Riven (Legacy) for Mobile

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 08:30 pm

Riven (Legacy) for Mobile


Riven (Legacy) for Mobile is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cyan Worlds, Inc, Riven (Legacy) for Mobile is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th December 2010 with the latest update 28th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


118 people have rated 1.6.0

You can download the game Riven (Legacy) for Mobile from APP STORE.


"Riven: The Sequel to Myst" for iOS – the massive island Age of Riven with all of its amazing detail, in the palm of your hand.

(Note: There is also an enhanced version of Riven made specifically for the iPad: Riven (Legacy) for iPadOS.)

"Brilliant – almost art" – 5 stars – by Dlb362
"The most fascinating experience. Pure genius" – 5 stars – by Rafemago
"Just as good as I remembered" – 5 stars – by Diggler79
"I absolutely love this game!" – 5 stars – by Doctorwhoisawesome
"Awesome!" – 5 stars – by Simoncat

Taking up where Myst left off, Riven set an amazing new standard for design, aesthetics, and immersion in gaming. Remember Atrus’ trap book, the Moiety intervention, the mag-lev ride, the Jungle village, Catherine’s prison, Gehn’s Age, the Wahrk throne? Now the entire Riven adventure can be experienced from wherever you are.

This is the original Riven – with sights and sounds that have been remastered and meticulously re-assembled for a remarkable experience on your iPhone or iPod touch. Everything that you remember from the original Riven in an intimate way to play this classic game with a simple touch or swipe.


  • All the original Ages & gameplay
  • High quality images
  • Full music & sound effects
  • Full screen movies & animations
  • Auto-save
  • "Bookmark" system to save & restore progress
  • Swipe to turn
  • Game Center achievement support
  • Zoom in anywhere for more detail
  • New! – “Hot Spot” hints
  • Integrated Hint Guide

Updated on 28th January 2022

We’ve made some fixes and improvements:

  • Added iOS 15 compatibility
  • Removed all collection of analytic data!
  • Added support for running on M1 Macs with macOS 12.1 or greater.
  • fixed a crash when deleting iCloud saves

Riven (Legacy) for Mobile Reviews

Im guessing its better on a computer or other device, but on the iPhone the design has many flaws. The zoom in feature is really annoying, so its easy to miss lots of clues, and sometimes when you tap on a clue it doesnt work. Thats just a few issues on the design. The method to move around is a little underwhelming, but if youre patient and dedicated to the game, you get used to it. The gameplay is awesome, a great sequel to Myst, but we recommend NOT playing on the phone and choosing a different not-so-annoying version.

Dont update this app if you can help it. It is changed completely and it really stinks.

Its been maybe 7 years since this was released. Audio is cut out. Graphics rendering is very low quality. Time for an overhaul.

We remember looking for this for iOS a few years ago and not finding it. What a nice surprise when we checked again yesterday! Thanks Cyan!

Its the same Riven we remember but it seems Cyan has forgotten that Myst fans love the ambiance of the cut scenes as much as we love playing the game. They need to get rid of the giant, green, cartoonish fast-forward button and just make it a double tap anywhere on the screen.

This is nothing but still pictures. We dont know why Cyan even bothered.

Some of the most difficult puzzles are obscured due to bad graphics ports making them extra cumbersome. Play the desktop version instead if you care about completing this game.

In the hallway to turn on 6 lights to open passage… Im stuck. IPhone 7.

The Myst for iPhone is really good. Its so well done and very playable. We dont understand why they didnt do Riven the same way. We were SO disappointed. In Myst, you walk and explore and everything is very fluid. In this game, you dont actually walk to explore. The game is just a series of stills, and you just tap everywhere. Its so terrible and horribly disappointing.

This is not smooth. It moves frame by frame. Nothing like realMyst. This is unplayable. We are disappointed.

