the few dollars we spent.

We think the developer misread the room by creating an unsolvable (for me) boss fight at the end of the game. Their public is basically adventure gamers who just want to wander around looking at great artwork, solve puzzles, and who dont mind playing as a tiny kitten. And up to the endgame, thats what you get. Then there is a weird crash into another genre of game completely, requiring timing and motor skills and everything that adventure gamers specifically dont like, as you have to escape a mad shooting mega bot in a jumping robot with odds massively against you. Wut?! We cant finish this game , and we wanted to. Please give us non-shooters a skip option- or better, dont include motor reflex stuff at all.

As was pointed out by other reviewers, people who enjoy puzzles often hate arcade sequences. The rabbit room one brought us to a screeching halt. We really enjoyed the isoland series and other Cotton games, but after this oneI dont know. We sure wont be quick to buy any more games from this developer without reading a lot of reviews.

First off Ill say we thoroughly enjoyed this game, and it is totally worth the single $ we paid. Now with that said please keep in mind this is NOT a game that was made by cotton-games, or they did not develop the game(I believe). Just know that it was made for pc/consoles by a completely different developer and cotton-games only ported it to mobile. Keeping that in mind, it does NOT have the feel of any of cotton-games other adventure games. It is an adventure game, or pointnclick style game yes, but it plays a little differently than every other cotton-game like isoland or mr pumpkin. There are a couple of arcade style mini games, and again it is not going to be like other games that actually were developed by cotton-games. Still a fun, and great game, but just please be aware of what you are buying. We think the game has been unfairly rated, or like people have downvoted because it is not exactly what they expected, which is their fault in our opinion, since it is not as if google is super difficult to use or as if your not already on your phone/mac when you decided to buy the game.

Our first review never showed up so Im writing another. We think its an excellent game, puzzles are good and the arcade games arent that difficult at least on an iPad, plus theyre part of the challenge of the game. Cottons games are all 5 stars in our opinion.

Great hand-drawn point and click, up there with the Isoland series. Sweet and funny.

Overall this was a good game. We think the puzzles were the perfect level of difficulty, if you play these types of games often its not too hard to figure out what you need to do. There were only about 3 or four times that we had to watch a walkthrough to figure something out. The only thing that slightly annoyed us was the tap to walk, the character doesnt maneuver around objects well and stops abruptly sometimes but it wasnt that big of a deal. If youre into these types of puzzle games then we recommend this one!

That arcade game with the spaceship in the rabbit room? No thank you! Please add a skip button to arcade game stuff. The drum one with the drummer rabbit wasnt bad though.

We like the game but cannot get past the arcade game -it is getting on our nerves.. There should beba skip option. As is, we cannot complete it. Very disappointing.

We’ve enjoyed just about every game from this developer. Despite beautiful illustrations/animation, and a cute story, this app, dated 2016, is not quite ready for primetime. For one, the language translation can be hilarious, and one wonders if Google Translate was used. For example, a certain security guard asked repeatedly if the protagonist was selling oil. Maybe there is an expression in the Chinese language that would make sense of this, but in English it makes no sense at all. Getting the character to move the way you want him to can be a challenge. Pushing a cart, for example, requires approaching the cart at just the right angle, followed by pressing the hand icon, followed by pressing an arrow to direct the cart in the preferred direction, followed by pressing an X to stop pushing the cart we cant help but think theres an easier way, and we were frequently hitting the wrong button and getting frustrated with the navigation. Another example of this game seeming underdeveloped was the lack of a menu to silence the music or sound effects. The puzzles themselves are or more of the trial and error variety; rarely did we complete a puzzle through insight or an a ha breakthrough. Even though we often felt a great sense of satisfaction at having successfully completed a challenge, we also migh have felt a bit lucky. Its one of those games where we feel bad for the other player out there who didnt have our same luck. This has not been our experience with other games from the developer, which have been largely excellent. Finally, there were two puzzles that we simply couldnt figure out. One, we dont remember which, we had to look up a walkthrough for. Another, involving the chessboard, we were only able to solve by trying every combination of the corresponding combination lock. The game doesnt have any hints or tips correction: it has exactly one hint, having to do with a drain in the courtyard. We suspect they intend to add more tips in the future, but that one silly nagging tip became irritating after offering itself to us a dozen or more times. The puzzle in question was more difficult than it needed to be because crucial detail was very difficult to discern, even on an iPad screen. Did we mention it doesnt use the whole screen? The game seems to be maximized for a different device, with dark borders all around, and much wasted screen space. In short, Im not sure Im glad we purchased the game, but Im really glad we finished it.

Just started playing and can’t get past the arcade game. We agree with the other reviewer – this isn’t the type of game that should include a difficult arcade game in with no option to skip. The arcade game is fairly early on in the game and now we can’t proceed. We were excited because we love Isoland etc. How disappointing.