Pros: 1. You have RIVEN in your pocket in a more or less intact form. 2. The soundtrack is stellar & is almost as rich an experience as the DVD version. 3. The price is a bargain for a piece of nostalgia that represents one of the formative experiences of our childhood. Cons: 1. The fluidity of transitions between shots is not as subtle, resulting in a jerkier, less-immersive experience. 2. The animations for many of the finer mechanisms (Gehn’s throne room & the topside elevator on Map Island – the one behind the sandstone fissure) are quite rushed in comparison, having what seems like a lower frame-rate. This is all compounded by a poor rendering between still & animated states. 3. The audio, although perfect in most ambient states is asynchronous from the on-screen animations in many spots, perhaps due to the reduced frame-rate. It was nice to experience the novelty of Riven in our pocket but we think we will stick with the DVD version we have, as it offers a more rewarding & captivating experience, especially since most of the images for this app are of such low resolution. UPDATED January 9th, 2017. Original rating 2 stars, new rating 4 stars. The experience has definitely been improved, the animation transitions are much smoother and are less intrusive to the experience and it is heartening to know that there is still dev support for this app. Still not a replacement for the DVD version… But rewarding in consideration that this is a pre-HD masterpiece, ported to an iPhone.

We’ve loved this game since it came out. However!!! Im most of the way through the game on the app, but we cant hear the sound code to get Catherine out of her prison. Gehn is trapped and everything, we just cant release her without the code.

When we try entering sound code to release Catherine, nothing happens. No sound and buttons dont move. We rebooted our phone and it started working all of a sudden. Got the the very end with telescope and those buttons did not work. Neither did reboot. Tried reloading the game and had to start all over. Lost all saved locations in game. Im at Catherines prison again and once again the buttons do not work. Reboot didnt help this time either. Im scared to reload again and lose our place again. So disappointed!

Im stuck in a glitch… Where you can view two screens underwater – with one allowing you to watch Katherine and the other showing underwater with different symbols that move something. We cant get out of this screen no matter where we touch. Broken.

It was great to play this game again. The Myst series are perfect for iPhones and iPads. Touchscreen coupled with great graphics = great game. Even if you haven’t played Myst yet, this is worth it.

This game is extremely difficult so if you don’t like hard puzzle games, this is not right for you. This is one of our favorite games because of its acting (mostly Gehn’s) and incredibly detailed plot. This is a sequel 8 times better than the original Myst.

We’ve played nearly every edition of Riven. The story for us doesn’t get old; However, the reason for this review, is why you should get it. Riven is a game with a lot of attention to detail for it’s time. The story is told through exploring the world you’re in. There are no defined quests except, the story itself. You’ll find yourself in a world, not sure of what’s going on at first. As you explore, you find challenge through puzzles and, curiosity goes a long way to figuring out the world… From a technical side, this version seems to work well. It is missing some visual elements; however, knowing the game like we do, we played all the major elements rather quickly and found no major game or story breaking bugs. If you’re new to the point and click (tap and go) adventure game genre. This is and ‘Myst’ (also developed by Cyan) are the games that set the standard. It really has a lot to offer, if you’re in no rush and want to explore everything.

Riven is our favorite game of all time. If you have an iPad or a computer get that version. Playing riven on a small screen you will miss not only puzzle related elements but also the full beauty of this world. There are small details everywhere. For this version if you double tap u can zoom in on areas but note that isn’t normal for other versions. Really this port is great still for iPod and is still better than any point and click ever. Having played the game many times we don’t have an issue and its great to be able to link to riven at any time.

It’s so crazy to walk in circles and then finally see a lever you didn’t see and move forward, great feeling.

We’ve played Myst, Riven, and Exile. These games are just great for how simply they are played. They require thought for puzzle solving. Some advice for new players, keep a notebook for writing down information that may be useful. You never know when a pattern found in the beginning will be needed later on.

What about ExilE for iPhone to?

When this game came out our family had already played Myst. We used to huddle around our Macintosh Performa 550 trying to learn and explore together. We spent hours that turned into nights looking for clues and colored pages. When Riven came out, we experienced a new level of complexity and design. Absolutely, we have always considered Riven more a work of art than a game. If you think you understand what Riven is, you don’t. Even after so many years of appreciating the visuals, puzzles, and audio, we still find more details to appreciate every time we explore it. Riven is gorgeous, but mostly barren. It is simple to enjoy and play, but overwhelmingly complex in its design and art. For a game almost as old as us, the graphics are unbelievable. The music and audio effects are top notch. But it’s more than just technical wizardry. There is a rich story, and most people never even crack the surface. We only have a few wishes… We wish the iOS version were larger. Yes, we just said we wish a 2gb game took up more space on our phone. Some of the high resolutions and amazingly fluid animations are lost. That doesn’t make this port bad, it just stands as a testament to how incredible the original still is. Our only other complaint is that by default a few settings make the game less stylish in an attempt to make it "more accessible." For the best experience go to the menu and turn off hotspot hints and transitions. Then hide interface buttons and crank the volume. You won’t regret it. The world you will find will immerse you. If you’re not careful it can even consume you, and you’ll end up checking the time only to be startled by how much time went by. Do not be afraid, let it take you. There are flashier games out there. There are faster games too. But there is nothing else like Riven. It is a masterpiece for anyone who appreciates good design and exploration. If you’re curious and have read this much of our review, just buy it already.

Love that realMyst and Riven have made it to iOS, but would love to see Exile, Revelation & End of Ages!!

Anyway Cyan, we need help. We’re on an iPhone 5 and am in ghens place. We found the silver ball downstairs and know it’s supposed to make noise. But it isn’t. Reply ASAP. Love re game tho.

This works fine on an iphone6. In fact it is more beautiful than the windows release some twenty years ago. It is not as polished as the3D MYST iOS release, though eminently playable. After a couple decades, it was intriguing to see it again. Riven is truly one of the all time great computer games. Play it if you dare.

Im giving 4 stars because it is the same story and world we remember. Its great seeing the environment again after our old computer wont play Riven anymore. So, we loved playing it again and that was fun. HOWEVER, the frame rate isnt correct. We played this on our 6s, so we dont know if its the same on the iPad, but opening doors, pulling levers, and even watching some animals wasnt as engaging because we know what is supposed to look like. The cutscenes are fine, as they cannot be interacted with. This might be done in order to get the app down in size, but we noticed the frame rate right away,

Wow, glad we can play this again. Every little thing sends rushes of nostalgia for our early computer exploration. Buuuuut…. On prison island, an important audio clue goes entirely unheard. Where is it? What’s the code? The game, we think, is unbeatable without this clue. Ghen’s globe clock must make sounds. It must.

We love Riven a classic and all around great game however, the iPhone app suffers from over-compression of both still imagery and video. They should try to achieve the same overall file size target with more modern compression techniques for higher quality. Also, the settings/save screen is rather poor and needs some love; no reason for that to be lacking the fit-n-finish it deserves.

A very good port, given that Riven was designed for Mac Classic. There are several things that irk us about this port though: Videos have been decreased to approximately 10 frames/sec. While that saves file size, it tarnishes the immersion of the game. Modern phones have the space for the full uncompressed game, so it should be that way! Also, all still images have been scaled down, ruining the original renderings antialiasing.

Why did the code to open the dome all of a sudden stop working?

We love the Myst series. Great puzzles, great interaction with the enviroment, etc. But the iOS versions as not a good portrail of how good this company and this series really are. Because of the size of the game, it lags really bad, each time you move you have to wait10-20 seconds for the screen to become clear. The controls are appropriate if you have a mouse, but push screen is difficult as we frequently got moved to a different area because something that needed to be interacted with was too close to the place you push to walk. We were excited when we saw these in the app store, but the quality just isn’t there when compared to the old PC games.

The original version of this is probably fine for earlier iPhones, but on the latest models it looks very aged. The compression in images is very evident, and we feel as if they should use the iPad version resources for the latest platforms with high resolution screens.

Compared to Myst, this is just a direct port that lacks any type of love or care. Graphics are very grainy and pixelated, making some of the puzzles difficult to solve. Myst was ported and updated for it to be playable today, while maintaining the charm of what it was. This was very disappointing playing through this…

A waste of time, a waste of money & a waste of a great games reputation. Can’t give it zero stars, so it gets only one.

We are very disappointed. The graphics were pixelated. Fine we can deal with that. But when you need to use sliders and the image is so pixelated you came solve the puzzle is very unacceptable. We suggest no one buys this game until an update is made to fix this. Especially the linking books. To pixelated to see where the sliders are to go.

So far, the opening movies worked, but then all we get is still pictures. We can’t move around and explore like you can in MYST. Is this a bug or is this the way it’s supposed to be? It’s not enticing at all like this.

We understand that they needed to reduce the size of this app, but at what cost? The images that looked stunning on the original release now look like they all have horrible, lossy JPEG artifacts. The release of the original Myst on iOS didn’t have this problem, though those images were obviously a lot less detailed. Unfortunately, with this release of Riven, the pixelation of the images seriously detracts from what is otherwise an amazing game. It’s not worth it and we regret purchasing.

Borderline unplayable the way the screen tapping function doesn’t work with many of the puzzles – you’re apt to miss pretty obvious clues because when you tap on something seems evidential nothing happens- because he game design is flawed for touch screen and because the zoom in feature causes countless issues with functionality while your working on a puzzle. Can’t tell you how much extra time we e wasted wrestling with that stupid zoom in feature. Beautiful game. Wish to god we didn’t decide to play it on the phone instead of desktop.

Awful. Every screen is a still and you dont actually walk through the game like you do in Myst. It was unbearable and we want our money back.

Myst was fantastic, Riven was exceptional; when will we see Exile???

Looks great on our 4S, & you can zoom the picture in to see fine details if you need to. On the iPad 3, in 2X mode, it’s true you can see compression artifacts in the pictures, but it still plays great. If, like us, you didn’t get very far in Riven on the PC, now you can return and finish it. And, in June 2012, Cyan stated that they are hard at work on a higher-res Riven HD for iPad!

When this game came out we remember sitting fondly with our friend at his computer constantly switching disks (there were five on all) and exploring this gorgeous world with all it’s gorgeous sights and sounds. While we hear everyone complain about the gameplay all we have to say is yeah there is a lot of clicking involved; it’s kind of a "point and click adventure game" so that’s par for the course. The thing this game does have going for it though are some genius puzzles and an absolutely breathtaking art design. So if you don’t mind clicking a lot then prepare to be swept up on an absolutely gorgeous adventure!

Always been a big fan of myst and all the sequels. Just finished riven. Well worth the price (and downloading time). Please consider releasing the next installment soon. We can’t wait to continue the story.

Still the gold standard by which adventures are measured!

We’ve been looking for Myst and Riven since enjoying them years ago. This is heaven sent to have on our phone. Love the mystery, color, beauty, puzzles.

To all the customers complaining about this app not being optimized for the iPad, this is an iPhone app! It is optimized for the small phone screen. That being said, playing it in 2x mode yielded amazing results, we never had any trouble with the sound, and the graphics are stunning, considering its being blown up. The only thing that was a little tricky was reading the books at that resolution. Considering this whole thing was taken from a now-archaic CD game to our cellphone, to our iPad2, we’re thrilled.

One word, iPad. We really want to play this at full quality on our iPad. Pleeaaasssee!!!! We will buy it again just to have it on our ipad2!

We will buy every sequel they port to iPhone and iPad. Please, keep these coming!!!!

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